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A Defense Of Eagles Head Coach Andrew Walter Reid

Is Andy Reid really a terrible coach? Does he really not understand winning football? Can he take the Eagles to an eventual Super Bowl championship?

No, no, and yes.

As much as we criticize Andy Reid for his game-day coaching, his lack of running the football, and his constant playoff failures in recent years, there is one thing many of us overlook simply because we all don’t care about it. But Reid’s players are loyal. Reid is always loyal to his players while dealing with the media, but when a move is made like Ronnie Brown being traded weeks after a pass option fail, we all know Reid isn’t exactly blind to stupidity.

Does he need to put his players in a better position to succeed? Yes, every coach does. If they did, we would have more Saints-like offensive games with 60+ points being scored if every coach put each of their offensive skilled players in a better position to succeed.

But us fans don’t like what he doesn’t tell us. Andy Reid after the game, his day-after press conference, and his coach’s show on 94WIP all return the same message to the media and the fans– nothing. And I’m OK with that. I realize what Andy Reid is doing by not saying anything.

It just doesn’t work in a city like Philadelphia. The Eagles are the last team in the city to not have a championship. The NFL Championships from the 40’s and 60’s don’t count apparently, although I don’t know why. But an Eagles Super Bowl championship is the final hurdle of this city, and Reid has been here 13 years and failed to win one. So naturally, his attitude is what the fans are getting sick of and calling for his firing.

But Jon Gruden isn’t the answer. Tony Dungy isn’t the answer. Bill Cowher isn’t the answer. The answer is simply, better game-day coaching. Better players. After 13 years, I think Reid has lost some of his power within the organization because of his failures in recent years. I don’t think that’s a good thing. Howie Roseman making personnel decisions is scary. His last two drafts have been absolutely unremarkable. And I don’t think that’s Andy’s fault.

I admire Reid for taking on all the criticism by the fans and media because he wants his players focused and not worried about the outside world. That’s admirable. But at the same time, I think he lost his courteous side and doesn’t care what the media or fans think about him. I don’t think that’s the right attitude to have in this town.

There’s a way to say a lot by not saying anything, just look to Ruben Amaro, Jr. Andy is smart enough to know what’s going on, I just think he cares about winning and when he doesn’t win, we get the short end. If we weren’t sensitive, maybe we’d look past it.

If Reid wins a Super Bowl, he can act any way he wants. I don’t have to like it. But winning breeds good feelings. The Eagles haven’t won a playoff game since 2009. They lost to the eventual Super Bowl champions last season and played them closer than any other NFC team. Things like that stick in the crawl. We can be good enough if the
coaching is prepared on game day. And if the coaching continues to fall on game day, that’s what the fans will continue to harp on.

We all know Andy is a good coach. His track record proves that. But if we can’t win on Sunday or in the playoffs, it’s ultimately the head coach who comes into question. The players are good enough to get them into the playoffs. The coaching should be good enough to keep them there.

If the players love Reid, they will leave everything they have out on the field. I want a coach like that to run my team. It may not have worked in 13 years, but if the players are good enough, and I believe that they are, they can win Reid his first Super Bowl.

Can Reid treat us better? Of course. He stood out in line and gave out coffee and doughnuts to us. Many media people tell us how great of a guy he is. I firmly believe that. But losing gets to him just as much as it gets to us. We should admire that. He doesn’t want to tell us anything if he wins, and especially if he loses. As long as
he can become a better coach and win games, everything will be fine. I don’t remember a game that Andy Reid single-handedly won. That’s what fans realize. Is he good enough to get over the hump?

He has to be. He isn’t going anywhere. He will leave on his own time. And I don’t believe he will leave us a loser.

Nick Camillo Piccone

Philly sports fan that grew up as a four for four guy. Love the sports biz. Follow me on Twitter @nickcpiccone

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Gotta Luv It
Gotta Luv It
October 25, 2011 12:49 pm

Some optimism for a change….what a breath of fresh air….nice read

October 25, 2011 1:03 pm

that was a piss poor pathetic defense of Reid, if that’s the best account of him and you prefer that he stays you are mushroom from Kennet square

October 25, 2011 1:08 pm

As Paulman has stated in the past…
“Coaches never Win you any games, but they sure as hell can lose them for you..”

October 25, 2011 1:35 pm

Well, I believe we have seen the best of Andy Reid.

If he couldn’t win with the power packed 2004 team then he can’t win.

We were leading the Pats at halftime and one team did halftime adjustments and the other didn’t.

Guess which one?

We were moving th ball at will in the 1st half bu refused to run the ball which resulted in multiple turnovers in scoring position.

Our coaching kept Pats in the game…and that was before the so called dyansty..Those teams in the early 2000’s could have easliy turned into a dynasty team with the right coaching.

Look at the talent on the defensive side of the ball and what we’re getting out of them.

It’s coaching guys!!!!!

Andy will always be a competitve coach..he’s organized, a players coach and that’s all good. But he’ll do this organization a service by stepping in the office and let a touch gameday coach push us over the hump.

I can not trust Andy in an game elimination game with Sean Peyton or Mike McCarthy on the other side of the field.

They will beat Andy.

His game day clock manangement can no longer be overlooked for professional coaches are supposed to know how to manage a clock. Because we have become accustomed to his faults don’t mean they will not cost us when everything is on the line.

His faults are why we’re in this condition as a team now.



So the blame can not go there.

Andy Reid is our problem.

He let a veteran kicker go haggling over a few banner shekels and we lose a game with a rookie missing 2 chipshots in San Francisco.

I can go on and on.

How long will we make excuses for this loser?

October 25, 2011 1:37 pm

“He stood out in line and gave out coffee and doughnuts to us.”

Well I’ll be damned! Why didnt you say so. This totally changes my perception about Big Red. lol

j/k…lol Great article.

October 25, 2011 1:46 pm

Songs, what you mentioned has been my biggest gripe with him. Inability to make in game adjustments and clock management. These things have been getting us killed in big games even during times when this team has been in the running. I do think he is a good coach and probably a great guy but I don’t think he can get us over the hump.

October 25, 2011 2:20 pm

Are you kidding me with these?? Its dallas week!!!! the next 4 posts will be….

Is it me or is the nova care complex getting hotter?
Will McNabb retire?? or just eat another boul of soup?
Whats with the parking outside the staduim in MN??
What colors will be in next season?? Midnight green or Kelly Green?

Pman- i cant believe im saying this but…. please… start a blog.

October 25, 2011 2:21 pm

this is off the topic but i think desean is gone after this year i told paulman he was a dumb ass for thinks d-jack would be out of here but i think he is gone for other reasons than paulman here is mine i think they will put the tag on him then trade him because you cant pay him and mccoy,and maclin and i think maclin is more complete player than d-jack dont get me wrong djack is great for what he does though but you cant upgrade the Defense and pay all these people so i say the picks that get for asante and d-jack get real strong side lb and 340 dt to make this d great next year and whatever else picks you hav get a player that can be a punt & kick returner 1 guy that can do both jobs like that cobb guy in G.B cause every great 4-3 defense ive ever seen had 1 pass rush dt and 1 350 dt to stop the run for if the birds are gonna get back into this year here is how they can win it all paly small ball with teams but still be able to go deep like they were last week run shady from here on out 18-22 times give the rookie 3-5 and give that bum ronnie 3-5 carries every game control the clock and cut down on those t.o he keeps your defense fresh and keeps the other team from having the ball if they do this they could go 11-5 cause outside of maybe the ravens and pitts i dont think there is a d that slow us down but ourselves and yes paulman that goes for your pats the olny team in the nfl i think can beat us if we paly mistake free football is the packers and i think we are the only team that match up with them we are the only thing standing in the way of a packers repeat yeah i said

Jon Hart
Jon Hart
October 25, 2011 2:46 pm


October 25, 2011 2:52 pm

hearing from whom?

October 25, 2011 3:02 pm

Very unlikely Jon Hart.
Cowher would not want a QB like VIck to run his Offense, too much Risk..
What would the Eagles do then with Vick who just commited 6 Years and $100 Deal.. Anyway you look at , Coach AR & Vick are tied into this deal together..

October 25, 2011 3:02 pm

Seriosuly,who gives a jack.Good angle and dude put some thought into it,NO DOUBT. But is Dallas week.

You mean to tell em some of you guys would rather comment for fuggin hours about our staff ,when you know its what we have this year,and not talk Dallas.

Here you go and come with it…shut up …you stinking CRYBABIES!

They changed the name of the title to SUPERBOWL and now we havent done ish.Yeah it was 15 years before my birth!!BUT MY DAD REPS IT. Talk to him or my g-pop about not winning one and thyell spit on your docksiders you sissies. EVERYONES ON SCHOLARSHIP.ITS HARD.THE HARDEST TITLES TO WIN.

DALLAS…..Who is the x-factor on O…Avant for me. D…Chaney. How do we stop there rungame.We dont act like the Rams.Kiddin me with this site this week!!?

G AND THE REST OF YOU WRITERS.Earn your sponsor money.



October 25, 2011 3:03 pm

Gloomy — come around more. We’ve already discussed that a million times.

October 25, 2011 3:05 pm

Though I do not doubt that Luire wanted to pick Cowher brain for some advice..
Lurie is going to give Coach AR every chance to Succeed for he is a very loyal Owner just like Coach AR is as a Coach (and sometimes to their detrement)

October 25, 2011 3:05 pm

Nice run on sentence Jon. Way to make your point in all caps. You guys are bubble gum fans.

October 25, 2011 3:24 pm


What are you talking about. Didn’t Cower have “Slash?” Put the pipe down, man. How would you begin to know what Cower is thinking?

October 25, 2011 3:35 pm

I heard Andy was having lunch with The Green Lantern too. Apparently hes been given the powers of the green ring and everything will be fine now.They’ll be able to form a 6 in the redzone now.

October 25, 2011 3:47 pm

I got “Writers Block” and have no more ideas,comments or innuendo left to contribute…You guys enjoy the game.. Eagles 44 – Cowboys 20
and don’t forget “God Save the Queen” …

October 25, 2011 4:00 pm

And this defense of Andy Reid is utterly ridiculous.

His players like him? So what?

How many defenses have bragged about knowing which play would be run at a particular time in any game, especially during crunch time. I recall defense after defense bragging that they knew exactly which plays would be run at the end of the game. I’ve never heard that done before (or since) in the NFL. What does it matter that your players like you, if the defense knows your plays.

And what has Reid done since he lost his Ray Rhodes players (and this in a still-weak NFC East)?

In how many NFC Championships games were the Eagles favored and lost?

Reid was given license to spend whatever he needed to compete for a Superbowl. I doubt that we’re even going to the playoffs. Don’t let anything happen to McCoy – season’s over.

Which NFL team can’t pick up 1 yard (without trickery)? There’s only one.

Which NFL team wastes so many timeouts that TV announcers anticipate it?

Which NFL team will run the ball down a team’s throat, then decide it simply must pass. Hint – every other NFL will run a play until you stop it!

Which NFL team turns all-pro players into overnight has-beens, (simply because, like Ford, they have a better idea). For example, you’re the best bump-and-run shut-down corner in the league, let’s have you line up 8 yards deep? I’m sure you’ll be all-world then.

Which genius NFL team handed the reigns of a brand-new defense, complete with several new all-pros, to it’s offensive line coach? I didn’t say “offensive coordinator.” I said “offensive line coach.” Once again, Like Ford . . .

Which NFL team decided to employ a defensive scheme where its linebackers would have increased responsibility, despite the fact they devalue the position and have mediocre linebackers (at best)?

Speaking of linebackers, which NFL team took last year’s middle linebacker improvement and moved him to the outside?

Which NFL team drafts firemen approaching retirement with their top pick? Like Ford . . .

Which NFL team wasted entire careers because they didn’t need talented receivers? They had the best “scheme.” Like Ford . . .

Which NFL team made Ricky Manning look incredible?

Which NFL team threw more than every other team in the league, despite the fact that its receivers couldn’t even get off the line of scrimmage.

Which NFL team spent loads of money to improve its defense, but is actually now playing statistically worse than the previous record-breaking defense?

Which NFL team mortgages the present for the future. When we were close to winning a Superbowl, this team decided it needed Kevin Kolb – “Kevin Friggin Kolb,” who is likely well on his way to getting a coach fired and out of the NFL, himself?

Which team passed on Tony Gonzalez, Plaxico Burress (3 times), Randy Moss (twice), despite the fact that they were close to winning a bowl and had desperate needs in those areas?

Which team was anointed QB University? How are those QBs faring today?

Speaking of QBs. Which team throws the ball 50 times regardless of the state of its offensive line, injuries to players (including the QB), regardless of success running the ball, regardless of down and distance, regardless of score, regardless of weather, regardless of defense’s weakness?

Which team must throw deep always, regardless of . . . see above?

Please defend these facts for Mr. Reid. And this is off the top of my head. If I go to my archives, I’d probably be typing until Thursday.

Reid’s a bum!

Jon Hart
Jon Hart
October 25, 2011 4:05 pm

Ecrock, i was writing from my phone genius. I have a life. I cant sit in front of my computer all day long posting on here like you… Dont question my fan hood. Question your own, you say nothing positive about this team even when they win… you dont stand a chance against me go to bed..

October 25, 2011 4:09 pm

You people kill me with this argument about who you would replace Reid with.

Who was Andy Reid before he was the head coach of the Eagles?

Shouldn’t the league have ended after Lombardi retired? Because there were certainly no other great coaches to follow.

Where did Mike Tomlin come from? Where’d the guy in Green Bay come from?

The Eagles have the resources to do the necessary work to find a good coach. Sure, it’s his and miss. That’s why you give em only 3 years.

We may not know what we’re getting or where we’re going, but we already know what we have and where we’ve been. Let’s not allow fear of the unknown prevent us from progressing.

I promise you, the world’s not flat.

October 25, 2011 4:11 pm


Green Lantern – priceless!

October 25, 2011 4:20 pm

I say positive ish all the time toolbox. You must not read my posts like i read yours. Hurtful.It was still a run on.

I have a life….its just the goodlife …that allows me to do what the f i want when i want. Go pound sand ,pawn.

October 25, 2011 4:22 pm

To Drummerboy
Yes the Steelers did have Slash Stewart play QB much to the chagrin of Coach Cowher…He was forced to play him by their FO/GM at the time.. Remember Cowher was ealry in his Coaching Career and didn’t have the Power and Authority of his later years.. Cowher couldn’t replace Stewart quick enough with Bubby Brister/Neil O’Donnell once he (Cowher) had the chance and a little more pull within the organization.. . C’Mon Man, learn your Steeler History…

October 25, 2011 4:31 pm

On what do you base this? I’ve never read any such thing. How do you know that it wasn’t the opposite that Cowher wanted slash and not the FO. Let me guess, one of your sources told you.

October 25, 2011 4:32 pm

I only KNOW that you type a lot stuff as though it were fact, and it’s often totally bogus.

October 25, 2011 5:25 pm

I like the article – balanced – points out the good and the bad. After someone has been around for 13 years it is easy to go and look at that body of work and say – look at all the things that were screwed up! Wow – he did this wrong, and then he did that wrong – and how could he let that happen – it is always easy to sit on the sideline, in 20/20 hindsight and gripe –

But to do that and be totally blind to the record of accomplishment is ridiculous – so then we start picking apart the accomplishments – wee he had JJ and Spags, and McNabb –

no guys, the reality is Reid is one hell of a Head Coach. I do not know if he is a HOF head coach – but his accomplishments and records are outstanding. HE he accomplished everything – no – does he have faults – sure – only guy I know that didn’t got his butt nailed to a cross –

but the vitrol, the anger, the hate for a guy who year after year has brought a quality product (notice I said quality – not the greatest, not the best) to the fans is amazing -the need to call him fat, arrogant, an idiot, and to point out every flaw becuase ‘gasp’ the man has yet to deliver a SB title – only 6 Division and one Conference title – just not good enough.

Songs asked me when is a coach a failure – I said three or 4 key items:

1) Does he have the faith of his players – I give you the 49ers as the example – look at the performance difference of many of the same players under Singetary as opposed to Harbuagh -have you ever heard a player on or coming to the Eagles complain about Reid?

2) Does he have the faith of his bosses – I think Reid has Lurie and Banner’s faith – just like Castillo has Reid’s. None of you work in pro football, non of you own a franchise, so honestly – your opinion doesn’t count – sorry, niether does mine

3) Is the Coach showing improvement and getting better – this is the area where Reid may be getting in trouble – but then again – so in Charlie Manuel – I think any season that Reid does not make the playoffs is a huge issue.. I have said repeatedly that if I were owner I would seriously consider looking for a replacement if the Eagles don’t reach playoffs – as for those that say – SUper Bowl or bust we ain’t settling – well I think you are ignorant naive jackasses that have no clue or no grasp of realty – example – the Phillies – you never know what can happen any Sunday – but over 16 games you should have a good indication –

Songs for you – the D showed improvement this week – I would want the D to continue to improve (or not) before I declare a coach a failure

4) Can the coach handle 100% of the tasks assigned for that position – some people get overwhelmed, some need to grow into the position – Reid can handle 100% of the tasks – he needs to get better at some – name one person that doesn’t – can Castillo – we shall find out

See I figured out the difference really between being a hater and a front office butt kisser – its the difference between maturity and immaturity and patients and impatients – (did I spell those right) – 6 games into the season or during the pre-season – the haters were screaming and now with the slow start the pitch has reached fever levels – for the front office kool aid drinkers – we seem much more – lets see how the season plays out – lets watch how the season goes, we can do this –

I would love to do an informal scientific poll to see the education levels, financial levels, management experince and sports experince (both the blogger and the bloggers kids if they have them) – of the folks that fall in the ‘haters’ verse FO kool aid drinkers – clealry I fall in the FO kool aid drinker catagory –

I promise Stevo last crap post before the Cgirls from me – Eagles 41 – Cowboys 17 – Romo sacked 6 times – out in 4rth Qtr – Graham gets one! Jarret will show up and make a play on Special teams – 500 yards total O, the Birds come back off bye week strong and ready to make a move –

October 25, 2011 6:56 pm

Drummer, that was one passionate, accurate assessment of this coach, just beautiful,

Navy, you are dumber than words can describe

October 25, 2011 7:48 pm

Good stuff Drummer; I agree buddy. Fire Reid and any dumb bum that agrees with him.

October 25, 2011 8:29 pm

Rocko and jakedog – you two just mooch off of others’ negativity. That’s about all you contribute. You’re either praising Songs, BSM, Drummer, or any other hater who posts stuff.

October 25, 2011 8:34 pm

Songs, you just pick a different ‘hate of the day’. Akers? First, the guy’s accuracy was going down – he was missing some kicks the past few years. And ‘a few sheckels ‘ – no – the man lost a lot of money because he contributed to a pyramid scheme that Koy Detmer got him into. He was looking for a contract far beyond his market value to make up for his losses and debt. That’s not ‘a few schekles’.

And lets look at Henery – he had that one bad game, yes, but who was the kicker for the opponent in that game? Akers. And Akers missed a kick in that game. So neither are perfect. One was losing his touch and requesting far more than his market value.

October 25, 2011 10:38 pm

Hey Schiller, Generally those guys say exactly what I’m thinking most of the time; besides, I’m too busy doing medical pharmacology and med surge hw to respond the way I would – but Songs, Drum and the rest of the gang says just enough for me to agree with. You and “the old man dummy bum” navy are blowing big red way too much. You’ve been blowing big red longer than the avg life of a prostitute man. You are a green kool-aid drinking and there’s one born every minute. . Lay off the pipe buddy.

October 25, 2011 10:40 pm

green kool-aid drinking sucka, FIRE REID BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 25, 2011 11:02 pm

Doc roc – good for you man, hope those studies go well and you do a lot of good for patients. Now tell me, clearly by now in your studies you know with pharmacology, dosing is anything but ‘all or nothing’ it’s all about figuring out context, and adjusting to it, weaning doses, halflifes, therapeutic ranges etc…. you know, gradients, gray areas, continuums….

then why with Eagles fandom do you see things in all or nothing, extremes, black-or-whites? For me to not hate means I perform sexual acts and love everything about the coach and front office? Come on now, please tell me you’re using two completely different ways of viewing the world when you do your homework and gcobb posting. Otherwise, you’re going to be one pharmacist or doctor!

October 25, 2011 11:36 pm

Snookie – you saw that ad for Medco-Tech – be working in 7 weeks and took it – way to go! Glad to see you out there trying to improve yourself (now shower once a week and you will be rolling) – now you will able to pick up your own tampons when your shift is over at Rite-Aid! Careful with the bragging – I busted D car in about two seconds for his embellishments and half the people on this site got a laugh out of Songs claim to football pedigree

Jakey chu – as for being dumb (how do you get into the Naval Academy or graduate from there if you are dumb?) Anytime I am on the opposite end of an argument from Snookie – Jakey chu and my claim to football pedigree is my son played and I went to a meeting with the new coach Songs – life is good –

So snookie – advice – remember not to self medicate – and don’t get caught taking any of the product –

Question – green kool aid drinking sucka – what the hell is that – is that a put down – is that some tough guy anti-eagle bad ass speak (I am trembling) – you do want the eagles to win don’t you – you like to watch and cheer for the eagles! Or snookie – is that a term for an eagle fan – you should try it sometime instead of being jealous of who is performing sex acts for who – a true fascination for the hater crowd – why not get ready for the eagles game this week – get out the basement – head to the local pub – crank up some merril reese – have some friends over (try inviting a girl or two?) – its got to be hard to be such a negative ass all the time – probably why you don’t have friends and can’t get laid –

Love the Eagles – can’t wait to see them play this week – Kick the shit out of the Cowboys! Come on Snooks – give us the soprano chorus – Fly Eagles Fly – on the road to victory – fly eagles fly, score a touchdown 1-2-3 – come on snook……. Eagles 41-17 come on snook show your true colors – come on precious whats your prediction!

October 26, 2011 2:08 am

I counted at lest nine “ifs” in there. I sure his players love him and he’s probably a real ‘swell’ person and “great guy” who gave out coffee and doughnuts to you reporters. All well and good, but, thirteen years. It takes thirteen years to learn how to put your players in the right position to succeed? And Jon Gruden isn’t the answer? Better coaching is the answer? Well, I submit, if we want “better coaching,” Jon Gruden IS the answer.

Thank you drummerwinslow. That’s what I call “Keeping It Real.” Too many fans bury their heads in the sand and refuse to believe their lying eyes.

October 26, 2011 3:12 am

Reid’s publicist & P R man wrote this article. Give me a f^#@ing break! I barfed a couple of times, while reading it.

October 26, 2011 3:24 am

Is Andy Reid really a terrible coach? Does he really not understand winning football? Can he take the Eagles to an eventual Super Bowl championship?
Yes. Yes. No. That’s how it should be.
BTW, who gives a crap about his press conferences, anymore!? They only pi$$ me off, & show me what an utter condescending nitwit he is. I don’t even watch them anymore. He gives the same, stupid, broken record answers every time. He’ll fix things, put players in a better position, & he has to do a better job. All of what he professes, he will do in each conference. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! 13 years of the same, never ending $#!t! He has to go! End of story!

October 26, 2011 3:27 am

October 25, 2011 – 4:09 pm-
Thank you for making such a great post. Facts & knowledge, with no delusions.

October 26, 2011 6:02 am


October 26, 2011 7:06 am

Navy, your words does not change the facts. Not one Reid experiment worked. Period.

His experiments have cost us opportunities in the past and have dug us a hole this year.
We’re not talking about the what if’s…Where discusiing what is.

13 years is more than enough data for fans to come to conclusions concerning this coach.

He will continue to experiment if he’s the coach and there’s nothing to say he won’t.

Look at the Segrest debacle with moving him all over the team to weaken it.

Look at his replacements for “JJ” instead of hiring qualified defensive minds.

Look at his abandoning the running game when it’s all on the line.

Look at his game day gaffs with clock management and not knowing when to
challenge a play.

Look at how many times the clock has ran down at the end of a half with our team in the red zone coming out with no points.

These deficencies are not conincidences anymore and as fans this is what we have come to expect as normal with Andy Reid as coach.

Listen….We can not expect a long run within a season without one of these serious flaws rearing it’s head.

We as fans are now able to predict what will happen not because we’re some great Seers but because of the body of work Reid have shown us through the years.

You optimist would like to believe it will all magically come together and for some reason these flaws will disappear.

You want us to believe Juan Castillo will one day coach a top 10 defense that win games against the top offensive minds down the stretch…A defense that imposes it”s will on it’s opponents.

You optimists would like us to believe our high octane offense which none of us have seen this season will cover the under qualified defensive coordinator’s flaws.

We were the same guys telling you on this site the Casey Matthews was a bum.

You guys were saying give him a chance…Andy knows what he’s doing.

Then he gets benched after his weaknesses cost us a few games with no explanation to why he was given the job in the first place.

We’re tired of it already.

This is just a microcasm into the many flaws we as fans come to expect from Andy Reid.

We need a change and if it takes the Cowboys stomping us this week in our house to help bring this along….I’m all for it.

October 26, 2011 7:39 am

That article was pure comedy.

You should have just titled it” IT’S NOT MY FAULT”

Losers make excuses…

That’s why some people stay Fat and others find a way to lose the weight.

I all comes down to who skill and who wants it more.

If Howie is a screw up in drafting and getting players then draw a line in the sand.

Andy would get another job in a heartbeat. 7 coaches are fired every year in the NFL.

As far as talent goes, that’s a bunch of crap. We had Westbrook TO McNabb Runyun Tra Thomas Dawkins, Sheldon Brown and more in their prime. He should have figured out a way to work with TO. That’s what leaders do.

The Eagles traded Trotter and got rid of TO when they spoke up. Right or wrong, sometimes you need guys like that on your team. Not a team full of choir boys.

13 years is about 3 times the amount of time a coach gets to win in the NFL.

It was Andy Reid’s decision to hire Juan as defensive coordinator. That alone is responsible for the current record. It is his in ability to admit a mistake quickly. Starting the rookie a MLB, and giving Juan a long lease. That’s all Andy Reid.

Loyalty is nice, but ask Jimmy Johnson what he did to a player that came in late for a meeting. YOUR FIRED!! It set the tone for the rest of the lockerroom.

When we stop making excuses for failure and make a decision to win a Superbowl, then Philadelphia will join the REST of the NFC EAST with a championship.

Remember the Saints superbowl win?? The coach kicked an onsides. That sent a message, we came here to win. That’s the attitude we need. Remember Tampa fired a winning coach Dungy. That sent a message that they wanted to win a superbowl not just have a winning team. Do that and stop being MR Nice guy and get some Belichek in you or some New York “we better than everybody else” attitude and we’ll win a Superbowl.


“By their fruits you’ll know them”…

It’s not Andrew Walter Reid

October 26, 2011 8:28 am

Bsm – the fat thing again? All I hear from the people who like to find some correlation between Reid’s weight and coaching is – Give us Rex Ryan, Give us Rob Ryan, Buddy Ryan was god, it’s a shame Reid doesn’t coach like him!

Look, any monkey with an IQ of 10 can see that being an Eagles fan has been frustrating – INCREDIBLY – but to use that as an excuse to be so hypocritical and illogical “two plus two equals four, except when it’s convenient for me to equal 11″….

The saints superbowl and kicking onsides kicks? Reid DOES THAT YOU DOPE. And he gets criticized for it. It worked (experiment songs) against Dallas in that pickle juice game.

Songs, wasn’t Westbrook and experiment? Wasn’t Desean Jackson an experiment. Wasn’t bringing in Vick at that time an experiment?

And SONGS – you say that you’re now able to predict everything. Then tell me, please, how you predicted 19-0 when they signed Nnamdi…. Hm? Huh? Oh yeah, you’re a coward so you don’t answer questions, you only ask them.

I’m not saying Reid is a great coach or will win the superbowl. I am saying you guys are a bunch of whiny little babies who are whining to either 1 of two things all the time – ‘the choir’ (as in ‘preaching to’) meaning you’re just talking to people who already agree with you (useless/pointless behavior) OR you’re bitching and moaning to BRICK WALLS – fans who know that the whining is pointless and unproductive and/or the actual media/team who expect it, find nothing remarkable about it, and treat it with no more attention than a bum on the street.

MEANWHILE THERE’S A FOOTBALL TEAM IN PHILADELPHIA PLAYING GAMES. You can keep bitching and moaning, like we all know you’ll do, or enjoy the season. Choice is yours, it’s a free country. But don’t be surprised if people find your bitching futile and bothersome, because it is.

And one more thing for the hater peanut gallery – “I agree” does not equal “Fact, Accurate, Objective, The Truth, Not being blind, Seing, Being able to predict”

October 26, 2011 9:01 am

It’s time to rally around the Troops and their belaegured Coach..
We have all Off-Season to debates,discuss what happens to Coach Ar..
Meanwhile, there are 10 Games left to be played and a huge one Sunday night versus our hated rivals the Cowboys.. This is what I am concerned about
The Trade Deadline has come and gone, the 53 Man Roster is what it is and the Coaching Staff also is what it is, so lets talk about the upcoming game and what needs to be done to beat the COwboys and have the chance to get into better position in the NFC East/Conference Race as far as playoffs go..
I will no longer bitch,rant or rave on what coulda,shoulda or woulda happen if I was King for a day, because it’s irrelevant.. It’s time to get down to serious football and you are either on the bus or not.. Let’s Go Eagles..

October 26, 2011 9:07 am

Westbrook & Desean Jackson was an experiment?

Schill is losing it.

Desean Jackson was drafted as a wide reciever and is being used as a wide reciever.

Westbrook drafted a runningback used as a runningback.

Schill….an experiment would be drafting a pass rusher specialist and use him to cover tight ends….Like Gocong?

Taking a failed offensive line coach and giving him the defensive coordinator’s position. Got it?

October 26, 2011 9:51 am

Here’s reality..A team with Superbowl aspirations before the season began is still trying to find an identity and have not put together an complete 60 minutes of football with the season almost at the halfway mark.

The Eagles have passed the easiest part of their schedule and have placed themselves in a do or die scenario for the remainder of the season.

The defensive coach is no match for the top offensive minds in this league and that alone makes our chances of doing anything this season a pipe dream.

This idiot said he would use one of the best press corners in the league play in the scheme like Charles Woodson does for Green Bay.

That had Asmo lost….no soon as they play him where he excelled all through his career he have his best game as an Eagle….Surprised?

Not anyone out there who was asking Juan why is he playing Asmo out of position.

I seen the press asking Juan during the losing streak why he’s not playing him in his natural position and he would just ignore the question. Then Juan claimed he put too much on Asmo…WHAT?

The question should have been in reponse…Why did you put too much on him with 2 other pro bowl corners in the secondary?

You are not a polished defensive coordinator who have the latitude of trying new things!

Get some defensive gameday experience before moving guys in positions you’re not sure they can play.

What the hell was the Casey Matthews debacle about?

What did he show anyone to make them feel he would be better at the MLB position than Chaney this offseason?

Absolutely Nothing!

Some might say well at least Juan see his error and now went back to what works…but others will look at it and say this guy don’t know what the hell he’s doing.

Why tinker with something that was working from the beginning?


Because Juan is following in the footsteps of his mentor Andy.

Andy experimented with the Juan hire and now Juan is experimenting with the players and the season is at risk because if it.

I do believe if the right coaches had this same talent on their rosters we’d be undefeated.

When you have a team that was tinkering in the offseason for a Superbowl run you can’t make these drastic changes and expect to take steps forward.

It makes no since.

Andy should have hired a good defensive coach and not have expected the newly hired coach to adjust to Washburn’s wide 9.

If he believed Washburns philosophy is the one to go with Washburn should have been given the defensive coordinator’s job with the power to pick his staff to run it.

Andy should have told Mudd that we’re going to use the experience of Jamaal Jackson to anchor the line while Mudd teaches the younger linemen to takeover through injury or slowly merge them into the scheme so their learning curve would not affect the start of a promising season.

There’s value in experience over youth in certain circumstances.

Reid ignored this value now we’re sitting here as one of the worse teams in the league.

Yes, I was excited when Andy drafted Asmo and put out a 19-0 prediction in the mist of my excitement….but the preseason had that fizzle immediately and all the excitement fizzled with Andy’s decision to take the team backwards with many experiments a one time hoping it will work.

This season was over before it began…and it’s not because of the talent…it’s how the coaches decided to use the talent.

And the players see it.

October 26, 2011 9:58 am

Both Drummer and Navy made some good points about Reid. As for the Dallas game, I am not overly optimistic, I do think the Eagles have a chance to win. But, I think the Eagles are going to struggle on both sides of the ball. I saw Tom Brady struggle against that Dallas Defense. That game came down to the final seconds. The only saving grace for this team might be that we have more mobility in #7 and Reid is going to have to break his one rule and run the damn ball. Look for Mccoy to have a big game this week. (knock on wood). On the defensive side of the ball, They have to get to romo. Stuff the running game and take away Romo’s favorite target Jason Whitten. This is a must win game for the eagles. If the Eagles can pull off a win here, Its big because A.) It sends a message to the rest of the Division that they are in it to win it. B) It means they are progessing and finally jelling as a team, C.) It gives me hope that they are contenders for the post season.

October 26, 2011 11:54 am

Paul, um wow, I wish we could tell if your you’re being serious or not. Because that was a great post….

October 26, 2011 11:58 am

Songs, Westbrook was used as WR argueably more than any RB before him. He was seen as a ‘stretch’ where they drafted him. And Desean was seen as too small to play wide receiver. He was seen as a ‘reach’ where they drafted him. That’s what I meant. Experiment is similar to risk.

And you act like LBs and DEs from college aren’t shifted around into the NFL – IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. EVERY YEAR. Gocong didn’t work out – no doubt, but GET OVER YOURSELF. That has nothing to do with this year’s team. You’re trapped in your hate for Reid. It controls you. MAN UP and get beyond it.

October 26, 2011 12:02 pm


Andy was asked what can he do different to break his 5 game losing streak at home….and he gave this groundbreaking solution.

We have to do a better job at home or away.

Thanks andy for your in depth ensight.