• August 19, 2022

Eagles Podcast: Thoughts On Doug Pederson, Eagles-Giants Preview

The Philadelphia Eagles have started the season 1-1, but head coach Doug Pederson has come under criticism for a variety of issues.

In this week’s podcast, Denny Basens is joined by Tim Kelly and Jesse Larch of SportsTalkPhilly.com, and the three give their thoughts on whether or not the criticism directed at the head coach is warranted, preview the upcoming match against the New York Giants, and discuss other issues surrounding the team.

Denny Basens

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  • a positive Derek Barnett prediction for NYG game by Tim Kelly, I guess he thinks Eric Flowers is going to get abused. Eric Fisher easily tossed the little guy around for a couple TDs ( one by Hunt and one by Kelce) He looked like a pee wee football player out there.

  • From a uneducated eye. This wont be popular because it is taboo to give praise to non-Eagle players because its seen as demeaning our players. But Im here to tell you in the NFL 80% of a QB success is tied in with coaching. All them QBs that dont make it IMO is related to the right system and right coaching and using players to thier strengths. Goff all of the sudden looks like the #1 pick in the draft thanks to McVay while Cousins all of the sudden looks like shit. Its night and day their offense and I dont care who they played which fans on here will say it was only SF, yeah ok. 2 games of 40 plus points all ready because of coaching. No running around like a chicken with his head cut off because of McVay.Jeff Fisher must be pulling his hair out now that his shitty ass system and coaching didnt work. Wala Gurley can run and Goff can execute with NO Name receivers. Pssst Buffalo guess what Watkins can play. Michael Irving said the same thing yesterday he remembers first going to the Cowboys and their system wasnt for big recievers they fired the OC and brought in a different system and 3 out of the next 4 SB they owned. The right coach and the right system for the players you have means everything in the NFL.

    • remove shady mccoy and djax/maclin from the chipper’s system you get a 7-9 team rather than a 10-6 team. remove djax and garcon from cousins & replace with pryor and grant then the offense struggles— remove Lebron James from cavs give to heat their records reverse similarly remove Lebron James from heat and give to cavs then records reverse again

  • Who finds it interesting that Warmack got the nod instead of Wisniewski? The guy wasn’t even suited up last week. Perhaps Wisniewski might be filling in for someone else soon?…………..

  • Lots of bradturd talk on this site pre season and after week 1. Remember u can’t shine a turd!

    Sam Bradford (knee) is out for Week 3 against the Buccaneers.
    Bradford’s surgically-repaired left knee was causing him renewed pain at practice this week and now he’ll head to Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion. None of it sounds promising and it’s looking like Bradford could be facing a lengthy absence. Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen should both be downgraded with Case Keenum under center this week.

    • Bradford missed last weeks game against the Steelers too. Bradford strikes again.

  • Man I really hate trump now he wants all nfl players fired who don’t stand for a damn song…..its getting so stupid now

  • Good. Get over it. If u make millions in this country to play the child’s game then u will stand!! Sick of the sheep mind and the triggered 1% who are upset

    • Damn I always thought freedom of speech was guaranteed…. we have elected a reality tv star as president and we are living in a reality tv world…. we could have elected a Kardashian . We have a redneck stupid rap star running for congress …. I hate our embedded lifelong politicians but I’m not sure the alternative is better.

    • Yea ct you love some trump, the guy will go out his way to get people fired for a song but hey there are good people holding torches and being cool with the kkk. You and pman would get a long great

  • I tell you one thing I’m way more upset over the charlitessville kkk incident over this protest shit, but hey ct you chose what side you on

  • ok I will bite

    A. FUCK TRUMP – but dont worry he will be in jail for treason soon
    B. your 1st ammendment rights dont apply to work. you cant say and do whatever you want at work. if an nfl team doesnt want to allow their players to protest the anthem they dont have to and they can fire them for that
    C.regarding the anthem standers/protesters – some are absolute phony idiots (krappernick and maybe bennet) and others are not (like jenkins)
    D. again fuck trump – cant wait until he gets got by muehller but the rocket man shit is hilarious

    • B is true henski but in reality we know a team would fire the 53rd guy on the roster but not their number 1 WR…. so it’s kinda moot.
      We have a war of word between a third world dictator and a 7th grader who thinks he can be a dictator of a first world country… paulman I know you still read this…. come on back…support the KKK loving trump

      • Conald will be in jail very soon for conspiracy to commit treason among a long list of other charges. Don’t worry. But he probably will end his life in a mental institution rather than prison. Either way he’ll be institutionalized soon

        • I thought for sure they’d article 25 him by now….

          • What’s become clear as day is these pussies in congress are all a bunch of bitch ass traitors who put party before country no matter the price and it’s disgusting but jail is a better outcome

  • There are several NFL players who are protesting and still playing. They’re good.

    Kaepernick is a read-option QB. And not a very good one at that. As everyone in Philly knows, more than most, the RO offence, and the need for a RO QB is gone.

    Kaput. Finished. It was new and novel for a year and a half, not its gone. So there’s no spot for the guy….AND on top of the fact that he’s a bad QB, who can only run an offence that is now extinct, on top of that….you’ve got the baggage that comes with the guy….so forget it.

    And please remember this is all his doing….he walked away from $20 million because he wrongly thought he was worth more than what was offered.

    In Eagles news…..

    It’s completely irrational, because I think the Giant really suck, but I am very very worried about the game.

    • If he were a good QB he’d be employed that’s for sure…. there were and still are dozens of employed protesters as u point out.
      As for tomorrow every NFL game scares me. The difference between W and L is minute
      On another note…. chiefs defensive coaches say they were completely out of sorts because the eagles play calling… said they were off balance the entire game

  • Everybody is offended in 2017…. people need to think more like Floyd mayweather and stop letting politicians affect your lives soo much. It’s pathetic.

    I’m not even a Trump. He’s a flawed man. At the same time he’s not Hitler, like half of this country has been brainwashed into believing.

    It’s funny. When I was growing up as a kid older people would always say “don’t believe everything u see online. Or on tv etc”. Now everyone believes everything they see!! Hahahahahaha.

    • Bro u sound like An idiot

      • Seriously ct the president is the most thin skinned sensitive ass fool in the world, he literally responds like a 5 yr old to everybody doesn’t see shit his way. You sure do see stuff only one way

  • NFL players are poking the wrong person. President Trump has the platform to end American style Football in public schools and on public land. Dodge-ball has been banned nationwide as too dangerous in schools. Without taxpayers financially supporting football, the sport is dead.

    • Oh please…this clown president can’t even get his own campaign promises passed as he has woefully failed on healthcare reform, taxes, building the wall and making Mexico pay for it(Wakeup…American tax payers are going to pay for it). How is he going to make football go away..not happening.

      This POTUS is a draft dodging weasel who is not a patriot..he refused to serve his country in when called upon to do so in Viet Nam…he is the coward and chief…to me the P in POTUS does not stand for president when referring to Trump..it stands for pu$$y…you know..what he likes to grab on women. This guy is a cretin and a bs artist snake oil salesman living off his kkk supporting father’s money. He’s not a leader, but the agitating divider in chief. He’s an absolute disgrace to the American democratic process.

    • Stupid …. he will ban the NFL after he builds the wall, gets Mexico to pay for it, invokes fire and fury on NK (btw they have done at least 5 provacative acts since that promise, including firing a missle over our ally in a country where we have military bases) repeal Obama care etc etc etc
      Article 25 his ass

      • Sorry EHL I did not mean to plagiarize your first paragraph…. I was so agitated I didn’t read what you wrote until after I hit post comment

        • No problem HAC…we all know the talking points, how can we not repeat them at some point in time.

  • He can’t do shit about all his promises but now he can stop the NFL eos you a damn fool, wake up and stop following his bs

  • I will say this. As a Canadian, I find it interesting the way Americans approach “race”.

    You guys make everything about race. All the time. Every issue.

    But NFL players better be careful. I know the discussion with my MNF gang (who clearly have no skin in the game) has begun to feature little snide remarks etc about ‘who’s going to kneel now…and what am I supposed to be ashamed of now”

    Now we see the Jags and Ravens all kneeling in Wembly…in front of a bunch of Brits who don’t give 2 shits about American politics. I can guarantee you a lot of them are thinking, “oh bollocks, could you keep you’re fuckin’ petty problems at home and play the game…”

    And now Jenkins is asking for the fans at the Link to join arms? Not a good plan. You can’t force people to follow causes. All you do is make them uncomfortable. Many will not want to link arms, but if they don’t, watch out for the label coming.

    I frankly, am getting a little tired of being preached to. I have my own political beliefs and issues, my own family issues, my own societal issues, my own charities to support, etc etc. I turn on the tv every Sunday to leave that shit behind and watch a game. I don’t need pink shoes, I don’t need being told how racist every NFL team is for not signing a terrible QB, and I don’t need to be meant to fell guilty for black/white relations in another country.

    NFL ratings have been plummeting for 2 years now…..they better be careful.

    • NFL better be careful haha

      Other than that agree with most of what u say but a lot of ur thought process changed once conald was elected. I think teams should come out with impeach shirts or wrist bands or something.

  • I think ratings are falling in part for the same reason participation in golf has declined… time consuming and we have better things to do. Also tHe product blows. Just like the NBA

  • Major props to steelers and coach Tomlin. Completely boycotting anthem

    • Pretend.

      If they had any balls, they’d forfeit. Anything else is a meaningless show.

      You believe in your cause? Then step up. Fuck not coming out for the anthem….don’t come out for the game.

      • What a completely asinine response. They are not protesting their jobs or labor practice, they are protesting social inequalities, using their voice to get the message out. It’s American to do so, I don’t know how Canadians voice their displeasures, but, Americans have the right to peacefully protest how they choose. People kill me trying to tell someone how they should protest, when they should, where they should. GTFOH.

        • Gtfoh what?

          Are they offended or aren’t they? How offended? Offended enough to sit in a locker room? Gee. Wow. Right up there with Rosa Parks.

          You want to make a statement? Then make a statement.

          • Vinnie you really need to watch what you say that Rosa parks shit aint cool man

          • Vinny, what are you talking about? Rosa parks worked for the NAACP as a secretary, she did not boycott or quit her job in protest. She refused to give her seat up to a white man on a bus sparking the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott. WTF are you talking about? And once again, GTFOH! LOL, you are making 0 sense…if you do not know the history, do not speak about the history! Go learn the history! It’s better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you’re a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt. You sir, have removed all doubt pertaining to this situation.

            • You guys clearly have to work on reading comprehension.

              I am making light of these players and their pretender protests and highlighting how their faux indignation is nothing like what Parks did.

              As part of a planned civil disobedience, Parks stepped up to protest what she rightly knew were social injustices. In doing so she faced serious repercussions. She was arrested. Clearly, there would have been threats against her life…she must have been terrified. Yet she still did what was right.

              If these guys had the same kind of moral fortitude, then they’d take a stand that matters. Fuck not coming out for the anthem. You think society is a mess. You want to take a stand? Then take a stand. Don’t take the field. Lose that game check. Throw the NFL into chaos. Shake up the status quo.

              Otherwise, its just a preachy annoyance.

              Love Tomlin today though….”we expected 100% participation….” throwing his ex-ranger player under the bus.

              • No, you just worded it very poorly! You have to work on your humor, it leaves a lot to be desired.

              • Your humor is horrible

              • You guys need to work on your reading comprehension skills. Vinnie was in no way putting down parks. He was uplifting her plight compared to what he see’s as an insignificant faux reaction by the Steelers in general. There was no humor at all involved. Too bad for Tomlin worried about his OT while losing to one of the worst teams in the league.

  • Wisenewski is laughing his ass off saying Im behind these two stiffs. lol

  • I’m thinking this is closer to whom the Birds are ,this game ..opponents and game plans aside,the Eagles are a rushing team and will help develop Wentz in the long term,taking the heavy lift off 11s shoulders

  • Wentz gotta hit Jeffries my goodness

  • Wentz not exactly playing well

  • Jeffries open by 10 yards and you overthrow him by 10 yards. Then Dougie P going for it at midfield. lol comical

  • 4th &8. Kotitean

  • Two inept coaches going head to head. Good grief.

  • Blount finally is running well and like Aikman said I dont understand why he isnt in the game lol.

  • The infamous WR screen lol

  • Carson Wentz pathetic play has caused this along with Dougie P inept coaching.

  • Dag is dumb.
    Hmmm Kelce seems to have gotten better.
    Ertz killed us

  • Oh my


    61 YARDER TO WIN!!!!


  • That is an excellent win… of course in the NFL there aren’t any other kind

    • Definitely, they overcame adversity and got the comeback win.

  • JAKE Elliot is Philadelphia hero!! Looking back that could be the season Saving play!

    We won that game without Cox, Hicks, Darby, sproles and wentz playing avenge at best!! That’s what a good team does. Eagles were involved in close games all last season, only difference is we are finding ways to close them out this year! This team is showing it’s experience and development. Doug Pederson is also. Look for Blount to have a increased work load.

    2-0 in the Divison. And 2-0 in the conference!

    Gonna be scary with another draft, adding Darby and joNes to the roster when they get back from injury.

    • This is a culture changing game…last year the Eagles lose this game as they did not comeback from tied games or games they were down in with a chance to win. I agree, the growth and progress is there.

  • 31 passes 33 runs

    Run game looked night and day against a top 10 defense. Doug responded back to the critisicm.

    The game should have been worse then the final score. It was similar to the Penn state Iowa game last night.

    Gotta remember this is how most Divison games go

    • That’s great balance and the run game was alive. Wentz struggled as his play was mediocre..he has to get that deep ball together as that is what is holding him back from greatness.

      Scary the lack of pressure by dline against a terrible Giants o line.

      • Fletcher going down will destroy our pressure. Teams can play us different. Having that animal in the middle as the anchor draws up those double and triple teams which opens up more for other players like Timmy, Long. curry and Graham.

        It was mainly the secondary that started to get manhandled and showed it’s youth.

        The Giants have elite talent all over. There WRs, promising tight ends and veteran 2 time SB champ qb. We knew they were gonna play great with there backs to the wall at 0-2.

        Look for philly to sweep skins at home and drop giants at there house.

        I can see 5-1 in Divison

        • On terms regarding to the ratings being at a all time low since 1999…it is all being over blown.
          The reasons are MUltipe!

          1. The electIon. It happened months ago I know, but it is still effecting football some.
          2. Colin and all the protest that have came with it.
          3. Brain problems and CTE scans and modern day research
          4.it being early in the season and only September(extension of the preseason
          5. This is the MAIN reason. There is a lot of mediocre football teams in the league right now. How many elite teams are there? Very good teams? Most of the NFL is average at best.
          6. Population rising

          Put all that into the pot and whip it Up ur going to have inflated and deflated numbers at times

          • They will
            Be back come November December January

            • The reasons are pro-Kaepernick people and anti-Kaepernick people are both boycotting the NFL is the half the reason.
              the other half is people don’t want to watch television anymore. Everyone has a smart phone with a wifi. Television is dying. Youtube is global and is he king of the entertainment platform now, other digital content providers are also winning.

              • U know people who are boycotting NFL bc of krappernick ? I call bs

                In other news. Nice win! Doug and wentz learned from last year. Hate odb but the dog pissing was a riot. He made some insane catches

                Ertz is a stud

              • mhenski – just type “pro kaepernick boycott” and read the articles and if you’re feeling up to it, you can withdraw your “I call bs” post.

  • Game Observations:

    Exciting game to say the least. Last year, this is a game the Eagles would have lost. They performed well under the adversity of giving up 24 4th qtr points.

    Defensive Line: Could not generate pressure on Eli, even when he dropped back to pass and held the ball the Eagles d line could not get consistent pressure, no hits or sacks on him. That was disappointing given the state of the Giants O line. The D Line did do a good job against the run game.
    Graham, Barnett and Curry were invisible on pass pressure.
    O line: Last week I slammed Jason Kelce and Seumalo, this week, I will give Kelce his props for how he played…he was very good in the run game and in pass pro. The Eagles should make Wisniewski the starting LG.

    Running Game: That’s what I wanted to see, looked very good. Legarrette Blount was a man yesterday. Keep feeding him the ball. Wendell Smallwood stepped up and Clement got some good snaps. Unfortunately, Sproles is out with a broken arm.

    QB: Wentz had a good game, the only thing I can knock him on is his deep ball inaccuracy. It’s bad..period. However, yesterday was the first time Wentz was clutch with the game in the balance. Down 21-14, Wentz guided us back to tie the game. Then, helped get them back downfield right to kick the tying FG 24-24 after the Giants scored to make the game 24-21. Then in the final 7 seconds, Wentz passes a clutch throw dart to AJ for 19 yards to get the Eagles in position for the walk off 61 yard game winning field goal. That was not an easy pass between 3 Giant defenders in a tight window.
    Best thing, no picks or fumbles by Wentz…truth be told, the two fluke interceptions are no big deal, Wentz is taking care of the ball much better
    WR’s: So so, not a great game performance yesterday.

    TE: Ertz is a great weapon, gotta hold onto that ball though.

    CB’s: Rasul Douglass played well for his first start picking a Eli pass as he was in Brandon Marshall’s pocket.
    Pat Robinson looks good in the slot and Jalen Mills is stepping up. I will be glad when Darby comes back though as the CB’s are now serviceable, Darby and Jones (if healthy) makes the CB position a strong point.

    LB’s: Mychal Kendricks continues to play very well, glad we kept him and Schwartz is using him effectively.
    Hicks..hurt again. he can’t stay healthy Walker stepped in and played well in his spot as he assisted in the Goal line stand right before halftime.
    Bradham played well.

    ST’s: One mistake, not downing the ball on the 2 yard line, i thought it was downed before KGH fell into the end zone, but you can’t put that call in the refs hands.
    Donnie Jones and coverage units were good

    The rookie kocker Elliot came through in the clutch with the game winning 61 yard FG.

    Overall, the Eagles have flaws, but are definitely an ascending team, the progress from last year is evident. Great win!

    • I will say this eli was getting the ball out quick but curry was getting pressure and so was jernigan, curry caused eli on that last drive before we got ball to hurry throw and flowers got called for holding. So pressure was there most of game, we just looked tired at the end of 3rd with those injuries hurting us, Margie is horrible on d

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