• June 27, 2022

Paterno, McQueary, Curley & Schultz Enabled Sandusky To Continue Molesting Children

Joe Paterno was fired last night and rightfully so. In less than a week, Paterno went from being one of the most revered coaches to ever lead a football team, to being a man in the middle of one the most disgusting scandals that’s ever taken place in college football.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so, you know that former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, founder of the Second Mile Children’s foundation, was accused of sexually abusing eight minors, including over 40 different charges from 1994-2009.

Despite his tremendous accomplishments at Penn State, Paterno deserved to be fired. He should not have been given the luxury of retirement, the way Sandusky, himself was allowed to in 1999. He was rightfully fired and disgraced. This is not a man who should be remembered for 409 wins. This is not a man who should be remembered for 2 National championships. This is a man who should be remembered by the fact that he had the opportunity to put a child rapist in jail and instead, chose to try and protect the Penn State name.

In 2002, then Graduate Assistant, Mike McQueary testified in front of a grand jury that he witnessed Jerry Sandusky engaging in sexual acts with a 10-year old boy in the Penn State showers. He did not call the police. He did not try to stop Sandusky. He shut the door and called his father. This a 28-year old grown man. His father suggested that they sit down with Paterno the next day, and they did.

Paterno told him he’d take care of it. He called Athletic Director Tim Curley and thought that was enough. Curley informed Gary Schultz the Senior Vice-President Of Finance but they did nothing. This wasn’t a university issue. This wasn’t two adults engaging in these acts on school property. This was the rape of a child. Four men had the chance to do something about it, and did nothing.

In 1998 Sandusky was accused of sexual abuse of a child, but it was thrown out. In 1999, Sandusky retired at the age of 55. He was always rumored to be the successor for Paterno at Penn State University. He was a great defensive coordinator. But he was never even rumored to take another job in football. What I find even more troubling is the fact that McQuery walked in on this in 2002, when he was a graduate assistant.

In 2003, he was now a full-time coach. Ray Gricar, the district attorney who didn’t file charges against Sandusky, subsequently went missing in 2005, and was declared legally dead in 2011, less than a year before he planned to retire and all his files and evidence would have been turned over to the incoming DA. His computer was found in a river with the hard drive removed. The hard drive was recovered a little further up the river and was completely destroyed. Now I have no evidence at all that any of this is linked to the Sandusky scandal, but it just seems a little more of cover up than the coaches just being negligent to me.

This has nothing to do with football. This has everything to do with the morals of men. Three men had the chance to stop this and they didn’t. In fact they enabled it. Sandusky was allowed to keep an office, even in retirement, at the Penn State Athletic Facilities. He was able to run his charity to prey on the innocence of his victims for the next seven years. Seven years of the sexual abuse of little kids who needed help and thought this man was giving it to them. Seven years could have been erased.

Mike McQuery, Joe Paterno, Gary Schultz and Tim Curley should all be held accountable for every one of Sandusky’s discretions over those seven years. They should all be in jail. But they won’t. Everyone in the program from top to bottom should be fired.

The program itself should be given the NCAA’s Death penalty. But let’s face it. Students didn’t have lunch with a professional football player. They didn’t trade clothing, rings and autographs for tattoos or take a couple bucks to live on, so we all know the NCAA won’t step in.

Here is a link to the Grand Jury Report. Read it if you dare. I must warn those who haven’t read it, it’s extremely sickening.

Dennis Dunn

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  • Wow… who is Dennis Dunn. You almost make it seem like Joe Pa did the deed himself, and that McQueary was in the shower watching. Why is the focus coming off of Sandusky… And let’s talk about the kids, and these crimes are horrific in the worst way. Where are the parents that knew??? Me personally if that was my son, Sandusky would’ve caught a serious beat down 10 years ago. That would’ve shed more than enough light on the situation. But to crucify Paterno in the public opinion court room I choose to let the legal system run it’s course.

  • Dennis, powerfully and appropriately stated

  • Wow, the school board is a disgrace! They are using JoePa as the scapegoat and a distration to the real issues. They know JoePa’s story will overshadow the case itself. I disagree with everyone involved should goto jail, that is ridiculous and will not happen. It might be morally wrong on some level, but nothing they did (did not do) is against the law.

    Seems like everyone now days wants to see a greek tragedy by witnessing the fall of an entire organization, instead of focusing on the perpetrator and the victims/family. It is all about who takes the bigger fall. If JoePa was the accused, no one should be talking about the school pres, trustees, D coord, etc…

  • Chuckrob – the parents that knew? Are you assuming the kids went home and told their parents? That’s often not the case with sexual abuse – the victim quite often is in such a state of trauma, shame and horror that they do not tell anyone.

    PCrow, I belive that you are wrong if you think anyone is blaming Paterno even HALF as much as they’re furious at Sandusky. He’s the story because he’s the most well known figure involved in this. And it’s true, the guy knew Sandusky was doing this stuff, and allowed Sandusky to remain part of the program and kept silent despite Sandusky’s well known continued involvement with kids.

    But if you think Sandusky is getting a pass becuase of the Paterno attention, you’re quite wrong sir, quite wrong.

  • Ok… I’ve been thinking more about this subject and the travesty’s that have taken place. I could never condone or accept anything that has taken place with these children by the hands of Penn State. I do believe it’s easier said than done, should’ve, could’ve, would’ve when it comes to Paterno and McCreary. I do not know what the particulars are but I don’t believe they should be crucified. Should everyone lose their jobs, YES!!! These schools are like the MAFIA or a Gang, and they protect their own. Wipe the slate clean and start over…

  • The Board had no choice but to Dismiss the President, and Coach Paterno immediately.. This is not about Football, this is about the Integritya and accountability at the State university of Pennsylvania..
    They cannot have this stain, this lack of action or follow-up on behavior by one of their own and especially who had other instances of known lewd behavior and a case settled out of court in 1998 which is why Coach Sandusky retired in 1999.. There was a pattern of behavior here in which the powers to be (starting with Paterno, decided to look the other way) and on top of this negligence, allowed Sandusky continued access to their Facilities, School Trips, Athletic Dinners and Fundraisers and other University/Football business.. . Joe Paterno and other allowed this to continue which many people would call an enabler, How many kids have been abused since the 2002 Incident… I think as more details come forward, we will come to learn of many more abuses by Sandusky and though Coach Paterno did nothing wrong legally or participated in these gruesome acts, but by allowing this man access to University Facilities and havind University sponsored camps where 100’s and probably 1,000 of kids since 2002 who were more likely to be exposed and put into bad positions with this his friend (Sandusky)
    We are love Joe Paterno and for many of us has always been that Father and now even a Grandfather image.. but you cannot deny that this abuse occured under his watch and his brushing upstairs to the AD and washing his hands clean was a huge mistake and now it is time for him to pay the penalty for his inaction, cover-up or whatever you want to call it…

  • I’ve been fuming about this for days now. Dennis great article. They should have a bomb fire before the game on Saturday and toss these guys on the fire like logs. I read some of these posts and it makes me want to bang my head on a wall. They should burn that place to the ground along with the catholic church. Chuck I got the feeling that if it was your kid, Sandusky would have been raping you in the shower when he was done. Pcrow your a friggin moron. This guy set up a charity for these kids becuase most of them don’t have fathers, It’s the same M O for all these guys, they target kids like that. These guys all knew and believe me it was way more people then just those guys, you actually believe none of these guys told any of there friends? How many kids were taken advantage of because no one spoke up? God forbid if this ever happened to someone I know and I found out later that someone could have stopped it and did’nt, I can not even begin to describe the pain that they would feel when I found them. F everyone of these dudes and everyone who feels different. There is no worse crime. The judge who let this monster out on bail should get the same treatment. Your telling me this guy is not a risk. If this was a kid who got caught selling drugs but could’nt afford a lawyer ya think he would be home to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner? The problem with this whole country is there are no more men left.

  • Firing people, throwing them in jail, capitlal punishment, etc. blame, wiping the slate clean…etc..etc..etc… – all worthy ideas to consider. BUT NONE ADDRESS THE PROBLEM APPROPRIATELY.

    This shows that it’s beyond the church. And it’s everywhere in our society. I say we need to NOT keep sex and sexual topics so Taboo and secretive. And we need to STOP persecuting homosexuals. I don’t know much about Sandusky but clearly he resulted to a HORRIBLE way to express/statisfy his sexual urges – and its likely because he was unable to do so in an appropriate acceptble way that was consensual and not abusive. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think we as a society need to stategize a way to stop this problem on a macro level, not just clean up the messes after they happen, go on with denial and pretend the issues are solved.

  • Pman – agree – no choice – any and all that had any knowledge need to be gone. The only way to clean up after a mess like this is to clear everything out, and move on.

    Clueless – very passionate argument – I am surprised the judge left him out on bail – he is facing life in prison – what does he have to lose if he flees –

    Schill – deep and philosophical – out here on the left coast, they actually have passed laws to teach ‘gay history’, have had lesbian couples win homecoming I guess queens for lack of better term – judges rules it was OK for gays to marry, they passed a constitutional amendment to say man and woman and now still fighting it in courts – and now don’t ask don’t tell was done away with – there are several TV shows with openly gay people…… what do you suggest?

  • “In 2003, he was now a full-time coach. Ray Gricar, the district attorney who didn’t file charges against Sandusky, subsequently went missing in 2005, and was declared legally dead in 2011, less than a year before he planned to retire and all his files and evidence would have been turned over to the incoming DA. His computer was found in a river with the hard drive removed. The hard drive was recovered a little further up the river and was completely destroyed. Now I have no evidence at all that any of this is linked to the Sandusky scandal, but it just seems a little more of cover up than the coaches just being negligent to me.”

    REALLY?????????? Are you really trying to imply murder? It’s justified to be outraged over this, but it seems you’ve watched too many episodes of CSI. This paragraph implying a conspiracy in his disappearance and connecting it to this scandal is pathetic.

  • Clueless, that Was one fIne post, damn

  • For all of those still feeling sorry for Paterno – if the story in Yahoo sports is correct – Sandusky was still working out and using Penn State facilities as late as last week! And this was AFTER the grand jury – so Paterno and all the other folks KNEW what was suspected – had testified to it – and were still letting him use facilities – he still had access – unbeleivable

    the more that comes out, the more that trickles out, it is becoming clear that there was a clear intent to NOT report, to cover this all up – there were whisperings and comments and news articles back in the spring of this year about all of this-

    and if the grand jury report is right – two victims in 1998 were investigated by campus police and the campus police chief ordered the case closed –

    this crap happened in 1998 in the Penn State showers and again in 2002 in the Penn state showers –

    and the school knew about it – worse then moral failing – Paterno may have been complicent in enabling a predator

  • From the Grand Jury Report as reported by other sources
    McQueary, saw the incident, and went to his office and called his “Mom”..
    (McQueary is 28 Years old at this time and a Grad Assistant Coach working for Paterno and the Nittany Lions. His Mom tells him to talk to Coach Joe Paterno… What 28 Year old man does this.. You take action and rescue the boy from this haenous act and get the child out of harms way, you notify the Police/Authorities and you apprehend the Person responsible (Sandusky) until the authorites arrive.. How you leave and let the abuse continue is beyond me.. Is this that’s was a 28 year old Man does or any responsible citizen does.. Instead he runs out and calls his Mom.. Are you kidding me…
    He should have been dismissed last evening also and if he’s on the field with the Team this Weekend , then the message still hasn’t gotten thro to Penn State Officials in my opinion…

  • One inaccuracy: Sandusky actually was rumored to coach again after retiring–he was nearly offered the job for my alma mater, the University of Virginia, for the head coaching vacancy after the 2000 season. Sandusky was candidate #2 after Mark Richt declined and took the Georgia job instead. Sandusky even had his two coordinators picked out (one of them was Al Golden, who got the DC job anyway). From what I understand, UVA backed off because Sandusky was too dedicated to his charity to coach again–and now we know EXACTLY why that was. UVA hired Al Groh instead. To think, I actually have a reason to be grateful to Al Groh… This might be funny if it weren’t so horrifying. And there is no way McQueary is on that field this weekend, although I don’t think anyone will know this until his carrot-top isn’t visible on the sidelines.

  • Ok, I’m not going to take it to that level… BUT I tell you what clueless, I will give you my address offline and you can meet me, and let’s see what happens. Don’t bring me or my children into your IGNORANT post. There is no worse crime, man please, get outta here with that. ANYBODY put their hands on my son or daughter I wouldn’t need you or anyone else to take care of it, and it surely wouldn’t have taken 10+ years. Blogging COWARD. Sorry G, I couldn’t let this one pass… Dude going to make me lose my religion…

  • Navy – to answer your question – for Cali – keep it up and expand it. For the other 49 states – catch up. For the rest of the world – catch up. For insitutions other than the US armed forces – catch up. Until ‘gay’ isn’t synonymous with ‘bad’ or a whole host of other negative words/themes in our society and/or until gay people can exist without constant shame and persecution in their communities. This PSU thing is a great example of how it’s not just a catholic church problem, it’s not just a religious problem, it’s a problem for society and humanity. We have a LONG way to go….

  • Let’s talk about another huge problem, the onoe of the INternational Human Trafficking (Sex Slaves Market) which is huge and 1000’s and 1000’s of young kids and young adults are bought and sold like Cattle all over the world from Russia,Eastern Europe, to Asia,Africa to South,Central and yes here in America & Canada too…
    Does anyone wonder about these 1000’s pf cases each year where High School/College kids go missing and are never heard from again.. They turn up dead in many cases after they have been abused, drugged, brain washed into performing sexual acts, partake in making XXX movies & videos for their kidnappers who use them all up and sell them to the next chump… It’s real, and happens every day here in the US and around the World and no one does boo about it, Our Political Leaders here and abroad, the UN all do nothing.. .. This World’s Moral Compass is broke and has been for years and is getting worse more rapidly..

  • Righto Paulman

  • is Sandusky gay?

    Homo’s are over running our earth. look up Biphonal-A..they’re trying to homonogize society.

    They are over governents, over the roman catholic church, DHS and child grabbing institutions.

    You think children are safe whe they are taken from their parents?

    Think again!

    There’s peddy’s with deep pockets like Sandusky who pay these kidnapping rings cloaked as orphanages top dollar for an underprivleged kid who would do anything to be loved.

    It don’t stop here guys…these 10 year old victims grow up and become Sandusky..it’s perpetual.

    When children are exposed to these sadistic practices, this lifestyle becomes their reality.

    Someone tell me why a murderer gets lethal injection for murder but these peddy’s who demoralizes societies by systematic child rape which leads to many deaths get off without a capital punishment.

    Some may ask why Joe Pa didn’t say anything knowing his coordinator was sexing a 10 year old…and the first thing came to my mind and I know if may of crossed some of your guys minds also..

    Joe Pa probably have done the same.

    A bunch of Roman Freaks who should get the capital treatment.

    Put these losers in a state pen with the vilest Homo with a life sentence.

    And Have them reap what they sow until they decide to take their own pathetic lives.


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