• August 15, 2022

The Top Linebackers At The NFL Combine

Although the Eagles aren’t shouting it from the rooftops, they know they need help at the linebacker position, so I expect them to grab a linebacker in the middle rounds. They need to get more defensive playmakers on the field. The Birds linebackers don’t make nearly enough plays.

Von Miller is the best linebacker in the country, who turned out the Senior Bowl and didn’t disappoint yesterday at the NFL Combine.
He ran a 4.53 in the forty-yard dash. He leaped 37 inches in the vertical jump. Miller pushed up 225 lbs. 21 times.

Yes, Miller tested very well, but he’s even better when they put on the pads. He comes around the corner with the quickness and is one of those Dwight Freeney-type low to the ground the pass rushers. This young man will be very difficult for the big offensive tackles to deal with.

He’s likely to go in the first four or five picks. This young man is a difference maker. Offenses will have to immediately find out where he’s at before they run a play.

Akeem Ayers from UCLA tested well yesterday. He ran 4.88 in the forty yard dash at 254 pounds. He leaped 31 inches in the vertical jump. Bench pressed 225 pounds 18 times and had a broad jump of 9’8″.

He’s got some explosiveness coming around the corner and he belongs in a 3-4 defense. I like the way he gets to the football.

Middle linebacker Martez Wilson of Illinois who is 6’4″ and 250 pounds stood out yesterday at the NFL Combine. He showed that not only does he have great size, but he also has the speed to be a big play guy in the NFL.

Wilson ran the forty in a blazing 4.49. He had a 36″ vertical jump and threw up the 225 on the bench press, 25 times. I think this young man has tremendous potential. He would likely be drafted in the second round because he tested so well at the combine, but he must play lower. Wilson starts out too high in his stance to attack blockers with explosion and get them off of him.

I do like his speed and quickness but I don’t like his instincts and I want him to learn to use his butt and legs when tackling. Take a look at this footage of the young man.

Colin McCarthy did a good job yesterday and should be available in the third or fourth round for somebody. He ran a 4.65 in the forty-yard dash. McCarthy jumped 36.5 in the vertical jump. He bench pressed 225 23 times.

I don’t see greatness when I look at his tape but hes a solid football player who will come in and be a contributor.

Justin Houston tested well yesterday. He ran a 4.68 in the forty-yard dash. His vertical jump was 36.5. Houston bench pressed 225 lbs. 30 times which is expected at 270 lbs.

This young man gets off the ball like a jet. He knows how to lower his shoulder and get pressure on the passer. Houston is the classic pass rushing defensive end in the 4-3 or the pass rushing outside linebacker in the 3-4. He’s definitely going to help somebody wiiht their pass rush. Check him out:


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  • Other LB’s to keep an eye on for Potential Eagle Selections

    Greg Jones – MIch St 6-1 240lbs – (Projected 2nd Rd)
    Quan Sturdivant – UNC 6-2 230lbs (Projected 2nd/3rd Rd)
    Kelvin Shepard – LSU 6-2 240lbs (Projected 3rd/4th Rd and rising)
    Nate Irving – NC State 6-1 235lbs (Projected 4th Rd)
    Casey Matthers – Oregon 6-1 235lbs (Projected 4th/5th Rd)

    Jeremy Beal – OKlahoma 6-3 265lbs (Projected 2nd Rd)
    Bruce Carter – UNC 6-3 235lbs (Projected 2nd/3rd)
    K J Wright – Miss State 6-3 250lbs (Projected 3rd Rd)
    Mason Foster – Washington 6-2 245lbs (Projected 3rd Rd)
    Thomas Keiser – Stanford 6-5 245;bs (Projected 3rd/4th Rd)
    Brooks Reed – Arizona 6-3 260lbs (Projected 3rd/4th Rd)
    Lawrence Wilson – U Conn 6-1 230lbs (Projected 4th Rd)
    Chris Carter – Fresno State 6-1 245lbs (Projected 4th Rd)

  • Forgot to mention

    OLB Dontay Moch from Nevada 6-2 240lbs and ran the fastest time in the 40
    (more of a pass-rusher than a true OLB)

  • OT, OT, OT…!!!!

  • Easy RTB,
    There are only probably 3-4 OT’s who can possibly start in their Rookie Seasons
    Solder,Smith ,Constanzo,Camrini and they will all likely be off the board when the Eagles Select. The other OT’s will most likely be spending a good year learning the Pro Game..

  • @Paulman how do you know there are only “3 to 4” who can start? Are you a scout for the NFL? do you watch ever college film on every player?

    NO you guys all plagiarize everybody else. It’s retarded. You guys sound like a bunch of freaking morons when you know dick about any of these players. I can make educated guesses to but I’ll leave it to the people who can point to film rather than point to what mike mayock or todd mcshay or whatever any other idiot wants to throw their hat into the ring.

  • I think C/G Pouncey, Guard R Hudson, Guard D Watkins , OT’s T Smith, Constanzo,Carimi & Solder can all contribute and have a good shot of Starting sometimes during their Rookie Seasons based on who Drafts them..
    The OL Postion is deep in the Draft but doesn’t have the Standouts at OT as in past years.. Lots of good solid players who need to be developend, but not many All-Pro Types in this group that just jump out at you per most NFL Observors and Scouts and Paulman..
    (These are my own thoughts and words and yes I follow College football pretty closely as well as the NFL)

  • You’re an asshole. You don’t watch offensive linemen play and if you say you do you’re full of it. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I know it, You know it, and everyone on here knows it. Opinions are like assholes, everyones got one. You have not the first clue of any of these linemen or what they’re capable of. Nobody does. Good luck with your know it all lifestyle.

  • Nice one RTB! LOL

  • The idea all those OTs will be off the board when we draft is ABSURD! Like the man said, he doesn’t know what he is talking about..Question is, do we take one, or a CB?

  • If the Eagles can get one of the top 6 OL, then they should grab it..
    After Peterson/Prince who will be long gone, the CB position has a drop-off
    Jimmy SMith looks great at #23, but appearently has off-the field and character issues which Eagles typicall stay away from.. Brandon HArris is a good CB

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