• August 17, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Giants

Eagles Survive Vicious Giants Rally For Narrow Win

Oh boy, we have a lot to get in to with this one folks.

The Philadelphia Eagles blew a 14-point fourth quarter lead against the New York Giants, but fought back to take a 27-24 win in their home opener to improve to 2-1 on the season.

The Birds controlled the game for three quarters, winning a defensive struggle and establishing a 14-point lead going into the fourth. But defensive injuries began to catch up with the Eagles to open up some momentum for the Giants.

The Eagles went into the game missing Ronald Darby, Rodney McLeod, and Corey Graham, and lost two more key playmakers, Fletcher Cox and Jordan Hicks during the game. The hobbled defense finally caved, and the Giants rediscovered their rhythm.

New York put up 21 points within a five-minute stretch, part of their run was fueled by a terrible fumble from Zach Ertz, which set the Giants up with a short field.

However, the Eagles were able to rally themselves to tie the game at 21, and rookie kicker Jake Elliot was able to do the unthinkable, and nail a 61-yard kick to avoid overtime and give the team this crucial division win.

Doug Goes Back To The Run

A week after taking all kinds of criticism for his approach to playcalling and the run-pass ratio, Doug Pederson came back with a much more balanced offense, calling 31 passes to 35 runs.

LeGarrette Blount, Darren Sproles, Wendell Smallwood, and even rookie Corey Clement were featured in today’s game, and all performed at a high level.

Blount was fed 12 carries, and run exceptionally well, cruising for 67 yards and a touchdown. This was the first game that Pederson allowed Blount to get in a rhythm, and the big back really took over on the team’s first scoring drive in the second quarter. Blount arguably should have had even more touches, the way he was playing, he could have gone for over 100 yards today. He’s not done folks.

Smallwood was very impressive as well, picking up 71 yards on 12 carries of his own. He fought hard for extra yards, and gave the offense some badly needed pop in the second half. Even on the team’s second to last drive, Smallwood had several big runs to get them deep into New York territory.

Clement was used a surprising amount in the second half, and was given some pretty critical carries, including a one on a 15-yard touchdown run to tie the game at 21 in the fourth quarter.

Quick Thoughts


  • What in the world was Doug Pederson thinking going for it on 4th and 8 before the end of the first half? That’s just such a low percentage play, you’re just asking for trouble, and sure enough the Giants very nearly turned that turnover on downs into a touchdown before the half. It could have been a very different game, even if the Giants had just elected to go for three there.
  • Carson Wentz was good, not great today. He completed 21/31 for 171 yards and a touchdown, and once again made some great plays with his mobility, but once again, accuracy on deep balls continues to be an issue. Wentz had Alshon Jeffrey for a score, but overthrew him. I think its still early to be outright worried about Wentz’s ability to hit on things down the field, but its concerning that has been a trend for three games now.
  • Chance Warmack got the start at left guard, but gave up a sack early in the game, and was eventually replaced by Stefan Wisniewski at left guard. The line was at its best with Wiz in play, but the path the Eagles took to get to him has been bizarre. First Isaac Seumalo goes through camp as the unquestioned starter, then gets benched after two weeks, his replacement (Warmack) follows and was replaced after less than two quarters.
  • I’ve been very critical of Jason Kelce, but he played a strong game today, throwing several key blocks, including one that helped spring Clement on his touchdown run.
  • Alshon Jeffrey was covered by Janoris Jenkins, and was quiet for most of the day, but his tough catch set up the 61-yard kick for Jake Elliot. No receiver on the 2016 team makes that play.
  • Torrey Smith doesn’t have an overly impressive stat line, but he drew a key pass interference call in the fourth quarter that helped set up Clement’s touchdown run.
  • Fumble aside, Zach Ertz’s breakout year would have been three-for-three, with eight more catches for 55 yards and a touchdown.
  • I know that Doug Pederson had a lot of success rotating his running backs today, but I would still question the timing of the rotations. During the drive where LeGarrette Blount was demolishing the New York run defense, it just felt odd to pull him out of the game for Smallwood on a third and two, and then have Sproles in the backfield on the fourth and inches. With Blount being a short-yardage specialist, and playing extremely well, would it not make more sense to continue to feed him? This is all a bit moot given the result of the game, but something to monitor in future games.


  • Give a ton of credit to Rasul Douglas, who played a strong game in his first career start. The rookie came down with a big interception while running stride for stride with Brandon Marshall down the field. Douglas wasn’t perfect, but he held up really well.
  • It was particularly rough on this secondary to not only be without Rodney McLeod, but also their third safety Corey Graham. As a result, Chris Maragos had to start and play a heavy amount of snaps, which is not a situation the Eagles want to be in regularly.
  • Absolutely shocking that the Eagles weren’t able to generate a single sack on the much-maligned Giants offensive line.
  • However, there were some good performances from the defensive lineman. Vinny Curry was the first guy to penetrate and get to the ball carrier on the Giants’ fourth and goal attempt at the end of the first half. Curry also drew a holding penalty late in the game that helped kill the final New York drive.
  • Timmy Jernigan made several big plays against the fun.
  • Mychal Kendricks continues to have a tremendous season. Kendricks was involved on another turnover, tipping a pass that would be intercepted by Patrick Robinson.
  • Speaking of Robinson, he’s looked like a completely different guy since being moved to the slot. He looks like he’s rediscovering his confidence, and he’s been a nice boost to this defense.

Special Teams

  • In addition to his touchdown run, Corey Clement showed some nice pop on kickoff returns.
  • The 61-yard field goal by Jake Elliot should give him and the coaching staff all the confidence they need moving forward. That’s the kind of thing that can get a kicker on a roll where he doesn’t miss for awhile.
  • Elliot had been a little shaky to start, and even today missed on a 52-yard attempt, but connecting on a game-winning kick in that situation should make him feel that he belongs in this league.

Final Thoughts

What’s the easiest way to get to the playoffs?

Take care of games within the division.

So far, so good, the Eagles are 2-0 against the NFC East.

Good teams find ways to win in situations like this. Bad teams, like the Giants, find ways to lose.

Oh, and look at what happens when you have a balanced offense? The Giants have a tough secondary, with Jenkins, DRC, and Landon Collins. Imagine if Pederson had come out and called 50+ passing plays for Wentz in a close game like he did last week in Kansas City? You’d probably be looking at a different result today.

We’d go through this run-pass ratio discussion to the point of nausea in the Andy Reid era. Andy would lose a game with imbalance in the playcalling, find religion and run the ball for a few weeks, and then the passaholic would eventually come back out.

Let’s hope Doug is different in that regard, and we’ll see balance like this moving forward.

Denny Basens

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  • Omg what a win so many injuries, I had no Faith in elliot, he just became a God in philly, hicks ok, Cox should be, need that man, I’m still in shock…..the NFL is c4azy lol

  • On terms regarding to the ratings being at a all time low since 1999…it is all being over blown.
    The reasons are MUltipe!

    1. The electIon. It happened months ago I know, but it is still effecting football some.
    2. Colin and all the protest that have came with it.
    3. Brain problems and CTE scans and modern day research
    4.it being early in the season and only September(extension of the preseason
    5. This is the MAIN reason. There is a lot of mediocre football teams in the league right now. How many elite teams are there? Very good teams? Most of the NFL is average at best.
    6. Population rising

    Put all that into the pot and whip it Up ur going to have inflated and deflated numbers at times

  • Fletcher going down will destroy our pressure. Teams can play us different. Having that animal in the middle as the anchor draws up those double and triple teams which opens up more for other players like Timmy, Long. curry and Graham.

    It was mainly the secondary that started to get manhandled and showed it’s youth.

    The Giants have elite talent all over. There WRs, promising tight ends and veteran 2 time SB champ qb. We knew they were gonna play great with there backs to the wall at 0-2.

    Look for philly to sweep skins at home and drop giants at there house.

    I can see 5-1 in Divison

  • Y assumptions are that the negative nitwits will be out whining about a 3 pt win but damn that was nice! Giants fighting for their life. 2 time SB champ at the helm and a premier WR (an over valued position in the fans mind)… great fucking win

    • Pederson needs to get it together. It should have been worse.

      1st and 10 run for 8 yards.
      2nd and 2 pass incomplete
      3rd and 2 pass complete

      This is at the end of the ball game and when the run game was working we decided to abandon it. Run the ball in that situation and let that that defense rests. You have 2 chances with Blount to get 2 yards.

      He has some Andy Reid qualities in that regard. But maybe, just maybe he cannot coach the screen

      • Like Andy Reid could. Let’s hope Doug isn’t a little simple.

        Great win. Great game. That kick was special. However it should have had to come down to Jake Eliot. Coach needs to be betters

        Injuries are rough right now I get it. But that’s when Really need the coach to be smart and run the ball

  • Jerome Boger is the worst. He is the fixer. Every time I see him I know some crazy yellow flag game changing decisions will happen. Ed Hochuli might be worse, he is the bandit. A Hochuli game means 200 yellows flags a game.

  • Not a fan of the # 1 draft pick Derick Barnett. I see no difference between Marcus Smith & him. Rasual Douglas has held his own, surprised he is playing as well as he has.
    Eagles defense is on emergency oxygen. Beat up and bleeding everywhere.
    Wentz’s long ball is way below average.
    Eagles’ running game looked great today. Stefen Wisniewski looks better than both Warmack and Seumalo.
    Smallwood played well today so did Blount. Clement turned the corner for a TD.
    Wentz continues to look good in the 2 minute offense all year all 3 games.

  • Looking forward to seeing the birds when they fly west ..This wasn’t one for the time capsules ,with the exception of fighting back and finding a way ..that’s never underestimated .Thats the whitest whitey white I’ve seen Eli ever in a philly game ..We’d have assumed this game ,more than any other we would compensate for the back end ,by getting after Eli.. stunningly he was playing pitch and catch and completing passes all over the field..(We need more of game one and game two type performances) Fourth and 8 at midfield and up 7-0 ….kotitean …BOO! This side of Doug is mystifying ,as having a feel for the game is as essential as Xs and Os ..here’s the bottom line ,on the coach..Guys are playing hard ,and the Qbs now been in consecutive late fourth quarter drives and is making plays ..and putting his team in positions to win games ..sprinkle in a kicker with a strong leg ,and get to the bye week ,unscathed in the division ,and you’ve positioned yourself ,for a nice season .trips across country are a bonus if you get one ,but the birds are literally ,flying 3000 miles with a bruised wing ..Last week was an epiphany ,this week an awakening ,and Blount is a man ..and when you ride him ,it lifts the entire squad ,in ways we’ve not witnessed around here in a long while ..a back that punishes a defense ,it’s a scary proposition ,once Doug learns how to implement it ..For instance. Play action works real well off a bruising back ,and quick hits as well ..now all the ingredients are there ,the chef is still marinating ,new ways to invent the persona of this Philadelphia Eagles squad

  • The jordanesque moves Wentz displayed ,are so damn tantalizing .,and once he’s working with a complimentary run game ,and has guys hold onto the rock ,consistently ,and gets a trust in the long ball,this team is so talented ..defensively when healthy ,that the coach ,is their greatest adversary ..His decisions at home,under fire today ,coming off a loss to his mentor ,can’t be minimized and ,we are witness to the growth of this coach ..in game 19 of his NFL tenure ..he’s 9-10 …on an upward trajectory ..

  • Great win today! One of the greatest wins I have seen in a very long time. Me and the gang will be in LA for the Eagles game..FLY EAGLES FLY!!

  • Personnel moves continue to plague this team. I blame Pederson and Scwartz. On offense after watching Wisnewski, Warmack and Seumalo last year and this preseason this preseason it was clear Wiz was by far the best guard out of the 3 but you force fed us the 2 others and watched no run game or pass protection until you went to Wiz. As soon as Wiz came in the game you could run and protect. On defense Cox hasnt been the best player. Kendricks who you unsuccessfully tried to trade thank god and kind of humiliated has been lights out and IMO been the best player on the defense thus far. One more thing Vinny Curry has been balling the last 2 games. kudos.

  • Kudos to Kendricks for being a true professional, putting up with being disrespected, for being a warrior, for being the defensive MVP thus far and for shoving his 10 snaps per game up Schwartz ass. Someone in Schwartz press conference should ask Schwartz why were we trying to dump this guy again?

  • Not a great win the Eagles had nothing to do with this win. It was the football gods who for some reason curse the Giants vs the Eagles. Its just another miracle to join the many we have against the Giants. Herm Edwards, D Jax, Westbrook now Elliot. How many last plays of the game winners or damn near last plays have we had? Cant remember another team beating the same team so many times on last minute miracles. This is all the football gods blessing the birds.

    • Lol! Nice.

    • You’re trolling foolishness never ceases to amaze. There are no football gods. The Eagles thoroughly outplayed the Giants and the score heading into the 4th qtr did not reflect the dominance taking place. The Eagles gave up 21 points to go down 21-14. The Eagles came right back to score to tie the game. The Giants go down and kick a field goal to take a 24-21 lead. The Eagles march back down field to score a field goal. The defense holds in the last minute, the Eagles get the ball back and Wentz throws a 19 yard clutch pass to Jeffery. yard FG made by the kicker to end the game as the last second ticked off the clock.
      The truth is the Giants had no business being in that game, however, injuries on the defense hurt them. It’s the ebb and flow of the game..the Eagles were able to repeatedly answer the Giants scores when it counted. That’s not any stupid football gods..that’s the sign of an ascending team. They are just better than the Giants and have their number.

      • And it was an absolutely fantastic win…good teams find ways to win…especially under adversity and pressure. If we had lost you’d be on here harping about every negative play and play call you could think of. Sorry the Eagles ruined it for you, you were probably crying in your beer when that 61 yarder went through the goal post
        E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!

  • I’ll ask the question again now, after the game……Anyone find it odd that Warmack got the nod over Wiz?? Warmack was terrible in the preseason, and inactive the first two games.

    • Crazy Johnny maybe if Wiz started last week the Eagles are 3-0. Maybe Justin Houston isnt terrorizing Wentz. Maybe Blount is ripping off 10 yard runs and KC doesnt have the ball as much. Just saying. Hopefully Wiz solidifies oline moving forward.

    • Once again, the Eagles always seem to hire people who are loust talent evaluators. I watched the Redskins after the Eagles game and,sad to say, I think they’re gonna cream the Eagles in the re-match. When you watch a team play, it’s hard note to note the team wide passion and intensity that accompanies their efforts and that oftentimes transcends skill and talent. I don’t see enough of that with a his team. Hope I’m wrong.

  • Crazy Johnny my point exactly. Anyway go to philly.com they have Embids reaction to game winning fg(he is truly Philly already), also they have Elliots parents during the kick his dad almost looks like he iwants to cry and so relieved good stuff.

  • Arizona Cardinals tonight for the girls

    • Rooting hard for the Cardinals.


    Darren Sproles has a torn ACL and a broken arm. Surgery on the arm today, surgery on the knee later.

    Devastating blow.

    • oh man that is horrible– the injury bug is hitting the birds hard and its still early-ugh– it doesn’t bode well for the long haul of a season.

      • Good news is that hicks and cox are ok just day to day, but man everyone loves sproles

  • That f**king sucks!!!!!

  • Reggie Bush to the Eagles??

    • The NFL is weird. As we all know.
      Ravens getting destroyed
      Bears beating Pitt
      Rookie qb giving NE all they can handle
      Dolphins losing to jets

      The raiders had to make a long road trip and came out flat. Good W for the skins but don’t overhype it too much. Every good team, every season has a game like that multiple times

      • I agree, Case Keenum came out on fire yesterday looking like Bradford three weeks ago. Perhaps it wasn’t as much Bradford, but the situation and players around him. Vikings did not miss a beat yesterday as they kicked the Bucs ass.

  • Thank god that next SkIns game is in Philly.
    I really wish we would have stole that Chiefs game, it would have made this West coast AFc matchup not as important.

    We have to steal this next game. We could have a great jump on the first 8’weeks with the Cardinals coming to philly, San Fran, panthers. All of these games are very winnable. Especially how shakey there olines are. No Greg Olsen for Panthers or David Johnson for Arizona.

    6-2 in the first 8 games is essential to us making the playoffs. Denver coming to philly for that 9th game is also winnable.

    Health will be the key

    • With that being said I believe we are 5-3 at worst 7-1 at best

      With losses to potential Chargers and Skins and wins over Panthers, Cardinals and 49ers

    • panthers r trash. Cam is god awful. We ain’t losing that game fo sho

  • Howie and Jeffery are bean counting in Doug Pederson’s ear during the game. So funny. Go for it, Doug, it’s only 4th and eight yards to go. Does anyone really think it was Doug’s choice to follow a mathematician recommendation? Or the more likely scenario … Howie and Jeffery told him to use the analytical expert during games?

  • Confirmed — Jeffery has a ” collaboration ” for game day play calls. bwahahaha

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