• August 17, 2022

2012 NFL Offseason: Which Eagles Free Agents Will Return?

With Andy Reid returning for his 14th season as the Eagles’ head coach, the front office has a pretty good idea of how the offseason plans will proceed.  Currently, Reid is figuring out how to re-structure his defensive staff.  This process has already begun with the no so surprising release of defensive backs coach Johnny Lynn.

While Reid is behind closed doors trying to figure out if his defense will be coordinated by Steve Spagnuolo, Juan Castillo or someone else, I’m going to take a look at the team’s pending free agents.

There are twelve players scheduled to test the market.  Fortunately for the Eagles, only one of them could raise an argument that he must be re-signed.  Listed with each player is a 1-10 scale (1: very unlikely; 10: very likely) of whether or not they will return.

  1. Victor Abiamiri-DE:  Abiamiri hasn’t played since the 2009 season.  A 2010 microfrature surgery had him placed on the reserve/PUP list.  An attempted return in 2011 ended with a torn ACL during training camp.  I think it’s safe to say Abiamiri’s NFL days are over. (Chance of returning: -1)
  2. Ronnie Brown-RB: Even with a pedestrian 3.2 yards/carry average, Brown will be forever known for his boneheaded goal line fumble against San Francisco.  His NFL career will continue elsewhere. (Chance of returning: 1)
  3. Steve Smith-WR: During Week 3’s loss to the NY Giants, Smith had a pass bounce off his hands and turn into an NY interception.  At the time, I wondered if he was still playing for the Giants.  His total of 11 receptions, 124 yards and 1 touchdown was not worth the $2.3 million paid for him.  Don’t be surprised to see Smith back with the Giants in 2012.  (Chance of returning: 1)
  4. DeSean Jackson-WR: I blame both sides for DeSean’s contractual distraction.  The 2 time Pro Bowler could’ve handled it better, but the Eagles’ front office knew this was a potential problem for a while now.  The most I see the Eagles doing is applying the franchise tag on him.  It’s difficult to envision them giving him a long term deal at this time. (Chance of returning: 7, only under franchise tag)
  5. Antonio Dixon-DT: The Eagles missed Dixon’s run stuffing ability after he tore his triceps in Week 4 against the 49ers.  He is the only restricted free agent and likely will receive a minimal tender.  (Chance of returning: 8)
  6. Derrick Landri-DT: Landri probably should’ve made the final cut over Trevor Laws after the last preseason game.  Four weeks later after Dixon went down, he was re-signed.  Landri’s return hinges on whether or not Jim Washburn returns as the defensive line coach. (Chance of returning: 9, only if Jim Washburn stays)
  7. Trevor Laws-DT: The past two years, Laws has shown a few flashes of why he was a 2nd round pick in 2008.  Those flashes will be displayed on a different team in 2012.  (Chance of returning: 2)
  8. Vince Young-QB: Forget the “Dream Team” statement.  The worst part about Young’s signing was 9 interceptions and 2 fumbles in 6 games.  He threw away any chance at starting somewhere next season. (Chance of returning: 1)
  9. King Dunlap-OT: Backup quarterbacks are very difficult to find, but reserve offensive tackles (especially left tackles) are nearly impossible to locate.  Most fans probably don’t care if Dunlap returns or not.  His key to returning to Philly is his versatility.  (Chance of returning: 4)
  10. Jaqua Parker-DE: Until this season, the Eagles have tried to keep Parker in a reserve role.  The less snaps he played, the more consistent he was.  Turning 34 with the success of Jason Babin and the hopeful rehab of Brandon Graham, Parker’s services won’t be needed in Philadelphia any longer.  (Chance of returning: 3
  11. Owen Schmitt-FB: Schmitt was an excellent in-season pickup after Leonard Weaver was lost to a gruesome injury.  Unfortunately, his offensive skill set is limited and he cannot be counted on in short yardage situations.  The Eagles will seek other options.  (Chance of returning: 1)
  12. Evan Mathis-OG: It has been argued that Mathis should have received a Pro Bowl nod for 2011, not allowing one sack.  In addition to that, he did not allow one in his previous two seasons as a member of the Bengals.  At the age of 30, he deserves at least a 3 year deal to help keep the offensive line intact. (Chance of retruning: 9.5)

Haran Knight

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  • This convo has come far too early this year. I hate that we r doing this. The friggin Gmean are doing their thing AGAIN. Its a joke. The 49ers? Really? This goes to show that you NEED a D. Bring mathis back NOW and find away to make our stars happy.

  • Good stuff Haran…

    As GM , Paulman would only keep 4 of the Following Free-Agents

    E Mathis, D Landri, A Dixon and K Dunlap

    (By Resigning both OL Mathis & Dunalp, I would trade or release W Justice to free up a Roster SPot for a younger OL to groom, maybe a back-up)

    I would attemtp to re-sign D-JAx but only offer a 3 Year ($25-$28 Million Deal)
    if he balks, I would release him, and forget about placing the Franchise Tag and possibly getting stuck with an unhappy, unproductive player for 2012 while paying him $9.5 Million and being a Cancer on the rest of the team)
    If he doesn’t accpet the 3 Year Deal, then release him and move on

    I would not even discuss re-signing any of the others. let them walk

    There are some Free-Agents FB (LeRon McClain from KC Chiefs who I would target as FB to replace the unathletic Schmitt)

  • With the exception of the last 4 games the interior of the O-Line including Mathis was garbage. Herramans should be back in his LG position so someone other than Shady (doing his Barry Sanders impression) can run the ball.

  • Dixon & Landri are the only 2, that I would bring back! Maybe Mathis. But if I can upgrade at RT, or LG, I would. Then decide whether to move Herreman’s back to LG, or leave him at RT. The rest of the stiffs, can go do landscaping for all that I give a crap.

  • Paul, why in the heck would you want to keep Duncrap!? What the heck has he done to warrant coming back here? He is a big pile of dung! You’re a better imaginative GM than that. LMAO!

  • I keep Dunlap for his versatility of playing RT/LT or even Guard as a back-up who knows the system well and has improved little by little each Season..
    He’s a solid back-up and by resigning Dunlap for cheaper, it then allows the Eagles to trade WJ and maybe get a 5th Round Pick or use WJ and package him with a Drart pick to maybe move up a round or so..

  • As GM i would bring back Dixon and maybe Landri.

    Trade DeSean and acquire a few 2nd round picks and draft some….LINEBACKERS.

    Try to acquire Stevie Johnson from Buffalo or possibly Reggie Wayne.

    Get rid of Howard Mudd and WashBurn and bring in Spags or even Del Rio.

    Try to but out Vick or explore a trade for Peyton Manning…..Hold on must be smoking crack……hahahahah

  • What do you do about the Offensive LIne Atraman if you don’t resign Mathis or Dunlap.. Who plays LG or RT… Who Coaches the O/L if you get rid of Mudd

  • I would bring back Landri, Dixon, Mathis, Dunlap and D-Jack (3 years, 18 million). I would not pay a penny more then that to keep him. If he doesn’t accept let him walk and sign the top WR that doesn’t get franchised (Vincent Jackson, Dwayne Bowe, Marques Colston, Stevie Johnson..)

  • I agree with Pman on the FAs I bring back. But I would not give Desean that kind of money.

    Regarding the draft, I am hearing a lot of Keuchley talk for the Eagles. Keuchley is a Tyler Hansborough and will be just ok at the NFL level. I think I would take Devon Still. And knowing the Eagles they would probably do the same. With Dixon and Patterson being question marks and with Jenkins age and history of injuries, DT is probably the way to go.

    My top FA targets remain Larry Grant, Michael Griffin and Robert Meachem.

  • I forgot while discussing DTs that Laws will be gone too. So right now Jenkins and Landri (if they re-sign him) are the only definite healthy DTs on the roster. I think Dixon will be ok with his injury and then they will draft a DT for sure and go for an OLB in the second round. Maybe the kid from UNC will still be there.

  • So my offseason plan in review: Cut Assante and let Jackson walk. Re-sign Mathis, Landri, Dixon and Dunlap. Get new deals done for Maclin and Shady and do all of this before FA starts. Then sign Larry Grant, Michael Griffin and Robert Meachem in FA. Draft Devon Still in the first round. Trade back up into first round or maybe move up in the second to draft a good LB as well.

  • What would you offer D-Jax, Jbird.. I was too high in my figures by error
    I would say more like a 3 Year $20 Million Range which would include a $4 Million Singing Bonus and a $5 to $6 Million Range in Salary over the next 3 Seasons
    I like all those Free-Agents you listed too since all players are still young and in their primes.. It just cracks me up to hear posters say Sign London Fletcher or Albert Haynesworth or some other over the hill,broken down..

    As far as the Draft, I think DT D Still is the #1 Rated DT and will be gone earlier most likley (the Panthers at #8) are desperate for a DT as are th Cardinals at #13.. I do think there are some very good DT’s like Fletcher Cox from Miss State or Jerel Worthy from MIch State that the Eagles can grab at #15 but I guess it really depends if Eagles Resign and feel good about Dixon & Landri which I think they do to match up with Jenkins & Patterson so they may get add a DT come in the middle rounds… (I really like DT Derek Wolfe from CIncinnati as a 4th Round Pick)

  • Jbird for GM…
    I like your off-Season Plan and I agree about the Team needing to make decisions on cutting the chorf for D-Jax/Samuel and resigning just those key players so there is a focused plan on how to upgrade the Roster by Free-_Agency and the Draft..
    Free-Agnecy Period is earlier this year and begins in the beginning of March I believe while the NFL Draft is late April…

  • Top 2 Fallers in the Draft thus far are Arizona State’s MLB V Burfict and
    UNC OLB Zach Brown.. Check up their write ups on CBSSports.Com, then go to NFL Draft Page and then to NFLDraftScouts.Com for Player/Postion Rankings, Risers and Fallers, Mock Drafts,etc,etc… A good resource to use..

  • Paul…actually FA is usually the first Friday in March and this year it is nit until the 13th so it is later this year. Glad you like my plan. Griffin has been very inconsistent so I think you line him up for big dollars but only two years with no huge signing bonus. You sell him on the big salary and a chance to be with a winner but get him to agree with his inconsistencies not allowing for big guarantees. Like DRC his play suffered with his team’s lack of success. If the Eagles are winning I think he plays at a PB level. Grant is a better option than any of the LBs in the colege ranks right now. They have to sign a good FA LB or it will be clear that they disregarding the position again and Andy will continue to dig his own grave. They cannot rely on the draft alone to improve the position. Meachem is a guy that stretches the field but does much more you over the middle and in the RZ. Plus he doesn’t drop as many as Jackson. Is he as much of a highlight maker? No. Is he a better all around player? I would argue that he is. Like Kevin Curtis he is a move that people will poo poo with all those studs out there at WR. But like Curtis he will be very productive here. And they simply are not going to spend big dollars on a WR with the needs they have to re-sign their own players and on the defensive side of the ball.

  • Thats why Paulman is not the GM – Dunlap sucks point blank. GmCliff is smart enough to keep DeSean Jackson, Landri, and Mathis.

    It crack you up to hear about signing London Fletcher, and Albert Haynesworth? But it is the smart thing to do. DT, is FOURTH of importance for this team. Especially when you can sign a veteran thats more experienced, and talented. Thats why Trevor Laws will be out of a job; like Dunlap he sucks too. And you keep talking about a player, like Jerel Worthy, or Fletcher Cox that’s not even better than Mike Patterson. So you want their clones,or worst? Please ..Stop it. We DONT NEED SMALLER DT’S THAT ARE NOT NASTY ENOUGH!! Cullen Jenkins has more sacks this year than both Patterson, and Bunkley had in four years combined. He is smaller but he has the nastiness thats need to play the position. #1 LINEBACKERS!!, #2 SAFETY, #3 CB (we need depth since Asante wont be here), #4 DT….1..In the draft trade down, trade our #1 2013, trade Asante, and get extra 2nd, and 3rd round picks…2. 1a. Vontaze Burfict, 1b. Zach Brown. 2.a Chase Minnefield, CB 2b.Brandon Thompson DT 2c Kelechi Osemele OG, 3a Trumaine Johnson CB/FS, 3b. Winston Guy Jr S……

  • Paul….I think we can reassess the 2012 schedule at this time. First, the division becomes interesting if Manning comes here and the Giants have a SB hangover. People may want to remember that the last time the Gianst won the SB they were 11-2 and would have gotten back to the big game had Plax not shot himself in the leg. But Coughlin may retire if they win also which is something people are not talking about yet moving forward. And what if they were interested in Spaggs as head man?? Prediction: 4-2
    NFC South: the Saints will lose a lot in FA and will not be the team they are now. Tampa stinks. Last year was not an aberration. 2010 was an aberration. The Falcons are paper champions. Look for them to be 8-8 next year. They beat one winning team this year and they are dead average on the road. They will not win here. Carolina will be a problem and could be the young team that lands a playoff spot next year. Prediction: 2-2
    AFC North: Pitt is poised for a down year. They keep getting older and are not replacing these guys like they used to. next year they go 8-8 or 9-7 and Lebeau hangs it up. Baltimore is still a problem to deal with. Doubt we beat them because they can hold us around twenty. Cincy is a fraud and Cleveland stinks. Prediction: 3-1
    Detroit and Arizona are good young teams going forward. They will only get better. Prediction: 1-1
    So 10-6 is my call for next year. That will get us in the playoffs and we will be battle tested by a tough schedule to the point we will win in the WC round. And a second round win is possible depending on how we are playing and who we play. I don’t see this team getting a bye and I don’t see them in the SB. But winning a playoff game will be enough for Andy to keep his job. The question then becomes what if they lose an NFCC game again? If they lose as a WC, Andy is back. If they were to lose as a bye team, maybe not. So Andy is actually better off as a WC because then he probably only needs to win one game. If he gets the bye he probably has to make it to the SB. If he gets to the SB, he will get an extension. Otherwise, I think he coaches as a lame duck for 2013. Would that prompt him to resign? Interesting question. But I don’t think he stays on as head coach after 2013 unless he gets back to the SB. What does everyone else think??

  • GmCliff…..you don’t have any FAs you would like to see them sign?

  • Paulman how is Desean Jackson a cancer on this team? Present me with a cogent and concise argument to see what you are seeing and give me insight into what you know that his team mates don’t. , his team mates, Brent Celek, Shady Mccoy and Vick as well as Marty Morningwheg and Jeffey “boy” Laurie has come out in support of him returning and saying he’s a great team mate, so how is he a cancer? What did he do to fracture this team ala T.O.?
    King Dunlap is a below average player who can’t stay healthy past 5 games. Seriously, you would be scolded for making the decisions you outlined. You sound like you’d fit right in with the current Eagle talent scout dept.

  • Yeah Jbird, I would sign Mario Williams DE ( I think if Spags comes in or whomever is d-coordinator, Babin’s production will suffer, and he’s great insurance if he or Trent Cole goes down), Peyton Hillis to play a hybrid FB position only like Mike Alscott, London Fletcher, Albert Haynesworth, and AJ Feeley( Just comfortable with him in this system) and Lawrence Timmons if Pittsburgh hasn’t already signed him. The important thing is we have to draft well. I have to correct myself my 1st pick in the second round if he is there would be Robert Lester, not Chase Minnefield. Trumaine Johnson is an underrated athlete just like Curtis Marsh the two can gain some experience behind the starters. I would also sign a veteran CB. My choice would be Keenan Lewis if Pittsburgh doesn’t resign him.

  • but we must have Burfict, Z. Brown, and R. Lester in the first 2 rounds.

  • GmCliff……I don’t see those guys being a good fit here. I like Feeley but that’s about it. Williams and Hillis don’t fit in and their salaries make them prohibitve. Timmons would fit but Pitt will keep him anyway. Fat Al is done I think. The Skins will keep Fletcher. I agree we have to draft better.

  • To GM-Pushed-Off-The-Cliff

    DT Patterson’s future Health is in question with his Brain Surgery/issues,
    DT’s Dixon and Landri are no sure things about coming back due to being Free-Agents and T Laws does stink and has had 4 years to prove himself worth of being a 2nd Round Pick and he has underperformed or has been injured every Season..
    On King Dunlap, I don’t know why there is so much hate for this guy, He’s a OL, who is versatile and can play 2-3 positions.. I am not saying he’s a Starter, but as a back-up, and a spot starter who is familiar with the system, A lot of teams would love to have the luxury as having him on their roster and I would rather have him than Winston Justice on my roster who is limited in his versatility and just too slow and banged up..

    To JBird,

    I look at 2012 Schedule

    4-2 NFC East Record (Beat Redskins twice-Split with Giants/Cowboys)
    1-3 versus the AFC North (Beat Browns, lose to Steelers,Ravens, Bengals)
    2-2 versus the NFC South (Beat TB Bucs/Falcons, lose to Saints/Panthers)
    1-1 versus the other NFC Conference Opponents (Beat Arizona,lose to Lions)

    Aother 8-8 Season Record and the entire Coaching Staff gets Fired

  • and GMCliff,
    Get it thru your head thart Spags is not coming to Philadelphia.. You guys need to get over this.. It’s not happening, he wants nothing to do with the Wide 9 and DL Coach Washburn and coming back to a Teams that is desperate.. .
    He will take the Saints DC job or maybe even the COlts DC Job if he wants and may even sit out a year.. my $$$ is he going to the SAints win which their player personnel on Defense suits his style and schemes like a glove..
    HC PAyton is a hands-off HC and will alllow him input on Drafting, Free-Agency and be involved in the Decision making process.. this will never happen in Philly with Coach AR, Castillo and Wasahburn around…

  • Paulman, how about Carl Nicks & Ben Grubbs? Both are great OG’s & would be major upgrades, but would the Birds spend the $$$?

  • Williams has played in systems that didn’t play to his strength, rushing the QB. He would fit every bit as good as Babin did with or without the wide nine. I honestly think Haynesworth always wanted to play for the Eagles because of Washburn, and tried to work his way toward being cut by the Patriots, and the eagles may have picked him up if Tampa wasn’t hurting for DT’s. The owner of the Bucs said thats the only reason he signed him. Hillis was a creative solution; I can do with or without, but Andy has been dreaming of a versatile fullback in his system. I think the Skins will go young, and it presents the birds with the opportunity to bring in veteran leadership, and talent. I would keep Casey Matthews on Special Teams exclusively; He can’t cover a lick. Agreed bird!! this is one year we have to get it right in the draft at least for the first 4 rounds.

  • @Paulman – I dont know if Spags is coming or not. I’m not hung up on him anyway. If I had my choice it would be Eric Mangini. But it’s not completely out of the question. I respect you Paulman, and enjoy what you write. So no need for sarcasm; Your just not the GM like Cliff is. We will just agree to disagree. I know Andy Reid won’t go for it, but as far as D-Coordinator the GM’s choice is ERIC MANGINI………

  • Peyton Hillis is a head case oof the Cliff man..
    Eagles need a real FB like free-Agent LeRon McClain from the KC Chiefs
    I do like Safety Robert Lester from Alabama who will still would be on the board come 3rd Round and I do like CB Trumaine Johnson as a 4th Rounder and a player to develop and could be a nice player/starter in 2 years time..

    D-Jax is a West Coast punk, he doesn’t train in Philly with the home team, is too much of a me-first type of athlete and he doesn’t contribute on Special Teams anymore due to fear of getting hurt and he an average WR with great speed.. Knock him around a little bit and he’s ineffective.. get inside the 25 yards line as an offense, and he’s useless.. I stated the following 2 years ago and stand by it.. If D-Jax played only 35-40 SNaps a game would put up the same amount of #’s if he played every snap .. I think he is a wasted body and decoy a 1/3 of time he’s out there and doesn’t go all out, or sell routes on a consistent basis..
    How does he hurt the team.. He missed a Sat Special teams practice knowing the rules about being suspending for a game verssu the Cardinals which was a must win.. This immature selfish act alone is evidence of his punkness, me-first attitude…. I have never liked the guy and still don’t regardless of his big play capability.. what did he have this year 58 Cathces and 4 Td’s for 850 yards… I am sure they can bring in a FA who can avverage 4 Catches for 60 yards a game and a TD pass once in a while…

  • Just busting stones Cliff
    I like Mangini also and he may be a Coach to look at next Season..
    I think Mangini likes to employ a 3-4 Scheme which I wouldn’t mind seeing the Eagles change over to but it would take some time for they would need d a monster NT and some Top flight LB’s to make that work and would take a little time to implement
    Wonder is MIke Trgovac from the Packers would be interested as a DC now that his daughter is graduating High School this SPring..

    OG Benn Grubbs is the real deal and a Pro-Bowl player, he will command too much $$$ I believe and in fact, I see the Ravens as Fanchising him if that can’t reach a deal right away.. Carl Nicks of the Saints I think is a little overrated since he plays on a good team with a great QB in brees who gets rid of the ball so quickly. He didn”t look so hot last week versus the 49ers DL. #94 (Smith) ate him up all game long and was marginal in games versus the Packers, Lions and Panthers earlier this Season that I watched……

  • Letting DeSean go would be STUPID!!!…The Guy wanted to get paid and acted out..so what!! ..he deserved to get paid. That doesn’t excuse his behavior but both they and all those that want to live with out him ….just get over it…If they paid him it would have never happened……and Paulman – Just like Haynesworth wanted out of his contract, Hillis wanted out of Cleveland, and who could blame him. You can’t deny he would be a better option that Owen Schmidt. LaRon McClain is OK, but as I said to J-Bird Hillis was just a creative option, and a better one if McClain’s knee doesn’t check out.

  • on Mario WIlliams, I am not sure he’s OLB material since he only played a couple games there this season in the 3-4 Scheme implemented by DDC PHillips.. I still kind of prefer him as a DE in a 4-3 Scheme, He’s a hell of a player and the Texans have a lot of young talent on that Defense..
    DE JJ Watt and OLB Brooks Reed were great Selections.. (some had the Eagles seleting Brooks Reid with thier 2nd Rd Pick last year) but Texans grabbed him about 10 picks b4 the Eagles Selection

  • OK BIG PAULMAN NOW WE SEE EYE TO EYE!! Mario Williams, I would bring in as a DE in our 4-3. I’m not high on Babin, or Cole but the combination of the four including Brandon Graham is intriguing.

  • Nick did have a bad game. But reminds me of Peters at the guard position. Mudd would do wonders for him here. Can you imagine that left side of the line? Also you have Herremans stabilizing Vicks blind side. You’re right though, it’s all about the $$$!!!

  • Nicks is not even on our radar. They will sign Mathis or move Herremans back and draft a RT in the first round. And what is this Mario Williams stuff?? Houston will not ever let him go so forget that plan and we cannot afford him!! JEEZ!! Like DE and OG are big needs here. Come on guys! If you want to knock yourselves out then knock yourselves out thinking about what safeties and LBs are going to come available. Speaking of which, maybe Rocky McIntosh has finally figured out that the 4-3 is his calling and stop signing with the Skins. I would be fine with McIntosh, Grant and Rolle as my LBs next year.

  • Mario Williams is a Pro Bowl 4-3 DE. The stupidest thing the Texans did was trying to force him into a 3-4 OLB. When he was healthy, he struggled to adjust, all year. He IS NOT a 4-3 OLB, & will not sign to a team that wants him to. Also, we don’t have a dire need for another high $$$ DE! Also signing D-Jax to big $$$, or franchising him would be STUPID! He is a 160 lb, soaking wet, one trick pony. We need a true, all around, #1 receiver, in which D-Jax IS NOT! Give me V-Jax/ Bowe, Nicks, D’Qwell Jackson in FA, & draft Still, Burfict & Lavonte David with our first 3 picks, & I’ll be like a kid in a candy store.

  • JBird, how do you know what’s on the Bird’s radar!? We all know that first, second & third priorities, are LB’s & safety. We’ve only been beating it into the ground since camp broke! We are giving opinions on how to upgrade our roster, in all ways possible. BTW, Williams doesn’t fit with the Texans anymore, & WILL NOT be back. Stop being such a miserable, no fun, party pooper, $#!ting on our picknick.

  • I see the Falcons & Panthers making a move for Mario WIlliams as a DE..
    Not to change gears… but the

    ***Phils Signed LHP C Hamels to a 1 Year $15 Million deal…
    I wished they would give him a 4-5 Year Deal and get rid of the $9 Million Blanton and the $6.5 Million Polacno..

  • Paulman, I here ya with the Phils!

  • Paulman & DCar……this is why guaranteed contracts suck ballz! We are stuck with Messrs Polanco and Blanton. And DCar sorry you thought I was shitting on your fun. I just don’t think Williams and Nicks are guys we would sign since they will command huge salaries and are not needs. The big news we are all waiting on now is what is going to happen with the coaching staff and signing our own guys. By the way did you guys see my earlier comment about the Giants considering Spaggs as HC if Coughlin retires after winning another SB. I know I am jumping ahead but its a possibility right? Why would Coughlin come back at 70?

  • Did I tell you my Wife got me a “Baseball GM Wannabe Camp” for Christmas..
    I will be all over the Baseball info come Spring Time …ha ha

  • If Couglin Wins a SB, that could be a possibility where he retries out on Top and then the Giants would elevate DC Perry Jeweel as the HC or maybe even OC Kevin Gilbride as their next HC.. I just think that Coughlin enjoys Coaching and not matter how you feel about that guy, he’s done a tremendous job this Season with this team that at Mid-Season, looked very average at best..

  • ***Breaking News in the NFL ***

    Colts GM R Grigson announces that HC Caldwell has been Fired…
    I expect that Eagles OC Marty Mohnerwig and QB Coach Doug Pederson to become the next HC and OC of th Colts by Thursday or maybe even tommorrow afternoon.. There are some Reports that Grigson has invited Spags for a Vist about becoming their DC & Asst HC… The Colts will become the Eagles of the Midwest… as the moving parts begin to fill the puzzle..

  • ***Falcons Fire 4 year O/Line Coach Paul Boudreau..***
    There Owner Arthur Blank was very unhappy about 3 playoffs in 3 Years with losses in the 1st Round each Season and has HC M DMithdoing something about it.. OC Mularkey took the Jags Job, their DC was fired and now their OL Coach was fired…
    Boudreau has a very good reputation and won’t be out of work for long..

  • More reasons Atl will be weak next year.

  • I doubt Marty gets HC job anywhere. He was terrible with Detroit and I don’t see what people will see from what he has done here that he is ready to be head guy again. Manning would definitely leave if they hire Marty. Marty is a stooge and I don’t think he is highly respected in league circles.

  • Thier HC Mike Smith on the Hot Seat..
    I am not a be fan of the Falcons, but I guess you have to admite Owner Blank for not being satisfied of just making the Playoffs and has higher expectations and isn’t going to wait around 5-8-10 Years like some other Owners would, if you know what I mean…

  • That Draft Day Trade last year giving up 4-5 Picks to CLeveland Browns to get WR Jones will haunt them and hie’s a great ballplayer with a lot of potenital, but they got away from their identity, let 2 decent OL leave in Free-Agency after last offseaons in H Dahl and another decent OL and still never addressed their Defensive Side of th aball exceppt for overpaying for DE bust Ray Edwards..

  • **Just in**
    Falcons hired DC Mike Nolan as their New DC from the Miami DOlphins
    I could see Spags getting an opportunity for the DOlphins DC posistion depending who their HC will be..

  • All of these tams are moving and shaking leading me to believe that the Eagles will remain status quo due to their lack of moves and deafening silence. This reminds of 2005, just with coaches instead of players.

  • lot of stuff going down paul , can you tell us which all you can eat buffet andy is at right now ?

  • Coach MM has a good reputation around the NFL and especially with QB’s..
    Look who he has worked it that have wom Cha,mpionships Steve young, Brett Farve and of course the Eagles QB’s.. I would venture to say that Coach MM has a better repuation with improving QB with sound fundamentals and mechanics than Coach Ar does.. It’s been MArty over the year working closely with these QB’s.. Now fastforward to 2012 and it makes perfect sense for new Colts GM Grisgson to hiresomeone who he is familiar with and who to groom their #1 Pick in Andrew Luck… It’s a slam dunk as former CIA Director George Tennant said… but this time, Paulman is all over it and I do believe that Coach MM is ready and wants a shot at being a HC and Indy is a perfect place for him with supportive Fans,Ownership and a relatively soft local media who will give him time…

  • paul, do you think there is any shot andy comes back from vacation and says i just dont have the desire to coach this year ?

  • Morningwheg is interviewing for raiders HC position!!!!!!!!!!

  • Everyone is interviewing for the Raiders HC position who will go after QB amtt Flynn from the Packers as a Free-Agent.. I am scheduled to talk to them too on Sunday… I still think they hire Winston Moss from the PAckers astheir HC and he in turns brings Darren Perry as their DC.. which should leave Raiders CUrrent Secondary Coach Kevin ROss to come work for the Eagles adn has a good relationship with CB Asmo…
    To Nev856 – I wish it were true, but I belive we are stuck with AR for 2012, and to be honest, he’s not a quiiter or at least he never has been, so I expect him to come back with the Assts Mudd/Washburn/Castillo and then will have to add some others for Coach Marty, QB Pederson and possibly WR COach D Culley all being hired away to Indy to work with Marty……

    **Breaking News pertaining to the Draft
    CB Dre Kirckpartick (a Top 10-12 PIck) was busted with 20 Grams of Marijuana in Florida and faces criminal charges for possestion with intent to distribute.. He will now probably fall to the 2nd Round and has been rated the 2nd/3rd CB in the entire Draft beghind Claiborne of LSU and Dennard of Nebraska..

  • If Kirkpatrick falls to the second round the Eagles gotta take him. He’s a kid who obviously partakes in smoking the silly leaf. Just put incentives and stipulations in his contract along with providing him with drug counseling, monitoring and a strong support base.

  • Many Mock Drafts had him going to the Jacksonvile,Washington,Carolina anywhere from the 6th to 8th Pick and the Cowboys were hoping he would drop to them at #14. WHo knows what happens now, but the gut is a player and at
    6’2 195lbs with 4.5 Speed and a frame to put on 10 lbs of muscle he will make someone a great cover guy in that classic Man to Man Press Coverage..
    Would not be surprised to seea team like the Lions/Steelers/Patriots grab him towards the later end of the 1st Round but his arrest will ahve cost him
    a ton of $$$ come Draft position and Contract time..

  • Coach MM interviewing with his good friend and now GM McKenzie of the Raiders who they both came up together as Coaches with the Packers I think is a coutesy INterview and help increase MM Value as a Potential HC.. Coach MM hasn’t interveiewed for a job in a while so it’s good practice for him too.. Someting to look out for is if MM son Skylar, who committed to Penn State, but now may back out with the mess that’s in State College and may want to go to Stanford which would be close to Oakland.. Lots of moving parts as always… Stay tuned.. But Marty will not be returning to the Eagles I believe and have felt so all Season long..I think he’s feels stale and wants to branch out on his own and that working with Vick just frustrates so much to due Vick’s reckless and undisciplined style of play… just my opinion….

  • agree he is not a quitter paul , but you agree his lame duck status and this year : fire andy chants for a qtr and a half , a owner who was very fustrated with his teams play , and lurie even commented on reids arrogance , his relationship with the local media is so- so at best , and now replacement of possible co-ordinators and position coaches . have things been quiet for too long ?

  • No doubt he is in a lame duck status which will hurt him and the team as far as replacing any Asst Coaches who appear to want to leave… I believe Mudd,Washburn & CAstillo and the newbie Coaches Caldwell & Zordcih will all be back, But I am not so sure about O/C MArty, QB D Pederson,WR Coach Cullie and TE Coach Melvin.. A lot of Coaches and Staffs will be checnging between now and the week after the Super Bowl, SO AR betting have his place A,B,C,D out and ready which again is another Reason why I did not think Juan Castillo would get the boot for then you have to answer, well who does AR Hire on a potential 1 Year Gig.. Surely not an up and comer or an experienced type of Coach.. I stated that this Lame-Duck” Status will most liklely do more harm to AR and ultimately to this Eagle team than anything else in 2012 and I stand by it…


  • JBird, no harm done. We all are having fun here! 😀

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