• May 22, 2022

No Receiver in the first round? Don’t panic there is plenty of talent.

Drafting the best player available should always be the draft strategy of an NFL team. Teams that are consistently in the playoffs and among those in Super Bowl contention have two things in common. They have a franchise QB and draft well.  In 2016 the Eagles made a bold decision and traded up and selected Carson Wentz. Now, it is their responsibility to maximize his prime and draft well around him. 

If the three top wide receivers are off the board, the Eagles should look elsewhere in the first round. Let’s say the Eagles take a position other than WR in the first round. With one pick in both rounds 2 and 3, and four picks between rounds 4 and 5, the Eagles will definitely have their options. General Manager Howie Roseman has talked at length this offseason about getting younger and quicker, so drafting multiple wide receivers should certainly be a top priority.

Let’s take a look at some of the mid and late round options that could be available for the Eagles. 

The Eagles have the 21st pick in the second round, 53th overall. Say the top 3 wide receivers are long off the board, along with Justin Jefferson, Jalen Reagor, and Denzel Mims who went early in the second round. What receivers should the Eagles and Eagles fans be looking at? 

Players such as Brandon Aiyuk, Tee Higgins, and KJ Hamler are just a few names that could be there in the second round. We’re gonna look at 10 names the Eagles could choose from in the middle rounds, dividing them up by which round fits them best. 

Brandon Aiyuk

KJ Hamler

Tee Higgins 

Laviska Shenault Jr.

Michael Pittman Jr.

Chase Claypool

Devin Duvernay

Tyler Johnson

KJ Hill

Antonio Gandy-Golden

Brandon Aiyuk

If there is one receiver Eagles fans should be enamored with that could be available in the 2nd round, it is Brandon Aiyuk. Aiyuk is a 6 foot 200 lb dynamic threat from Arizona State. Aiyuk went under recruited out of high school, so he went to a junior college before transferring to Arizona State. During his first season with the Red Devils, Aiyuk was overshadowed by last year’s first round pick N’Keal Harry. This past season the wideout posted 65 receptions, for just under 1200 yards. 

The Arizona State product still has a ton of room to grow but he does have some immediate impact ability. His average yards per catch his senior year was 18.3. While he has the speed to stretch the field, he excels at making big plays out of the shorter routes. He didn’t face a lot of press coverage in college, however his release off the line is reminiscent of DeVante Adams of the Packers. While his route running will need some refinement, his combination of speed, hands, and physicality post catch makes him an intriguing prospect.

Fit with Eagles:

Aiyuk definitely has the one attribute the Eagles are lacking, which is speed. With DeSean Jackson assuming the role of field stretcher in the slot, Brandon could slide into the outside receiver position. His ability to turn those short to intermediate routes into big gains should be utilized with the middle of the field opened up. Aiyuk has the perfect skill set to replace Nelson Agholor as one of the Eagles outside receivers. 

Draft Projection: Early to mid 2nd round

Tee Higgins

At the beginning of the season, Tee Higgins was viewed as one of the top wide receivers in this draft. Fast forward to April, a week before the draft, and there is a strong chance the Clemson product doesn’t get selected until the second round. On paper Higgins checks all the boxes you look at when projecting an NFL wideout. With a 6’4” 215 lb frame, Higgins has the measurables to be productive for years in the NFL. When watching Tee Higgins play, you can’t help but view him as a potential elite red zone weapon. He does an excellent job at attacking the ball during jump ball opportunities. Some receivers with his build tend to play smaller, while Higgins embraces his size and uses it to his advantage whenever possible.

At Clemson, Higgins played both outside and in the slot which allowed Clemson to match him up with smaller corners. He also has a speed element to his game that will help stretch a defense. In college he excelled at making big plays but his route running needs some work. He relied on his frame and separation ability to get by. Once he is put against top NFL cornerbacks, Higgins will need to learn how to gain separation from route running and not just speed. I was disappointed to see Higgins struggle some with press man coverage. While he uses his physicality well at the top of the route, he doesn’t use it against press man defense. Part of that, however, is route running related as setting up corners off the line is crucial to gaining separation at the NFL level.

Fit with Eagles:

When the Eagles went out and signed Alshon Jeffery, they gained a physical, jump ball receiver on the outside. A few years and injuries later, Alshon has lost a step and has become limited in the routes he can run. Last year the Eagles drafted JJ Arcega-Whiteside as a replacement for Jeffery and struggled to adjust to the offense. Drafting Higgins would give the Eagles both speed and size on the outside and a clear number one target. It would also move Arcega-Whiteside to the number 2 slot in the offense and move DeSean and Greg Ward to the slot. 

Draft Projection: Early to mid 2nd round

KJ Hamler

Hamler is an interesting prospect. He was injured his senior year of high school and tore his ACL his freshman season at Penn State. His size will limit him in terms of where he will play, as he is better suited for the slot. He has game changing speed and excellent knowledge of where defenders are as he moves across the field. His ability to stay healthy is the biggest cause for concern. Hamler will likely need to add to his frame to withstand the physicality of a 16 and eventually a 17 game season. 

KJ has top end speed that will make him a touchdown threat every time he touches the ball. But before he gets the ball in his hands is where he may be overlooked. His speed and agility allows him to place defenders on his back hip and run past them. At Penn State he struggled with drops which is cause for concern but with improved coaching he should improve. KJ has shown instances of relying on his chest to make catches which isn’t always bad, but could become problematic. The redshirt sophomore isn’t just a traditional offensive weapon. He is outstanding on special teams as a returner and whoever drafts him will get an explosive ball carrier that could excel at WR reverses and trick plays. 

Fit with Eagles:

Like Ruggs and many other receivers in this draft, Hamler has the one thing the Eagles lack which is speed. He knows how to run the middle crossing routes and find empty spots to make big plays. He will make for an excellent deep ball threat in the offense and will have the perfect mentor in DeSean Jackson to learn from. Putting Hamler and Jackson on the field together will open up the middle of the field for both Ertz and Goedert and will also help the run and screen game. 

Draft Projection: Mid 2nd round

Laviska Shenault Jr.

The first thing that comes to mind when watching Shenault play football is physicality. The wide receiver doesn’t shy away from contact, instead he seeks it out. The initial tackler he encounters will have a tough time bringing him down. The 6’ 1” Colorado receiver is listed at 227 lbs and uses every ounce of it. When tasked with battling a cornerback for a tough ball, he understands how to use his body to an advantage and come down with the ball. He does a great job catching the ball away from his body and gaining extra yards after the catch. His route running needs work and must also work on his press release to excel at the next level.

Shenault not only played all three wide receiver positions but he always lined up as a running back in Colorado’s offense. Heavy volume paired with his physicality started to become an issue as he has had his fair share of injuries. In 2018 he missed some time with a turf toe injury and in February of 2019 he had shoulder labrum surgery. Once put into an NFL offense where touches are monitored and limited week to week, Shenault has the ability and body to play a whole 16 game schedule. 

Fit with Eagles:

With the exception of Alshon, the Eagles don’t have a physical threat on the outside. Drafting Shenault will bring a deep ball threat that will also go over the middle and make the difficult catches. While he played a little running back in college, I highly doubt the Eagles would use him in that capacity, however Doug could use his physicality in a different way. Doug loves the screen game and misdirection and getting him the ball in space will allow him to use his 4.5 speed and size to make big plays.

Draft Projection: Mid to late 2nd. 

Michael Pittman Jr.

The Eagles track record of drafting USC wide receivers, recently, isn’t strong with Nelson Agholor and JJ Arcega-Whiteside. This year if they decide to go the USC route, it has potential to be a good one. Michael Pittman Jr isn’t going to dominate a game with his flashy speed or highlight reel catches. The senior from Southern Cal is just a complete WR. He can run a full route tree and has the hands to become a reliable receiver in key situations. 

Pittman is your old school receiver. His cuts are sharp and he uses his body and strong hands to go attack the football. On press coverage he will need to work on his release. He ran a 4.5 40 at the combine but it takes a while for him to reach that speed. His size and frame could allow him to become a popular target in the red zone in the NFL. 

Fit with Eagles: 

If the Eagles were to draft Michael Pittman, he would most likely be their second receiver taken. The Eagles are looking for speed and athleticism in this draft, but they are also looking to get Carson a reliable pass catcher not named Zach Ertz or Dallas Goedert. Pittman would make for an excellent outside number two receiver that works the sidelines and helps move the chains. He won’t take the top off the defense, but if you draft him along with a Aiyuk from Arizona State or a KJ Hamler from Penn State, he’ll benefit from having more space underneath. 

Draft projection: Mid 3rd to Early 4th.

Chase Claypool

On paper Chase Claypool has all the measurables you look for in an NFL WR prospect. He has the height at 6’4”. He has the body at 238 lbs and 32.5 inch arms. On top of that he displayed his athleticism at the combine by running a 4.42 40 yard dash and a 40.5 inch vertical. So why is he projected as mid round pick? Some of the intangibles are a little to be desired. A wide receiver with his size shouldn’t be receiving contact from others, he should be inflicting it. His route running isn’t poor but the consistency  in and out of his breaks aren’t there yet. Same thing with his ability to get off the ball against press man coverage. Consistently, he doesn’t use his size to his advantage. At Notre Dame, Claypool at times would make catches with his body because it seemed like he wasn’t ready for the ball. 

One thing scouts rave about Claypool is his sneaky speed and high point ability. Against smaller man to man coverage, he has the ability to beat his man with his speed or in a jump ball situation, out muscle opponents. When he is on time with his routes, he is excellent at working back to the ball. His freshman year at Notre Dame was filled with more special teams plays than offensive highlights. His willingness to block during run plays and give full effort on special teams will go a long way in helping him make an NFL roster. 

Fit with Eagles:

Everything is there for Claypool to be a number one WR in the NFL. He needs to work on his consistency with his hands and route running if he wants to become that number one weapon. In the Eagles offense while he would be the third option on the field, he would line up outside. He has the size to be a possession receiver but also the speed to be a field stretcher. Carson would have another big bodied red zone target but also a receiver with a nice catch radius. His big frame would be inviting to jump balls and quick slant routes.

Draft Projection: Early 4th

Devin Duvernay

The senior wideout from The University of Texas in short is all over the place. He has flashes at times that makes him look like he could be a slot receiver but then he leaves you wanting more after the game. He has the speed and the hands that if he gets the ball on his hands in stride, he might score. Devin has a nice frame despite being listed at just 5’9”. He invites contact and has the strength to punish defenders in the open field. 

While he has the speed to get down field, his stature and lack of route running skill will make it difficult. A track star in high school, Duvernay needs to refine his receiver abilities if he wants to become an every down starter in the NFL. NFL scouts will salivate at his speed, RAC ability, and physical play style. If he improves his route running, Duvernay has the chance to be a steal in the late rounds for whoever takes a flyer on him. 

Fit with Eagles:

Speed, speed, speed. Drafting Devin Duvernay would give the Eagles an additional speed threat in the slot to compliment DeSean Jackson. Like Pittman, if the Eagles select the former Longhorn, it won’t be their only receiver drafted. His hands and exceptional catch radius for his size will endear him to Carson, who was victimized by drops all last year. Duvernay will add a big play element that was missing once DeSean went out. Unlike DeSean, Duvernay has shown the willingness to make contested catches over the middle of the field. If the Eagles take a flyer on him, he will need to work on his route running before he see’s consistent snaps in the Eagles offense. 

Draft Projection: Early to mid 4th round

Tyler Johnson 

Tyler Johnson is a senior wide receiver from The University of Minnesota. He is listed at 6’1” 206 lbs and plays aggressively. His strongest skill is his route running. Because he lacks elite speed, he has learned how to gain separation through deception in his routes. His aggressive mindset and mentality allows him to play through contact both during and after the catch. That same mindset allows him to play bigger than his 6’1” frame when going up for 50-50 balls. If he gains a step on his defender down the field, he excels tracking the ball into his body while maintaining his balance. 

What hurts Johnson the most is his inconsistency running routes and elite speed. On tape it seems like he gets lazy at times at the top of routes. Instead of hard foot plants and quick cuts, he sometimes rounds his cuts and can be light on his feet. Playing in the Big 10 that lacks consistent high quality matchups, Johnson won’t benefit from his stat lines over his career. While it’s tough to get faster as you age, if Johnson can become an elite consistent route runner and continue to use his mentality to his advantage, he has a chance to become a three down receiver in the NFL.

Fit with Eagles:

Johnson would be an intriguing draft pick for the Eagles. He doesn’t have the necessary speed that the birds are lacking, but he knows how to get open with great route running. Doug Pederson tailors his offense to the skill set of his weapons and could use Johnson’s catch radius and mentality. Johnson could excel at quick slants against man and sit routes against zones. His reliable hands and physical run after catch mindset will certainly endear himself to the Philly crowd. 

Draft Projection: Late 4th, early 5th round

KJ Hill

Much like Johnson, KJ Hill gets open by his crafty route running. At Ohio State he became the school’s all-time leader in receptions, doing most of his damage out of the slot. Another thing that shows on tape is how consistent Hill is. He seems to take pride in his route running, as he can run any route. He doesn’t tip his route pre snap which is often a problem for rookie receivers coming into the league. 

At just 6 foot 190 lbs, Hill lacks the explosive speed for his size. Once he gets the ball he won’t outrun defenders by any stretch. While his route running should allow him to line up at all three positions, his lack of speed and acceleration will likely limit him to a slot role. He won’t be a “stretch the field” candidate in any offense, and his size will likely limit his effectiveness against press coverage. 

Fit with Eagles: 

A small, possession receiver isn’t exactly at the top of the Eagles need list but Hill is worth the flyer. His route running from the slot and reliable hands will give Carson a trustworthy option in key moments of the game. The only way Hill makes an immediate impact for the birds is if they only draft two receivers and their receiving core is struggling to get open. 

Draft Projection: 5th round

Antonio Gandy-Golden

Where to start? The Liberty product has been gaining a lot of attention during the draft process and for good reason. He has a pro-like NFL body, 6’4” 223 lbs, and catches everything around him. Golden put up the production worthy of a day two draftee. He caught 79 passes for 1396 yards and 10 TD’s. The only problem is he went to a FCS school in Liberty and his competition wasn’t the greatest. 

At 6’4” and 223 lbs, Golden is built like a number one receiver in the NFL. He only ran a 4.6 40 at the combine, but that speed can really be felt after the catch. What’s most impressive about him is his footwork. He isn’t a great route runner but his quick feet allows him to move in and out of traffic. His footwork is also put on display when tracking deep balls. When working the middle of the field, he is capable of finding the open spots in the zone. With his frame, Gandy-Golden does an excellent job of attacking the football. In 2018, he struggled with drops, but in 2019 he greatly improved which allowed him to have such eye-catching senior season. 

Fit with Eagles: 

Looking back at this draft, Antonio Gandy-Golden has a chance to be a top 3 WR in the class. His combination of size, speed, and hands make him a QB’s dream. Plugging him in Doug’s offense with two great TE, DeSean Jackson, and maybe another rookie receiver could really take this offense to the next level. Whether or not Alshon is back healthy shouldn’t matter because he has the ability to line up anywhere and make an instant impact. He has the frame and catch radius to dominate the hash to sideline grabs and has the physicality and ball skills to get the tough yardage in the teeth of defenses. If the Eagles can grab him late in the draft, they could have themselves a number one receiver from the mid rounds. 

Draft Projections: 5th round 


My Prediction

Who do I think the Eagles should target out of these 10? While they all offer different skill sets, I think the Eagles need to focus on the two things that hurt them the most a year ago. They are speed and hands. Each of these receivers offers at least one of them, and some offer both. If the Eagles are unable to come away with one of the top 3 of Henry Ruggs, Jerry Jeudy, or CeeDee Lamb, I could see them drafting three of these options. 

The three that both stand out to me and that should be available are Brandon Aiyuk, Devin Duvernay, and Antonio Gandy-Golden. Getting Carson, not one, but at least two wide receivers this year is key. The good thing is there are potential draft day steals and number one receivers in both day two and day three of the NFL Draft. 


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Gregory Still

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  • When you draft the BPA, using the formula your team has adopted – assigning value to positions, skill sets at those positions and so on this becomes a completely moot point.

    • Hac. Best player available is obvious …go grab the gold ring. Stop over analyzing..Hac who if you had your choice I’d your guy?? Be safe my brotha.

  • Had howie not sat out the free agents , I’d be more inclined to think about your premise. The defense was there focus in FA and its incumbent on howie to make an impactful decision and go get not only a top tier wide out , but the very best wide out. It’s obvious that Jefferson could be there at 21 and I’d have to think lamb will be there focus. I’m not interested in seeing wentz slinging it to developmental guys like whiteside , who you stated was usc (actually Stanford) … the fact that the agholor and whiteside picks were even more reason to be certain not to swing and miss.

    • I really just think BPA at: OL, DL, DB or WR… names don’t matter to me. I watch less than 10 hours of college ball a season… just get somebody that can make a difference, make plays. Don’t reach 1 spot for a position… if the most impactful guy at 21 is a DL and your WR scores lower draft the DL.
      My hope is Dillard and whoever they get at 21 make impact… kinda like 2 number 1… would be huge. First round WR are SKETCHY at best… first round DB are more successful
      Good to here from you Desert

  • Hey Desert..
    The Top 3 WR’s will likely be gone at 21 and I hope the Eagles don’t Trade up to get one OG the Top 3 Rated WR (Lamb,Jeudy or Ruggs)
    Jefferson May be there at 21 but I would rather the Eagles Trade down 5-6-7 Spots and still get a good Quality Player and pick up another 2nd Round Pick for doing so..
    There will be some good DB,LB,OL Players Prospects at the end of the First Round and the Eagles can add quality WR’s in the 2nd & 3rd Rounds
    I see the Patriots, Ravens as natural Trading Partners..

    • Pman. Hope you’re well. I don’t want to witness Wentz throwing to developmental guys. I can’t recall ever seeing a first round eagle receiver, turn into a pro bowl stud. Freddie Mitchell, agholor, Fred Barnett’s litter the pile of past erroneous picks. I’d like see us go get a jerry rice and pluck a guy deep into this draft, but I’d prefer we go get our guy at the top tier by selling out with a proven commodity. If this is indeed a deep wide receiver draft , perhaps we could get lucky and grab a tackle or corner , hybrid safety. Tbh I see howie completely committed to getting one of the top tier wide outs. Hopefully we have the panthers as a trade partner. This is the year we replace T.O . The last great wide out in green.

      • I like both WR’s J Jefferson (LSU) and B Aiyuk (Arizona State) as they Played in Pro-Style Offenses led by Coaches with NFL Experience – LSU OC Joe Brady worked for the Saints for 2 Seasons under Sean Payton as QB Coach and Asst OC before taking the LSU OC Position and Arizona State has Herm Edwards as the HC with experienced Position Coaches at OC Rob Likens and WR Coach Charlie Fisher to go along with Marv Lewis so lots of Experience on this Arizona State Staff
        I believe WR Jefferson will have to be Picked at 21 or possible move up a couple of Spots (ahead of Raiders at #19) to get while Aiyuk will more likely be available for later in the 1st Round or early 2nd Round though I believe the Packers at #30 are very interested in Aiyuk as well

  • Dillard, Barnett & Mills all have to play Well in 2020 for Eagles to be an elite Team with a real chance in the Post-Season

  • Eagles Trade Rumor

    Eagles Send #21st Pick of the 1st Round to the Dolphins and their 5th Round Pick
    for the Dolphins #26th Pick in the 1st Round and QB Josh Rosen to come in and compete as the long-term #2 QB behind Carson Wentz

    Eagles at #26 – Select Center Cesar Ruiz of Michigan

  • Finally thinking Paul…. by drafting a center first you realize you draft BPA not your biggest need! Congratulations,! Obviously center is not your biggest need going into the season… you have an all pro who played at a very high level last year… you have a depleted WR corps but if the best player is a center that adds depth and youth perfect… also helps if Kelce tries to renegotiate for an extra year..same they did with Dillard…, draft for Need and it’s a chance u over reach… D. watkins and M Smith come to mind.

    • Not Flip Flopping HAC, Just Playing to the Draft Board’s Strength
      If WR Jefferson is gone by #21, which I think he will, then Trade Down as the 2nd Tier of WR’s are simply not good Value at Selecting at # 21, so Trade Down and get another Pick in the 2nd/3rd Round for doing so and grab the BPA in the late 20’s which could be LB/DB and or OL and Center is a Need for the very near future as Kelce is 32 Years Old and has played lots of Football at the NFL Level, I believe Seumalo is not a Center at the NFL Level as he’s too big and is a much better Guard for the Long-Term so why weaken that Position.. Get a Real Center and groom Kelce’s Replacement
      Drafting for a Need in Advance is a smart way to go as it was last Draft with Dillard if the Player you select becomes a 6-8-10 Year Starter at a High Level for your Team across the OL.. Outside of OT, Center is the most important Position along the OL and really sets the pace and tightness of a OL Unit
      Ruiz may go to the Cowboys who are also looking to Trade down from #17 to the mid/late 20’s to Draft Ruiz
      another Top Center is LLoyd Cushenberry III of LSU at 6-3 312lbs whose probably more of a early to mid 2nd Round Selection
      Give me 5-6 Quality Picks out of the First 150 players in this Draft for the Future and Ill be happy as an Eagles Fan and hopefully 2 Picks will be at WR, then at least 1 DB, 1 OL and 1 LB

      • It’s a flip flop… bigger need is WR yet u deemed. BPA was an unneeded center… it’s growth… I like it

        • WR is a bigger need for 2020 but you don’t select the 35th-40th Rated Player at #21 just because he’s a WR.. there are 15 -20 Receivers that can help this Offense which half of them will be available in the 2nd/3rdRounds

          Between the 18th and 25 Rated BPA will be OL,DB and LB, and if the Eagles stay at #21, the likely Pick will be from the Positions I just listed
          Now some WR that the Eagles have rated higher (Lamb,Jeudy, Ruggs or Jefferson May fall to #21) in which if this is the case, then they probably go and Select a WR if it’s one of these 4 Players, but there could be other highly rated Players at DE,CB, OL that fall to #21 too

          • Right you don’t draft for need… you just said it. Nest player on your board… you have just said exactly what u argued against

  • New Eagles Trade Rumor..

    Eagles Send their #21, #103 and TE Dallas Goedart and a 2nd Round Draft Pick in 2021 Draft to the Carolina Panthers for their #7th Overall Pick and Select Top Rated CB Jeff Okudah of Ohio State..

  • Players I hope the Eagles Stay away from in the First Round

    WR – Henry Ruggs – Alabam
    QB Jordan Love – Utah State
    WR – Jalen Reagor – TCU
    WR – Tee HIggins – Clemson
    WR – KJ Hamler – Penn State
    DE – AJ Epenesa – Iowa
    Safety – Grant Delpit – LSU
    RB – D’Andre Swift – Georgia

  • Last Eagles Trade Rumor

    Eagles Send #21st Pick, TE Dallas Goedart and 2020 4th Round PIck (#145th Overall) and a 2021 4th Round PIck
    to the NY Jets for the #11 Overall Pick and Select WR Cee Dee Lamb of Oklahoma

    Jets GM Joe Douglas, goes 1-0 versus Howie in his First Draft

  • Never ever draft need… rank players when ur time is called draft the number one player on your board…. if you see a player drop below your evaluation trade up to get… if at ur pick u so no player worthy of that pick trade back… it is so simple…. all you trump supporters not believing science… numbers baby

  • Embrace it fraudman… everyone in the world knows the biggest need is WR yet you have several mocks going to other positions… even you get it.
    They may draft a WR or 2 but rest assured at the place they draft him he is the BPA.
    You are getting there PM

  • I’m all about adding young Talent across the Roster to build a new core of Eagles Players,
    3 OL are approaching 30 or older (Kelce,Brooks and LJ)who have all played a lot of Football over the Years… they Need at least 2 WR’s (A Big Target and a Speedster to replace Jeffrey/D-Jax)
    They need LB and at least 1 more outside CB and 1 developmental Safety and a Thumper RB for short-yardage/red-zone offense
    They have 6 Selections of the first 146 Players
    Right now and with a couple Trades maybe can add 1 or 2 more within this range which would be awesome ..
    They addressed the Defense pretty well at all levels in Free-Agency Except LB so I expect most of their early Picks to add some Offensive Weapons/Playmakers and Protection for Wentz as GM Howie has stated all off season as his priority

  • The Only WR I would Select at #21 is Jefferson of LSU (Assuming the Top 3 – Lamb,Jeudy & Ruggs who I’m not very high on are already gone..
    Mims,Aiyuk, Reagor and the other 2nd Tier WR’s I would trade back to the late 20’s or even into the early 2nd Round to Select but not at #21
    I believe the Saints/Ravens are targeting the Top LB’s (Murray and Queen)and may want to move up to 21 to secure one of these Players and could be very interested in trading up with the Eagles
    I also think the Patriots will be looking to Trade up from #26 to a Team to get a QB (Herbert or Love) if they would fall to the late teens, early 20’s range
    Lots of opportunities to Trade back this year

    • Aaah you are trying to come around … as I’ve stated for years … every single position is a position of need every year. You have continually argued to draft for your biggest need. It’s stupid. You seem to finally admit that you’ve been idiotic to draft a WR just because their current WR corps isn’t great… you’ve grown, you’ve learned… you are an incredibly slow learner though…
      OL, DL, DB or WR…. draft the player with the highest score… big plays come from each position on the field… WR makes the splash plays but the other 10 guys aren’t standing around with their thumbs up their ass

  • It all depends on the quality and depth of the Draft Class as well, this Year for example has a many quality WR’s that you can still Draft thru Rounds 3/4 which you cannot say about the DE,QB ,CB/Safety/TE Class which just are not as Deep and you will need to Draft early if you want a good one from these positions
    Draft from the Strength of the Class where you can select better Talent from a position group over more Rounds .. Add 3 WR’s in this 2020 Draft/Undrafted FA afterwards and hope you hit on 2 of them as an example
    When only drafting 1 Player at 1 particular Position, then you really better hit on that Pick
    which I why I think the Eagles completely skip the DL this Year as they added Hargrove who is in his prime, resigned Hassaway to go along with Cox/Malik Jackson at DT
    At DE they Drafted Shariff Miller,They Traded for Bernard , and hope that Josh Sweat continues to develop and they also are high on Joe Osterman who got hurt late last preseason after showing some game all last Summer
    Is a 4th/5th Round Draft pick from a pretty thin 2020 Draft Class at DE better than any of these young players already in the Eagles system ?

  • But one thing definitely remains true in today’s NFL.. You have to have 3-4 Big Solash Plays from your Offense a Game or you don’t have a chance to Win many Games
    Whether it’s Passing Plaus, Out of the Backfield or Special Teams or from your Pass Rush or DB’s in the Turnover battle…
    You have to have Speed and great Offensive Play-Calling and Space to make these happen and Speed creates more space to improve these opportunities which the Eagles definitely lacked last Season with all their injuries

    • Point is… the WR and QB is who you see making the splash…. on that same play the OL May have picked up a well disguised stunt etc…
      I see ur trying to rationalize the flip…. you take BPA….

  • Eagles trade back 3 spots and with the 26th pick in the 2020 draft the Philadelphia Eagles choose Kenneth Murray, LB Ok. State.
    My one and only mock….
    eagles have Murray rated high, saw he’d still be on the board… they drop back grab him and an extra 4th!??dunno
    Murray becomes a game changer thudder that the birds have lacked. With the extra 4th they take a CB/kick returner who makes a rotational corner in year 1.

  • I would be good for that Scenario and Selection of LB Murray as it’s been a long while since the Eagles have had a real playmaker and leader at the LB Position and roam that middle of the field and make plays sideline to sideline like Murray has shown to do..
    He would be a Day 1 Starter for the Eagles new look Defense

  • They need Dillard and whomever they pick to have impact…. they need JJAW, new guy, another pick and Dillard to be good… that makes it look like a helluva draft class

  • More Paulman Trade Rumors…
    Eagles Send LT Andre Dillard with DB R Douglas and their 4th Round Pick (#124)
    to the Washington Redskins for Holdout, disgruntled All-Pro when healthy LT Trent Williams and their 4th Round Pick (#105 Overall)

  • You keep talking about trading Douglass…. he has no value. He met a qualifier in his contract making him cost I believe close to $3m. A team would just as soon use their own 4th or 5 th to get their own guy… to trade him you’d have to actually take in a bad contract or like flip 4ths and ad him.

  • CB Douglas is a throw-in to sweeten the pie for a Team in need of CB’s which many Teams are in need of a quality experienced CB with games actually played in the NFL
    Teams that are heavy with Zone Coverages and Tampa 2 Schemes would be most interested .. I always thought R Douglas would be better at Safety than Outside CB Ashe he does have decent ball skills and length and is not afraid to mix it up physically .. it just doesn’t appear this will happen in Philly

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