• January 23, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Chargers

LeGarrette Blount, Ball-Control Offense Keys Strong Eagles’ Win

Doug Pederson certainly learned a lesson from the Kansas City game about the importance of running the football.

For the second straight week, the Eagles built their offensive gameplan around running the football. With over 31 pass plays called compared to over 37 runs, the head coach certainly didn’t let the loss of Darren Sproles discourage him from continuing to pound the football.

Veteran running back LeGarrette Blount was the focal point of the attack, rushing 16 times for 138 yards. The big back was an absolute treat to watch; it was vintage Blount, powering through defenders, making them look helpless and hopeless. In the last two weeks, Blount has to put bed the nonsensical talk that he was either done, or at best a bad fit for Pederson’s offense.

The 68-yard run by Blount in the fourth quarter was one of the key plays in the game. With the Chargers fresh off of a touchdown-scoring drive, Blount bounced off defenders, making rookie Desmond King in particular look very bad, dragging him 40 yards down the field before finally shaking him off with a powerful stiff arm. The big run set up the team’s final touchdown, giving them a critical two-score lead.

Pederson then went back to Blount on the team’s final drive to close out the game with a two-point lead. Blount responded with an 8-yard run to set up a short-yardage situation, and on the next play iced the game with another strong run.

LeGarrette Blount has plenty left in the tank, folks.

Passing Game Used Very Sparingly, Though Wentz Continue To Show Positives

The passing game was used very sparingly in today’s game.

It’s concerning to me how difficult it has been for the Eagles to regularly involve Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith in the offense. The team got Jeffery off to a fast start, hitting him for a touchdown in the first quarter, but the veteran playmaker went quiet for almost the entire rest of the game, recording just two more catches after that.

The Eagles were still able to win despite minimal involvement from their outside threats, but its a little troubling that a guy like Jeffery can just disappear for large chunks of the game.

However, the one positive from the passing game was that Carson Wentz showed the best touch he’s had all season on his deeper throws. Wentz placed balls perfectly for Nelson Agholor in the first quarter and Zach Ertz in the second half, resulting in big gains of 38 and 36 yards.

Quick Thoughts


  • Wendell Smallwood took 10 carries for 34 yards, and scored the team’s final touchdown, while also adding four receptions for 45 yards. It seems he’s the guy that’s going to fill in for Sproles’ offensive role.
  • Corey Clement was heavily involved in the attack as well, taking 10 carries for 30 yards of his own. Clement picked up a couple of key first downs in the second half in short yardage situations.
  • Zach Ertz’s breakout year continues! Five for grabs for 81 yards today, Ertz is unquestionably Wentz’s go-to guy at all times.
  • Torrey Smith dropped another very catchable pass today, and finished with just one grab for nine yards.
  • Stefen Wisniewski and Chance Warmack continued to rotate at left guard. I thought Wisniewski once again had the better game, but I thought Warmack was much stronger than he was last week.


  • Chris Long really gave the Eagles a big momentum shift early on. With the Chargers moving the football on their opening drive, Long came up with a strip-sack on Philip Rivers, giving the Eagles an early turnover that the offense would cash-in for seven points.
  • The patchwork secondary finally had some bad breakdowns today. It began with a 75-yard touchdown strike to Tyrell Williams that put the Chargers on the board and gave them some life after the Eagles initially went up 10-0. At the end of the first half, Rasul Douglas bit and gave up a big completion to Keenan Allen with under a minute remaining that help set up a field goal.
  • By the end of the game, Rivers was moving the ball at will on the Eagles’ defense. The pass rush wasn’t getting home, and the secondary, despite battling pretty hard, just couldn’t hold up.
  • The team’s only other sack would come from Beau Allen today.
  • On a big positive note, the team held Melvin Gordon in check all day, giving up just 22 yards to the star running back.

Special Teams

  • Jake Elliot, riding the high of his 61-yard walk off field goal from the week before, nailed all four of his field goal attempts, connecting from 45, 40, 53, and 47 yards.

Final Thoughts

Major upset victory for the Eagles today.

This wasn’t a game that a lot of people expected the Eagles to win. Given that they had to make a trip across the country, facing a desperate Charger team that is better than their 0-3 (now 0-4) record, and the fact that Eagles went in to this game pretty banged up, missing Fletcher Cox and Darren Sproles, it just highlights how impressive today’s effort was.

Coolest thing today? How about the Eagles fans taking over the soccer field out in L.A.? They made this west coast trip look and feel like a Philadelphia home game. The Chargers had to be both embarrassed and demoralized at the turnout in the Eagles’ favor.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys suffered a letdown at home to the Rams, and have a date with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers next week.

With the struggling Arizona Cardinals coming to town next week, the Eagles have a golden opportunity to really get on a roll and create some strong separation between themselves and the rest of the division.

Denny Basens

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  • My observations- wentz is going to be really good, still learning every week and improving. Best QB in division. Torrey Smith can’t catch the ball. Doug Pederson has as much a chance to be a good coach as anybody and to me, is as good as anyone hired when he was. Remember people were clamoring for Macadoo, Jackson & Gase? It’s a crap shoot and while time will tell, D.P has been just as good or better than any of them. Blount is not “ done” or “ not a fit” or a “ mistake by Howie”. Don’t be surprised when we throw the ball more often against teams not ranked near the bottom of the league in run defense. Speaking of coaches, Schwartz better sprinkle in a couple calls where everyone on the opposing offense isn’t given a free release and a 10 Yd cushion. D is like a sieve, esp. 2nd half. Hopefully 7-3 or with some luck, 8-2 going into the bye. I like the growth I’m seeing so far.

  • Mack Hollins time.. put that dude in. 6’4 220 and runs a 4.45.

    Guarantee he catches what Smith is dropping.

  • It was amazing to see so many Eagles fans at the stadium today. We definitely took over and embarrassed the Chargers on their own turf. The Chargers will not last in LA. Spanos needs to move the team back to San Diego where they belong. My prediction is that you will see this same crowd at the Coliseum when the Eagles come out here December 10th

  • Smith and Mack 10 should at least split time on outside, Smith is killing our deep threat, wentz could have had a better day without the drops

  • Feel like Doug is starting to show greatness. Has balls to go for it. One week pass heavy the next run heavy. Game planning has been great so far

    • He is exploiting defenses where appropriate… the whiners were out in the KC game but they moved the ball up and down field… he’s a good coach.
      Also, where are the calls to bench Kielce?

      • Explotiing where appropriate is what I’ve been crying for since before Andy. Chip promised he could do that but showed he couldn’t. Part of this new found brillaince is certainly tied to the qb but dougs pulling those strings and enabling wentz with the tools.

        Regardless it’s brilliAnce on display so far this year. Dare I say patriotesque? Keep it up dudes. Just need a chiefs win for the perfect week.

        Side note next time you all vote, vote for Any and everyone that has the common sense and Balls to ban automatic weapons. Lives > votes!!!!

      • BENCH KELCE!!!!
        Lol, no just playing, he’s played a lot better the last two weeks. I gave him kudos last week, he’s stepped his game up, that’s what i wanted to see from him. Also, more running, the game plan is better with balanced play calling, eats up clock, not forcing Wentz to carry the whole offense and you’re battering the defensive line and wearing them down.

    • Mhenski, Legarrette Blount has been much better the last two weeks no? Yesterday he was a man running the ball!

      • Oh god I’ve been licking egg off my face on that one. Oddly enough i feel like sprouts being out gives this team a totally different feel. Smallwood can make plays and defenses aren’t gonna focus on him. Blount gets more touches to lean on people too… I am really enjoying football again. If Torrey can get it together we could be real legit.

  • I was at the linc west yesterday…what a great venue to watch my birds ,up close and personal. .A few observations..this group has an interesting dynamic,now ,with a runner who actually leaves wounded safeties trying to reconcile what just ran them over..Blount is a man..the fans took over the stadium and the players responded,fortified by a friendly environment. .Wentz is often in groups of O line ,pumping guys up ,challenging receivers on the sidelines ,exhibiting leadership nuances ..this QB and coaching staff are very hands on ,on the sidelines. .i remember 5 often sitting remotely by himself..wentz is a “hands on” vocal leader..Deuce is adroitly keeping the backs fresh ,and readied to enter the games action.There was no pressure from the dee up front ..cox is a vital piecev..no doubt ..im not as concerned with smiths drops,as hes vertically added a component to the O ,and eventually will cradle a few …postscript. seeing my beloved birds win ,in a birds nest of green will be a savored memory. .

    • Doug is 10-10 as HC in philly

      Move past .500 and never look back.

      With Cardinals and panthers coming in eagles very well could be 5-1 with skins coming to town.


  • Also can we be done bemoaning the loss of Eric rowe? he of the secondary of New England that was shredded by the likes of the panthers yesterday, Texans the week before and KC in week one? The best thing about Rowe is if he plays enough, he gets us a better pick. Point being, while the 2nd go round of howie isn’t perfect, he’s been a lot more right than wrong- weaknesses have become strengths. This 2ndary is better off with Douglas, mills, and when Jones returns, it’ll be a strength too. I like where this team is going.

  • God bless to those who have lost loved ones in the Vegas shooting. We are all praying for you

  • meanwhile, the browns are 1-19 and have started 5 QB’s since they traded away Wentz…. what a mess.

    • I actually go on Cleveland.com to follow the Browns fans. Last year their were some upset that they did not get Wentz, most of them were constantly saying Wentz will be a bust and is not that good. This year, none of them are knocking Wentz, they do not want to talk about it as those who wanted Wentz constantly shove it in their faces how much the Browns messed up by not taking him.
      It is comedy central on that site…outside of the racist talk by a few clowns on there.

  • Also the Eagles have quietly built a fine coaching staff , Even though the h.c. is still growing in his job. Their safety coach Tim Hauck was a nasty , hard hitter , I think he was from montana , And would get called upon after the eagles had injuries. Anyway This looks the making of a great staff, Although some of you last week said jeffery and lurie were bean counting in dougs ear and were telling doug what plays to call. Of course the cobbers who said that will never admit it was a rash, downright dumb thing to say.

  • a win is a win but C’mon they squeaked by a couple of win less teams with bad; really bad, a mean atrocious Offensive lines and were still giving up 20 plus points. Need I remind you of last years quick start.

    • that was not a squeak by win… they had the ball for the last 6:30 to end the game– thats not a squeak– that is a W in the NFL– stupid to be negative– they have been hit with the injury bug, next man up comes in and performs– two top defensive players out etc.
      They have got their offensive timing down and are looking very good.

      • Birds have outscored their opponents this year by 11 points ( 103-92) That is razor thin.

      • You are a glass half empty negative nitwit…. 3-1 with 7 home games remaining and you are whine about point differential

        • and week in week out last year we were losing 1 score games every god damn week. We learned! Style points not necessary

    • Eos I’m so tired of your negative bs we are coming off an emotional desperate team in ny traveling all the way to West coast to another desperate team who have been in every game this yr they have been in every game this yr…. and We don’t have mcox, Corey graham, or Darby. That’s a excellent win and we were not favored in this game because of that. Everyone knows chargers have terrible luck and actually a good team

      • z – Jeffery Lurie raised my ticket prices this year off a crappy 7-9, 2016 record from a 7-9, 2015 record. I demand better play in 2017 PLAYOFFS or BUST.

        • Demand all you want, you don’t have to spend your money

          • Zero… given you are in a consumer/producer relationship with Mr. Lurie I find it interesting that your only recourse is to come on a stupid blog and whine…. I am 100% sure he doesn’t read Gcobb nor does he care that you don’t have the knowledge to appreciate a one score win even though we could have scored late to give more style points…. a kneel down win deep in the opponents territory is not a squeak by win.
            If you truly are unhappy with he price and the product there is a simple way to voice your displeasure

  • Birds (3-1) record after 4 games with 12 games left.
    11 wins guarantees playoff spot.
    last year Detroit got last wild card spot with 9-7 record.
    Seattle got last wild card spot in 2015-16 season with 10-6 record.
    Detroit got last wild card sport in 2014-15 season with 11-5 record.

  • Boiling – Chuck Pagano, Hue Jackson, and John Fox.
    Hot seat – Kyle Shanahan, Ben McAdoo, Anthony Lynn.
    Luke warm – Adam Gase ( Cutler may get him terminated)

    • Half those names were the guys that Cobb whiners wanted instead of DP

    • McAdoo has to be on boiling too. Him and the GM in NY.

    • How is Kyle on there he will get at least 3 yrs….pay attention guy

      • Z – I put all 4 Head Coaches on the list who haven’t yet won a game even the first year coaches Shanahan & Lynn additionally a couple 2nd year head coaches McAdoo and Jackson are still win-less. NO wins in a month has to be uncomfortable.

  • Win 3 of the next 5 (including Redskins) and be 6-3 at the bye with 3-0 in the division.

  • 6-3 at the by with losses to who?

    Maybe skins and broncos? Both are at home.

    Wins over 49ers, cardinals and panthers?

    • I believe 4/5 next games are at home?

  • Yea I see only 1 lost in next 5 games……but could be undefeated

    • I wonder if eagles rest up fletcher cox for this game?? Rest him for the Thursday so he’s as fresh as possible against cam newton.

      We need to make sure Fletcher is 10000 %. Not 100%

      Bring Darby back after 10’days rest to face skins.

  • Eagles vs Chargers

    This game would have been lost last year. This team is much better in regards to resilience this year as opposed to last year.
    Doug P. coached a great game yesterday, balanced, good clock management, using players correctly. Kudos to Doug.

    Offense looked good. Eagles ran the ball very well, Blount can play, Smallwood looked good Wentz threw the ball very well. Torrey Smith has problems catching the ball. Wentz hit him perfectly in the hands while in stride 30 yards downfield and he dropped it(brutal)

    Defense- Starts strong and and lags by the fourth quarter..must be more consistent. still love the d line (re-sign Beau Allen and Tim Jernigan)

    Kicker “Elliot” is looking like he should be the guy…Sturgis start looking for another team.

    Love them Birds..Go EAGLES!

    • Damn, I forgot the O Line….played very good…good run blocking and pass blocking…especially against Bosa and Melvin Ingram.

      • And maybe say something good about Nelson Agholor… lol

        • Why would anyone do that? Glad to hear from you Iolar.

          • Nelson A has a different bounce to him this season. Has had many big catches for us this year and could have more TDs if wentz didn’t under throw him.

            Thank u Doctson for that drop.

            Eagles in first fellas

  • All alone at the top and with Norman having probable punctured lung he will not be ready for eagles game in 3 weeks……go eagies……top 3 team in nfc baby

  • Eagles in sole possession of first place in the NFC East

    EAGLES 3-1
    redskins 2-2
    cowboys 2-2
    giants 0-4

    Eagles need to beat the Cardinals Sunday to go 4-1
    Green Bay should beat dallas to send cowboys to 2-3..this would be sweet.
    redskins have a bye this week
    giants are a non mother fuckin factor…

  • Top 5 teams
    1. Chiefs
    2. Packers
    3. Steelers/Broncos
    4. Broncos/Steelers
    5. EAGLES BABY!!!!

    • Eagles can beat any team in this league. Especially in the NFC. Packers do not scare me. Or Seattle or Falcons.

      Eagles went 2-1 in September.
      It’s important to go 4-1 In the month of October with wins over chargers, cardinals, panthers, skins and 49ers. Loss to skins seems like only one.

      We should drop panthers without Greg Olsen. They put up 33 on pats defense.

      At the VERY worst eagles are 5-4 heading into the bye week.

      • Colin cowherd claiming philadelphia is the dumbest sports city in America for running Andy Reid out of town…

        These experts do not watch Philly football… how hilariously sad.

        • typical National Media member scrubbing the record clean.
          Andy Reid hired his drug addict son to be a weight room employee and his son overdosed corpse dead in Eagle training camp in a college dorm room that the eagle franchise rented for training camp in August 2012. Andy Reid lost complete control of the entire team and produced a 4-12 season in 2012. Hence his termination. His drug emporium house ( judges words) infiltrated the eagle weight room and embarrassed the entire NFL.
          Reminds of Chris Berman of Espn scrubbing Chris Carter’s cocaine habit to ridicule Buddy Ryan for releasing him.

        • CT also Bill Walsh , ex very , very successful coach etc , has said even successful coaches need to be fired once every 10 years or so.Andy Reid did change a lot of his coaching game, after landing in kc.His stubborness to get a top w,r. was one of the biggest faults ,I have seen a coach ever make.Finallly after getting t.o. it made a huge difference , And i see the fans have already made a halo for our new kicker , Next week if he misses a few chip shots they wil be outraged and calliing him a bum in the park.

    • Steelers look average at best. Broncos also look very human. They lost to the Bills.

      Bills are good. They aren’t THAT good. Idc what people are saying and how they beat overrated Atlanta

  • R.i. p. Tom Petty .and the ones killed by another madman!

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