• January 21, 2022

Did Andy Reid Save His Job With The Win Over The Jets?

The Philadelphia Eagles and Head Coach Andy Reid looked like a team yesterday that was on a mission.  The Eagles just absolutely destroyed the

New York Jets at Lincoln Financial Field 45-19 and have gotten Philadelphia back on the bandwagon.  Have they really or is it too late for Andy Reid?

The Eagles did keep their playoff hopes alive with the win but it was kept alive with the Bears and Giants losing earlier which made the game against the Jets even more important for the Eagles.

Andy Reid has been the head coach for the Eagles for 13 years and has had a lot of important games in his tenure with the Eagles.  The fans were able to get on the side of the Eagles early in the game with the Eagles jumping out to a 28-0 lead.  There was nothing to boo about and no nasty signs of ANDY MUST GO.The team came out to play and played a 60 minute game.

Andy Reid has been the most successful head coach in Philadelphia Eagles history.  The owner Jeffrey Lurie and President Joe Banner have just got to be happy with Andy.  He has made the Eagles a successful franchise and has made the teams value rise.  What you have to remember fans is this and I don’t like it any better than you but at the end of the day it is how much money the franchise is bringing in.

I truly hate to say this but as long as fans keep going to the games and buying the merchandise well Jeffrey and Joe will be happy.  We the fans want a Super Bowl ring and Jeffrey and Joe talk a good game but do they really want a championship.

I have been done with Andy Reid for three years.  His time management during a game is just bad.  His day after press conferences after a lose is like Ground Hog Day. It is the same thing over and over again.  Sometimes a coach can just take you so far.

The media in the city of Philadelphia seems to be more on the side of Andy must go.  Seriously why should they not.  Here is a guy who well hires his offensive line coach to be his defensive coordinator.  Did that work out? Watching ESPN it seems that they all believe that Andy should and deserves to be back.  The national media just amazes me.  They truly have no clue.

94WIP is the fans.  The station is very fair about this entire situation.  13 years of a resume speaks for itself.  The local media is being totally fair to Andy.

Yesterday’s game should have nothing to do if Andy should go or stay.  He has taken this team as far as he can.  It is time for a new head coach and new direction.

Enough is finally enough.  As long as Reid is head coach of this football team they will never win a Super Bowl. The change needs to be made.  I was on this wagon three years ago.

There are rumors out there that both Andy and Juan Castillo will be coming back next year.  A total mistake and well the fans of this city should not except that.  The defensive coordinator is in over his head.  Questions need to be asked why if they are brought back in 2012.  Andy has called this a young team.

Really Andy, you really believe that.  When is enough, enough with this guy.  Jeffrey and Joe need to really look in the mirror and decide is it about championships, like they tell the fans or is it just about business.  From where I sit well that is plain and simple.  If Reid comes back than the fans can read between the lines.  Plain and simple Andy Reid must go.

Will it happen probably not and fans this team will continue to be successful but will not get over that hump.  Where I sit this is going to be all about business and forget the fans.

Andy Reid thank you so very much for making the Philadelphia Eagles a very competitive team.  This is no doubt better than the Marion Campbell, Rich Kotite,and Ray Rhodes periods.  The team had some really ugly seasons during those periods of time.  The fans want a parade down Broad Street in the middle of winter.

The fans are totally supportive of this team.  There is a reason why Philadelphia is the toughest place to play.  The fans are the ones here who are being taken.  The team tells the fans it is about championships but it really is not.  As long as Andy stays well all it will be about is the team being competitive and having a chance to win.  Andy it is time to go.

George Remaily

I am a major sports fan... Philadelphia number one but I am very knowledgeable about other teams.... I was a broadcaster, play by play for C.B. West Football in the 1990's during their state championship years... Have interview players, famous people, and had two shows I did with guests and interviews.... I am looking to pursue my dream of being in the sports industry as a career....

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  • I love living in Football purgatory. Hell with it!!!!!! Sign Andy for another 10 years!!!

    We can take it. Hell, we’re use to no Superbowls anyway.

    Andy forever

  • Coach AR and entire Staff will be back in the 2012 to build what they have started in 2011/.. His Staff are all signed thru the 2012 Season (at big Salaries I may add as this Eagles Staff is the highest Paid Staff in the NFL) but I do see a potential parting of ways with Scondary Coach Lynn and I coupld possibly see Coach MM leaving on his own to pursue other HC options that may be coming his way.. (possibly San Diego Chargers and Penn State per my sources)
    Owner Lurie is a very Loyal Owner and is not going to toss out the Winningest HC in Eagle Franchise history after a down Season
    Does anyone seeing him cleaning house and eating $10-$12 Million in Coaches Salaries and then have to go out and hire a completely new Staff at another $ 8-10 Million… C’Mon you guys are starting to sound silly..

  • as I posted last month on here, Marty will be in line for the PSU job if he wants it….his son will be a freshman QB at PSU in the fall.

  • Jott – I hope you’re correct, but you seem to be drawing a pretty weak conclusion there…

  • Songs, the alternative to football purgatory doesn’t exist, except for 1 team each year for a brief fleeting point in time. Still having trouble to adjusting to the reality of life eh?

  • Wow – really – the ‘fans are being taken’, ‘Do Jeff and Joe really want a SB’, The fans want a parade down road Street, ‘The national media has no clue’

    oh yeah – how about that O Line coach turned DC?? How is that working out.. looks to me like the last two weeks it has been turning out OK? Team D looked soild yesturday.. so I guess we can switch our bitch to ‘why did it take so long’…

    a little narcasistic are we – sorry – as fans – where did this team or any team sign up and when were we ‘assured’ we would get what we want – how were you taken – did you pay for tix and not have a seat when you got there – I guess when you go to Vegas you think the slots are actually loose hmm..

    And here is the clue for you – the National Media – many of which ar former players and coaches – are the ones with the clue – the clueless – oops – I mean passionate – sorry – fans are the ones that post garbage like this – the ones that one Reid gone want him to be gone to punish him – to make him feel humiliated because he did not give us the ‘parade down broad street’ we feel is our birthright..

    fans are totally supportive of this team – yeah – thats funny – fans are supportive when things are going the way fans want them to go, and the second the bump in the road happens –

    totally supportive – how many people onthis blog last week made cooments about ‘who cares if win the NFC east – we will lose in playoffs anyway – just get it over – our #1 fan Songs posted – hey lets be in position to win it – so the Redskins can beat us and take it away –

    you sound like a sorority sister who thought her boyfriend was going to propose – whaaaaa – where are my BFFs – ITS A GAME – ITS A SPORT – there are 32 owners, coaches, GMs and 53 players on each roster ‘playing; you paid for a seat to see the eagles play – thats it – no assurances of victories – right now – the product that was advertised at the beginning of the year is now showing on the field

  • George Remaily – dude – you sure you didn’t grow up in Hatboro and live on York Rd – go to Crooked Billet elementary –

  • I was on the “Get rid of Reid” bandwagon for years, but I have to say my interest is piqued to see what next year could bring for this group. If Donovan is game for being a back-up for oft injured Michael Vick, Howard Mudd re-retires and Laurie finally realizes that he need s legitimate GM it could be a great year and I’m not being sarcastic.

  • Butch, what you got aginast mudd? You disklike vast ol improvements? I find that odd

  • Nothin’ to save. He wasn’t going anywhere with 2 years left on his contract. What the fans want, think, do etc. means nothing.

    The only voice any pro sports team owner hears is cha ching. Reid’s brought plenty of that to this owner and as long as there are 50,000 fans on the season tickets waiting list, Lurie’s not losing any sleep over next year’s coach. Despite what the national media or would be smarter fans on this site critique of the intellect or passion of Eagles fans, the simple fact is, they keep laying out the green backs. All the rest is just fodder.

  • 49ers have the best defense in the NFC and we will win the Superbowl this year…EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rocko – I really can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or serious? I’m game – whihc is it?

    MTC – to critique intelligence of fans is a moot point – fans think with thier reptilian brain – you know the one that does eat, drink, sleep, piss and have sex – it defies logic and reason –

    the mammilian brain is what the people that are not overly emotionally involved with the team think with – that is why they tend to say – slow down, wait a few minutes here…

    I am no different – it is the #1 reason I never ever ever bet on the eagles, and if/when in an office pool – I always take the eagles – it defies logic – they are my team – I expect them to win, and win convincingly the next two weeks – lets see where the chips fall right

    as for the owners only hearing cha-ching – dude – you are 10000% dead fucking wrong – dudes (owners) have egos – big Fn egos – they have more money then they can spend in 10 lifetimes – they want to win, and win it all – you think a cowboy fan loves to rub it in an eagle fans face they won a SB – you think Lurie wants Jones to be able to say that to him – dude, you have no clue… Lurie HATES the fact this team hasn’t won, but Lurie isn’t stupid and he isn’t driven by emotion – if he thinks he can find a better coach to win it, he will hire him – Gruden, Cowher, Dungy – dude – KC, SD, Miami and Philly fans all have these guys top of the list – Cowher could name his price – but guess what – coaching is a BITCH – it is long hours, and a grind – he is making great scratch as an announcer – and he gets his spring summer off –

    Butch – got to admit I am really curious to see which direction this team goes next year – regardless of how this season ends – shitloads of talent, solid O and D lines – solid O skill players…

  • And just to follow – cause I used to blow up the whole – ‘only for the money’ myth thing too – Teams make money by hosting home football games – what better way to make money then host two additional home football games each year – with jacked up tix prices – where do you think a fan is more likely to spend money – say the 1st home game of the season when the team is 0-0 or maybe when hosting the Conference championship game? WHo sells more T-shirts – the 5-11 also ran – or the team that sells the 2011 NFC East Champs – or the 2011 NCF Champs – or the 2011 SB champs –

    buy your own logic – the most profitable teams, the team with the most value – typically are the championship teams..

  • Navy,
    I do believe the 49ers have the best defense in the NFC, and for some strange reason I believe that we actually will win the Superbowl. I think everything plays out and works in our favor and we win the Superbowl like it did for the Steelers, Giants and Packers; I’m dead serious.

  • Damn, what delusions, two wins in a row will bring. Win a SB, Rocko, are you nucking futs!? Let’s try winning these last two games first & let the cards fall where they may. But either way big changes in philosophy & decision making are dire for this team, at seasons end! As much as I want Reid’s @$$ out of here, I don’t think Lurie & Banner have the balls, or care to do it!

  • Navy – Whew, knowing you’re usually so agreeable, it’s a big surprise that you would take the completely opposite point of view. Also no surprise that you would make assumptions about the owner’s huge egos and that’s what drives them just as you make assumptions about the Eagles fans.

    An owner being motivated because the last thing he wants to hear is some other owner crowing about his trophies is a fan’s view of what should motivate an owner. I couldn’t disagree more. They’re wealthy and successful businessmen first and foremost because they don’t let their emotions drive their decisions. A perspective new owner requires the approval of the other owners because they’re assessing, first and foremost, his business skills. They’re not checking to see how big of a fan he is and if he’s wearing the jersey or socks of the team he wants to buy. It’s a business and the NFL didn’t become king by accident. It’s a careful, well thought out and executed business plan. Not a bunch of owners groping for a trophy in a pissing match calling each other names. Although, it would be funny as hell to see a few owners holding Lurie back from clocking Jerry Jones at an owner’s meeting…

  • Call me crazy if you want to, but we have nothing to lose and are playing with reckless abandonment. I believe the chips fall in our favor in the east, we win 1st place and go for broke from there and win the Lombardi! Don’t say I didn’t tell you. “SUPERBOWL BABY” EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s always something with this fat loser.

    Oh we would have won if Donavan had not got hurt.

    Oh we would have won if TO had been healthy for the superbowl.

    Oh we would have won if…

    1 win in 5 nfc championship games. 20% winning percentage when it comes to getting to the superbowl.

    If you want some nice regular season heroics then Andy is your man.

    If you want to win a superbowl, forget about it. Green Bay has a future hall of fame QB in his prime. Smart QBs will pick this sorry defense apart.

    Miami’s QB does not even deserve to be in the NFL let alone start. And Sanchez has never been a big time QB. He is a “manage the game” QB.

    Brady, Ruthlessburger and any decent QB will torch the Eagles.

    Even when JJ was the defensive coordinator, when a good QB was playing the Eagles they always picked up the blitze like they knew the defense that was called.

    Arron Rogers and Drew Brees would light this unit up like a Christmas tree.

    This duffuss of of Defensive Coordinator would be overmatched against a decent coach.Lovey Smith is hardly a great coach, but he is logical, and always beats the Eagles because of it.

    13 years is plenty of time for any NFL head coach. Several coaches have already been fired this year and all of them had time left on their contract. What is the crap about Fat Boy coming back because he has time left on his contract??

    For the last few years the Eagles have let go coaches (McDermott), players (Mcgiggles) as scapegoats for the Eagles failures. There is only one person left to Jettison and he’s the 400lb biggest loser.

    Andy should man up and resign, because he was “NOT ABLE TO PUT HIS PLAYERS IN A BETTER POSITION TO WIN”

    The “TIME SHOULD NOW BE HIS” to do whatever the heck he wants to do, but just don’t do it in Philadelphia!!!

    Get rid of this undersized team and build a team like the Steelers and Ravens, built to play in cold weather and TAKE AND DISH OUT HITS.

  • This team is 6-8. They made a very big committment (the whole, “we are all in” comments from Banner, Roseman & Reid after free agent signings), and at this point they are 6-8.

    There are excuses, but in the end, excuses are for losers.

    Reid will be back, if for no other reason, he has 2 more years on his contract. He may make changes at DC, or he might not.

    Watching the birds win always brightens the week. I have long believed that the team needs a new head coach, but to me it looks like one more year of AR.

    I will continue to watch my team over the next few weeks, and root for them to beat these divisional rivals. I am disappointed for the teams poor performance, but do not believe that ownership is willing to make a change at this point.

  • MTC – thank you for the laugh – I got a huge chuckle at that one ‘kowing you are so agreeable – thanks man – that was funny – talk about calling a spade a spade – BAM – nailed…..

  • Rocko – hope you are right – would be fun to watch..

    GReen F – I think you are correct – Lets get after Romo and ruin the Cboys Xmas and see what happens – we pretty much humiliated the Jets this week and they are favored over the Giants – maybe live one more week

  • when we win out against Dallas and Washington and the Jets beat the Giants….
    can the Giants turn around and be counted on to beat Dallas in a meaningless game ?

  • every team in the NFC East has been inconsistant this year..I think the longest win streak from any team in the division is 4 games…..who knows what a Cowboys / Giants game would look like?
    Your guess is as good as mine Gotta…the sad thing is, that if ever there was a year that winning this division should have been easy, it was this year. 9-7 will win it, and this birds team should have been able to be 9-7 with their eyes closed.

  • Still gets back to the bigger picture though in my opinion
    Even if Eagles capture the NFC East at 8-8, does anyone really think this team is consistent and physical enough to beat the Packers,Saints or 49ers..
    I don’t.. The NFC is very weak this years and the Eagles have been up & down for the last Year now… Are they capable of getting on a roll and putting together 4-5-6 weeks of Great Football, I guess they are and any team could, but realistically, they are what they are which is a extremely talented team who can score in bunches, but also go thru long strtches of uninspired ball.. Finish the Season strong and continue to build on a stronger foundation for the Future… No one can go back in time to change anything, of what coulda,shoulda,woulda happened for it’s a waste of energy and doesn’t change a thing at this point of the Season..

    2011 Season came down to about 4 Games when it’s all said and done..
    Just think about the 4 losses in games to Falcons,49ers,Bears,Cardinals..
    If they just won 2 of these 4 games, (which all of these were winnable) they would have beeen in Control of their own Destiny to make the Playoffs…

    I don’t count the Bills,Seahawks,Patriots losses as winneable since they were outplayed for most of those contests and didn’t have a real chance to win

  • Meant to say the NFC East is Weak this years
    The NFC Conference is pretty good with 3 really godo teams in Packers,Saints,49ers who all could make a Deep Run and win the Super Bowl

  • AFC is between the PAtriots,Steelers,Ravens..
    The Texans could have been a Dark Horse if they weren’t down to their 3rd String QB.. DCWade Phillips has done a great job with that Defense and should be in the running as Asst Coach of the Year adn this without his best Player (Mario WIlliams) for the 2nd half of the Season too…

  • Chargers (similar to the Eagles) would make a very ddangerous team if they are able to make it in and are playing their best ball of the Season right now..

  • Navy – Anytime man. If you can’t have fun on this site then what’s the friggin’ point?

  • Paulman – Other than the fact that the Eagles beat up on a crappy Miami team and steam-rolled a team that played soooo friggin bad they couldn’t do a damn thing after getting 4 turn-overs, I’ve seen nothing to make me think this Eagles team is ready for anything other than a long winters night nap after 2 more games.

    Not that it wouldn’t be great to think that Rocko knew something that nobody else knows and the miracle of miracles happened. As we all know, even if they blow the next two opponents up, other teams hold their fate and the odds of it working in their favor are stacked against them.

    Personally, I think either Rocko needs a new pharmacist OR he’s got a great one! I’ll lean towards a great one and ask for his number cause it must be some goooood shit.

  • MTC Just wait buddy you’ll see. If we do, fine – if we don’l who cares; I’m riding with my boys til the end. All hail the EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It ain’t over til she sings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rocko I’m with you…..they may have played sh*t this year…and there is plenty to bitch about….we are still…ok barely…alive. No matter when, where or why they play I am still rooting for the Birds!! Especially during Cowgirls week!!!!

    GO BIRDS!!

  • I’m cheering against the Eagles for the overall good.

  • No – songs – you are cheering for your favorite team – I called it back in August – you really are a paid schill for the Cowboys – you are Romo’s Bitch –

  • Rocko – Hey, I sure hope your right and they win it all this year. Short of my most significant personal achievements, childern, grandchildren, marriage etc., them winning the SB would be one of the happiest days of my life. I’ve been a fan since 1978 which is probably longer than most of the posters on this site have been alive cheering for this teams success as well as spending money on this team by buying tickets, clothing, banners, flags, car crap etc…

    I can only hope your right.

  • MTC – Hope so too man. I believe the “11th hour” is upon us and we come through. All I want is at least 1 SB in my lifetime. All my friends/co-workers teams have won and it’s been killin me forever. For me, at least one SB will quench my Thirst for the trophy. All I need is one.

  • Andy have gone from..”I have to put the players in a better position to win.” to “Everyone including me have to do better.”

    So Andy? How about those safeties and starting Matthews in the start of the season?

    “UM”……”We are a little young up the chute there.” WHAT?!?

    You let your best safeties walk within the last couple of seasons..so who fault is that?

    Fire his ass already!!!!!!

  • I don’t care how much I want Reid gone, I can never route for the Cowgirls & Blowmo! No F^#@ING way! I hope we blow them out by 4 TD’s!! 42-14. Would make Xmas that much better.

  • Any fan that wants the Eagles to lose while they are STILL in the playoff race because of some “vendetta” they have with the coach is not a fan….at all…..in the slightest.

  • DCar – I hear ya. As sure as I am the Reid doesn’t have the coaching chops to win it all and therefore I want a different coach, I’ll never root for the Cowboys over the Eagles. Never!

  • Eagles 30 – Cowboys 27

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