• May 17, 2022

Eagles Trade Third Round Pick For Lions Wide Receiver Golden Tate

The Eagles made what I believe to be an outstanding trade today with the Detroit Lions to obtain wide receiver Golden Tate for third round draft pick.  Tate is clearly an upgrade at the wide receiver position and he gives the Eagles an accomplished route runner with tremendous hands and the speed to get deep.

This adds another valuable weapon to the Eagles offense.  The combination of Tate, Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Aguilar along with the Eagles outstanding tight ends Zack Ertz and Dallas Goedert the Eagles should be able to move up to another level in their passing game.

“Tate is a playmaker once he gets the ball in his hands, so I’m not sure whether he or Agholor will be playing out of the slot.”

I’m sure that Carson Wentz is sitting somewhere smiling because Tate will make his job easier.  Defenses will be in a quandary about which receiver to try to take away because the Eagles have as I said some outstanding tight ends and they can hurt you with passes to the running backs.  You/ve got Alshon Jeffery functioning there on the other side and he can make plays even when he’s not open.  This should definitely open things up for everybody underneath and move the Eagles passing game to another level.

Tate is a playmaker once he gets the ball in his hands, so I’m not sure whether he or Agholor will be playing out of the slot. The former Notre Dame star has proven that he can make plays out of either position.  The former Notre Dame star also has the ability to return punts and kickoffs, but I doubt he will be asked to do it.

I think this was definitely a good movie just before the trade deadline because it clearly makes Eagles a better football team.  The downside of the deal is the fact that they have parted with a third round pick for a player, who will likely not be playing with them next season.


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  • They better teach adams to block when they go wide packages. Its another guy that can create matchups on linebackers out of the slot. He can outrun guys,and in a walk year eill have himself full throttle. My halfway anslysis is that, sproles injury has been impossible to compensate. The highest compliments to both tight ends and now wentz can look for the mismatches.

  • The Eagles have a 25 year old QB with 10 draft picks coming up. You are not going to win the Sb every season. Sorry guys. So if we miss this playoffs don’t be mad. You lose :
    Jay Ajayi
    Mack 10
    Torrey smith.
    Wentz and Jeffery miss the season. NOW Peters and lane are hurt, and you have a ROUGH SCHEDULE coming up. U have to go 6-2 to make 10-6 wild card. Redskins are getting 10+ wins cause no one believed in them similar to Philly last season.
    BUT with this Owner, GM, Head Coach, and this QB….

    Philly isn’t going anywhere for a long, long time.

  • I forgot about Timmy J also….

  • The road to the super bowl at the moment goes through LA . The offense will rely on creating mismatches with wide packages, leaving 11 vulnerable , and needing to get adequate running to keep the defenses honest. Ct every team in the NFL has roster turnover, as teams go, philly has been fiscally adroit thanks to the accountant. The trade for Tate , signals their willingness to compete this year and hopes that others fall back to them. Unless Jim gets his back end figured out, in a passing league, all else wont matter. I look for a nice run, in the second half , and washington in their sites

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