• May 17, 2022

Carson Wentz Was Looking For A Big Play On Every Snap

That was an awful loss by the Eagles yesterday to the Washington Football Team.  The Birds blew a 17-0 lead and wound up losing to a Washington team that’s not expected to do anything in the division this year.  Check out my G. Cobb Birds Podcast on this link – https://www.buzzsprout.com/1322641/5441617-this-one-was-on-carson-wentz.mp3?blob_id=22123849&download=true

This was a really poor game by Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz because he took chances he didn’t have to take.  Many times he refused to check the ball down to a running back.  Time after time, he dropped in the pocket and looked deep.  Wentz was looking for a big play on every snap.  Unfortunately many of those big plays were had by Washington.

He’s got to learn patience especially against a talented defensive front that’s going to get pressure on him.  He also knew we had backups on the offensive line.  There’s no excuse for an experienced quarterback refusing to temper his aggressiveness in holding onto the football and refusing to check it down or throw it away.

They had a lead going into the half of 17-0, but Carson threw an interception, which put Washington in position to score a touchdown and close the lead the 10.   In the second-half, he took more chances and wound up throwing another interception and being sacked time and time again.

One of the fundamentals of the West Coast offense is always having check downs targets to get the ball out of the quarterback’s hands.   He just held the ball too long and was sacked for too many losses.  One sack cost the Eagles three points because the field goal try came up a few yards short.  Wentz just was not sharp despite the fact that the Eagles had some big plays early but the the two interceptions and fumble ended up costing them the game.

It seems that on every play Wentz was trying to make a big play.  He would not be satisfied with a positive gain, he wanted a big play on each play, which isn’t realistic.  The Eagles signal caller had to know that the inexperienced Eagles offensive line was going to have trouble blocking all the talent the Washington football team had on their defensive front.

This was very frustrating to let this game get away like this at the beginning of the season.   This is the type of loss that used to happen to the Eagles but Doug Pederson has been very successful during his time is the head coach of not letting games get away that the team should win.   The game yesterday was in the bag and somehow they let it get away.

This was a very disappointing loss for the team but it’s really got to hurt Wentz because he just couldn’t seem to process the information that he needed to process in order to get the ball out of his hands.   He gave up sack after sack while refusing to throw the ball away or check it down to a running back.  This is one that’s really got to hurt.  They let a game like this get away against a mediocre team.

You can check out my “G. Cobb’s Birds Podcast” right here on this link.  https://www.buzzsprout.com/1322641/5441617-this-one-was-on-carson-wentz.mp3?blob_id=22123849&download=true


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  • Giants 2nd Year QB Daniel Jones > 5th Year Eagles QB Carson Wentz

  • G-Man, should Jason Peters give his raise back? He clearly did not play well yesterday and looks a step slower and not as strong as previous which is expected at 38 Years Old
    I actually think it would be best for him and for the Team to Release him tonight
    The Eagles screwed up the OL so bad this Summer that’s it way past the time and cut the chord with aging, injured Players
    Goodbye to Peters, Kelce, Brooks and LJ after this Season .. time to move forward and play these young Players now and gain experience

    • Wow what a dumb shit

    • Totally agree, Pman. JP needs to go. They should have never re-signed him. Would much rather let Mailata take his lumps at LT this year. At least he has major upside. Same with Driscoll. Play him at RG. Kelce also got worked multiple times. Carson is regressing. If this does not change quickly, Howie may be out and they might part ways with Wentz. Doug was also really bad today. No effort to wake his team up as they folded like a cheap suit. Could Howie, Carson and Doug all be gone after this year?

  • Washington, Dallas & NY Giants all are showing more heart and fight with better Coaching in Week #1 than the Eagles did Yesterday..
    2920 may be a lost year for the Eagles
    Does anyone really believe the Eagles are beating the better Teams on their schedule like the Rams 49ers,Seashawks,Steelers,
    Ravens, Saints & Packers ?
    I sure as hell Don’t ..

    • But then again you never do

      • Hac. Paul man is already on the ledge ;week 1, hilariously funny. I’m going to be anxious to see the injury report as Sanders and Lane alone can offset Donald a little bit, and Now on to coach. He was kotitean as I stated earlier. He actually said he would keep his foot on the gas ? When asked about the 17-0 under two minutes pick. No! Rich you need not look at your chart ? Watch the game , as it unfolds. You were holding all the Mo and could’ve had a fired up team at halftime. I know Hac says it’s great too be aggressive, but not when your right side O line has guys who haven’t sold a jersey yet in models? No way do you give life to a dead team there. Definitely another blunder was that same gunslinger attitude going on 4th down . I love coach P aggressively playing , but you have to have all your personnel. Next man up , especially on O line where we haven’t drafted forever isn’t going to get it done. Note to howie. boo! Ertz needs be traded or paid.you paid JP because you had no left tackle? so far organizationally the second Rd pick that was a head scratcher is now a butt scratcher

        • Fraudman just spouts off the latest result… big play…”great call by Pederson “ bad play, “Pederson is a dumb shit for calling that play”. The rear view mirror is a fans best friend. My 2020 eagles thoughts are as follows: I don’t understand why the injury bug hits them harder than most, it’s not because of age as many on the list are young. 2. The wringing of hands over Doug/Carson are STUPID, Doug won a SB with a back up, a back up that’s otherwise the definition of a journeyman, he and Carson got a practice squad team to the playoffs…they are solid . Carson has elite talent, has shown it time and again. He gets in trouble trying to make big plays and the fans react, they also react when he makes big plays trying to make big plays!
          My biggest concerns are; management culture… it feels like Howie/Lurie are on a different page than Doug. In my heart I believe Doug wanted to keep his coaches last year and I believe he wanted JP gone entirely. The drafts haven’t produced in the last 3 years or so… some injury but some flat out whiffs … the Jones draft, JJAW, terrible… I’m not gonna knock hurts yet,,, I wanna see how it shakes out.

    • Pman. I’ll ask how you felt about this team at 17-0. You were probably tempted to post. Super Bowl!!

      • I felt good at the beginning and even Posted on here on one of the other Game Day Articles that Wentz and Offense/Defense were off to a Great Start after the 1st Quarter..
        Then my Next message was halfway thru/late in the 3rd Quarter that the Eagles are Blowing this Game

  • Up 17-0 & the Eagles are passing it on first down. Both of those ints came on 1st & 10.

    60% of your OL is out, & yet you are passing against a front 7 that had killed your QB the whole game

    Terrible coaching.

    Wentz was god awful also. Even though I do not agree with the decision to throw so much while up, those WRs were wide open.

    Take the check down. Throw the ball away. Get Wentz out of the pocket, & moving.

    It’s a re occurring theme with this team. They just cannot stay healthy. The QB can’t either, it’s like the shit is contagious. Now that they are getting older, they are going to get healthier?

    I doubt it. This team needed more in the backfield then Miles Sanders also. JK dobbins was there for the taking.

    Could have taken a LB to help out that defense, but we took a QB who doesn’t even dress.

    I don’t see him being Kyler Murray . Can Hurts be good? God only knows

    Get Johnson back, get M Sanders, Alshon Jeffery, Derek & Hargrave on that defense… add W Parks & pray to get we stay RELATIVELY healthy, & we have a shot to make noise.

    Sadly, I do not see that being our 2020 story.

    Keep in mind 7 teams make playoffs now as well….

  • In other words cArson did what he’s done every game of his careeer. No timing routes everything taking 5 seconds and chucking it deep. Unable to throw it away. Eating too many sacks etc. he’s average at best, not a leader , not accountable and not evolving.

  • Not a Good Vibe coming from Coach Pederson’s Press Conference on Monday saying “its a broken record” when asked from reporter about the Risk/Reward of going for Big Plays all the time with Wentz’s style of Play
    The Biggest Concern I have is the total disregard of the Situation,It’s Opening Game with 3/5 of your OL out and with 2 Players in Herbig/Driscoll playing in their 1st Ever NFL Game while having a Depleted RB Group and 2 Rookie WR’s playing in their First Ever NFL Game.. Yes We all know and understand about having the “Next Man Up” mentality but you also have to be smarter and realistic about the situation.. On both of Wentz’s Int’s I saw 2 Eagles Receivers wide ass open underneath where they easily could have gotten 4-5-6 Yards or more on these First Down Plays.. Wentz is just plain Stupid and Arrogant of his own Ability and needs to be held Accountability and not coddled by the Organization, QB Coach/Friend Press Taylor ..
    If wentz doesn’t change or is unwilling to change his Playing Style then I would look to Trade Wentz after this Season while he still has Trade Value.. maybe to a team like the Indy Colts and or the Cleveland Browns who both will likely to be in the Market for a QB in 2021

    • Instead of Paul man change your name to trade man…. trade trade trade

    • Yup nailed it right on the head Paulman..

      What happened to Carson Wentz “photogenic memory” What happened to his “Peyton Manning intellect/preperation”…?

      Remember in 2016 when Wentz was getting Alex Smith comparisons? Bc of how much he checked the ball down? He got rid of it fast. Granted we did not have great wrs in 2016. Wentz and Doug were rookies. But that is completely gone.

      After 2017 that all changed. Like he got cocky.

      The dude that studied tape under the table with his GF at dinner seems long gone.

      Its only one game, but his stupid ass needs to GET RID OF THE FOOTBALL..

      The pressure was bad? My ass. Go look at the two ints. Both of them were NO PRESSURE ints. The dude is regressing.

      • O he’s not… go lol at them… he and the receiver weren’t on same page on one and one is a toss up bad throw or receiver didn’t come back
        100% over reaction

  • We need to make Gcobb Great Again…… BleedingGreenNation was destroyed by the new comment system. Coral is a joke. Reddit is great and my new favorite, but its too overpopulated imo.

    • Was destroyed by dummy Trumpanzees! That and Gcobb allowing Putin’s bots on here

      • Bro just own up to it & be a man….

        It was you & Mhenskie cussing everyone out, being toxic, and treating the community like shit.

        Typical progressives, causing controversy everywhere they go, and pointing the finger at everyone else but themselves.

        Zero accountability in the modern day libtard.

        • Look QANON I’m the opposite of progressive. I voted for trump. Then he stood next to Putin in Helsinki and I said holy shit he’s compromised…l anyone who didn’t say it is a QANON trumpanzee

  • Paulman Break News Alert from Texas
    Josh McCown is reported to be enroute to Philadelphia where sources have stated that he expects to be activated to the 53 man spelling doom and the eventual release of QB Nate Sudfeld… This Eagles Roster/Team is a Mess

  • Eagles also reportedly going to work out Free-Agent QB Josh Rosen !!

    • What all of you over reactors forget is Sunday was a preseason game… maybe worse. I listened to a few guys today who know their stuff and watched the 22… the sacks were almost all blown assignments not outmanned …that’s actually a good thing. At least one INT was a receiver not coming to ball. This can be fixed. Just gotta get healthy.

  • Let’s all take the proverbial “deep breath” evaluations of a full complement of weapons are when you’d want to make trade his ass evaluations. Not when 3/5ths of your line is out. Not when a feature back is out. DJ seemed like he too was dinged , so let’s agree that making the evaluations off that scenario is “kotitean”. The Cox situation is more distressing? Where and when is this dude going to become impactful? Organizationally they tried to minimize his being double teamed. Yet still his number seems to be called only occasionally. I’d like hurts to be a part of the offense , otherwise howie and Jeffrey need re-evaluate and have howie do banner like fiscal responsibility, and find a decent gm. Ha s correct the last years since the supe are telling.

    • Well if u go back to SB year they lost game 2 to the chiefs and the ledge was loaded with ready to jump fans. HAC maintains an even keel…. ho hum. As Sunday’s game progressed it looked very much like a preseason game when you get a bunch of guys in there who don’t know each other. The frauds calls to trade every single player on their roster is …welll.. fraud like.
      Again the single biggest concern I have is the front office V the coaching staff. If Doug is not fully on board with the coaching input from the new guys? If he isn’t happy peters is back? Those would be “cowboy like” or “bengals like” problems. Far more troubling than a couple of rookies not knowing who to block

  • The NFC is much more loaded with Talented Trams and Good QB’s and Good Coaches than in 2017 when the Eagles had a last Place Schedule and many Teams were rebuilding like the 49ers,Rams & TB Bucs to go along with the always tough Seahawks,Saints, and improved Packers
    If the Eagles lose to the Rams Sunday we may see the Eagles easily looking at a 5-6 Win Season and with the Salary Cap Hell they will be in for 2021 & Beyond it will really be the time to cut the Chief Ld with many of its aging, often injured and high salaried Players
    A Huge Week is this Week for the Eagles Not only short term but for the long term success of the Franchise ..

    • You don’t know that. Talking out ur ass.
      Kinda like when u didn’t give R Halliday credit for his no hitter or the phils credit for their WS win. Negative nitwit. The nfc is no more or less loaded now than then… dumb statement in a history of them

  • If sixers ownership just doesn’t give a fuck about the team and the fans than Elton brand must. Elton should fire himself right fuckin now. Unreal he let butler walk. Guys a god damn killer

    • “Let him walk”…. I think u forget in the NBA a player like buckets pretty much picks where he wants to go. But as I’m watching the games you realize that both teams fleeced the Sixers…. and the process is stuck with 2 loser bums Embiid and Simmons… what a disgrace the last 10 years has been

      • Yea ur a moron if u think embiid and Simmons are bums. Dumb as fuck for thinking that.

        And no butler didn’t decide where he went because they had no salary cap space so he asked Elton to facilitate the trade and he agreed to because he’s a dumb piece of shit.

        • In HAC world nobody can criticize wentz bum ass for never winning playoff games and never doing jack shit except a 7 game stretch years back against trash teams.

          But we can and should talk shit on embiid who completely turned this franchise around and has won playoff games and series.

          Makes sense !!!

          if ur a dumb shit

          • Are you watching the playoffs? Chick filet, Shirley temple I got a boo boo and can’t play Embiid is no where to be seen! Are you kidding me? Butler wanted out of this soft team… he’s a man! I love Simmons but for Christ sake he is so 1 dimensional… a generation player brings more….process ? They are a middle of road playoff team … win a series, maybe .2 then pitchers of Shirley temples and some passive aggressive teeets

            • If Elton didn’t totally fuck Up the team things would’ve been much different. For the record you have completely made up that butler wanted out and you have zero evidence to back up that statement. Jimmy is on record of loving Joel and has given him the highest of praise as recently as 1 week ago.

              Elton brand didn’t want him back and didn’t offer him the max period.

              Last year we were a miracle shot away from eastern conference finals.

              Had Elton not fucked this team up beyond recognition and brought back the squad we would’ve been fine but nope we paid a stiff in Toby. A back up to embiid 100 mill and let jj and jimmy walk. This year was a disgrace because of one man and that one mans name is Elton brand.

              Shit had ben not gotten hurt we may have beat Boston this year.

              I don’t love ben and I’ll never understand why he don’t shoot but he’s a stud regardless of shooting. Kid just turned 24 he’s going to get much better and has progressed every year in all areas except shooting.

              His floor offensively is Russ Westbrook (he is already better than Russ ) and he’s a lock down defender. We are fine and he’s fine as long as he figures out that shot and if he doesn’t he’ll still be extremely good just not great. If he learns to shoot he’s lebron.

              But with gianis up in the air and possibly harden i wouldn’t hate us trading ben at all.

              Deny it any way u want but this is all fact

          • I don’t understand “turn this around”. Did tgey just get knocked out first round without a fight? I’m pretty sure that’s what I saw ? Turned around? wTF

  • Where have you Gone Sam Hinkie!!m76ers Drafted some niceSupporting Cast Players
    like M Harrell, J Grant, L Shamet only to toss them away for soft Players like Tobias Harris
    This Team could have been so much better, younger and more athletic & tougher but thry threw it all away with bad Trades
    Colangelo’s Trading with Celtics to move up to Draft M Fultz when Tatum was clearly the better Player and would have been a tremendous fit with Simmons/Embiid was it for me where Fultz was never going to fit in since Simmons is the primary ball handler was just asinine!!

    • If Hinkie was that good he would not be unemployed! Building a loser is simple- even Paulman can build a loser- The culture of the sixers was never right- still isn’t right and is a long way from being right. You can’t build a loser, flip a switch and expect a winner- impossible- You can blame Brand obviously he is the one left standing at the end of a long line at the shitshow! So he is culpable — you can’t fire the owner and we all see how poorly the management of this team has been since Harris took over so in that right Brand took the job its his responsibility. drafting hurt guys and redshirting them just means you have hurt guys- Embiid will go down as the most talented bust in quite some time. An unbelievable player who can dominate, nurse an ingrown toenail, come in play well, out again for an undisclosed boo boo, do a chick filet commercial, get back on the court lead the team to a early round victory or two and then send tweets during the finals!

      • Hinkie’s Only Unemployed for the NBA Office has literally Black-Balled him from gaining employment in the NBA , They don’t want to have another Franchise go thru a public “Tank Process” even though about 25% of the NBA Franchises could really use to do so ..He’ll never have a Job in the NBA Again
        I think the 76ers would be better to relocate back to Syracuse,Ny and trying to forge a new identity

      • Except that’s exactly what happened the switch was flipped and we went from winning 15 games to 50 in an nba instant.

        Also Joel embiid is the best professional athlete in Philadelphia and it’s not even close so talking shit on him is extra stupid.

        • 76ers Record in terms of Wins since 2010

          (Sam Hinkie was GM from May of 2013 thru April 2016 with Jerry Colangelo being hires, named or actually forced by the NBA to become President of Basketball Operations for the 76ers
          Dec 7, 2015 overseeing Hinkie and basically ending his tenure as 76ers GM)

          2010 -2011 41 Wins
          2011 – 2012 35 Wins
          2012 – 2013 34 Wins
          2013 – 2014 19 Wins
          2014 – 2015 18 Wins
          2015 – 2016 10 Wins
          2016 – 2017 28 Wins
          2017 – 2018 52 Wins
          2018 – 2019 51 Wins
          2019 – 2020 43 Wins

          And the JC stepped down as he didn’t want the full time job to begin with and was just helping the NBA Office our and then JC named his Son Bryan Colangelo as GM on his way out ..
          Another Catastrophe!!

        • Winning 50 then the next year round 1 exit? Congratulations… major success

        • stop with Embiid is the best athlete??? are you insane? ultra talented we agree. dude is tissue paper. The best athletes play the games- he doesn’t.

  • Sam Hinkie ran good business when he was the GM of the Sixers. He stock piled assets, brought in damn good talent. & He build the roster around Embiid and Simmons strength.

    He was just about to turn the corner as a GM, and the process had begun.

    Then they fired him for Colangelo LOL!! Look what has happened since then.

    “Losing Culture” The Sixers were bad for 3 seasons…Oh well. Better then being average, getting the 7th-to 8th seed at best, and then losing in the first round…

    Should have kept him. We kept the coach he hired, but not the GM??? He deserved to see the whole thing through.

    Colangelos were a disaster. Does Hinkie draft Fultz? Does he give away Dario, Covington, Landry, for Tobias and Horford? Does he let JJ walk?

    The Sixers pulled a Clippers. Gave up all there assets for ball dominate players that do not mesh well with the team.

    • impossible to say what Hinkie would do if he was supposed to win. All you can do is speculate as to what moves he would have made etc. – we will never know of course. I do agree what they are left with is a big turd pile. Simmons got some nice post season awards — a remarkable talent for sure. I’m not sure he is a championship type but certainly he is good. Embiid- my feelings are known. SOFT until proven wrong-
      Phillies went in a horrible direction- overly analytical — another nerd (like hinkie) running a team with a slide rule. They have a decent line up BUT they traded their best young stud for JT- will be a shame if he doesn’t sign here- they mortgaged the future for 2 years of a catcher and had no team success- Alfaro and Sanchez would be nice-
      Bullpens are the wild card in MLB and all signings are risky… theirs were all disasters.

  • And don’t even get HAC Started with his Phillies!!! What, they lose 5 of 7 Games to Miami this past weekend!! Good Grief !!
    One of their best Players in JT Reaumalto will likely walk after this Season after jerking him around with his Contract & Arbitration and no promising Young Players at The Catcher Position!!

  • Breaking News —
    Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf Reportedly Paid Carson Wentz Off to have a Poor 2nd Half versus the Washington Football Club so that he could give a big Advantage of his Favorite Team, the Dallas Cowboys..
    Story broken by a Neighbor of Wentz who saw a Black Lincoln with Gov or Pa Tags pull out and hand an Envelope of $$$ to the Wentz’s Babysitter who in turn gave it to Carson Wentz…
    The Babysitter, who is a Registered Democrat, reportledly also admitted that Mrs Wentz had No Knowledge of the Scheme.. Interesting !!

  • impossible to say what Hinkie would do if he was supposed to win. All you can do is speculate as to what moves he would have made etc. – we will never know of course. I do agree what they are left with is a big turd pile. Simmons got some nice post season awards — a remarkable talent for sure. I’m not sure he is a championship type but certainly he is good. Embiid- my feelings are known. SOFT until proven wrong-
    Phillies went in a horrible direction- overly analytical — another nerd (like hinkie) running a team with a slide rule. They have a decent line up BUT they traded their best young stud for JT- will be a shame if he doesn’t sign here- they mortgaged the future for 2 years of a catcher and had no team success- Alfaro and Sanchez would be nice-
    Bullpens are the wild card in MLB and all signings are risky… theirs were all disasters.

  • A Tough Loss tonight to the Mets after another Good Zac Wheeler Start … struggling down the Stretch Az a Team
    D Gregorious had played well as has Segura
    Boom moved to 1B to replace the struggling R Hoskins who has disappointed since a good start to his Career
    Kingery has improved at the plate as of late but still looks overmatched at times and not quite an every Game Player …
    Bullpen has been Brutal for a few years now
    and they really struggle to close out games
    to be a legitimate contender

    • Hoskins was out of his funk and was red hot Bohm at first because Hoskins injured.
      Looks like firing Kapler for a “baseball guy” wasn’t the quick fix. Team chased DrGrom after 2 and then went on cruise control. Bull pen has cost them probably 14 games … if they win half of those they would be in first … horrible

      • I like Bohm at 1B, Yes Hoskins was starting to hit the last couple of weeks, what’s his Injury Status? I never liked him in the #2 Spot though as he doesn’t make consistent contact for a # 2 Hitter..
        They have no natural #2 Hitter

        • Both Hoskins/Reaumalto both injured and possible out for the rest of the Season, Phillies Signed Veteran Catcher Jonathon Lucroy and former Yankee 1B Greg Bird who when healthy is a pretty good player but has had injuries throughout his Career

          • I think Manager Joe girardi has done a pretty good job overall… The do battle hard and play all 9 innings and really haven’t had too many flat out klunkers.. They just can’t close games and that lack of confidence eventually hurts the Starters who maybe Pitch an Inning too long plus seeps into the Locker Room of the “here we go again” and gets frustrating to the Position Players too
            For Next Year, they need at least 2 Quality Reliever’s and 2 Starter (Arrietta will likely be gone) and maybe with a healthy Dominquez and Neris, they can shore up the back end

            They need to Sign Catcher Reaumalto, SS De Gregorius, who’s been a nice addition, and an OF and figure out if Hoskins,Hasley and Kingery are legitimate everyday Players

            • LMFAO at Paulman not knowing Hoskins was hurt. LMFAO at Paulman thinking Hoskins bats 2nd. Unreal

              • He hit .2nd a bunch. Traditional number 2 hitters are a thing of past

              • Paul man gives plenty of opportunities to goof on his dumb statements… don’t goof on him when he’s right! He’s wrong 97.3% of the time. There is data (analytics) to prove it….

              • Hey Hac, I’m tracking being Wrong only 95.5 % of the time…
                I got some better sources now …

  • Hoskins was in the #2 Hold all this Year Fire Elton, if you didn’t realize this then obviously you have not followed this Phil’s much this Season??
    He was 4th last year but that was 2019?
    C’mon Man ??
    And No, I did not know he OT Reaumalto were injured as I didn’t follow anY Phillies news for about a week/10 days other than they losing 5 of 7 Games to the Marlins last weekend..
    Where have you gone Paul Owens!

  • 2020 Phil’s Batting LineUp has been mostly
    As Follows most of this Season

    1) McCuthchen
    2) Hoskins
    3) Harper
    4) Reaumalto

    • Yes the old guy lineup of speedy lead off, bat control #2, 3 best hitter (still true) and cleanup ur bopper is a thing of the past. They want boppers 1-9. Strike out, walk or home run is today’s ball. Brutal as hell to watch…. but ANALYTICS say don’t clog the bases with a single hitter. Yet every damn game a guy will occasionally hit the ball the other way and it’s fresh air… phils actually have a few who do it

      • Your 100% right, it’s a Line-Up of Batters swinging for the Fences and it does suck to watch Games anymore.. No Hitting Behind Runners, No Bunting, No Stealing, or anything creative to manufacture a run or two.. Just Swing for the Fences
        Pitching also Sucks,, If Starters can go thru Line-Ups Twice (4-5 Innings) Then your a $15-$20 Million a Year Player and thats about whats expected of you, a Top Pitcher may go thru a Line-up 3 times for a 6-7 Innings and then turn it over to the Bullpen who either hold the lead or blow it for you
        You’ll rarely see 20 Game Winners in a Season anymore and you won’t even see Pitchers with 225-250 Carrer Wins let alone 300 ..

        • As u know I never get caught up in the $$$. Money is whatever the market bares.
          I think the hitting is so advanced compared to old days that a pitcher can’t make it thru lineups multiple times. Gone are the days of Carlton, Seaver etc starting the game electric then getting crafty outs in the 7,8,9. Hitters today would crush them. It’s yucky for sure, uninterested
          Today you have little guys like king era bulking up and swinging from his heels. Oh well.
          But with all that said, the bull pen must be better than ever. You can’t have guys throwing meatballs in the 7,8,9… gotta throw juice for strikes

  • Bull pen,,, fucking bull pen

  • Hi there sixers fans! Just wanted to reach out to let you know Elton is a great GM and should not be fired!!! He single handedly made the Miami heat relevant again!!! We had no cap room to sign Jimmy or any free agent worth a damn and we had a friendly dinner and I told him how sad I was that we had no cap room and no assets and were stuck in nba purgatory for the foreseeable future. Elton, being the kind and compassionate guy he is listened to my struggles and said hey Pat, don’t be sad, you’re a legend and I want to give you a present for all you have done for the nba and then he gave me trade paperwork where he gave us Jimmy and said I don’t want anything in return but you know the league makes us get something in return so please just make the math work and we will both be happy. You will be happy because I gave you a stud and you can now go to the nba finals this year and I will sabotage the sixers just like I did as a player!!!

    Elton is a swell guy and a great friend.

  • Brutal Loss once again for the Phillies…
    Bullpen – Garbage in, Garbage Out!

  • Jimmy Butler wasn’t going to remain in Philly no matter what EB did or didn’t so
    JB wanted his “Own Team” that he could lead and keep tight and be the main man, it was never going to happen in Philly with Embiid/Simmons and Butler knew this … 76ers waiting too late to act and were stuck on either letting him walk as a Free-Agent and getting Zippo in Return or by Trading Him for at least something
    The Biggest Mistake was paying a Max Deal to Tobias Harris who the 76ers are now going to be stuck with
    and adding Al Horton and overpaying for him as he is a good Player but he just didn’t fit within Brett Browns Offensive Style or Rotation very well ..
    Who are the 76ers going to Draft this Year with the 21st Selection in the 1st Round ?
    SG Desmond Bane of TCU, or SG Josh Green of Arizona or take a flyer with SF Leandro Balmero of Barcelona
    maybe they can package their Two 2nd Picks and move up from #21 a little, is it worth it this Draft ?

    • The nba draft matters NOT especially at picks 20 and above… some nice players there but speculation is pointless.
      There is sooooo much reconstruction of that roster necessary. I don’t think anyone has a clue of how to right that ship… I guess you start with a bunch of shooters? Ugly ugly ugly…
      Denver was a better model of roster building

  • Trade Alerts

    Eagles Send OL Matt Pryor to the Cincinnati Bengals for WR Auden Tate
    Both Players are in the Dog House for each teams and fit a need for both Teams

    Then Eagles Send WR JJAW to the San Francisco 49ers for RB Tevin Coleman

  • “ Jimmy Butler wasn’t going to remain in Philly no matter what EB did or didn’t so
    JB wanted his “Own Team” that he could lead and keep tight and be the main man,”

    Unfortunately you made this up out of thin air and there is zero evidence to back up any word of this and there is evidence that this is a lie and that’s not how Jimmy felt at all.

    • And your proof is? None of us know details. There were reports that buckets didn’t wanna play with Ben or whatever. You don’t know, fraud man doesn’t know. You sound like a process defender that’s pissed the process was a bust. You fill in the blanks with “what ifs” and “it’s his fault”… all speculation. The results of the process was 2 Badly fitting parts. 2 talented guys, one soft as tissue, one who is ultra talented but lacking in a huge way. That’s the net take away from years of embarrassing basketball. We tanked to not be a 6-8 seed… ooops we were a 6.

      • U some kind of retard ? The process was cut short by the league and it ended the 2nd collAngelo started. Paulman made claims that Jimmy wanted out and wanted to be the guy and that’s not definitive and there’s no evidence to support therefore it’s shit at the wall.

        Have u ever watched Jimmy play or did you hear him 2 weeks ago say he was pissed at Brett brown for taking the ball out of Simmons hands in the playoffs last year and putting it in his hands? Jimmy isn’t a me guy and is definitely not selfish and definitely not a demand the ball guy. So Paul made up lies out of thin air.

        And as much as you wanna say embiid is brittle why not say the same about ben? On a games possible vs games missed i wouldn’t be surprised to see ben has missed as many games on a percent basis. Also 6-8 seed this year is a fluke as our 2nd best player got hurt and didn’t play in the playoffs.

        No offense but you sound like a retard.

        • Ben plays a higher percentage of games…, and if your argument is that “yeah Embiid is brittle but so is Ben”…. well congrats you’ve just declared him the tallest midget in the circus.
          It’s not a fluke, they were a 6 seed.
          Like I said you want to make excuses why the process didn’t work (because the league…. ) you admit in your own sentence it DID NOT work! Failure
          You be the TARD

  • JB said he liked playing with Embiid and that’s about it
    No mention of Ben and obviously did not care for Coach Brett Brown..
    He wants to be the man not a 2nd or 3rd Option and wants the ball more in his hands than he was ever going to get in Philly
    It was what it was, just a temporary stop in his Career for bigger & better things in Miami where the heat value smarts,toughness and versatility which the 76ers have no clue what this means in terms of B-Ball
    JB, Just like in Chicago, Minnesota and Philly knew that all these Franchises from Top to Bottom we’re not legitimate contenders and Winners and he was spot on!!
    End of Story !!

    • Wrong ! He said within the last 2 weeks he was angry that Brett took the ball out of Simmons hands last year and put it in his hands because ben earned the right to handle the rock. I actually thought that was idiotic of Jimmy because Brett adjusted and it worked! Jimmy months ago also went off about Brett and Elton and others in front office saying he never knew who was in charge.

    • And ur dumb and dead wrong thinking Jimmy wants the ball and clearly never watched him play.

      • And you believe every word from him?
        C’mon Man!! Everywhere’s he’s played he wants to be the main man with the Ball in his hands when it’s crunch time and this wasn’t going to happen in Philly long term.. He knew it and moved on, maybe you should too!!

        • Yes i do actually ! He called out Wiggins he called out Karl Anthony towns and justifiably so. If you knew Jack shit or followed nba you would know Jimmy does not mince words ever

          So while u make up lies I’ll speak truth. Fkn lying doosh

          • He (Butler) didn’t want to be in Philly, Its not Rocket Science !! Get Over it !!

            • Apparently to a dumb ignorant chimp it is rocket science. Buy a clue moron

              “ Adrian Wojnarowski reported Philadelphia wasn’t offering Butler a five- or even four-year max deal.”


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