• August 15, 2022
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I Don’t Know If The Philles Infield Is Better Than….

You've heard the claim which was made Philly.com's  Bill Conlin about the Phillies having the greatest infield in the modern era.  I heard about another team which is legitimate competition. (more…)

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Which Infield Is Better: Phillies or Yankees?

The best infield of the modern era is the claim long-time sportswriter Bill Conlin of Philly.com made the other day.  Of course he's talking about the Phillies current infield which I think could have three

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Rollins And Victorino Named Gold Glove Winners Again

They say a great defensive baseball team has to be stong up the middle.  (more…)

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Rollins Predicts Phils In Five Or Six Games

Jimmy Rollins says the Phillies are taking the World Series in 5 games (or 6 if they‚Äôre nice).  (more…)

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