• May 19, 2022

Penn State In Pursuit of Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops

If the rumors are true, Penn State may have its man, Bob Stoops. I reported over 10 days ago there could be a shake up that could immediately put Penn State back on the map and save what looked like an extremely rough ride for the program for the foreseeable future. And if it’s true, you may look to thank a man named Mark Parker.

Mr. Parker is the CEO of Nike and is rumored along with Penn State money man Ira Lubert to have brokered the deal to get Bob Stoops away from Norman. It was reported that Stoops recently purchased a 3 million dollar home near the campus which made the story even more unbelievable. But Lubert was responsible for getting a huge name for the wrestling program ( Cael Sanderson ) so is it that unbelievable after all ?

Penn State also last night received its first 3.5 star recruit ( a defensive lineman I am told ) so why would this kid all of a sudden sign without knowing who his coach would be ? And where is ESPN or some other expert reporter during this entire process ? I guess time will tell but Oklahoma plays tonight, and Penn State Monday so I wouldn’t be shocked to see a press conference some time next week to announce in fact the Nittany Lions in fact have found their leader to turn the program around.

Charles Bowles

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  • Not a good fit and I don’t think that Stoops has the type of personality that will sit real well with the the State College Hierarchy and Alumni.. I see Stoops maybe leaving Norman for an NFL job (Maybe St Louis), but not a step backwards to Penn State…

  • doubt this is true….another rumor…latest I hear is Packers QB coach Tom Clements is their #1 target.

  • I read about Clements also, but he’s focused on the Playoffs and another potential Super Bowl Run by the Packers and am not so sure that Penn State can wait 4-5 weeks before they really talk to him with the Pre-Signing/Early Committ Dates not far away
    I still think the Coach Marty Morhnewig is on their radar to at least talk to ..

    Not sure if anyone is watching the Oklahoma game.. I am dfocusing on some of the LB’s as Oklahoma has 2 OLB rated pretty him (2nd Rounders)
    This #25 –Lewis) I believe has made a lot of plays from what I’ve Watched so far..

  • Why on earth would Bob Stoops want to leave Norman, Oklahoma, for Happy Valley, now or any other time? What on earth are you thinking?

    Bob would never take such a job, and certainly not with the mess Paterno has made there.

  • So let me get this straight…you’re suggesting that the current PSU coaching staff knows (and are selling recruits with it), current recruiting targets know, but it has not leaked to the media or others yet…makes no sense. Ira/Joyner aren’t going to let a 3 star recruit find out an potentially blow this thing open.

  • Stoops is staying put at OU..his brother Mike who was the former Arizona coach is joining his staff for next season… he has a good thing going at Norman why leave.

    @Paulman – The Oklahoma team has some really good and fast defensive players all over the field, especially DE and LB…

  • I liked their LB Play big time…#25 Lewis was all over the field and a sure tackler.. Looks like he will need to put 10-15 lbs on, but has the frame to do that as he gets into a NFL Program… These Bowl games have been great so far, most of the games have been very close and competitve which is what I like to see…

  • I am not a Bob Stoops fan. But I keep hearing this story now from 2 different people. Nike has a huge influence on colege football. And the CEO is a PSU alum. Maybe not true, but I was despite what they have said in public, they in fact have found their next coach

  • Also heard a few minutes ago the deal never happened and now Mark Richt was there man. Too many people saying too many things. I’d go after Temple’s coach Steve Addazio. One of teh most under rated coaches in America

  • Richt is not going anywhere..
    Penn State will have to dip into the 2nd Tier of HC’s since no big-names wants to take over the mess that is State College..
    Addazio is an excellent Coach but probably not ready for prime time just yet..
    I would not be too surprised if we hear names like Rutgers Greg Schiano or Ohio University Frank Solich names kicked around.. Apparanty Mike Munchak has no interest and also heard that Northwestern P Fitzpatrick wasn’t either…

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