• July 7, 2022

Carson Wentz Has What It Takes To Be Great

I’m sure you have read or heard about the article titled “Exclusive Sources Inside Eagles Paint Carson Wentz as “selfish”, “uncompromising”, and “playing favorites”, by Joe Santoliquito with quotes from unnamed Eagles teammates criticizing Carson Wentz on PhillyVoice.com.

My perspective of the article is probably very different from most Eagles fans. I know that every NFL team that I’ve ever played on or ever been around in the nearly 40 years of my involvement with the National Football League, has a group of players that do not like the quarterback.   The quarterback is never loved by the entire team.  Many guys don’t like the quarterback because the quarterback gets paid more than everybody.   The quarterback gets more attention than everybody and the quarterback doesn’t take as much of a physical beating as most of the other players other than maybe the kicker in the punter.   Most times the kicker in the punter are not loved throughout the team.

It is no big deal.   The best quarterbacks are the most demanding and you know you can utilize that word “selfish” in many different ways.  A lot of times that word “selfish” could also mean driven.   That word “selfish” could be said to be demanding.   That word “selfish” can be translated to mean unrelenting.  The word “selfish” could mean confident.

Franchise quarterbacks want pass routes run exactly like they’re supposed to be run.  They demand that their receivers are where they’re supposed to be at the right time.  They may run their receivers into the ground because they want to throw those routes again and again during the off season.  They don’t want to leave the practice field until they can complete each pass on each route with their eyes closed.

Great quarterbacks think they can make every throw.  They always believe they can take the team on the last second drive to win the game.  They have a play that they believe will work at a certain time.  They have a strong opinion about it.

All of the many of the attributes that these faceless voices have used to depict Wentz are the same qualities that onlookers say about Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and all the other great quarterbacks, who have played in the National Football League. The quarterback position requires certain qualities that aren’t necessary from every other position on the football team.

The quarterback is like a player/coach.  Many times he is both playing with and coaching his teammates.  He tells his teammates what to do and he tells them what not to do.  He makes more decisions than any other player on the team.  He needs his teammates to believe in him, but they don’t have to like him.  They must respect him and believe he can do the job.  I repeat THEY DO NOT HAVE TO LIKE THE QUARTERBACK FOR THE TEAM TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

When somebody runs the wrong route or somebody makes a mistake the quarterback may not show it in front of the stadium crowd or viewers on television, but they’re not happy about it and they will let it be known.

I know Wentz is a pusher, who works hard and wants his teammates to work hard.  The fact that Wentz was a pusher on this Eagles team, allowed Nick Foles to be the good guy.  He didn’t have to get in a teammate’s face and tell him he needed to step up.  The next team Foles plays for will require him to push his teammates more than he had to here with the Eagles because Wentz was here.  The backup quarterback is usually liked by more of his teammates because he doesn’t have to be the bad guy.  The starting quarterback has to be the bad guy and chew a guy out on occasion.

Even on Super Bowl winning teams, there’s a group of guys on the team that don’t like the quarterback because they’re not getting the ball enough.   You know the ball can’t be carried by every back on every play.   The ball can’t be thrown to every receiver on every play.  There are offensive and defensive linemen on every team that don’t think they playing as much as they should be or they’re not getting the type of respect from the coaches and the media that they deserve.

If a reporter really digs for it, they can get this article about every quarterback that’s worth his salt in the history of the National Football League.

Can Carson learn things from what Nick Foles has been able to do the last couple years?  Yes. Yes. Yes.  But that’s not a shock to anyone. You know Carson Wentz is not at the level that he’s going to be at in the future.  He’s still a young quarterback.

I do think that Carson can get better.  He can learn things from Nick Foles.   I think Carson needs to throw the check down to the running backs more often and be willing to start the game taking what the defense gives him.  He needs to not hold onto the ball as much as he has in the past, especially at the beginning of a game.  If you noticed Brady and Drew Brees always are willing to take the check down unless it’s third down.  They get the ball out of their hands and it keeps pressure on the defense because they stay out of third and longs, as much as possible.  Wentz needs to make note of that going forward.

Wentz is a worker and the whole thing about him being “selfish” by coming back too early is ridiculous.  Do you want a quarterback that doesn’t want to play?  Do you want a quarterback who doesn’t think he can come back from an injury sooner rather than later?

You want a fighter and a battler at the quarterback position. Nobody wants a quarterback that’s not fighting to come back and compete.  Say what you want about Wentz, but you can’t say the guy isn’t a fighter and a competitor.  Those are must haves for a franchise quarterback.  He doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned when preparing for a game.  That quality is one of most important characteristics of great quarterbacks.

I also understand that Wentz must be willing to follow the direction of coaches, yet he needs to continue to believe in what he sees, meaning he has to believe he can pick the right play and execute it successfully.   Great players are not the easiest guys to coach, so I don’t want him to abandon his strong opinions, but he must be willing to be coached.

I truly believe that Carson Wentz has the qualities needed to be a great franchise quarterback, who leads the Eagles to multiple Super Bowls.


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  • Carson needs to start showering properly; those meth sores on his neck the last few games are gross. Can’t have Pig Pen from Charlie Brown leading your team. Carson if you’re listening spend some of those millions on some soap and maybe a facial. GROSS!

  • This entire Story is much to do about nothing… The Off-Season is Officially Here… Good Grief !!

  • i could careless about this bs carson will be great next yr hell he only had 1 bad game this yr..
    my eagles offseason plan 12mill over the cap to satrt

    trade foles to the jags for fournett and a 5th rd pick in 2020 – about 8mill under the cap now
    cut jernigan post june 1st saves 11 million – close to 20million under the cap now
    cut peters – about 29 million under the cap now
    cut chris long saves 5million – 34 million under
    trade aggy to the colts for picks #89 and #122 – now were 43 million under the cap
    trade pick #25 to the texans for picks #54,#55 and #150

    now eagles would then have picks 53,54,55,57,89,120,152
    sign cj mosley- 5yr deal
    sign vinny curry once cut 2yr deal
    sign djack

    you can still trade or cut the following players
    mcleod post june 1st saves 7.5 million
    bradham post june 1st saves 6million

    starting wrs next yr
    jeffery and djack with hollins in the slot
    starting cb’s
    sidney jones and maddox

    • they don’t have Foles rights– he walks via free agency– and no one in their right mind wants Jackson at 32..dumb

    • I’m curious Gloomy in your statement that Wentz only had 1 Bad Game in 2018 ?
      What Game was that ? The Saint Blowout loss I’m assuming ?

      How Did Wentz Play in the 4th Quarter of Games versus the Titans and Panthers or Vikings,
      which were all Losses ..?
      Even in the Eagles Win over the Colts, Would you say Wentz had a good game ?

      • Wentz’s “poor” play is overblown by people who don’t understand what was going on:
        1. the whole TEAM was suffering a SB hangover, injured and not playing well
        2. He had no off season
        3. When Foles came in the line got healthy, Sproles came back
        4. The defensive secondary came together

  • He’s a fa til they tagg him

    • Even if the Eagles Pick-Up Foles Option, then Foles has the Option of Buying it up for $2 Million Buyout and will then become a Free-Agent. He’s a Goner as he wants an opportunity to lead his own Team which he deserves at this point.. Coach Pederson and the Front Office state Carson is the QB moving forward so they will do right by Foles and let him go and Receive a 3rd Round Compensatory Pick in Next Years Draft..
      The Eagles are not going to Tag Him or do a Sign and Trade, they have too many other Roster Moves and Free-Agents to work with ,etc,etc .. I also think that the Eagles believe the quicker Nick Foles moves on, the better for Carson Wentz who can focus on getting healthy and getting his Team back..

  • They just signed mike wallas whos 32

    • Why Re-Sign Mike Wallace.. They Guy is afraid of contact at this stage of his Career..

      Why would the Colts want Nelson Agholor ? and for 3rd and 4th Draft Picks.. Do you understand how the Colts operate ? They love their Draft Picks and have a WR Corps of TY Hilton, Z Pascall, R Grant, Inman and Rogers

      Who are the Texans targeting at #25 to Give up a #54, #55 and #150 Picks for …
      I don’t see this at all ?

      • the texans also need to get younger in the secondary and if clowney leaves they will need to replace him

  • The colts wrs are avg at best behind ty Hilton not to mention ty is 31 I think

    And I’m not saying resign Wallace I just stated his age for HVAC

    And the Texans could be targeting oline help since Watson was the most sacked qb this yr

    • This is one of the Weakest Drafts for O/Line this Draft, So why Trade away 3 Picks for a Mid-Level Prospect that they would be reaching for at #25 ? You have to do better than this GLOOMY or I am going to rescind my New Revised “Trade Alert” Chart for you !!!

      on a semi-serious note, Didn’t Andrew Luck just finish with the Best Statistics of his Career with his Current Group of Receivers? Also, Do you really think Nelson Agholor is a legitimate #1 or #2 NFL WR ? and Worth a 3rd and 4th Round Picks in a Trade with 1 Year left on his Rookie Deal ? I Don’t … What Team wants to give up that ?

      • This draft is good for oline and dline
        And Nelson is better than every wr on their roster not named Hilton

        • This Draft is not deep along the OL, Where have you read this..
          It’s a very Deep an Talented Group across the Defensive Line, but not the OL
          and especially at OT

          I would rather the Eagles Cut Agholor and use that $9 Million to Sign Cole Beasley of the Cowboys who is a Free-Agent to Play in the SLot ..

    • The colts third and fourth round pics will at the very LEAST be cheap special teams players and probably depth at their positions….all for less than one million… Agolar is $9 million… for a mid level receiver—- same old gloomy one sided trades where the other team gets screwed

  • Excuse me ty is 29 and will be 30 this yr and rest of the wrs the colts have are below avg at best

    • Agolar has zero value…. trade for him and u get him for $9 million….why would anyone do that

      • Well anyone that trades for him will redo his deal and extend him

        • Or here’s an idea…. wait for the birds to cut him and sign at a vet minimum

        • So Gloomy ridule me this…. If you are Agular and a team trades for you on year 5 of your rookie deal and you are making $9 why would you re-negotiate….. He is not getting traded for a 3-4

          • well you would sign an extension because tomorrow isn’t promised and if he tears an acl he’ll be on another 1yr deal in 2020 making 5million… you take the money while you can..

            • ok…. you continue your one sided bargaining–players his age bet on themselves— and there is NO WAY anyone gives a 3 and 4 for him

  • Carson needs to start showering properly; those meth sores on his neck the last few games are gross. Can’t have Pig Pen from Charlie Brown leading your team. Carson if you’re listening spend some of those millions on some soap and maybe a facial. GROSS!

  • I’ll never doubt Howie and he always gets the better of the deal no way he’s letting players go for nothing…

    • dummy- look at the roster that won the super bowl– howie let lots of people walk– lots of players left w/nothing in return– dude your one sided moves are nauseating.

      • what good players did howie let walk last yr please let me know cause he traded torrey smith,
        who vinny curry lmao the most they couldve got was 6th rd pick probably is that worth trading for…

        i mean hell the roster today only players that worth while value
        and thats it no one else is gonna get you real value on this team

        • I thought you said Agolar has value! You just contradicted yourself.
          There are like 6-8 players that made valuable contributions that were let walk … NFL teams have a 53 man roster… plus use another 10-15 players picked up at various times

          • Please tell me the 6 or 8 players that were under contract that were let go that had value I’ll wait

        • And remember Foles has NO VALUE– Dude you are a complete homer in your trade evaluations– you said Agolar is getting a 3 and 4 at $9M– there is no way– then in another post you say he isn’t one of the players that has value… ridiculous

          • It was supposed to be 3 or 4 and I dont consider a 4th great value especially for a guy you got in the 1st rd and thats your opinion on Foles having no value I trust Howie and I know he will get something for him

            • a 3 AND A 4 for a marginal guy that makes $9…. dude please

  • Blount, Curry, Robinson, jones, kendricks, allen…. off the top of my head who couldn’t be re-signed… you are making something out of nothing… people leave-
    if you think a 3 and 4 isn’t value your hi

    • Hey DCAR, Hop All is Going well
      TE Celek was Released too in a Salary Cap Savings Move
      With 1st Rounds Selections about a 50/50 Chance of working out, the Picks in the 2nd,3rd & 4th Rounds become Critical for they are Cheaper, and compete to become Starters
      Also it’s becoming a trend whereTeams Drafting in those last 5-8 Spots would rather Trade Out and Down and get additional 2nd & 3rd Rounders to save additional Cap Space as there is big difference between the 32nd Selection and the 33rd and thereafter in Terms of Contracts and I would not be surprised at all to see the Eagles Trade Out of 25 due to their Cap Situation

      • Paul… it ain’t Dcar… too funny. You are like trash truck juice!
        Gloomy… if you were GM we’d be 10$ million under cap, have 22 pro bowlers and 10 high draft picks a year…. you are the best GM ever… you make cliffs matsters degree look foolish

        • Why is that Have Seat?

          Cliffs degrees (plural) are legit
          and he still knows way more football than you, and always will

    • 3rd and 4 is something depending on who your treating it for.. the Pat’s trade their picks every yr damn near cause they value vets over young kids plus they suck at drafting… the eagles traded a 3rd for Tate you think someone wont give up a 3rd for a younger version of Tate I put nothing past Howie

  • Aggy is avg to you who’s knows what another team sees in Him they may think he’s being used wrong here and make him a 1k wr in their offense yearly

  • The only thing that concerns me about the “Insider report” is the “plays favorites” line, which makes perfect sense and was something I figured out after week 2 even before the spinal injury. Nelson Aghalor was open off his breaks 85% time and got basically no targets until the end of the year. Whether it’s Aghalor or whatever other receiver (Alshon Jeffries, Antonio Brown, DeSean Jackson etc.) if 99.9% of targets are going to be for Ertz ONLY knowing pro WRs will ALWAYS be faster then TEs we’re not going to win many games and that’s a HUGE problem. Gary, you talk about all that nonsense pertaining to WRs being ignored that don’t run routes exactly the way QBs want as much as your heart can stand, but losses are losses and wins are more valuable then anyone’s preference for how a teammate slightly deviates from a route.

  • Remember some of you dummies thought the birds were getting huge picks for Foles

  • Not me HAC,
    I don’t believe the Eagles even pick-up the Option and simply let him walk
    I strongly believe this off-season is outlying about getting Carson Wentz Healthy and his confidence and leadership back on track and this cannot happen until Nick Foles is gone , it’s really this simple
    I also believe that the Eagles Front Office Have too many holes to fill with other Free-Agents that to spend time attempting to Sign or Tag Foles and then work out a Trade Is too risky and time consuming for them to do this Off-season
    They will let Foles Walk and get a 3rd Round Compensatory Draft Pick for him for the 2020 Draft and sign QB Nate Sudfeld , who willdraw some interest to a 3 Year Deal

  • We need some of the good ol’ Gcobb lunatics on here…. ones that used to say “meet my at the corner of…”:::: now we are down to Paul who throws crap against the wall, but is funny. Gloomy the one sided trade master…. some of my favorites: Dcar saying Jenkins was trash truck juice, songs ant the vaccination rant, cliffs famous sons and fake degree, the endless love of Vick and hate for the SB MVPfrom TS… one of the writers had said about Ryan Howard, “yeah he gets a lot of RBIs but really how Important are RBIs”
    Of course those of us that thought Chip reinvented football said some foolish shit too

    • I never bought into the Chip Kelly Hype and thought he was a farce from Day 1 and stated so many times how his Offense was a like a High School Scheme (attacking Horizontally instead of Vertically which doesn’t work at the NFL Level no matter how quick the pace is) His Career has gone down the drain since he left Oregon.

      Super Bowl Prediction —

      Patriots 38 – Rams 26 (MVP QB Tom Brady or Rb Sony Michel or WR Julian Edleman or maybe Co-Winners)

    • LOL!!! Still talking garbage but still clueless in vision of what a championship football team should look like, or what real talent is,

      This website nearly died with you as its main voice of opinion…..fact

  • For the record I throw crap at the wall just to watch you comment about my nonsense. I own real estate in your head and have for years. You go to bed thinking about me, you wake up thinking about me and you eat lunch thinking about me. I own your life.

    • Close, but No Cigar !!

      Good Move for the Eagles to Re-work McLeod’s Deal and Good for McLeod who fits Schwartz Scheme well
      Now the Eagles can Play Maddox as Slot CB and or Help as the Outside CB if Sidney Jones/Jalen Mills/R Douglas, Maddox needs to be on a field and will probably be utilized all over the place as a 3rd Safety, Slot CB, Nickel Back you name it, depending how they are Playing and the Score and Situation,etc,etc ..

  • thats a good one! the hilarity is back!!!

  • Howie Season I love it

    • I expect Howie will talk to Jason Peters, Brandon Brooks, Alshon Jeffrey, Tim Jernagin and Malcolm Jenkins about them all re-structuring their Current Deals .. Some Players will and some won’t, but that’t a part of the Job of a Good GM, to see who you can get to re-structure some contracts to add more flexibility to the entire Team.. Remember last Off-Season, they spoke to Vinnie Curry about re-structuring and he was unwilling to re-structure, so then he got released and signed a New Deal with the TB Bucs

  • As eaglesfans it is a waste of time and energy to fret about the cap…. now when Carson gets extended that is when Howie will really start earning his money

  • Paul Maddox is gonna be an outside CB and should be with sidney

  • Kwon Alexander and Kareem hunt is all Howie needs in FA

  • Per Ian rap

    From Super Bowl Live: The #Eagles are expected to pick up the $20M option for QB Nick Foles, sources say. Not a surprise, but an important piece. What happens next will be intriguing


    Eagles r picking his option

    Zero chance foles pays eagles 2 million for the right to not earn 20 million this year. Dumb

    Eagles are trading foles blockheads

  • Howie season I love it damn Howie is the man

  • Foles pays the $2 Million to the Eagles for his Buyout, What happens next is where the Rubber meets the Road.. Eagles couldthen Place the Franchise Tag which would then be closer to $25/$26 Million for 2019 and making the Chance for Trading more Difficult and ending up with the Eagles with less Leverage while maxing out their own cap Space for any other moves in Free-Agency
    To me, the Play here is to Shake Nick Foles Hans and Wish him the Best for his Future while Securing a 3rd Round Compensatory Draft Pick for 2020 Draft
    I don’t believe this Cat/Mouse Game between the Eagles and Foles works out for either party and actually will lessen Foles Value and tie up the Eagles hands with dealing with their other Roster Moves and Decisions which are plentiful
    Remember the biggest thing that the Eagles should be focusing on for 2019 is to get Carson Wentz Healthy in both Body and Mind Ana have his re-assume his Leadership Role of the Eagles being his Team, Each Day or Week goes by with the Nick Foles Talk,Trade Runors or possibly having him remain with the Eagles will not be to the benefit for Carson Wentz who the Organization has publicly stated is their Franchise QB for now and the Future so why bother dicking around with Nick Foles Contract
    or trying to do a Sign and Trade or Franchise Tag, I just say way too much energy and time being spent on a Player who is simply not going to be with Eagles any longer!!!

    • Agree 100% Paulman. Let Nick walk and move on. It’s sucks not to get immediate value, but just swallow the pill and take the 2020 third rounder as compensation.

  • God I love Howie season they should call it fa/Howie season this man is about to trade an avg qb and get good value for him…

  • Yo dumb dumbs

    Per schefter eagles plan to franchise foles then trade him

    No duh

    Only a moron would’ve thought otherwise. You don’t let stud qbs walk free ever. Fools

  • Hahahaaa paulman thinks eagles are going to shake foles hand, let him walk and say good luck because of Carson wentz’s feelings. Hahahahaaaaaa. What a idiotic take. Howie needs to be fired immediately if he’s considering wentz’s feelings.

    The man traded that god awful bum, that couldn’t even start in the cfl, Sam Bradford for a 1st and 4th and you think they gonna let him walk?


    • You are forgetting they don’t have Foles…. they offered $20 he is buying freedom back for $2…. so you say franchise him…. 1, he doesn’t have to sign 2, if he does sign the eagles have zero leverage in a trade. Teams understand that the birds have to trade him at $27 .

  • god i love howie he’s about to get something for an avg qb

    • Ain’t happening…. Trading for Foles would cost a team $55 million guaranteed for 2 years. $25 this year and $30 next cuz Foles has all the leverage…. plus there is the possibility that trading a tagged player is illegal under CBA….
      thank you Nick good luck

      • Illegal under the CBA? Ever heard of google? Try googling that dumb claim FOOL!!!!!! FALL BACK WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BACK

        • This from the fancy google thing:
          “There is a school of thought that franchising Foles strictly for trade purposes violates the CBA. Language requiring a good-faith intention to negotiate with a tendered player or keep him for the upcoming season at his tender exists in the CBA. A team insisting that a player agree to a contract for that particular season under the required tendered amount is specifically mentioned as violation. The good-faith intention may be superseded by other language within the same provision addressing the permissibility of trades.”
          The eagles have already declared Wentz their guy– meaning they have no intention to negotiate in good faith and keep him… damn that google.

      • Pretty much what I’ve been saying and expected all off-season, let Foles walk and collect a 3rd Round Compensatory Draft Pick in 2020 and focus on getting Younger and more Athletic Weapons for Wentz and Rebuild the Defense from the Draft.. The Eagles have zippo leverage and there is little need to create distraction’s for a Player who is not even going to be on the Roster in 2019!!! Time to Move On!!

  • WOW! Elton Brand got us another stud Simmons!!! Jonathan Simmons to pair with Ben “Lil Bron” Simmons. WOW! Who is missing Hinkie now?????


    • Best Part was getting rid of the “Bust of the Century” in Markelle Fultz… What a Terrible Draft Pick by Brian Colangelo, and to think he moved up and traded Assets to the Celtics to get the #1 Pick !! What a Stupid Ass!!

      Better News on the Phillies Front Trading for Catcher JT Realmulto whose going to be a Fan Favorite in a hurry
      A Solid Defensive Catcher with a Great Bat and some Speed too for a Catcher , Phillies Sent Catch Alfaro and 2 Minor Leauge Pitchers (Highly-Rated RHP Sanchez and Stewart)

      • Wrong. Wasn’t a horrible pick at all grandpa! He was by far the #1 rated prospect. By far the best pick for us. By far the best fit for us. By far the best college basketball player that year. Things didn’t work out and he got injured either mentally or physically.

        But of course your pompous ass can sit here 2 years later and Monday morning qb and say it was an awful pick.

        The entire nba fan base and league had fultz by far as the #1 pick and it wasn’t close.

        Zip it fraud you didn’t call it a bad pick then so you can say it now.

        You know nothing but think you know all. Beat it fraud.

        • It was a Horrible Pick then and I stated it so for the Record
          The 76ers should has sat tight at #3 at the time and Let Jayson Tatum fall to them .. 76ers & Colangelo were fleeced by Danny Ainge of the Celtics , I said it then and am still saying it today 2+ Years later

        • Ridiculous…. biggest draft bust in Philly history and you defend it. When he came in for pre draft he missed every shot… he’s mentally weak and that’s part of the PROCESS…. it was awful. No excuses

        • The entire NBA fan base did not have a single piece of (DATA) about his mental toughness, his lunatic mom or his pussy mentality… the sixers SHOULD HAVE… a huge blunder

          • Old fraud you said nothing of the sorts. The only thing you actually said of substance was that josh Jackson was going to be a stud and you were dead wrong as he’s a third stringer in Phoenix. Upon checking the archives you did say on the night we got the 3 pick

            “Paulman’s Mock Draft (Version #1)

            1) 76ers Send Okafor and #3 Pick to the Celtics Plus their 2018 1st Round Pick.. The 76ers Select PG Markelle Fultz”.

            I will give it to you there you nailed that. But you never ever in your life predicted fultz would be a bust or anything negative at all.

            Lying Fraud

            • Yes, So I called the Dumbass Colangelo Trading up to #1 with the Celtics to Select Markelle Fultz .. That wasn’t too difficult to do or call as the Celtics wanted nothing to do with him after Fultz’s Workout with them and wanted to Trade out of that 1st Pick any way possible while Colangelo was in love with Fultz even against the wishes of the 76ers other Front Office Personnel at he time..
              76ers had 5 very High Lottery Picks with Noels, Okafor, SImmons, Embiid and Fultz as their Selections with 3 of these Players very likely never being a NBA Starter or Player of any impact in the League . 76ers Hit on 2 of them and Missed with 3 of them.. So Much for the Process and all the Trades Up and Back , though it would have been fun to see HInkie stay on Board and finish what he started.

              GM Elton Brand is going all In now and we’ll see how this shakes out as the 76ers will be approaching major Contracts and Decisions after this Season and now have very few Assets (Draft Picks) left so its going to be a Team with 3-4 Very High Paid Players surrounded by mostly 1 Year Vets on Expiring Contracts and unproven Young Players ..

              I’m glad they cut the chord with Fultz, as there was No Sense in keeping him around at all, but I’m not sold on Jimmy Butler being a long-term 76ers and am disappointed about his selfishness and being unhappy already but I guess that should have been expected as he does not have a good reputation in this regard.. Looking forward to see how Tobias Harris fits in but this current Team will only go as far as they can defend and right now, I’m not sure how they will match up with Toronto or Boston come Playoff time

              • Paul- I’m an old guy and as anti-process as you are however the process worked very well– the idea was to get multiple top 5 picks with the hope that 2-3 would be legit stars…knowing that there are no sure things at the top of the NBA draft. In that respect it worked=- I think Dario was a top 10 or 15 pick and he helped get butler….

  • Sixers from Office was against fultz ? Says who lying fraud?

    Also you said the sixers got fleeced. How ? They moved up from 3 to 1 and at the end of the day only gave up the Kings 1st round pick that will convey this year and as it stands is looking like the 14th pick which is worthless!!

    I’ll also add that hinkies plan worked perfectly !!! He got us a mvp caliber player in Embiid who is probably 2nd mvp to harden this year. He got a budding superstar that will be a top 5-10 player when he gets his jumper down. You’re a fraud and a fool. Go back to drinking you old drunk

    • Read the “Ringer’s Report” by Kevin O’Connor who reported that some in the 76ers Front Office were concerned with Fultz’s Shooting during their Team Workout, and suggested that even after making the Trade Up for #1 Overall Pick, that the 76ers should still take a second look with both L Ball and J Tatum and that Colangelo essentially shut them down, stating that “there’s no turning back” and that the decision had already been made.. I am assuming some of the the other 76ers Front Office people would have included Marc Eversly (VP of Player Personnel) and Ned Cohen (VP Chief of Staff) .. What’s done is done and it doesn’t matter now, but Bryan Colangelo botched that whole Draft/Off-Season-up and was a disaster in his short tenure following Hinkie in my opinion.. Hopefully Elton Brand will do a better job and has made a lot of aggressive moves so far..

      HAC, you are correct in Dario Saric being a relatively High Pick (Selected #12 by the Magic on 2014 Draft)

  • I always said Hinkie was the goat, and was a process believer in 2013 when we won 45 games over 3 seasons

    The man gave us the assets and position to get Simmons, and Embiid. I bet he even would have drafted Tatum or Fox

    Sixers are lucky.

    Are all on other teams

    Keep in mind Zhaire smith will make his debut later in the season.

    Sixers may finally be able to finally give Boston a L and take the series in the postseason

  • Noel and MCW werent part of the process…

    speaking of the process WOWWWWWWWWWW we are stacked and ready to compete for a title. And Ben working on that jumper now!!! If he gets a serviceable jumper hes a top 10 player in the league!

    The process was supposed to have us competing for a title in 2020 and it looks like we got there a year earlier than we hoped.

    All you anti processors best get your candyasses to the sunglass hut, cop some polarized shades because the FUTURE IS BRIGHT AS FAAAAAAWK.

  • Damn the browns got hunt

    • It was a non-issue with the Eagles, Owner Jeff Lurie would never give his Blessing for the Eagles to Sign RB Hunt

    • Big deal… makes them a bubble team….

  • Well let the good times roll again

  • HAC you shut the fuck up you old wrinkled ass fool!!!! You were the main one trashing the Sixers to no end about the process. You complained about stupid shit even about ticket prices when your sorry ass wasn’t even going to the games then. Now you wanna come up here talking like you know something and you were down with the process from the beginning you hypocrite loser. Now that everything is coming to fruition it’s okay for you to come out now and show how much the process has worked out. You wanna bitch about what the Sixers had to do to acquire the assets now you wanna praise the assets. You and Paulman are two ran down old senile losers who flip flop the minute things get good for a team.

    • Dummy… read my comments… I hated the process … it’s a major issue with the nba… but my comments say as much as I hate it… it worked.
      Losing on purpose goes against everything in sports that is right….but in the shitty NBA it’s necessary…

      • To HAC , I see after 3 Years that most of the GCobb Board Posters still have issues with Reading Comprehension … Good Grief !!

        Eagles Mock Draft for their 3 Selections of the first 2 Rounds

        #25 – DE Zach Allen – Boston College (6-4 285lbs)
        #55 – OT Dalton Risner – Kansas State (6-5 310lbs)
        #58 – DT Isiah Buggs – Alabama (6-5 290lbs)

        Then Use the Middle Rounds for RB,WR,DB’s and LB’s

  • Paul.. Mac is an obvious illiterate… he doesn’t understand debate … discussion and disagreement.l. He’s an angry idiot

  • Somebody needs to ask Colangelo if he was under the influence when he traded for Fultz… dumbest move in Philadelphia history

  • And now 2 years later the fraud hac is playing Monday morning quarterback. Nobody on earth had Tatum as the best prospect. Fuck outta her fraud.

    • Danny Ainge did…somebody should have been doing psych tests on Fultz….
      sixers came out small last night….

  • Whats up Paul,

    Here are some prospects the Eagles should target per position:

    DT – Dexter Lawrence, Jeffery Simmons (after tearing his ACL) could be available in the 2nd round, and Dylan Mack
    DE – Jaylon Ferguson, and Joe Jackson
    LB – Germaine Pratt(NC State), Khalil Hodge (Buffalo), and wish we could get our hands on Josh Allen
    S – Jonathan Abrams (Ole Miss), and Mike Bell (Fresno State)
    RB – Josh Jacobs, and Bennie Snell
    OT – Andre Dillard (Kansas State), and Tytus Howard
    CB – Joe Juan Williams ( Vanderbilt), Rock Ya Sin (Temple), and Lonnie Johnson (Kentucky)
    OG – BJ Autry (Jacksonville State), and Oli Udoh (Elon)
    QB – Clayton Thornson (Northwestern), and Jacob Dolegala (Central Connecticut State)

    • and at WR – JonVea Johnson (Toledo), and Keelan Cole ( Cal Poly)

      • Hey GMCliff, Hope all is going well for you/your Family

        I really like Your Prospect List

        I would definitely consider grabbing DT J Simmons with one of the 2nd Round Selections as a Steal for the Future
        RB Bennie Snell – Kentucky , Jalin Moore – App State
        LB Jamall Davis -Akron – De’Andre Walker – Georgia
        DT Isiah Buggs – Alabama , Demarcus Christmas – Fla State
        DE/Edge Rusher Oshane Ximinies from Old Dominion is intriguing
        Guard – Terrone Prescod NC State , Nate Davis – UNC-Charlotte
        Center – Elgton Jenkins – Miss State
        OT – I like Greg Little, Andre Dillard, & Dalton Risner as well
        WR – Riley Ridley – Georgia, Anthony Johnson – Buffalo (I like this Keelan Doss from Cal Poly too)
        CB – Lonnie Johnson- Kentucky & Jamel Dean – Auburn
        Safety – Juan Thornhill – Virginia
        DE – Austin Bryant – Clemson, Carl Granderson – Wyoming

  • Oh look it’s cliff. How’s the fake family? Were you courtside with your fake supermodel daughter last night watching your fake son ?

    • That wasn’t the real HAC that wrote that!

      • Actually, I really enjoyed myself at Jaylens Wedding in New Hampshire October 20th. I had an opportunity to dance with my Daughter In Law Nykyla, who is expecting my 5th Grandchild……nothing fake about my family. We are very happy…..and growing

        No, I wasn’t courtside but my sister In law, and her friends were compliments of Jaylen.

        But.As usual your disbelief is your problem……

        • Doesn’t matter if Hac is fake or real to me…..Neither have ever been relevant….Nothing either says bothers , or means anything to me…..

    • Actually, I really enjoyed myself at Jaylens Wedding in New Hampshire October 20th. I had an opportunity to dance with my Daughter In Law Nykyla, who is expecting my 5th Grandchild……nothing fake about my family. We are very happy…..and growing

      No, I wasn’t courtside but my sister In law, and her friends were compliments of Jaylen.

      But.As usual your disbelief is your problem……

      • Nah Cliff you lying.

        fake rams job – You admitted this

        fake draft kings 100k

        fake degrees

        fake children

        fake terminal illness – You admitted this

        fake job offer from the eagles

        PS Allen Iversons mom never sat courtside but Cliff’s fake children sat courtside on the visitors court. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

        PPS Jaylens dad is Marselles Brown

        • If you say so…

          I’ll continue to enjoy my relationship with my kids, and grandkids, while you get hung up on uneducated inaccuracies….LOL!!

          Paul, give me the names of your sleeper picks in the later rounds, and your free agent interests this year.

  • Hey Cliff,

    I’m not too crazy about this Current Free-Agent Class though I’m sure more Players will be added to the list as Teams start Releasing Players under current Contracts for Salary-Cap Reasons adding them tot he Free-Agent List but as of now, Here’s a Few Players who I think would fit into the Scheme the Eagles have and could help upgrade some Positions.. With the 2019 Draft having a lot of DL in it, maybe these Players Salaries won’t be as High as Years Past ?

    Defense – Need to get Younger and more Athletic along DL and LB Corps —

    DE – Preston Smith (Age 26 Redskins – 6-6″ – 265lbs) – I think he would make a Nice DE in Schwartz Wide 9 Scheme – Redskins switched to a 3-4 Scheme and had him at OLB which is not his Natural Position, Hes a good pass-rusher and needs to get onto a Team that employs a 4-3)

    DE – Za’Darius Smith (Age 27 – Ravens – 6-4 275lbs) – Another Player who was playing in a 3-4 Scheme which I don’t think utilizes his Skill Set the Best , Let him line-up with hands in the dirt in a 4-3 and in Schwartz Wide 9 could be a big boost in his Stats

    DE – Markus Golden (Age 27 – Cardinals – 6-3″ 260lbs) – May be a nice Fit as a Rotational Pass-Rusher
    to help Complement the DE Position

    CB – Steve Nelson (Age 26 – Chiefs – 5-11 200lbs) – I Liked him out of Oregon State a few Years ago and believe he is that type of Versatile type of DB that can play Multiple Positions in the Secondary nad Special Teams. I believe the Eagles will see Ronald Darby walk and I’m not sold on Sydney Jones as a Starting Type of CB as he’s just not Physical or Tough enough in my book.. Adding a versatile DB like Nelson would be a nice move

    LB – KJ Wright (Age 29 – Seahawks – 6-4 245lbs) – I’ve always liked his Game, a Competitor, tough and durable and a 3 Down LB who can Plays well against both the Run and Pass. Pairing him with Bradham would give the Eagles a Versatile, Athletic with another long armed and big LB. The Negative is his Age as he’s Played a lot of Football over the Years so I’m not sure how long his body will hold up..

    I’ll get another list of Offensive Players later on but a couple of these Players listed above would add some nice Veteran Experience as these Players are in their Prime right now

    • I like ZaDarius Smith for the DE position, I also like Ziggy Ansah, our D Coordinators very first draft pick.

      Gerald McCoy would be nice next to Cox with Dexter Lawrence, and Jeffery Simmons backing them up.

      and KJ Wright….the only thing about him that worries me is his injury history….Deone Buchannon may be a cheaper option, with Kwon Alexander in the Middle. I would sign Jordan Hicks, but not as a starter, and only as an OLB, and drafting younger with Germaine Pratt, and Khalil Hodge. Then, Nathan Gerry, Kamu, and DJ Alexander can concentrate exclusively on Special Teams.

      It wouldnt hurt the Eagles to look into the availability of Jaylen Ramsey, and Patrick Peterson….
      They may also have to drat a RB – Josh Jacobs is my choice, with Shady being a cap casualty pick up

      I know you wont like this but welcome back DeSean Jackson!!!

      • I would Trade Jason Kelce, and move Issac Seumalo to Center.

        Kelechi Osemele can be had to play the Left OG……Cody Ford could be drafted to play the Right OG, or Matt Pryor may have to step up

        • What? Your silly… Kelce is contemplating retirement.. is a pro bowler and the foundation of your team…. trade him for what? You trade him he retires. Brandon Brooks was the best RG in the league and you say replace him…. same old stupidity from cliff

          • Hac replace Brooks because hes coming off the Achilles injury, and may not be ready for training camp….somebody has to play the position if he is still hurt. replace him Brooks in the sense of temporary substitute until hes ready,

            Kelce, has been a trade target in the past, and there hasnt been any verification of him definitely retiring. So yes, If I could I would trade him to complete a Bigger Offensive Line.

            • “a Bigger OL”– typical stupidity…. he as a small athletic center was all pro– he revolutionized the position… a big fat hog is not what you need— dumb, dumb dumb

              • fake rams job
                fake eagles job offer
                multiple fake sons
                fake super model daughter
                fake terminal illness
                fake draft kings 100k
                fake degrees

                did you expect smart smart smart ?

              • Kelce is consistently overwhelmed by bigger Defensive Lineman year after year. He is at his best out in space, but when he has to stay in the trenches to block on man, he is usually called for holding, or overpowered up the middle resulting usually in sacks……I dont care if you agree or not…..your opinion is worthless….Its time to upgrade.

                In fact thats why they originally drafted Seumalo – to upgrade Kelce – the only reason he hasnt been traded is because Seumalo wasnt ready……He’s ready now

  • Dummy you’ve been saying that shit bout Kelce for years…. meanwhile people who actually know the game say he’s the best center in the league…. was key to a SB win… you continue to be a stupid, crazy liar

    • Hac I really wish that your opinion really meant something to me so that I would care what you thought. I really do…..so empty, and worthless giberish……smh

      • speaking of empty, gibberish, worthless and smh

        fake rams job – You admitted this

        fake draft kings 100k

        fake degrees

        fake children

        fake terminal illness – You admitted this

        fake job offer from the eagles

  • Hac I really wish that your opinion really meant something to me so that I would care what you thought. I really do…..so empty, and worthless giberish……smh

  • Free-Agents I like for the Offensive Line for the Eagles to Talk to/Check Out

    OT – Daryl Williams (Age 26 – 6-6 330lbs – Panthers) – Has Played RT and made 1 Pro-Bowl, Missed most of the last Season with Ankle and then Knee Injury which he tried to played thru but was unable to.. He has started 29 Games at RT and could even Play Guard.. I do not see him as a LT but more of a RT, RG and may be reasonable in Salary coming off his injured Season

    OT/Guard – Trent Brown (Age 25 – 6-8 355lbs – Patriots) – Had a Great Season and Playoff Run last Season at LT when the Patriots moved him from Guard to replace the Injured 1st Round Draft Pick of Isiah Wynn who was out for most of the 2018 Season

    Guard – James Carpenter (Age 29 – 6-5 320lbs – Jets) – Played at Alabama under Eagles OL Coach Jeff Stoutland , was a 3-4 Year Starter for the Jets Starting 58 Games and Played in 97% of all Jets Offensive Snaps since 2018 until injuring his Shoulder in Week #10 Last Season and then missed the remainder of the 2018 Season.. If Medically Cleared, Could be a Nice Guard to Fill in for RG Brandon Brooks and possibly compete at LG for a Starters Spot if/when Brooks Returns

    Guard – DJ Fluker (Age 27 6-5 340lbs – Seahawks) – Also Played at Alabama under Eagles OL Coach Stoutland, Has bounced around the NFL with the Chargers as OT and then Seattle as Guard which seems to be his Best Position, When Focused and Healthy, is a Powerful Blocker and may be a Nice Back-Up Swing Guard to Replace Wisnewski/Warmacks Spot on the Roster

    Guard – Jeff Allen (Age 29 6-4 305 lbs – Chiefs) – Has Started 66 of 80 Games in the NFL with the Chiefs and Texans, Played under Coach Pederson in Kansas City.. Could maybe fill in for Brandon Brooks and then be a Backup/Swing Guard

    • Trent Brown very nice Paul!!

  • Continued Free-Agents for the Offense (Skill Positions)

    RB – Tevin Coleman – (Age 25 – 6-1 210lbs – Falcons) – A Tough In-Between the Tackles Runner with enough shake and bake to get to the Outside, a Decent Receiver and Blocker. A Career 4.4 Yards Per Carry and have a 4.8 Yard ne Carry Average in 2018 – He has 18 Career TD’s and has a nose for the End Zone and he split time and Reps in Atlanta with Devante Freeman the last 3 Years so he’s not beat up leg wise like other RB’s are ..

    RB – TJ Yeldon (Age 25 6-2 225lbs – Jaguars) – A bit of a Risk as he’s under-performed for the Talent he has but some of that is on the Jags Crappy Offense and QB Play.. He Played at Alabama while Coach Stoutland was there so I think a new Scenery and a familiar Coach where he has success before could be what he needs..
    Could be High Reward for a Low Risk Pick-up

    WR – John Brown (Age 28 5-10 180lbs – Ravens) A Deep Threat who has been stuck on Teams the last few Seasons with no QB’s who can throw the Deep Ball with Lamar Jackson and the Arizona QB’s of late.. Like a lot of Speed Receivers, he’s not the best Blocker or going to run a lot of Routes, But he’s more that capable of making Plays down the Field which the Eagles/Wentz needs. I like him better than Mike Wallace/D-Jax at this Stage of their Careers.. He could also Return Punts/Kickoffs where the Eagles need some juice on their return Teams… (I am not counting or expecting Darren Sproles back)

    WR – Aldrick Robinson (Age 30 -5-10 180lbs -Vikings) Very similar Game to John Brown Above, Runs a 4.43 40 Time and would be a legitimate Deep Threat — Caught only 36 passes the last 2 Seasons for almost 500 Yards and 7 TD’s for a 13 Yard Average per Reception

    WR – Chris Conley (Age 25 6-3″ – 205lbs) Played under Coach Pederson, has a huge Catch Radius and has kind of been a lost receiver in KC with Travis Kelce, Tyreke Hill and Sammy Watkins.. I liked him out of College and think there is still some upside to his Game

    WR – Cole Beasley (Age 29 5-8″ 180lbs) Tough Hard-Nosed Player who could be a nice fit working out of the Slot if the Eagles decide move on from both Golden Tate/Nelson Agholor… Beasly is also an excellent 3rd Down Receiver and Punt Returner.. I like his tenacity and fight and think he could help this Team and wouldn’t be a bad Player to have in the Locker room who could give some more insight to DC Schwartz and Co about the Cowboys Offense, Special Teams, etc,etc

    TE – Nick Boyle (Age 26 6-4 268lbs -Ravens) A Local Player from NJ and U of Delaware who could make a nice 3rd TE and utlize his Size and Strength as a Blocker in the Running Game and in the Red-Zone and could also contribute on Special Teams and replace the aging/injured Richard Rogers

    QB – With Foles likely to move on, maybe a Veteran QB like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tyrod Taylor or even a Ryan Tannehill would be a good Fit as the Back-Up to Carson Wentz– do Note that Nate Sudfeld is also a Free-Agent and its not a given that he remains in Philly so the Eagles may need to go out and get a Back-Up QB who actually has some NFL experience

    That’s it for now … I will send an List of some Late Round Draft Prospects that I Like and maybe the Eagles could be looking at to fill out the Roster for Depth and to develop

    • Ahhhhh, This list not much love from me, but great work bruh….looking forward to more from you….

      • With the Eagles Cap Situation and the looming Large Extension for QB Wentz
        I don’t see the Eagles making any big splash in Free-Agency
        Now if they let their big dollar Current Free-Agents walk (Graham,Darby,C Long, Hicks, Sproles, Wallace, Tate) and/or release aging/older Players making big Salaries like J Peters, T Jernagin and N Agholor then they obviously will have money available to go after abigger Name Free-Agents like Clooney, Mosley, WR or at RB but I just don’t see this happening as I believe the Eagles will try to build more Depth and add to the young core of Players thru the Draft on 2019 & 2020

        • Just for sake of conversation Paul. Could you imagine the haul of draft picks, and players the Eagles would get if they were to Keep Nick Foles,, and trade Carson Wentz???

          They could set themselves up on both sides of the ball for years to come, with only in in need of an heir to Foles within 3- 5 years…

          Not saying I would do it necessarily, but you cant sneeze at what you could get in return.
          What do you think??

          • I think you :

            Had a fake rams job – You admitted this

            Won a fake draft kings 100k

            Have fake degrees

            Have fake children

            Had a fake terminal illness – You admitted this

            Had a fake job offer from the eagles


  • I think you :

    Had a fake rams job – You admitted this

    Won a fake draft kings 100k

    Have fake degrees

    Have fake children

    Had a fake terminal illness – You admitted this

    Had a fake job offer from the eagles

  • I’m trying to make sense of the Foles thing– there are actually 2 different types of franchise tags– exclusive and non-exclusive– they will be going way out on a limb if they use either tag on him. If he is franchised than whatever team he’s with is saddled with $55 Million over 2 years– its what Cousins did in DC– plus if he signs non-exclusive than you have to trade for 2 #1’s— thats too steep.

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