• August 19, 2022

With Injunction In Place, Will Eagles Have Time To Trade Kevin Kolb

In a huge development U.S. Circuit Court Judge Susan Nelson has awarded an injunction to the players, so the NFL lockout has been lifted. The NFL owners requested a stay to delay the injunction, but she has denied them their request, so as of this moment, the previous rules are in place.

Time or the lack of it is a key to how this will affect the Eagles and their desire to trade backup quarterback Kevin Kolb for a first round draft pick. If everything is cleared up tomorrow or Wednesday, it could allow the Eagles to workout a trade.

The key will be the Eight Circuit court which is where the NFL owners are expected to go in order to get a stay on the injunction ruling so they can prevent any movement by the teams in the league and keep the pressure on the players.

Time is of the essence. It’s conceivable that the Eagles could work out a deal on Thursday afternoon and use the draft pick or picks in an hour or two after that to get the players they need.

I would imagine that the Eagles might be able to work something out with a front office that they are familiar with. For instance, the Minnesota Vikings are a team which has expressed interest in Kolb. Their head coach is Leslie Frazier who knows Reid and his staff very well, since he was the secondary coach here for a number of years.

Frazier would probably be able to quickly work out a trade with the Eagles which would allow the Birds to trade Kolb before the draft on Thursday night.

Remember it’s all about time. You can believe that the phones are ringing off the hook at the Nova Care Complex right now. Reid, Joe Banner, Howie Roseman and their staff will likely spend the night at the Complex.

This is a huge development which could help put the Eagles over the top and allow to move up in the draft and grab a marquee cornerback like Patrick Peterson or Prince Amukamara or a defensive end like Robert Quinn or Ryan Kerrigan.

I could see them winding up with four or five picks in the first two rounds of the draft, which would allow them to solve their needs at cornerback, right guard, defensive line and linebacker. This development could help put them over the top.


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  • YES! YES! YES!

  • Yessssssssssssss I cant wait to see what kind of pick they get for Kolb this is the start of something good for the eagles I want to see them get Patrick Peterson thats who I want in her lets just get this done Go Eagles!

  • G you did not mention OT? did you buy into the front office’s bullcrap about the OT position is ok? I am very confused that you do not recognize the problems at OT.

  • Nothing will happen…… The NFL will file an appeal and unless that appeal takes more than the few days before the draft and the night of the 1st round……… Nothing will happen.

  • Paulman 1st Trade Alert of Judge Nelsons lift of Players Lockout becfore the Owners put an appeal it …

    Eages Trade #K Kolb and the #23 Pick to the Panthers for the # 1 Overall Pick
    The Eagles then trade the #1 Pick to the Washington Redksins for QB D McNabb and DT A Haynesworth

    The Panthers Finish 11-5 with QB Kolb at the helm and make the Wild-CArd
    The Redksins Drft Cam Newton with the #1 Pick and finish a surpising
    The Eagles go thru a nightmare season where players,coaches take sides between M Vick and D McNabb fracturing the Team.. A Hayneworth gets arrested for breaking the Noses of players B Graham,Teo,Bunkley and Coach Washburn in a huge altercation in front ” Chickie and Petes ”
    The Eagles Franchise is set back 6 years as Vick falls back into his old ways,friends,hanger-ons and bad habits and the CIty is declared a Federal Disaster area by Pres Obama and New NFL Commish Condi Rice.
    Good grief… .

  • Eagles will not take a CB with their first pick (unless they trade out the first round) If the eagles take a CB with the first pick I will never come on Gcobb ever again (as if anyone cares). expect a DE or DT.

  • 2nd trade alert

    Eagles trade Mike Kafka to the Bengals for the #4 pick in the NFL draft.
    Eagles select Cam Newton with the 4th pick and work him out as a CB. Mike Kafka goes to the superbowl and thrown no INTS and 40 touchdown passes for the year. Mike gets the 2012 Madden cover only catch is there will be no release of the game because the world will explode due to a meteor according the the Mayans.

  • Yeah vricchini. May 21. So what does this all matter anyway? Guess I really will never see an Eagles superbowl……

  • I just dont see the Eagles getting more than a late 1st for Kolb. I think Reid and Roseman are smoking crack with Reid’s kids.
    The teams in real need of a QB are all top 15. I think the Eagles will settle for a 2nd in this draft and a 2nd in next year’s draft.

  • jott – way to take a cheap shot at the coaches, that makes you a cool negadelphian right?

    But think for a minute, Reid and Roseman didn’t float those rumors/predictions out there, the media did. Reid and Roseman have said nothing about what they expect to get for Kolb. They haven’t even said they’re trading him.

    Come on Jott…

  • I remember posting something along the lines of this article a couple weeks ago….only to have Paulman shoot me down and repeat some garbage he had been saying. Hopefully something gets done.

  • just to throw it out there ? shiller if you where a gm in need of a QB what would you give for kolb. me personally i would give a 1st ! your on the clock shiller times yours

  • i said that wrong with apologies, i would not give a first. i would not give a high 2nd . just to clarify

  • paulman stay off the vodka

  • @nev856 i could see a GM swap there first and second rounds with a 6th round pick for kolb

  • A couple of realistic Trades if this Decision is uphelp by the appeals process within the next 48 hours..

    #1) Eagles Trade Kolb and their 1st Round (#23 Overall) to the Arizona Cardinals for their 1st Round in 2011 (5th Overall) and their 1st Round Selection in 2012
    ******* Eagles then Select CB P Petersen from LSU********

    #2) Eagles Trade Kolb to the Bengals for their 2nd Round pick in 2011 (#35 Overall) and their 2nd Round Selection in 2012
    ****** Eagles would then Select at #23,#35,#55 in Rounds 1 & 2 this Draft
    selecting #23 DE A Clayborn, #35 CB B Harris and #54 OL M Cannon *****

    #3) Eagles Trade Kolb & a 4th Rounder (#120th Overall) to the Vikings for their 1st Round (#12 Overall) and their 3rd Round (75th Overall) in 2011 Draft *****Eagles then would have in 2011 Draft of #12,#23,#55,#75,#87 and would choose the following players in the first 3 Rounds.
    #12 – DE A Smith, # 23 OL G Carimi, #55 OLB B Carter #75 RB T Jones from Eastern Washington, #87 CB Jalil Brown from Colorado

  • nev, I don’t know, maybe just a mid-high 1. But it’s not about what a good offer is or what he’s worth – if the deal goes down, neither of those things will determine the price. It will be what it takes to beat out the other offers. Look at what happened with Roy Williams years ago….if you’re the Eagles GM right now, your job isn’t to get what Kolb is worth, it’s to squeeze every last (penny) out of the suitors.

  • This is all non sense… what is the nfl trying to do besides take all the money? They’re making the league very unattractive. I’m so tired of this crap. Now they’re seeking an appeal? So why is everyone so happy on this site?

  • a very respectable last sentence, but i just can’t see a #1 for kolb . thats just my opinion .

  • Hello, I want to thank Vricchini and Paulman for their future predictions of what the Birds will do. It made an old Eagles fan laugh out loud. Thanks a lot.

  • Honestly, I cannot take them whiffing at DE again in the draft. Move up and take a stud CB to play opposite Samuel. Then hopefully you can spend all of that Namdi money on OL.

  • let’s keep it real..each year we Eagles fans get excited about the draft and the possibilities of adding a high profile could be star to our team…and what happens. Every single sinkin year, Reid tries to outsmart the other 31 teams by selecting someone they never worked out and on top of that the player was never even on any other team’s board..a la Brandon Graham. The Eagles don’t won’t a top 5 pick cuz you and I both know, they don’t wanna pay that top pick. Fat Andy is content with getting 11 to 13 draft picks with the intentions of finding a diamond in the rough…and let me know how that works out cuz we still haven’t found a diamond in the rough. And for all of you who will scream Shady and Desean and Maclin…pure luck…just like Brian Westbrook was pure luck. Reid is just as shocked as you and I when a draft pick pans out like Westbrook….but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for lightning to strike. I’m waiting for the day he gets FIRED!!! REID SUCKS….he’s probably somewhere calling a timeout as I’m typing this…we will draft another defensive lineman as usual…BUMS!!

  • rodney, you really think Brandon Graham wasn’t on any other team’s draft boards? That’s 0% false. The patriots were widely reported to be after him, and he was a concensus top DE prospect in the draft. Sure his rookie season didn’t turn out well (in hindsight), but don’t let that scew the facts – the Eagles traded UP last year, to pick the top rated DE, who was on MANY teams’ draft boards, which is why they needed to trade up to get him.

    You can hate Reid (and god knows many do) but don’t get your facts messed up due to your hate…

  • There were 3 teams seriously interested in Brandon Graham by most Draft Reports from last years. The Patriots,Giants and Falcons all liked him very much and probably would not have lasted if the Eagles stayed at #24
    I still think they gave up too much to move up 11 Spots which is another story.

  • Like Paulman pointed out…… The Giants were very much interested in him, and that is what prompted the Eagles to trade so much to move ahead of them to get him. The Giants by the way have a knack for finding D-Line talent, and just because Graham had a less than stellar rookie year, it doesn’t mean he is a bust. You are an idiot if you think that.

  • Can we still get something for the Ham Ripper?

    I guess we’ll know soon.

  • songs, reports are that it is VERY unlikely they can trade Kolb before or during this draft. (if that’s even what your criptic question was asking)

  • I really don’t expect any player movement for another week to 10 days from now at the earliest.. Call it a gut feel, intuition, or plain luck, but there won’t be player movement during this Draft Weekend

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