• December 4, 2021

Report: Raiders Interview Marty Mornhinweg

Philly.com’s Jeff McLane repotts that Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg was interviewed by the the Oakland Raiders for their vacant head coaching position.  He completed the interview and left Oakland.

The report said that the Raiders had interviewed a number of candidates before Mornhinweg and are looking for more candidate to interview.  Former Green Bay Packers Director of Player Personnel Reggie McKenzie is the current GM of the Raiders and he’s the main person conducting the search.

McKenzie is the twin brother of Raleigh McKenzie who played the great Hogs offensive line which led the Redskins to three Super Bowls.  The outstanding guard also played for the Eagles under Ray Rhodes.


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  • Im trying to think if Marty goes who will they bring in? I see them keeping it in house and andy going back to play calling if marty goes.. Andy is to the point where hes trying to save his job and realizes that he has to have a stellar year, with no more excuses, and hes already a huge control freak so it wont be hard for him to assume the play calling position once again if marty does infact leave… side note: notice how marty is interviewing with all AFC teams? I dont know the significance of this but i didnt hear his name for the rams job or bucs job but only AFC teams.. interesting…

  • To JH,
    If Coach MM leaves and takes a HC Position, he would likely bring QB Coach Doug Pederson with him as an OC to help implement his system which means there isn’t really anyone else “In-House” to assume that position for the Eagles..
    If this occurs, then Coach AR would probably reach out to Brad Childress and/or Mike Sherman sionce they are long time friends and know his system.. It would be very unlikely for Coach AR just to bring in a new OC that he’s not familiar with or that doesn’t know his “WCO” system well… Again, Coach AR has 2012 to save his job and I don’t believe he has the luxury of time on his side to start changing schemes in his Offensive or Defensive Unitls which is why DC Castillo & Washburn will remain for 2012..
    Maybe QB Coach Tom Clements from the Packers could be a dark horse candidate to come to Philly and would actually be a very good hire and potentially a HC Candidate moving forward if AR is to fail in 2012..

  • im beginning to think andy should stay on vacation and let marty run this ship for a year ! lets see what we got

  • Former Packer OC Joe Childs named the Dolphins HC…
    I expect the Dolphins to pursue back-up QB Matt Flynn in Free-Agency from the Packers due to his working relationship with Childs and the Dolphins need at QB.. The DC position is open in MIami since former Coach Mike Nolan left the Dolphins to take the Atlata Falcons DC position so I would not be surprised if new HC Childs tries to lure Mike Trgovac from the Packers to be the Dolphins new DC …

  • Keeping with the Eagle logic, we could appoint J. Washburn to OC, afterall, he was the DL coach.

  • I do not know if the Birds could make Doug P. the OC. He has only been coaching a few years, never called plays, and was just a coaching intern what, 3 years ago? That does not mean it couldn’t happen, but I would think it is more likely for Andy to pull Brad’s number off the Rolodex and see if he is interested. That is however, a guess.

  • everz – i know that was a joke, but that is not keeping with the logic. In order to ‘keep with the logic’, Washburn would have had to have been with the team for a very long time, and very close with the long standing and greatly revered OC who he spent countless hours meeting with discussing philosophies and strategies.

  • Paul, didn’t you just correct someone about accuracy? Who’s Childs?

  • Joe Philbin.. “Child’s” is his nickname per Packer players,Schiller.. C’Mon Man

  • With all due respect & condolences, I hate to sound heartless, but Philbin only got this job out of pity for his sons death. Decisions like this is the reason that Miami has been cellar dwellers since the Marino days. Their was no interest from anywhere else, for him. If there was, I didn’t read or hear about it. I stand corrected if there was.

  • Lets think about this.. IF andy is gone after 2012 year, moving forward.. what type of coach would we want? A offensive minded coach or a defensive? Me personally id was a defensive minded coach because we’d know that our defense would be intact and there wouldnt be any stupid hiccups and breakdowns, every position would be solid, no weak areas, similar to the way that andy pays close attention to detail on the offensive side but doesnt pay nearly as much toward the defensive side, because if he did then we wouldnt have had problems at LB as long as we have… Question… why didnt we keep John Harbaugh? Wanna know why because andy knew John was a better coach than he was and would have took his job eventually.. the man is back in the AFC championship and may end up in the SB this year… out of the 4 HC’s left 2 are defensive minded, really you can say 3 if you wanna add Tom Coughlin who is just as concerned with the offense as he is the defense, gotta be one of the most organized and detail oriented coaches in the league.. so really in my opinion you gotta go defense over offense 1st so go get a great defensive coach that can motivate an army that is organized and detail oriented with an awesome scheme that fits the players he brings in then id go with that over an offensive coach, there are more good offensive coaches with good schemes then there are great defensive ones, go defense IMO..

  • Eagels didn’t get rid of Harbaugh, JH, he had a oppotunity to become a HC in the NFL.. You can prevent Coaches from pursuing Opportunities..
    3 of th e4 Coaches left are Defensive Minded Jon, Only Jim Harbaugh at San Francisco specializes on the Offensive side of the Ball as he was a QB in th NFL. Belichek,Coughlin and John Harbaugh all started on the Denfensive side side of the Ball and John actaully got his start by Coaching Special Teams… Harbaugh’s Father was a Head Coach at a Division II Football Program in Kentucky then became a Assistant up at Universisty of Michigan so the Harbaugh kids know about Coaching in general for they grew up around the game and the art and strategy’s of Coaching..

    and easy Dcar about Philbin, if you recall, he interviewed the 1st time with the Dolphins a few days before his son was even went missing.. The Dolphins interviewed 3 Coaches for a 2nd time to make their final Decision once Jeff Fisher took the Rams Job. They interviewed Philbin,O/C from the Broncos McCoy and Interim Coach Todd Bowles) .. The Reason Philbin was hire hired is that he’s been very succesful working with the Packers for 9 Years and has a great feel for the offensive side of the ball as well as working with QB’s which the Dolphins desperatlyy need. He’s has a excellent reputation is well-respected in the locker room and seems like a Coach ready for the next Step in his Career..
    Watch the Dolphins pursue Free-Agent QB Matt Flynn from the packers as they start to rebuild that Franchise.. Their Defense is actually in very good shape and they have decent WR,OL and RB’s , if they can get a NFL Quality QB, they can compete for Playoff spot as a Wildcard in the AFC
    There was also some interest by the Colts and Tampa Bay on Childs though I am not sure he actually interviewed with either team..

  • The bad part about all of this is that when JH was with us, Dawkins raved about him, and you could tell when JH got a little bit of media time when interviewing DB coaches with us, you could tell that he was that kind of person that would be the coach he is today. To bad our idiot FO couldnt see that from 1/2 mile away. We have a bunch of non football old hag owner and president who are more concerned with saving a penny or 2. We’re finished for quite a while until we prolly get new ownership or a coach who can do what he wants to do here without having FO breathe down his neck. KEEP ON DRINKING!

  • Paul, i meant he was allowed to leave, when instead of promoting him to defensive coordinator. And i said 3 of the last coaches are defensive bro.. i got it all right. Rarely do i make mistakes you know that…

  • Rocko, good points and i share some of the same sentiments.. But i narrow it all down to andy feeling threatened for his job. Guys like Harbaugh and Spags are guys you make D coordinators and you dont let walk until theyve at least helped your team in an area other than special teams. The front office has made the mistake of allowing andy full control of all coaching decisions and player decisions. And instead of making decisions for the best of the team he has allowed the defense to suffer for years now (when the defense was good it was only good because ray rhodes developed it and andy reaped the benefits) all because he doesnt want to bring in a good defensive coordinator. Even look at Jim Johnson, he did not want to leave and become a HC and andy loved that because JJ was of no threat to him and he kept JJ thru all the rough years they had, honestly if JJ was alive hed still be the coordinator in philly.. like the latest coaches he brought back wash and mudd, they have no interest whatsoever in being HC’s and thats why andy would bring them here, im not saying there not HOFs but you can see whatim talking about. Andy is a control freak and will not bring someone in here that will be a threat to him and the front office just sits back and lives and dies by andy and all the decisions he makes and it makes them all look very foolish.. andy is content with this all in an effort to do it his way and with guys he can control and wont be a threat to his job.. ask yourself, the DLine has struggled for years, the LB position has been a problem for years, why? guys have been drafted that have been servicable and left here and with a little bit of coaching have become good players some even pro bowlers, its because andy doesnt want to bring coaches in here that are great at certain positions but would threaten his job.. its a reality IMO if you really think about it…

  • I agree with you 1000% Jon. Reids job being threatened. I thought about that for a while because with our talent, a guy like spags could prolly take us over the top. I thought about “Chilly” today as our OC if MM leaves, and I told myself no way in hell because Reid wouldn’t let that happen; he would be threatened by Childress. You’re right buddy; Our FO lives and dies by reid -hence, that’s why I said that our FO aren’t real die hard football owners. If this were any other owner, the year after the superbowl would of been Reids last year as our head coach in 05 if we didn’t win it all. We’ve wasted lots of pro bowl talent screwing around with Reid. This ownership blows and we as fans have to suffer this crap. It’s a shame. I believe that we have the best team in the league; but in effective coaching on the O and D side of the ball. I feel ya Jon…good stuff buddy.

  • It is nothing based in reality at all Jon. Andy Reid just got retained for his 14th year after going 8-8, and you somehow think he feels his job is insecure? Not likely. ven if he gets canned, he will have 3 teams offering to fire their coaches on the spot to bring him in. Go ahead and write anothjer novel, but put some facts in it, you have nothing but fantasies in this one.

  • Rocko – In case you missed it – Harbaugh was considered to be one of the best special teams coaches inthe NFL – it was none other then Andy Reid who informed/suggested/hired him as the DB coach telling him very few special teams coaches make it to be HCs in the NFL – Reid actaully helped and encouraged HArbuagh – and in the interm, had to go find another Special teams coach – to enhance and help HArbuagh – as for not making him the DC – Jim Johnson was STILL the eagles DC in 2007 when Harbuagh DB coach and Harbaugh left in 2008 – JJ last year – JJ never planned to quit – his cancer returned and by the end of 08 could hardly walk –

    you always comment on what other people are drinking – maybe you should watch what you are drinking – the FO – Andy Reid in particular – actively and openly encouraged Harbaugh to become more well rounded to become a high level coach –

  • Of course Reid encouraged him to go elsewhere so as not to be a threat to his own job buddy. By the way, by your statement navy, you sound like a reid lover. I’m through with Reid, spadaro and the FO; the wool isn’t over my eyes anymore buddy. I’m cured after 13 years of the same ol’ crap. I suggest you stop drinking the green kool-aid along with all the other reid lovers and sober up before it’s to late. BECOME FREE AND PUT THE BOTTLE OF GREEN STUFF DOWN! I’m FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoohoo; Fire Reid and his “Blowgang” woohoo!

  • Why not make harbaugh line backers coach? Or Dline coach? Both positions have been problems for years now… Remember some of the guys that were our position coaches? Some of the worst in the league, im talking about bums. Both dline and LB coaches sucked for years and were grown within the organization. You mean to tell me that you had a coach with the mind and pedigree of that of John Harbaugh in the fold and you dont promote him to one of the positions of need? Either dline coach or LB coach? Its too fishy.. andy knew very well who he had on his coaching staff thats why he let the guy go bc he knew harbaugh wanted to be a HC so andy kept the guy as a db coach and a special teams coach all in an effort to keep his own job safe.. Will anyone argue that Harbaugh is a better coach than andy?When Harbaugh left i said at the time he should be the the defensive coordinator of this team, but he never got a shot because andy knew harbaugh wanted to be a HC and andy was threatened by that.. same thing with spags and what happen? Spags goes to the giants and wins a SB with one of the very best defenses in nfl history… Give me a break anyone who disagrees with this.. its not a conspiracy either its the honest truth.. Mudd wash and JJ are and were of no threat to him.. also throw Castilo in there too he ll never be a HC nor does he want to be… andy loves that..

  • Exactly Jon Hart, and that’s why he promoted Castillo because he knows that Castillo isn’t a real threat. I can pretty much guarantee that as soon as reid is let go and we get a real coach in here with our cast of players and a good d-coord, we will win a SB/. The problem is, and has always been Reid ever since the Donovan years. He never got DMac any weapons and wasted the talents of J trot, Dawk, lito and sheldon. Get Reid outta here; he’s our teams biggest problem. Of all the d-coords in the league, “Juan Castillo”!? Give me a break with this clown show. Send him and his coaching staff packing immediately; to be honest with you, he should of been fired after this year’s debacle.

  • wow Rocko – the discussion was about the front office and HArbaugh and your comment that they didn’t recognize his talent – and then two posts later it was because they recognized he was a threat to Reid – and you managed to twist into being a Reid lover?? Really? Reid encouraged Harbaugh to become a better coach so he wouldn’t be a threat? Wow!

    And Jon Hart – the very best defense in history? The 07 Giants? They did do a very good job against the Pats – but they sure a heck weren’t the stell curtain or thepurple people eaters or the Ditka/Ryan Bears – they played well in the playoffs – but don;t let facts get in the way boys-

    Wow – Rocko you are right – I need to put the green stuff down and find what you guys are drinking! Peyote or some of the Indian hallucinagenic shit man – cause – whatever you guys got going on – it totally changes reality!

  • Rocco

    Reid won’t bring Chilly back because Chilly would be a threat? “and I told myself no way in hell because Reid wouldn’t let that happen; he would be threatened by Childress”

    Holy shit. A couple of days ago someone wrote that they thought the Eagles only drafted Watkins because the front office thought he would be a pro-bowler in his first year. I thought that was the stupidest thing anyone had written on here in 2 years….but it only held up for 3 days, because your statement trumped it…..

    Threatened by Childress.


  • Navy, quote me correctly i said ONE of the very best in history.. that 07′ giants defense was especially that defensive line omg.. it was an unbelievable one.. but certainly not the very best in history but i said ONE of the best…

  • no Jon – it wasn’t even close – they had a great playoff run – but in many of my posts comparing Spags to Castillo in first year I clearly showed the 07 regular season giants were an average D – the 07 Playoff D got hot (similar to New Orleans) becuase the D line went on a tear – they beatteams that crushed them (often scoring over 40 points during the regular season) anyway – don’t let facts get int he way of your opinions – and sorry for misqouting

  • Fact is: Reids WC offense is to predictable and sucks. Reids gameday coaching and clock management is ridiculous; nuff said – no kool aid drinking for me boys! Peace

  • Giants defense was definitely not one of the best defenses in 07!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If AR was truly as coniving as jon states, he would have had no problem winning a SB.(Belichek)

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