• August 16, 2022

Nelson Agholor Wasn’t The Eagles Only Problem

zach-ertz4I know you’re hearing everybody talking about the meltdown of Nelson Agholor, but he wasn’t the only reason the Eagles lost 26-15 yesterday to the Seattle Seahawks.  The offense struggled for most of the game and they turned the ball over a couple of times, but the defense was unable to stop the Seahawks from running or passing the ball, so they have to take much of the responsibility for the loss.

The mistake Agholor made before Zach Ertz took off on a 57-yard catch and run touchdown was a costly mistake that seemed to take the air out of the Eagles.  Still Agholor wasn’t playing defense.

Before everybody could get comfortable in their seats, Seahawk running back C.J. Prosise took off on a long 72-yard touchdown run.  Rookie cornerback Jalen Mills wasn’t ready to make the tackle because he was looking at his pass coverage.  Prosise put a move on him and outran Rodney McLeod to the end zone.

The defensive line was unable to get much pressure on Russell Wilson.  They did get one sack, but for the more part, Wilson did whatever he wanted to do and he got outside of contain.  Wilson is very difficult to keep in the pocket because he comes inside of a defensive end that gets too far upfield, and he still gets outside and buys time for his receivers to get open.

Everybody has stressed the Eagles problems at the wide receiver position, but the team’s cornerbacks don’t have enough speed and talent to shut down the league’s best wide receivers.


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  • Gcobb. You’re ignoring the 600 lb. elephant ..losing sproles and Matthews were as much a contributing factor as the Agholor gaffes.It all dominoes,as the lack of a running attack causes a redistribution of pass to rush,and caused the defense to be on the field more minutes.The Eagles aren’t good enough on the road ,defensively ..that’s a given ..

  • Agholor’s penalty and drop not only took points off the board but killed a drive…therefore putting the defense back on the field as well as Russell Wilson. The defense has carried this team this year. The offense has to catch up and match the intensity and effectiveness of the defense for the Eagles to become a well balanced team. This season is just what it is. Next off season a serious injection of talent must be focused on the wide receiver skill position. To me that is priority #1.

    • Good thoughts EHL, but I see it a little different.

      Yes, the defense has played well for the majority of the season, but there is a real difference in the intensity level that they play with at home compared to on the road. They are much more aggressive at the Linc. And while they have played relatively well, there is still a BIG problem in the defensive backfield that will need to be addressed in the offseason. Schwartz is having to adjust how he plays his defense based on the lack of skill in the defensive backfield.

      That being said, I still see the offensive line as an area to strengthen first. Having a strong offensive line will give your running game a chance to be dominant, and will allow you to have a strong running game without spending $$ on a star running back. It will also give your QB the security of time in the passing game….but as we all see, if you do not have quality receivers it doesn’t matter how much time you have!! The WR group will also need to be addressed…probably in the draft since FA doesn’t look like there are many good receivers available.

      So in the end I would prioritize it as OL, CB, WR in the offseason. Don’t forget, they will also need to resign Benny Logan.

      • I do agree with you greenfan that imo the o line has to be a priority next season. I believe Wentz struggles are from him not having enough time to survey the field and go through his progressions. I don’t think Vaitai is playing bad but he doesn’t have the experience of Johnson. Maybe all this work this year will help him in the future. Again all imo.

        • Yup. While Johnson’s suspension sucks, and could be devastating if he fails another test, the fact that Big V has gotten experience is a good thing. His injury stinks also, hopefully it isn’t that bad. We need to find a center and left guard in the draft, and decide if Peters can hold up and perform at a high level for another year. Kelce is badly undersized and causes trouble against teams that are big up the middle. Kelce was a key player for a number of years, I liked him, and his ability to pull and get downfield has been a benefit on certain plays, but at this point we cannot even do a QB sneak in a short yardage situation because of how small he is. That needs to be a priority in the off-season. If you have a strong offensive line it can allow you to be mediocre in other skilled positions and still have a level of success.

      • Greenmeany…I hear you, but I look at the o line as a more solid productive and talented unit than the wide receiver corps. During the draft the Eagles should not target positions but the receiving corps is the weakest unit on the team and IMO is and will be priority #1. Every position can not be addressed with top of the line talent in the draft so that will have to be done over 2-3 years. Wide out has my undivided attention this off season.

        • That is why when you miss on a 1st round pick, it sets a team back because you still need to address the problem area while the other areas go neglected. Point in case…Danny Watkins…Marcus Smith…Agholor.

          We got ahead of ourselves with the quick start this year, but the truth is this team has more than a few holes and it is going to take a series of strong personnel moves to get us back to a consistent, winning team. We have some parts of the puzzle that we can build on, but the league is now able to see our weaknesses , and especially our division rivals who know us best. Our coaches need to do a better job of game planning for the skill sets of our players and not pretending that we have more than we do.

          Realistically after we traded Bradford I think most fans would have been pleased to see this team go .500 with Wentz gaining the experience and playing well….we just got clouded with a weak early schedule and a league not expecting much from a rookie. Even with all of our weaknesses, the only game that we really out of hand was the Seattle game on the road. Every other game came down to the very end with the Birds having a chance to win, or actually blowing a lead. Overall there is a bright future for this team, but more and more it is looking like the NFC East is back to being one of the toughest conferences in the league…so we will need to have all aspects of the team up to par in order to compete.

          • I think the coaches are planning to the skill players strengths using slants, screen passes, dump offs and every now and then a pass down field to open things up..we just do not have the deep threat talent. Bottom line the coaches can coach them up but the players have to execute..like catching the ball, lining up correctly so a TD will not get called back. Sometimes we just have to face facts and understand that the talent is simply not good enough. The outside receivers are basically non existent and the slot receiver is the main target. There is a reason the Eagles receivers are rated at the bottom of all starting receiving corps in the NFL. You can’t ask mediocre receivers to step up and play beyond that which their talent will allow, that’s like asking a 500 lb man to run a mile in 6 minutes..he just can’t do it…hell he can’t do it at all.

            • EHL I have to agree. I think the game planning, play calling has been solid. You can obviously with benefit of hindsight pick out individual plays that didn’t work and be a fan and second guess, say it was a bad call etc. but I think a real positive this year is our first year coach.

              • EHL / Ciggy….I would agree with you both, and the crazy thing is that we have been in every game except for Seattle. The talent is not there but we are still staying close. Special teams has been our brightest spot, and even with a defensive backfield as weak as ours, the defense is keeping us in games. I am still positive on the future, it is just that with losing so many close games it makes you feel like we are a lot further along than we actually are.


    Joel Embiid is shooting 50% from 3 pt, would make him 1st in 3pt % if he met the minimum qualifying shot attempts (he is only like 3 shots away from the minimum), if this minute restriction was lifted hed be 1st…


    The last 5 rookies to average 18+ppg, 7+RPG and 2+bpg were
    Tim Duncan
    Alongzo Mourning
    David Robinson
    Patrick Ewing

    Joel in this category too!

    He’s 35th in ppg overall and averaging like 10 mins less than everyone else. Extrapolate his ppg to a normal workload of 33 mins and hed be averaging 27.6 – good for 6th

    Hes 5th in blocks per game. No doubt would be in 1st with minute restrictions lifted

    This man is a god damn SAVAGE

    Cant wait for Simmons to come back to see the fast break, Simmons driving the lane whats the other teams center gonna do? crash on simmons to try and block the lane or defend Embiids 3??????? GONNA BE STRAIGHT FILTHY!!!!!!!

    by the way Saric shooting a healthy 42% from 3 too!


  • The WR’s are just not good enough. Hmmm where have I heard this before?

    We have a TON of holes on this team and Im not really sure how we are going to get all of them in a year,


    And Im still not sure we have a real OC.. but what do we know really?
    That said, I feel like we are getting stronger on D and it seems as though they know what they need.

    I dont see the playoffs for us this year but i see growth at qb. Thats what this year is all about.

    • Lol, the Eagles are not going to get all the holes filled in a year, that’s why my plan would be to focus on strengthening the two biggest areas of need in the draft and use FA as a bridge the gap strategy until the next draft.

      • I agreed with the fact,that what happened post chips firing..was a collosal mess..Now with having witnessed the reparations that howie crafted,nothing in comparison,seems impossible.While we cant become delusional,we can assume that the shortest distance to anywhere is a straight line..focusing on the O line ,then free agency can lead to a more complete roster..our schedule ,depending on how we fare down this stretch may prove vital..losing ,may be a better idea,longterm.Case in point,had we not won a meaningless Giant game to end last year,would have had us traveling to play the rams this season vs meeting seattle in there house..add in the improvement to our draft pick,and we may have been instrumental in filling another perceived need…We all at the onset of this season would have signed up for a qb of the future and a step up of a credible defense..building on the achievement of a rpokie coach who has deftly navigated through the season ,has lifted us back to a semblance of competition..we must in all likelihood measure ourselves vs our division,and we know these foes eell…

  • I note for accuracy the ram game would have been in London

  • #27 Malcolm Jenkins had a Poor Game vs the Seahawks
    QB Wenz was too erratic and Average at Best which is not good enough when Playing a Very Good on the Road.. Somehow, Someway, Carson Wentz has to make the Players around him better.. I am not sure he’s done that since his early fast Start.. There were a lot of late passes, behind Receivers and Overthrows as well… He needs to tighten up his mechanics a bit better and shorten that release a little bit and get the Ball out like he was in September…

    • Wentz had a 60 yard TD pass called back. Hit a receiver in stride on what should have been a minimum 30 yard gain and huge first down,drive sustainer….he lost his two best weapons at RB….
      As for late passes etc. if you understood the game you would realize the eagles were behind had to be one dimensional, lost their tackle and backs, were in the most hostile environment in the league playing from behind…. He was fine, it’s the way the nfl is….

    • After 11 Games —
      QB Wentz Ranks 19th in Overall Passing Statistics (A Score of 84 out of a Perfect Score 158.3) but Ranks #31st in the NFL with the more telling, Total QBR Score, of a 45 out of a Perfect 100

      • Go to football reference and check out the stats of opposing QBs playing in Seattle over the last five years… Check it out, interesting stuff.
        So now the negative nitwit is saying our franchise qb sucks…. Asshole. Join cliff in the world of the humiliated nitwit know nothing’s please go away.

    • Yeah, I guess he is a bust after 10 games.

      Never seen a rookie QB have an issue in his first year, this is so out of the ordinary.

      Amazing that they let a QB like…say Troy Aikman, even have a second season after a disastrous rookie season…..or a guy like Peyton Manning…..yeah, they should definitely draft another QB this year, Pman has determined the guy is ass.

    • Paulman, Wentz is a rising star, But you cant win much/ without the horses bro. You just gotta have the horses.No horses no can do bro no can do!

    • Not enough horses and what happens? Remember?Try not to judge a rookie coach, a rookie Q.B and a bunch of new coaches too harshly . And wait a few years, You will enjoy yourself more, Unless you are anti Eagle . Headlines? They are only to grab your attention.They mean nothing! You probably know more about sports than guys that write them !

  • Does anyone like Derek Carr?? How’s he working out in his 3rd season?

    In his first???
    3w 13 L 58% 3270 (204/game) 21td (3.5%) 12int (2%) Y/A 5.5 Y/C 9.4 QBR 38

    vs Wentz 2339 (234/game) 11td (3.1%) 7int (2%) Y/A 6.6 Y/C 10.4 QBR 54

    Wentz is ahead of Carr in every important metric other than TD% where Carr had 3.5 to Wentz’s 3.1….otherwise……….


    5W 5L 63% 2339 yrds

  • QBs vs Seattle this year

    16 of 29 for 186 0 and 0
    22 of 35 for 254 0 and 0
    14 of 25 for 119 0 and 1
    23 of 41 for 261 1 and 3
    27 of 42 for 335 3 and 1 (Ryan)
    29 or 49 for 342 0 and 0
    27 of 35 for 265 1 and 0 (Brees)
    27 of 39 for 289 1 and 1
    23 of 32 for 316 0 and 1 (Brady)
    23 or 45 for 218 2 and 2.

    Wentz, a rookie, was just fine against the Seattle D. Especially considering the game was in Seattle AND Nelson Agholor personally took away over 90 yards and a TD because he is an idiot.

    • Wentz was only 1 of only 2 QBs to throw more than 1 TD against the ‘Hawks.

      Half of the Qbs Seattle have faced haven’t even been able to muster 1.

      Add in another TD that should have counted if Agholor wasn’t high on crack and couldn’t hear both his coach and the ref screaming at him from 3 feet away to step forward before the snap then his performance would have been considered remarkable actually.

      • When you are a bored chimp you throw shit against the wall to entertain yourself….

        • The nfc east id say is locked up. Wildcard possible,but playing with home cooking anything other than 4/2 down the stretch is my estimation of a credible season..howie somehow managed to make this a manageable season with hopes of what lies ahead.

      • Death taxes and wentz. All givens. Chimp throwing fesces..yet another given. We true greens have a ton to be thankful for..

      • It’s funny when most on here have dismissed other QB’s 4th Quarter Stats when playing from behind as “meaningless’ and Garbage Time Stats but when Wentz has them, its close to remarkable ?

        The coulda,shoulda,woulda Excuses for this Guy are off the Charts already, and I like Wentz and think he’s going to be a Good QB down the Road, but I am not about to claim hes the next Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or any Elite QB until he Win’s something…

        Being Ranked #31 on Total QBR is a Real Stat, Not something I am making up or tossing out there.. If You don’t like it, then have Wentz Play Better and Make the Players around him Better and Produce when the Games are on the Line …. Until then, he’s just another QB with “Good Upside”

        • Fine. QBR then.

          Wentz’s QBR is currently 54.

          After their 1st year:

          Derek Carr 38
          Jameis Winston 58
          Marcus Mariotta 61 (currently 54)
          Cam Newton 56
          Blake Bortles 25
          Joe Flacco 42
          Sam Bradford 37
          Teddy Bridgewater 58
          (BTW – That’s how flawed QBR is…Bridgewater’s 6 win 14 td to 12 int season got him a 58 somehow)
          Andrew Luck 68
          Kirk Cousins (difficilt to tell as he got to 16 starts over 4 years), but about 45
          Andy Daulton 46
          Matt Stafford 35
          Ryan Tannehill 47

          I could continue, but the point has been made.

          With no one to throw to and a patchwork line, Wentz is doing just fine compared to his peers in QBR.

          • It’s 45.4 Vinny per ESPN , Ranked #31.. look under their Stats & then QBR and you’ll be able to see it…

            • QBR is such a fraudulent rating system.

              • I haven;t looked at ESPN in 10 years because its a joke.

                Pro football focus has him at 54.1.

                I don’t know which is right. I just know he’s doing just fine compared to his rookie peers over the past decade thank you very much.

              • Top 5 in Total QBR
                Brady – 86 (Patriots)
                Prescott – 85 (Cowboys)
                M Ryan – 81 (Falcons)
                D Brees – 75 (Saints)
                A Rodgers – 72 (Packers)

                Bottom 4 QB’s in Total QBR
                Blake Bortles – 50 (Jags)
                R Ditzpatrick – 45 (Jets)
                C Wentz – 45 (Eagles)
                C Keenum – 44 (Rams)

                The Average Score is around a 65 off all Starting NFL QB’s

              • Wentz Score is so low for he hasn’t produced very well in the 4th Quarter of Games where the stats going into the Total QB Rankings are weighed heavier than the first 3 Quarters of Games besides the last 2 minutes of the First Half.. if Wentz can have better 4th Quarters than he can move up the Rankings besides helping the Eagles Win those Close Games instead of losing them, if not, he will remain towards the bottom with this Eagles Dink & Dunk Offense that they have this Season..
                Wentz & Eagles Offense should have a Big Game versus the pours GB Packer Defense which their Secondary is playing with many 2nd/3rd Stringers due to all the Injuries with their Secondary

        • Because you are a negative fan, you have little knowledge about the game, only cling to negative plays. You have no perspective and you are a chimp I. A cage…. We get it

  • Happy Thanksgiving GCobbers (except Vin who celebrated it last month!!).

    Best wishes to all.

  • You guys all have a happy Thanksgiving. Safe travels if you are heading off to visit family and friends. Enjoy the day, eat too much, and hope for injuries in the Dallas/ Washington game.

  • Happy Thanksgiving GCOBB family. Peace and blessings.

    • toasty warm well wishes,for an abundance of great food,family and great football.All the blessings to you..today we are thankful for wentzilla vs sam…shwartz vs billy davis..and howie vs chip..

  • Sleeves being sleeves. Sam Bradford seals the Vikings fate throwing an interception in the last minute of the game to give the Lions a last second game winning filed goal. Keep losing Vikes..thanks Sammy..keep doing what you do!

    • We arent in the position to make fun of anyone are we?

      • I am….I can make fun …lots of fun. I want the best first round pick possible…thanks Sammy Sleeves…keep up the good work for the Eagles!

    • Y. Thank God for that dump. Sammy sevens is what we all know he is. Rams fans knows it. Eagles fan knows it. Now Vikes fan knows it.

      On another note….those mad a Pederson’s coaching…..

      Are you watching Gruden butcher this half??

      Unnecessary blown timeout before a fg???

      Then they get to the 2 with 45 secs left with 1 to (should be 2 to is not for the fg) and only get 2 plays off??

      And just standing there confused letting clock tick down to 11 before taking the final TO….that eliminates any chance of a run play on 3rd down, forcing their hand.

      Terrible stuff and will probably cost the Skins the game.

  • Well One good thing is all the hillbillies on this website wanted Mesean (thats what we called him) gone. So now enjoy Agholor, Treggs and DJB.lol.One good thing they arent about themselves but they cant catch a fucking football. lol Give me the me guy back

    • Agholor sucks, but Mesean isn’t the answer. He’ll pout and disappear in the second half of this close game after his crybaby act at the end of the first half.

      Agholor being terrible does not discount the fact that Desean is a me-first player who points at himself when things are rolling, then quits and points at others when the going gets tough.

      Agholor may suck, but I want no part of the selfish mini-man.

      • Mesean who needs him he sucks he wouldnt even make the Eagles roster. lol

        • Even Agholor would have caught that ball on a wide open blown coverage (I think)

          Again though….how do these guys on just about every team get so frikkin’ wide open on every play? Dak is always throwing to a guy with 3 yrds, or at the very least has inside position (slant)

          And its not just “speed”. Desean was just wide open because no one covered him. At all.

          When a defender is burying the guy in front of him, driving him backward and planting him in the turf….I don;t care if he has a hold of the jersey….that should never be a hold.

          How does Bryant never get unsportsmanlike penalties when he turns and stares after every catch?

  • Vinnie nobody gives a fuck if hes a me first player. Nobody. All we care about is tds. NOBODY CARES

    • We don’t care about TDs. We care about winning championships. Nobody is winning a championship with the quitting Mesean on the roster.

  • Why do receivers on other teams make catches? QB in trouble, throws one in coverage and their WR catches it.

  • for the life of me I’m trying to figure out what the eagles see in jalen mills cause from what i see cause from what i see he doesn’t play the run well , doesn’t tackle well, isn’t physical at the line of scrimmage,lacks change of direction speed and lacks catchup speed….. he looks more like a cover 2 or cover 3 cb but yet they keep playing him man to man and he’s horrible i just don’t get why they got rid of rowe for this guy

  • A thought for all Gcobbers who want Algohor cut imm. Be careful what you wish for!

  • Turkey leftover observations..the offensive line of Dallas makes everything easier for the two rookies …I hate admit it but Dallas has it going ..at the moment and Washington played well ,vs a vulnerable pass rush and defense in Dallas and Washington …the Giants are playing Cleveland ,and we’ve been One of three teams undefeated at home ..Sitting at 5-5 it leaves the wild card as its only pursuit..as things stand we get head to head with the Giants and skins and one needs stumble ..or we need clean the board as the next six are all winnable games ..Dallas will need best Seattle if it wants to host the NFC ,thus our game may or may not have any significance ..things I’d like see more of. Two or three tight end formations..sproles slotted out more and utilize Barner with more touches at running back…all that dude does is make plays..home cooking vs a porous packers Dee will be entertaining and get guys on a roll ..I don’t see Cincinnati as anything scary on the road with injuries to boot ..the Giants are very beatable ,at home as is Washington ..leaving a game that may have zero meaning to Dallas. Running the table ,isn’t likely but definitely doable ..

    • having a dominating OL makes for a different game there is no doubt. As i’ve said on this site, draft an OL every year. V and Semoalo look like keepers, if LJ stays out of GNC we should be ok, but again, draft an OL in 2, 3 round. This year the playoffs are a bonus…. we have a really interesting QB, drafted a DB, OL and RB that will help for years, our coach is pretty good, our salary situation is good– I’m holding out that NA has an epiphany…..

  • Hac …an epiphany by Agholor .? In a narrative sense that has many implications?What does that mean? Things of which we know ,as information being portrayed by the Eagles ,the coach,and Agholor himself,indicate ,he’s a troubled young man ..He’s over yielding burden seemingly is being portrayed as “it’s real”he feels it ” by Reich ,who we assume is in touch with him,on a personal basis.Im choosing my words here ,Hac..as first round draft picks have a perceived fiscal valuation ,that needs be allows some degree of cynicism .Projecting a number one pick to the fanbase is one dimension.Protecting it as an asset to the organization ,the other ..If indeed ,NA is going through some personal baggage ,is more a coaching decision ,rather than an excuse ,or even a reasonable reason..I’ve been asking to sit his grown ass down..he’s hurting our football team. ,and ,whatever’s bothering him ..he’s not contributing at all ,and in fact he’s subtracting with his very presence on the field..the trust in him is demonstrated ,by his QB targeting him as a trusted option..it’s not there either..I’m not being judgmental ,but if the player is having “issues” and they’re portrayed as “real”. Remove the distraction ,as we all can’t witness it played out on the bench..why was he even playing ? It’s being reported with a shroud of mystery ,as to wether he is or isn’t playing on Monday on an even bigger stage . ? I’m all for chances in life ,but if it’s being reported it is “real” ,whatever that means ,makes m wish he’d just disappear for the time ,he’s sorting his real ness ..

  • Bucs just beat the Seahawks. The Bucs defense sacked Wilson numerous times (5-6) as they took advantage of the Seahawks weak o line. Something the Eagles d-line completely failed to do last week. The Eagles have a bad habit of playing down to the level of the competition failing to capitalize on the opponents weakness with their perceived strength.
    Eagles must learn how to close games out and win on the road…I wonder if they are in their head?

    • The Seahawks are a different team on the road, especially the defense.

      Truth be told, so are the Eagles this year. The defense plays much better, much more agresssive at the Linc.

      Anyone stay up to watch the Broncos / Chiefs game? Chiefs win in overtime with a field goal that bounces off the upright. Big Red is living right. Kubiak opted to try a 60+ field goal with about a minute and a half left in the overtime…missed the field goal and the Chiefs had a short field to move for the game winner. Both defenses played really well, with Houston for the Chiefs and Miller for the Broncos causing a ton of trouble. The young QB for the Broncos played well even though they lost, I think he might be pretty good in a few years.

      Anyway…..game day fellow fans……GO BIRDS!!!!

      • Chiefs-Broncos game was good…paying for it now at work as I keep yawning from being tired.
        Yes…it’s game day…Go Eagles!!!

        • that was a great game last night for sure… exciting football every snap!

          in other news no other team in the nfl looks anywhere near as good as dallas

          • Only important game last night was the 104th Grey. Cup!! Won by the Ottawa Redblacks in OT!!!

            (Kind of funny that I watched it at a bar in Philly)

            Off to tailgate now. Eagles will win!

            • Vin enjoy it bro. I dont see anyway in hell we win tonight, which likely means we win. Dont understand how we are even the fave. LETS GO BIRDS

            • Enjoy the game Vinny. Give us some live updates from the stadium.

            • Vin. Enjoy bro

      • Would be nice for Big Red to leave the game with a super bowl ring!The ring changes the perspective of the coach. the staff, the fans the writers and the Owner .The Cubs after 103 years of beat down finally walked away tall and proud.

        • Hey patrik….no ill will towards Andy, but no way do I want him winning a SB before the Birds. And technically he already has one from his days in Green Bay…..so lets get one here first and then others can get in line.

          That being said….if it means keeping another ring away from Belicheat….OK, I might be with you on that one!!

          Anyway…Home Game means that the Birds will play out of their minds…Pack does not have a chance….GO BIRDS!!!!

  • According to Howard Eskin per WIP Nelson Agholor is out tonight. Paul Turner is the fourth and final active receiver tonight.

  • Damn Brandon brooks out

  • Too ez

  • Love the answer here by birds…receivers catching ..line blocking and wentzilla plunging into end zone

  • Nolan Carroll sucks. Why do our D backs NEVER find the ball?? This has been going on for a couple years now. Crazy.

  • No green fan.

    That’s just AarOn Rodgers playing for his season. Dudes release is the best in football by far.

    • Guess you missed the game last week. Carroll is below average at best.

  • That was a terrible play Call from Deep inside their own zone especially after a big 1st Down Catch by Jordan Matthews
    You can’t razzle-dazzle from deep inside your own zone…that play is way too slow developing to succeed.. Mark this Play down !!

  • Great Scramble by Wentz for the 1st Down.. Big Play in order of keeping Aaron Rodgers on the sidelines

  • Nice Drive to get at least a FG from starting out from their own 1 Yard Line..
    I think Jordan Matthews Broke/Fractured his Ankle or Foot on that catch on 3rd Down from deep in their Zone.. His Foot totally goes limp when contacting the Ground.. Hope he’s ok!!

  • With Matthews out it looks like we will be getting a big dose of Paul Turner in the slot. Let’s hope the kid can produce half as much as he did in the preseason.

    DGB made a number of plays in the 1st quarter but was pretty quiet in the 2nd. Wentz needs to find DGB and Ertz with Matthews on the sidelines.

    Is it me or has it been a long time since we have seen Sproles run a wheel route against a LB? Would like to see him get one in the 2nd half.

  • Schwartz has to blitz him he is hurt!

  • Just like when Schwartz was Coaching the Detroit Lions, they continue to kill themselves with self-inflicting penalties..How many 3rd Downs have the Eagles given up by Penalty.. Where is the Pass-Rush this 4th Quarter!!

  • This team just is not ready to compete for a sniff of the playoffs on offense or defense. Defensive line just has not shown up and met it’s top billing label at all. Very disappointed with the defensive line. They need better pass rushers because what I am seeing is ridiculous.
    Offense is godawful too.

  • We make shitty offensive lines look like all pros week after week and they just refuse to bring pressure.

    • Eagles will have to go on the most historic 5 game winning streak to make the playoffs.

      We’re going to have to steal both cincy and Baltimore on the road. And win out at home agaisnt Divison.

      Not impossible with Dallas most likely ending the season with backups playing against Philly. Giants are beatable and I think we finally get Kirk.


      • Its bothersome,not too compete at home..coach shwartz showed way too much respect and went bill davis on us..no pressure on rodgers by the vaunted front 7..carroll plain out sucks..was coxx half tackle worrh 100 mill? Other than the birds first possession ,we didnt dare look down the field once?pissed off and played a rosd game at thevlinc..troubled…

  • E0S was right. Vinny Curry is a waste..not a good pass rusher or difference maker. Cox is nonexistent. Did Benny Logan suit up tonight?!

  • Graham & Barwin gave been non-factors versus a very inexperienced Packers OL that is Playing 3 First-Year Starters..

  • We are so poorly coached it is just awful to watch

  • Did Green Bay set a record for the number of 1st downs made in a single game?

    Freaking Rogers was hurt in the 3rd quarter and we never got to him.

    The defensive line is playing against a bunch of backups and still no pressure.

    The defensive backfield is beyond pathetic.

    Pederson is proving to be vacant of any coaching ability. Nothing.

    Schwartz is also proving to be a one trick pony.

    This team scares no one in the NFL. A total joke.

  • Corners blow too.

  • These corners couldn’t cover our wide receivers

  • In addition to playing a terrible game, the Eagles got screwed on three important plays by the officials.

  • Lol..OMG A blatant OPI and no call….pathetic.

    • Silver lining..agholor had an epiphany

  • This team needs offensive lineman and WRs if they want to get the best out of Wentz any time soon.

  • Rogers seems like a real prick. No wonder his family wants nothing to do with him.

  • The officials hurt but we beat ourselves with stupid penalties and our corners give 10 yard cushions to everyone and then get beat deep cause they never look for the ball. Poor coaching and a void of talent from Chip leaving the cupboard bare we now are forced to build through draft for at least next 3 years

    • We have gone 2-6 in our last 8…in an nfc east ..where is the bottom? We dont possibly have anywhere enough to compensate for the inadequate coaching either..im still trying to figure what our game plan was? Sitting nelson A was a no brainer,but with no real outside receiver ,what really was our weaponry?we are so dependant on defense ,which totally lacked anything..we got a predictable outcome..got an ass effort to boot …

  • Eagles will struggle Scoring 20 Points against any Defense.. the Packers came ingiving up 30 + Points 4 Weeks in a Row and held Wentz & Co to a single TD
    The Packers played with more energy and urgency and are fighting for their Playoffs lives, The Eagles just don’t have enough Offensive Weapons to sustain Drives and Score TD’s which is what you have to do to Win Games in the NFL..

  • Breaking News Sam Hinkie called Howie and told keep losing and Trust the Process!

  • Every week I wait to watch the Eagles play..just to be treated to a shit show. Getting tired. I know it’s a rebuilding phase.but compete. It’s pathetic that we play down to the other teams level.

    • Actually we’re not playing down to the other teams level, we are just not that good.

  • Eagles may want to have RB W Smallwood take some Reps at WR next Week
    He needs to be on the Field more.. Was Brent Celek Playing tonight?

    • The lack of weapons is apparent. What ill be curious to see is the leadership in the room..adversity and playing with no effort will be a true test from this point forward..

  • Andy 2.0 just loves to pass no matter how good the running game gets going. Every loss this year we are out of balance in run to pass ratio. Hey he just can’t help himself. He needs to give up the play calling and just worry about challenging 2 yard pass completions. Just baffling

  • Watching Post Game Live. Seth is so very angry…exactly how I feel.

    This team fooled us all with the 3-0 start. I guess we need to remember that this was a 7-9 team.

    Green Bay is not a good team, and on both sides of the ball this team sucked.

    You cannot blame it on the receivers tonight….only one dropped pass…Wentz looked like a rookie. Pederson moved away from what was successful in the 1st quarter….why???? He got pass happy and completely went away from the run.

    WTF is Schwartz doing with his pass defense? Against a backup offensive line this line got NO PRESSURE. How much cushion do the DB’s plan to give? Just pathetic.

    Well Lurie got his coach with emotional intelligence….too bad he did look for a coach with football intelligence. So mad right now, I am going outside to kick the neighbors dog….just kidding

  • I blame vinny …

    • Lol….I thought about him a couple times. What a shitty game to drive all the way from Canada to watch.

      • Lol thx.

        Just got in. Hey, I’m here with 6 guys. We’ve been drinking and eating for 3 days. Have good Philly friends.

        Watched the Redblacks win the Grey Cup last night….Eagles game (and refs) was a complete bummer, but it was still a good trip. Back again next year for more punishment!

  • 71% 3rd down efficiency for the Packers tonight. That says it all right there.

  • Pederson sounds like he has given up,the season already….saying that “it is a pride factor, that the players need to play the next 5 games for their pride”.

    I don’t see a coach that has any fire…so freaking low key….the most negatives be thing he says is that we need to do better. He is looking at effort…and not results….don’t hear much about accountability, more like a list of excuses.

    • Pederson knows the talent is not there to do anything. The team needs an infusion of talent..play makers…studs at the skill position and all along the defense.

  • Eagles need talent at DE position..guys with an initial burst with the first step. Our guys are feisty and scrappy and play hard but just are not talented enough to produce consistent pressure. Lack of a pass rush from the outside is killing us.

    • The talent excuse is bullshit.Was at the game and everyone and there grandmother asked what the fuck is Schwartz and Pederson doing. First off Pederson had Wentz going down field on GB putrid DBs then all of the sudden he starts with the 2 yard bullshit screens. DGB was killing them downfield. WTF how can a NFL qb throw 1 td in 10 weeks. lol

      • DGB was killing them downfield..with Matthews in the game. He disappeared after Matthews went out..I guess as he started to garner the attention of a poor GB secondary. DGB also managed to kill a nice 50 yard pick up by Sproles on a boneheaded penalty…the same penalty Agholor earned last week..does he not pay attention to the rules or the lessons from previous games? There’s a reason the Titans was willing to part with him after 1 year..but he’s your symbol of talent..along with Treggs and Paul Turner…bwahahah..good lord!
        The defense does not need an upgrade at talent at CB and DE…what team are you watching? You may have been at the game but you must’ve been playing go find pokemon.
        As far as Wentz, he has to play better, but there is only so much he can do given what he has at the skill position.
        Pederson messed up by going against what was working, he should have continued to run the ball more to create a balanced offense. 40 passes to 14 runs is ridiculous.

  • This is why you dont pay a DT 100 million dollars. They dont impact a game enough. Who thinks Cox is paying dividends on his contract?

  • I’m not sure the decision process to stop running the ball. Young QB shouldn’t throw 40 to 14 runs. I’m not sure if he felt situationally they needed to ‘keep up’ with the high octane– but past high octane offenses he tried to play keep away- not sure if it was laack of confidence in the all of a sudden depleted OL…..

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