• January 20, 2022

More About Shady McCoy And His Career Day Against The Cowboys

If there was any question about how good LeSean McCoy actually is, Sunday night’s game erased all doubt. McCoy’s 185-yard outburst against the Cowboys’ number one rushing defense was simply jaw dropping, awe inspiring, insert your cliché here, pure greatness.

The league’s second leading rusher was dominant throughout the contest, running thirty times for an average of over six yards per carry.

In the first quarter alone, the Pittsburgh grad eclipsed the eighty-yard mark, leaving the Cowboys players and coaches on their heals. An infuriated Rob Ryan was pictured often on the sideline grimacing as McCoy exposed the weaknesses of his over-pursuing defense. But that is what a great running back is supposed to do. And great is exactly what McCoy was on Sunday night.

Shady’s 185 yards were a career high and the most he has run for in a single game since his high school days at Bishop McDevitt. It was the sixth most rushing yards that any Eagle has run for in a single game and McCoy’s fourth 100-yard performance of the season. At the pace he is currently on, McCoy will break Wilbert Montgomery’s 1979 Eagles’ record of 1,512 rushing yards in a single season.

Twice Sunday night, McCoy found the end zone on the ground, scoring his seventh and eighth rushing touchdowns respectively. It was the fourth consecutive game that the twenty-three year old has run for a touchdown and gave McCoy a score in every game this season. If McCoy continues to score touchdowns at this alarming pace he will likely break Steve Van Buren’s single season touchdown record of eighteen, which has stood for sixty-six years.

Fortunately for the Eagles, McCoy was not alone on the ground. Michael Vick looked like the quarterback of old; dancing in between tacklers and picking-up key first downs when defenses lost containment. Vick finished the contest with an impressive fifty yards on just seven carries.

The final positive that I took from the game was Andy Reid’s commitment to the run. McCoy had eight carries in the first quarter, five in the second, eight in the third and nine in the fourth. Not only did this show a commitment to the league’s fastest rising running star, but proved that any previous criticism of Howard Mudd, mine included, may in fact be incorrect. The offensive line played the best it has all season. The Eagles had only two negative rushing plays the whole game.

The lone concern resulting from Sunday’s game against the Cowboys is the lack of depth that the Eagles have at running back. As great as LeSean McCoy has been thus far at avoiding big collisions, he is human and the fear of injury and fatigue throughout the season are a legitimate concern. Either Dion Lewis, who did not play after being involved in a minor car accident, or Ronnie Brown need to step-up and help to take some of the load off of McCoy. There is no reason to have the top back on the field in the fourth quarter of a blowout.

The Eagles next test comes in week nine when the Bears bring the leagues twelfth-ranked defense to Lincoln Financial Field.

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Keith Zubrow

Keith Zubrow is currently a freshman at Syracuse University where he is studying Broadcasting and Digital Journalism at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and Marketing Management at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management. In 2011, Keith graduated from Upper Dublin High School. During his time at UDHS, Keith served as a three year President of the Broadcasting Club and was the lead play-by-play voice for UDTV, Upper Dublin's Cable Access Channel. During that span, Keith made two appearances on network television and, in 2010, won an award for his story that aired on KYW Newsradio. Follow Keith on twitter: @kzubrow

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  • Can a passholic continue to run the ball?

    Did he do it against North Carolina in the Championship game (with his players begging him to continue to run)?

    Did he do it with Corell Buckhlater averaging over 6 yards per carry?

    Did he do it with the 3-headed monster?

    Did he do it against the Titans last year (while gaining a 13-0 first-half lead)?

    Time after time, Reid has abandoned the run to pass the ball 50 times. And to make matters worse, he’s determined to pass it deep, which only leads to his QB running for his life and eventually getting pounded and injured.

    His disdain for the run is well documented. He has even said it himself. He’d much rather throw for 3 yards than to run for 3 yards.

    With his job on the line, has he FINALLY learned?

    Get me once, shame on you. Get me 13 times, shame on me.

    After 13 years, I’m no longer a believer. He’s got to show me.

  • Drummer – North Carolina? Did he do it with the three headed monster – uh YEP.

    Dude, You said this yesterday, and the day before, and the day before, and the day before, and the day before, and the day before, and the day before, and the …. WE GET IT YOU HAVE MADE YOUR POSITION CRYSTAL CLEAR

  • drummer, yesterday he had the gumption to state that there is nothing different about the offense, he’s either delusional or a liar, bold face, the question I have for these heaps of praise writers on gcobb is this is nothing new, we saw last year how spectacular this team can look when its rolling, when the game plan goes to script, but if they run some more wins and giants falter with their brutal schedule, what will happen come crunch time, when your opponent figures out plan A, when you have to adjust, manage the clock, timeouts, remember this coach lost 4 NFC championship games, and of the 5 played the eagles were favored in all but one, so save all this gloating, how great this team is until you win the prize, until then you are the jv version of marv levy

  • 2 Biggest difference is the way the OL is playing and I think they have simplified the game plans a little and are staying with more basic formations and pass routes and Vick is getting the ball out quick taking what the Defense is giving them and I noticed when Celek or even once to Harbor when the TE stays and blocks, there must a “bark out signal” by Vick if he’s in trouble to throw that little TE pass Screen.. It’s worked 3-4 time in the last 2 games for pretty good yardage every time and a TD by Celek vs the Redksins , but they used that 2-3 times vs the Cowboys too.. There is no one who is covering the TE when they stay in to pass block for 3-4-5 Seconds then turn around and get a short pass, the opposing LB’s have alread dropped into intermdiate coverages by that time and the DL has rushed in after Vick.. (The Patriots run this formation/play a lot too and it’s almost indefensible for a quick 8-10-15 yard gain..It’s a great call/play)

  • jake – I hear you. I have one question – at what point did Andy Reid gloat? And if your answer is – at no point (as it should be) – then why are you telling him to ‘save all the gloating’? Just curious.

  • Jakedog – what IS different about the offense that you think Reid is lying about? Other than the fact that they were much more effective (duh) the only thing I can think of is that they called more running plays. That’s about it. That’s not that big of a change, just a different aspect of their playbook that doesn’t get utilized that often. Seeing as you and I have 0 access to the team meetings and gameplaning sessions, for you to call Reid delusional and/or a liar is to speak from a position of ignorance – you don’t know what the plans usually are so you have no basis to say they were different from usual this time.

  • MR Nuance and little Jakey chu – so we now get 9+ weeks of you two sitting in your wet diapers fretting like a bunch of 90 year old women – oh – Reid has documented disdain – get me 13 times – oh the HORROR – with his job on the line – guess you missed where Collingsworth said he ain’t going no where – time after time – oh… well MR Nuance -remember – you have to let the dog out before bed, and I get to pick what’s on the TV, and when it comes to football – just shut the hell up cause you are clueless – love Mrs Nuance – PS are we tangling

  • let the teams we play worry about what we’re doing different..that is not something a coach should be broadcasting, let them figure it out…ok so if Reid says yeah we’ve decided to give the ball to McCoy 25 carries a game, no less..or says we decided to draw up some plays where the cutback is designed for McCoy runs and we’re only going to bring our TE across the line to block where the ball is going or we designed some specific wrinkles out of our stretch play, where we’re running the screen out of…yup, AR tell the opposing defenses exactly what we’re doing, help them out…..just asinine, that an Eagles fan is worried about a coach not putting his game plan on blast

  • I want teams to think we are still going to pass 65% percent of the time! It’s better for the run game

  • Oh yeah Navy – I meant to mention that but missed it – DRUMMER – “with his job on the line” – that’s wishful thinking on your part. So far we have (let me do the math…0 + 0…carry the 0, times 0..=..hmm?… … …0! evidence that Reid’s job is on the line. 0. But haters love to use their wishful thinking/hope to say otherwise.

    An NFL head coach’s job is always under scrutiny and they need to produce wins and playoff appearances to keep it – sure. But ‘no superbowl, should be fired’ doesn’t work – only repeated superbowl champs would keep their jobs. There’d be a coaching shortage.

  • calm down everybody. we’re talking about andy reid here. i’m waiting for a few more games before i get excited. we’ve had 13 years of this idiot not running the ball.

  • Andy was gloating on wip yesterday talking how great the team played, how talented it is, riley cooper followed, equally smug, at 3-4, why so smug, and the gcoob writers, calm down as run says, lets see Andy at crunch time, if he gets there

  • I am sorry – I have been out of Philly for a while – WIP is a radio station – so they were glaoting and being smug on the radio?

    And Jake – agreed – been saying it all year – chill the F out let the 16 game season pan out – but if you guys want to rip into the eagles during the off-season, during the pre-season and during every loss – we get to get excited when we win – hopefully we get to be excietd about 8 or 9 more times in the next 2 motnhs

  • Schiller

    I said it the day before and the day before and the day before, and you’re tired of it, right?

    Now, you know EXACTLY how I feel. Reid’s done it the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before . . .

  • What type of trophy does Reid get for his “regular-season championships?”

    One playoff win since 2008. Think about it. Just one!

    Reid’s done nothing since he lost his Ray Rhodes players.

  • Schiller

    Now that you’ve given me control of your emotions, I’ll be sure to post it tomorrow and the day after, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after . . .

    I didn’t really wish to control you that way, but since you’re surrendering it, I might as well take advantage of it.

    Guess way, nothing you say bothers me. Aren’t you just a bit envious? My bad, there we go again controlling your emotions.

    Grown folk don’t allow that to happen. Just sayin’.

  • I see my wife checked in today.

    Mrs. Nuance, sorry, I was tired last night. I promise to give it to you tonight. Do you forgive me, baby? Attagirl!

    Love you, Boo!

  • Well, I had my laugh for the day. Gotta practice now. Take care guys and gals.

  • drummer – with all due respect, do you realize how ridiculous what you posted is? You’re saying that you’re all high and mighty because you were able to momentarily frustrate me….ok then.. by that logic, aren’t you annointing Andy Reid “all powerful” over YOU!?

  • so Mr Nuance – you are going to sit around in your wet diaper for the rest of the year just waiting for something bad to happen – well don’t expect me to happy about it, you can go sleep in the guest room

  • and it is implied – none for you – you are cut off until your attitude changes mister

  • Not to change the subject
    Anyone hear the Eagles maybe giving a workout for ex Cowboy RB Tashard Choice of the Cowboys who was released last week as a potential back-up and return man… Rb Ronnie Brown just doesn’t have the foot speed or explosive 1st coupld of steps that you need to play in the NFL anymore..

  • Didn’t he end up with the Redskins P

  • He went to the Redskins YESTERDAY afternoon Paulman, you moron.

  • ATT yrds TD’s
    Week 1 @STL 15 122 1
    Week 2 @ATL 18 95 2
    Week 3 NYG 24 128 1
    Week 4 SFO 9 18 0
    Week 5 @BUF 11 80 1
    Week 6 @WAS 28 126 1
    Week 8 DAL 30 185 2

    these are his #’s as a RUSHER this year. the ones that urk me are the san fran and buff games. what’s the reason for the lack of toutches? he did have 6 catches in the san fran game but CLEARLY- he must get the ball more. Especially in close games.

  • job on the line stuff- its crap. Sorry guys but it is. Last year Pman and G himself said that andy has lost power and such. That McNabb was voted out by 2 out of the 3 heads. That was exactly what Gsaid last year. We were told he had little to no power at the end of the year and that sean McD was also voted out. Then…….. Andy goes and picks his Oline coach as the new D cord. This move shows that all of the Pman and Gcobb stuff was completly made up.

    is andys job on the line? always….. as is every other coach in this league. and he may have hurt himself with the juan thing but….. the story is old. you people say it every year. and its crap. Sooner or later he will get fired and guys like Pman will say…. see see…. i knew it. But guys…… everyone walks away sometime. you are wrong! Andy is here for at least 1 more year.

  • Hey Stevo,
    I stand by my power structure analysis of the Eagles Fronmt Office nad Coach AR and for the umpteenth time, I never stated that Coach AR would get fired after this Season (2011) no matter what happened. I have been very consistent in stating that he has thru 2012 to get the Eagles into the Super Bowl.. All of his hand chosen Assistants are signed thru 2012 Season and Coach AR is Signed thru 2013.. but if he doesn’t get to the SUper Bowl by the 2012, he will then be released/bought out of his final year of his Contract as the Eagles would start fresh over in 2013 with a completetly new Staff and Vision.. (I still expect this to happen but not until after the 2012 Season unless he Coaches the Team to the Super Bowl which is still possible)

  • @paulman

    I really wish you -and a few others_ would quit with the ronnie brown being too slow or not good enough. There is absolutely no proof of this nonsense. You do realize the lions traded for him to do something other than warm a seat like he does here. Any running back out of the is organization can not be juged on production. This sideline brass has a track record of not getting it right in regards to RBs. Most lions fans were extremely excited about aquiring the best offensive player from a one-dimensional dolphins team (teams defensed to stop brown, then r. williamns.).

    No one I know who knows the game is echoing what you are.

  • @coldbrewski

    You have to be new around here.

    In order to take anything Paul says seriously, you have to be new around here.

  • Cold Brew;s been around for a little while and it’s fine for him to criticize me for being critical on a what I think was a bad fit for the Eagles to begin with.
    I was one who never liked the RB Ronnie Brown Signing for he’s too slow and has little or no explosion at all left in those legs..His blocking is very poot too and is simpley not a fit for this Eagle Team.. The Lions only traded for him for they have lost 3 of their RB’s and have little choice at this time.. I just think the guy’s a bump on a log, and I hope he proves me wrong, btut I doubt he will.. Did anyone see him return that kick, he ran it back like a girl and was hesitant to hit the holes hard and fast and dove for cover at 1st impact….. He’s no good and hasn’t been in a couple of Years and runs very “soft” in my opinion..

  • Mr Nuance (aka drummer dear) – I thought we agreed that you would not discuss football in public as every time you do you make an ass of yourself – that comment that and I quote “Reid’s done nothing since he lost his Ray Rhodes players.” Really – I thought I explained this to you a while back – I forgot how slow you are so here we go again – Rhodes left in 1998 – the team was 3-13 – in 2004 the eagles were 13-3 and went to super bowl – they had exaclty one starter on the D that started in both 1998 and 2004 – that was Dawkins – they had 2 starters common on offense – Tra Thomas and MAyberry – so out of 22 starters – wow – 3 3 divided by 22 * 100 = like 14 percent – wow – I can see where you think Reid was just using Rhodes players as a crutch – and by 2009 when they went 11-5 – ZERO ZERO that would be none – no players left from the Rhodes era

    Now there were exaclty 8 players that played for Rhodes in 1998 and Reid in 2004 – name them…. Dawkins, Koy Detmer (hey – solid back up QB), Hugh Douglas (his good by season in Philly 15 tackles and I think 2 sacks all year), Chad Lewis (also his last year! But two TDs in the NFCC game), Mayberry, Ike Reese – special teams maven – Hollis Thomas (I think he left after this year also and Tra Thomas – so – 53 man roster – 8 people 3 starters – 8/53 * 100 –

    yeah – 16% wow – yet again, another bullshit comment from one of our favorite bullshit contributors – maybe its in the nuance?

  • McCoy is the new beast from the East. Stick with him Andy! Dude is ridiculously good.

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