• December 4, 2021

Eagles Reach An Agreement On Restructured Deal With Cullen Jenkins

The Eagles have reached an agreement on a restructured deal with defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins.  It isn’t a surprise but it is good news.

After the Packers were eliminated from the playoffs, their players were singing Jenkins’ praises and talking about how they missed him so much, that there were rumors of him possibly heading back to Green Bay.  That won’t be happening.

“We are very excited about having Cullen back on our football team,” said general manager Howie Roseman. “Cullen made an immediate impact for us this year on and off the field. We look forward to a great future together with him in an Eagles uniform.”

Jenkins registered 5.5 sacks in his first year.  He came down with seven tackles for loss, and 61 total tackles.

The defensive tackle started fast with the Birds.  He registered four sacks over his first three games as an Eagle, becoming just the second defensive tackle in team history to open a season with one sack in each of the first three contests (Jerome Brown, 1991).

He won a Super Bowl title with the Green Bay Packers in 2010-11 season.


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  • Great News!! This guy is a must have on the team. Now, if we can get him some more help at DT the line should dominate next season. I don’t know about you guys, but I though they were going to let him walk.

  • Good news indeed, Jenkins is a true Professional and a Champion and should only help the younger players on the Defense.. WIth a heathy A Dixon, a young Stud in DT Fletcher Cox who the Eagle select int he 1st Round alond with Jenkins/Patters and D Landri, the Eagles should be set at DT for the next 2-3 Season.. Jenkins is most productive when playing about 30-35 Snaps a game to keep him fresh.. I think Eagles 1st RD Pick Fletcher Cox has a chance to be a great one and working with DL Coach Washburn and vetrean players like Jenkins/Patters, Fletcher Cox can be an All-Pro Player

  • Great!!! That’s one good move in the offseason………..

  • Plus this should end the insane idea of bringing Fat Albert Haynesworth to the Eagles..

  • Paulman, no it shouldn’t. The Eagles employ a 4-3 – that implies 2 DTs – you know this. Resigning Jenkins by no means says anything about the other DT spot.

    Sometimes I think you’re brain is wired incorrectly.

  • Yes, this means the end to the Fat Albert rumors adn besides, Cullen Jenkins wouldn’t play with Fat Al anyways…
    The Eagles will resign DT A Dixon, still have M Patterson & Cedric Thornton under Contract and will Draft a DT (Fletcher Cox) in the 1st Round..

  • Paulman – your ass just sent me a text – it said “please let Paulman know that I need him to stop talking out of me for just one second because I need to fart”.

    Just passing it along, don’t shoot the messenger

  • I believe if they go after a DT in the first round, they will draft from my alma mater Penn State Devon Still.

  • Deasr — I wish.

  • Devon Still is a a 1 year wonder after under-achieving his previous 2 Seasons..
    Plus most liklely he will be off the Board…
    Top 2 DT’s M Brockers/D Still are projected to be selected within the top #12 Selections
    Does anyone else agree that Schiller should keep his day-job (selling insurance) and stop with the attempted humor gig, but I do admit that this aboce example may have have been his funniest attempt…

  • He will be the best player on the board at that time, one hopes. The eagles tend to draft the best at the time rather than for need. Honestly, 2 free agents and 3 good draft picks and this team is back being a contender. We are really close. Both lines can be beasts, and the rest will be able to take care of itself. It’s a matter of will, not talent. We have plenty of talent. These men need to stand next to each other, smile and say, “let’s maul the f&*k out of these girls.”

  • Paulman’s MOck Draft 2012

    #1) Colts – QB Luck (Stanford)
    #2) Redskins (trade w/Rams) – QB RG III (Baylor)
    #3) Vikings – OT M Kalil (USC)
    #4) Browns – DE Q Coples (UNC)
    #5) TB Bucs – CB M Claiborne (LSU)
    #6) Rams – WR J Blackmon (Oklahoma State)
    #7) Jaguars – OT R Reiff (Iowa)
    #8) PAnthers – DT M Brockers (LSU)
    #9) Dolphins – DT D Still (Penn State)
    #10) Bills – OLB M Ingram (SOuth Carolina)
    #11) KC Chiefs – OT J Martin (Stanford)
    #12) Seahawks – OL D DeCastro (Stanford)
    #13) Cardinals – OLB C Upshaw (Alabama)
    #14) Cowboys – CB D Kirkpatrick (Alabama)
    #15) EAGLES –

  • Good one Paul…makes sense with some of those team needs. Leaves Birds with a tough call…future backer or safety?

  • They will also consider Haynesworth. They can have him on the cheap, there will be language in his contract but as Ive mention before, He would have been here if Washington not traded him to New England. Guarantee you Paul that Washburn would love to have him. Jenkins can play with him. I like the idea of drafting a couple of DT’s Dontari Poe, Nicolas Jean-Baptiste, Akiem Hicks but I think Haynesworth, if his head is on straight, and he’s willing to put in the work. But no rookie is going to come in and start anyway. Stills wont start, Brockers is overrated; he’ll be a bust. Your not losing anything adding Albert Haynesworth.

  • Haynesworth’s Head hasn’t been on straight 4 years now GMCliff, what makes you think he’s motiovated enough and to come back in tip-top condition now after he’s made his $50-$60 of that $100 Deal he signed with Redksins a few years back… Because he likes DL Coach Washburn.. Or he doesn’t want to go down as a Bum… Or because Eagles Fans want him to come back…
    Any Coach would love to have the Ablert Haynesworth of 4 years ago, or Randy Moss or any good player, but the reality is, that he’s in no conditions physcially or mentally to prepare himself to be a major contributor playing for an NFL Team at this stage of his career…

    To Erock,
    I think if Eagles are faces with the Above situation, that they would look to trade back a few spots and pick-up another 2nd Round Pick .. There is still Top Flight RB Richardson on the Board, QB Tannehill, WR’s K Wright and M Floyd along with many Pass-rushing DE’s like W Mercilus, N Perry, SS M Barron, CB J Jenkins,
    Maybe a team like the Lions who would love CB Jenkins, the Packers for RB Richardson, Browns and 49ers move up for a Top WR or the PAts for a top Pass rushing DE… lots of possibilities…

  • Thats right Paul, that should be our objective in the draft this year trade down to get more picks in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds and draft for further depth, and future starters.

  • Paulman, No we shouldnt draft a DT with our first pick, it has to be LB! They say the draft is very deep in DTs, if thats the case they could wait till the 2nd round or put a package together to move up to get one, if they dont pick up a LB in free agency then they have to get one with the 1st pick, no more late round picks will do, we already have our share of the Matthews an Rolles, we need inpact at that position.

  • You can get Donte Hightower, Dontari Poe, Whitney Mercilus, or Zach Brown, in the 1st Round, Vinny Curry, and Vontaze Burfict in the 2nd round, and more if they are able to trade down.

  • @ Andrew..I would agree with Pman…draft a DT (I like Fletcher Cox – Miss St) and grab a veteran FA MLB….we need an experienced LB for leadership…it was a disaster with a rookie at MLB last year, I don’t want to do it again. We can pickup a LB in a later round, but shoring up the middle of the line will help the linebackers play better also. I heard a stat this morning about a low percentage of LB’s take in the 1st round are Pro-Bowl players, they were comparing to a similar stat for Guards….I say take a big body DT and sign a FA MLB (Tulloch, Fletcher, etc)

  • Here’s a couple of Trade Partner scenario’s..

    #1) Oakland Radiers — They have no 1st Round pick and may be interested in QB Tannehill or WR Kendall Wright (The Eagles can get their 2nd Round in 2012 – (#49 Overall) and their 1st Round selection in 2013 at least in a deal)
    #2) Cincinnati Bengals – They have 2 1st Round Picks (#17 &#21 Overall)
    and may want to move up to get RB T Richardson since Cedrick Benson isn’t getting any younger and is a Free-Agent to boot..(The Eagles could maybe get their #17th and a 2nd Round Pick from them (55th Overall) to drop back 2 slots..
    #3) NE Patriots – They have 2 1st Round Picks (#27th and #31) and they may want to move up to get a pass-rusher like Mercilus, Perry or one of the WR’s.. Maybe the Eagles can Trade thier #15 Pick and throw in DE D Tapp and get both Pats 1st Round Selections..

    #4) Deroit Lions – Thet have the #23rd Pick and desperately need a CB (Jenkins) and a SS (Barron) and Eagles could get their 23rd pick and their 2nd ROund Pick (56th Overall) and maybe a 4th Rounder (#120 Pick)
    or the Eagles can have CB Samuel in the mix

    #5) The Bears – They have the 19th Pick and need WR,SS,LB (Urlacher and Briggs are not going to play forever) Maybe the Eagles switch and pick-up an extra 2nd Round pick from the Bears (#51 Overall) to slide back 4 spots..

    Lots of moving parts here..

  • Greenfan, like i said, if they dont pick up a LB in FA, i would love for them to do that but to suggest we would go through the same thing as last year if we have to draft one in the 1st round is wrong, theirs a BIG difference in drafting a LB in round 1 compared to round 5,6 or 7, theirs major seperation and a reason why one is drafted in round 1 and round 5. if we dont pick one up in FA you have to get one in round 1.

  • Paulman you know what i love?? When your dumb ass says thing like Jenkins won’t play with Hanyesworth. How the hell do you know. I guess your personal friends with Jenkins. Its a no brainer to bring him in its not going to cost anything and the reward could be huge. This team needs a big D tackle in the worst way. They don’t have a guy that’s over 310lbs.

  • @ andrew…I agree, there can often be a difference, but there are also plenty of examples of mid to later round LB’s turning into great NFL players. I still believe getting a veteran MLB and drafting one that can learn the system while the veteran plays is not a bad plan. I like Chaney and Rolle, but believe that each has a disadvantage from a size standpoint. It is going to be interesting to see what the FO’s plan will be

  • The first round pick should be Barron plain and simple…Yes, he had an injury but it a hernia not like a knee or anything of that nature, should be good to go. Im so sick of the crap we have had at safety. The safety position has killed us year after year and every offseason people just assume that Reid is capable of fixing it the next year and he screws it up. PLease the solution is there waiting for you in the draft and Im pretty sure he will be there at 15.

    There are FA out there for linebackers and Dline…some solid veterans will be there for the taking. And both positions have much more depth in the draft where you could find quality in the second round. However, safety is not the same. The FA talent is will be weak and there is a huge drop off after Barron.

    If you don’t think Barron should be the pick then it should be Hightower. I don’t care if the guy might not be on the field during 3rd and long. We need a big bruiser who can get off tackles and hit people, esp in a wide 9, and Hightower can do that. Honestly, who cares about 3rd and long when your too small and tackle inefficient to stop people on 1st and 2nd? 3rd downs won’t even matter.

    MY Wish List
    1st rounder: Barron

    2nd round:Brandon Thomspon who can be just as good as some of the guys you ppl mentioned above. Gets to the ball fast

    2nd round: Lavonte David or Sean Spence

    3rd:Bernard Pierce or L. JAmes (would really love Lamar Miller out of MIA but just don’t think he will last this long)

    4th: Ladarius Green (would be awesome opposite Celek)

    4th: Nick Foles

    5th: Joe Adams

    Then go O-line with the rest.

    sign Tolbert
    sign Tulloch

  • This is actually a year where it might end up making a lot of sense for the Eagles to trade back; especially if they’re going to target a guy like Hightower, which I doubt they will anyway.

  • I think the eagles should stay at fifteen and choose a linebacker. With tight ends tearing up the league the way they are. The eagles really need help at this position, more than anywhere else. I believe burfict is that player, head case yes but we need toughness.

  • Btc, Honestly, I think you make a good point there…if they really are trying to pick Hightower or even Baron they might be there from 20-25. Don’t think it would be bad to trade back a FEW spots for an extra 3rd round pick or so…However, if they trade out of the 1st completely that would be a huge mistake.

    Don’t forget about going the other way tho too..Maybe they trade up in the top 10 since they are already at 15. Not like other years where you are at 21-24 and it would take much more. Maybe moving up 6 or 7 spots might get you the kid out of UNC who I think will be the best defensive player in the draft when we look back years from now.
    Coples=Julius Peppers

  • Thanks Trufan,
    I only say those dumbass comments for you and Schiller, since I know the both of you enjoy them…

  • DE Coples is going to be a beast in the NFL, if he gets in the right situation..
    I really like DE Whitney Merciluis and DE Chandler Jones from Syracuse too..
    I think these guys can turn out to be like a JPP/Aldon Smith type of Players
    and then even DE’s like V Curry from Marshall and Cam Johnson at Virgiina could be nice pick-ups in the 2nd/3rd Rounds (Curry reminds me of a Trent Cole type byut a lot more polished coming out of College than Cole was)

  • Next years draft d line, this years draft linebackers pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease. Who the hell is gonna cover these tight ends, and backs out the backfield. Coples no stills no we need linebackers people.


  • This Restructuring of Cullens deal is bigger than you think… They are making room for someone or more than one…You heard it here first…. The Eagles are going to make a huge splash in Free Agency. And when I say huge im talking possibly Mario Williams huge if he doesnt get tagged by the texans which he most likely wont be due to the fact that his tag price will be over 20 million dollars and the texans already have guys that can do what he does… So again dont ignore this restructuring of Cullens deal, there making room… Something big is about to go down once free agency begins…

  • 15 is way too early to draft Fletcher Cox.. Some fans like him because one blog (who is rarely right) likes him. He could well go at the end of round 1, but then again, we could move up and grab him at the end of round 2 (after finally getting a MLB who can tackle)……

  • JonHart, Personally Im not looking or hoping for a huge splash in FA…I just want a damn good draft of defensive players that could be pro bowlers in the near future.

    Maybe a rookie DPOY winner/candidate (I almost fainted writing that due to the crap Reid has given us on D the past 6 years)….I wonder when or if there was a last time we had one of those? I would take that over some overpriced, overhyped FA that might not have the hunger to be his best anymore and just in it to get as many big paychecks possible before his career is over.

    Picking 15 overall shouldn’t make that impossible either..we will have a shot at the top caliber defensive players this year. No excuses.

  • To Dixie,
    After this Combine week, you will see DT Fletcher Cox rise up the Charts
    At 6-4 295lbs, this guy has the build, the long arms and quick first step to be an excellent Pass Rusher from the DT positions (Which is exactly what DL Coach Washburn wants and preaches).. He also has the type of frame to put on 10-15lbs without getting fat or losing speed within 2 years time..He blocked 5 FG’s during his 3 years at Miss State and started 27 of the 36 games over a 3 year period..He was 1st All-SEC Defensive Lineman in a Conference with some very good Defensive Lineman and was voted 4 times the SEC Defensive LIneman player of the week award this past Season..
    Last Season (his Junior year) he had 56 Tackles ,14.5 for losses and 5 Sacks from the DT position in which he was seeing a lot of double-teams by opposing Offensive Lines.. Many have him as a late 1st and even Early 2nd Round Pick, but as more research him they have seen a player get bigger,stronger nad better each Season he has played and is only scratching the surface of his atthletic and football abilitiy.. He does needto work on strengthening his lower body and use more leverage instead of coming up to high to take on blockers.. I see him as a DT who can also move outside and play a little DE on occassion and still get into the backfield and raise some cain.. and some Draft Scouts think if he went back for his Senior Season, that he would be a Top 10 Pick in next years Draft.. Why not get him now..

  • Stop with the freaking Hayneworth, garbage already. He is a fat, lazy, waste of oxygen, & never deserves another roster spot, from any other team, EVER! How many more chances should a guy get!? GTFO ALREADY!!!
    gmcliff, Curry is rising fast, & I don’t think he get’s out of the first round! He will be a surprise in this draft. I would love it though, if it comes to fruition. BTW, no to Zach Brown, too small, over-matched & overrated.

  • JH, they are not going to sign another high priced DE, you goof-ball!!! They already have Babin, Cole, Tapp & “BUST” Graham coming back, who you know fat-boy ain’t giving up on yet. I can see them drafting one in the first 3 rounds, though. Nothing big is going down, they are just going back to their old cheap @$$ ways, after their last off-season Fantasy football signing failure. Look for Tapp, & Patterson to be asked next to take a cut, or they’ll be released.

  • I don’t get it, after one year they restructure? — T.O. wanted to restructure after a year and they had a hissy fit— Does anyone know why they needed to change the contract?

  • DCar if Vinny Curry, is rising to the first round the Eagles should still move down to get him, but he will go high in the 2nd round. He can be the future replacement for Trent Cole Yeah, I ‘m with you on Zach Brown; Im kinda hot cold on him, but he is still going to be considered by the Eagles. My choice is Nigel Bradham, to play the weakside, he has some of the same speed as Brown but a better tackler, and Burfict on the strongside, Hightower in the middle the future would be set at that position, with Tulloch, or Fletcher warming the seat. Also, I would look to replace Jaqua, and Brandon Graham, when he flops with Chandler Jones, as well.

    Jon Hart – I would like to sign Mario Williams as well; I don’t like Babin, I keep seeing the Bears TE running than misdirection sweep, and taking him out, exposing him for what he is, and Cole, is getting older, and his contract is up next year, and I don’t know if he’ll make it through an entire season.

  • gmcliff the time to draft DE’s was last season not before (ouch Graham) and after —- there are no DE worth taking even though I agree with your need assessment

  • TO Eagles0SuperBowls
    RE: Jenkins Restructure was to lower his total Salary for 2012
    He is due a $5 Million Roster Bonus and a $2.5 Million Salary all for 2012
    for a Total Package of $7.5 for 2012
    Now, will still get his $5 MIllion Bouns, but his salary drops to $890 K for the 2012 Season and the remainder of his salary will be added to later years to help free-up about $1.7 Million in 2012

  • Paulman good info — is that so hard for reporters to give football fans —

  • I hear ya, I had to look up 5-6 Artciles/Sources to get the details..

    Old Deal —
    2012 – $5 Million Roster Bonus, $2.5 Salary

    New Deal
    2012 – $5 Million Roster Bonus , $890 K in Salary (Savings of $1.7 for Team for 2012)
    Then C Jenkins will get an additional $1 Million in 2013 in his Salary and a additional $700K in 2014 Salary to make up for th $1.7 Million less he is taking this season..

  • I wanted to bring up something regarding the draft and free agency. As much as we bash the front office for whiffing on draft picks the past couple of years (myself included), there are a number of players every year that each of us are absolutely enamored with. Last year we all (again, myself included) wanted them to bring in Haynesworth; thank god they didn’t. What a bust and waste of money that guy has been for the past couple of years. Going back to the draft about 2 years ago, remember how we were all so amped on Taylor Mays (safety from USC)? That guy has been the poster child for BUSTS in the NFL. I think San Fran already cut him. I’ve been pretty high on Vontaze but the logical part of me thinks this guy could easily be another Taylor Mays. Just throwing that out there.

  • There ya go BTC – you get it! Its easy as hell to sit here and poke fun at a bad pick – or even a pick that hasn’t panned out yet due to say an injury (Graham) and talk shit – or look at a 5th round or 6th round and make comments – I mean Coleman is a 7th rounder, Mikell was undrafted – who cares where you find the players – find them – and what is the difference between drafting great D players or signing them in FA? So wait – we didn’t ‘draft’ impact players – we signed them in FA? Really who gives a flying turd where they came from (babin, Jenkins, Landri, Asmo (he will be better this year), just that they are here? KElce and Watkins both made several all rookie teams – who cares what round they were drafted in?

    but take a guy like Songs – dude was jumping up and down pissing on himself about how great the Patriots were for going out and signing Haynesworth and Och Cinco – and bitching the Eagles didn’t do the same… how that work out for them – but he won’t shut the hell up about Graham – and the dude had a knee injury – won’t even give the guy a third year before declaring him ass (or in Dcar case bust) –

    you can go back and look at the eagles draft grades immediately after the drafts, and in most cases the eagles do well. One of the big issues is here on GCOBB is skewed expectations – everyone expects every draft pick to be immediate ‘impact all pro’ – and when the eagles traded out a few years back becuase there were no ‘immediate impact all pro’ they whine and cry and when they move up they ‘reach’ –
    realy – you think anyone on this blog knows how well the pro careers of Kuelchy verse Burfict are going to be – this debate has gone on for years – LEaf verse Manning, Bush verse Willims Rivers verse Manning – if 100 experts had a decision – you would get 100 different options –

  • other thing to think about- some players dont work on the teams that drafted them. There are lots of players that need the right fit. Babbin is a perfect example….. guy was a bum until washburn got a hold of him. Coaching is bigger than most think…. have to have good coaches.

  • Cullen Jenkins said the reason why he restructured the deal was to allow the birds to sign more players whether current players or bringing guys from other teams in… So like i said more is involved then what meets the eye.. a player like cullen jenkins who was a leader on this defense/team and who were one of the bright most consistent player on defense, goes and restructures his deal, thats huge.. Hes sending a message saying that hes a team player and will do what it takes to win. I want a guy like him on my team…

    GMgriff– I want Mario on this team as well, I do not like babin either, 18 sacks or not. I cant deal with teams running to his side each play and gaining 5-10 yards.. I would not mind keeping Trent Cole, Id keep him and sign Mario Williams and trade Babin for a 2nd or 3rd rounder..

  • Good Coaching and the right Schemes that works best for the Players that you bring into it.. Eagles Scheme/Philosophy has been be fast on the edges and at LB and run to the ball.. The Wide 9 demands that you have fast sideline to sideline players for this Scheme is designed for the LB’s to make most of the Tackles in the Running Game (not your safeties which is always a bad sign) So you have to have speed, but you have to have size to shed this pulling blockers or these 320lb Guards that pop out to the 2nd level and engulf the Eagles 225 lbs LB’s.. Size and Speed is needed and the Eagles lack the size and strength right now with their Current PLayers.. Need 1 big body to play the Middle (Upshaw/hightower) and 1 Bigger/Athletic OLB like a S McClellin,N Bradham,Keenan Robinson to play the outside

  • pman – who the heck is the guy #4 from South Carolina? Saw some clips of him on ESPN and he look slike a monster OLB but doesn’t ever pop up in the discussions –

  • A Trade Rumor I heard is the Eagles Trading DE Trent Cole to the NE Pats
    for their second 1st Round Pick (which is the #31st Overall Pick)
    Pats Belechek has always liked T Cole a lot and they need help at DE …

    Another rumor I heard is the EAgles Trading CB Samuel and the #15th Overall pick plus their 3rd Round Pick to the Browns for their #5 Overall pick where the Eagles would Select DE Q Coples.

  • You mean OLB/DE Melvin Ingram… He wears #6 I believe
    #4 For South Carolina is WR Jason Barnes
    Melvin Ingram is a stud and the next Demarcus Ware, He probably go in the #8-#12th Range… I can see him going to the Panthers,Dolphins,Bills,Seattle,Arizona who could all use DE/OLB upgrades
    I think he is better suited for a 3-4 Defense and the Cowboys would love to get their hands on him at #14, chatter that the Patriots/Belecheck are super high on him to and that they may want to trade up to get him.. The Pats have 2 1st rounds, 2 2nd Rounds and 2 3rd Round picks so they have the ammo if they want to move up… Patriots need 2 DE, 1 OLB, 1 Safety to their Defense

  • Paulman, are you making this stuff up about trade rumors or are you really seeing this stuff on other sites?

  • pman- the rumors you are hearing are voices in your head. I like the 2nd one but your crazy.

    To Jon Hart, i mean no disrespect by saying this but you are stating the obvious. Of course the birds are going to add a player or 2 in FA and try to do deals with the guys they have. They dont exactly have a choice on this. Lots of guys are coming off the books this year. Pman has actually done a fine job letting us know who makes what on the birds. There will be lots of cuts of current eagles. The starters are all safe (except Asam), but lots of players that have done nothing in years are gone.

  • Wishful trade rumors in my head Btc24,
    I do think that something could happen with the PAtriots and or Browns..
    Also both the Raiders,Saints & Falcons have no 1st Round PIcks…
    Could one of the teams offer the EAgles a nice package…
    Saints possibly offer LB J Vilma, a 2nd Round pick and a 1st Rounder for next year..Saints will lose some good players due to salary cap where they
    have QB Brees, OG Nicks, WR Colston, & Meachem and there is no way they can sign them all..

  • Article on PFT that basically says Curtis Lofton may hit the open market. Could be a nice addition for the Birds’ LBs.

  • Im with ya on that Pman. its hard to know whats in FO’s head. I will say this about our cap… there is NO way they spend all that money last yeaar and NOT have a plan for this year. We can bash them for stuff but Cap managment is not a problem with these guys…. they are one of the best.

  • Stevo you are too kind to the FO — they had 2 different pro bowl WR ‘s blow up the team’s success twice worrying about that cap, I consider that a big time problem

  • My sources in Atlanta state the Falcons will place a “Franchise Tag” on MLB Loftin and that new DC Mike Nolan is a big fan of Loftin so I see it very doubtful that they will let him go when they have lots of areas to address on their Defense (DE,DT,Safeties)

  • If the eagles can sign tulloch and draft either hightower or burfict, that would be great for the linebacker core. We can live with rolle at the one spot.

  • Word on the street is that Eagles tleaning towards siging Former Eagle Joe Mays to line up in the MIddle and Rashard Jeantry back now that he’s healthy to play SAM… Brian Rolle will take the WILL Spot
    Marlin Jackson also to be signed to compete for the Starting SS position…
    Eagles are Set and there are already some rumblings about C Jenkins wanting his $1.7 Million back for 2012 …

  • ***NFL News****
    Packers reach a 2 Year Deal with TE J Finley for a reported $15 Million
    Details will be forthcoming about Bonus $$$, etc,etc I think Schiller had posted that players who are Free-Agents could not reach any deals, until the Free-Agnecy Begins March 13, but I believe you can negoititate and come to terms with you last/former team but not any new teams until the Free-Ageny period begins so the Eagles should be ihaving some discussions with D-Jax/Mathis/Dixon, etc,etc..

  • I was on board this whole time about locking up D-Jax until i heard the news Mike Wallace from the Steelers might be available, that changes everything! Your talking about a guy who’s 6ft , over 200lbs and is as fast or maybe a little faster than D-Jax ,whos not scared to go across the middle too, if im the Eagles im jumping on him! You could proubly lock him up for 7-8mill a year, you can then go get a Burress for a couple more million, now you have your burner who can streach the field and your red zone target for the same price it would of coast you to keep D-Jax, should be a no brainer.

  • I agree Andrew,
    M Wallace is the better all-around WR than D-Jax
    He’s listed at 199lbs but defintely is more solid in his lower body and can actually break tackles .. Steelers have some Salary Cap issues and will have a hard time keeping him in my opinion (and they have 2 other good young WR’s in Emmanuel Sanders & Anthony Brown plus veteran Jericho Cothcery and could always bring back Vet Hines Ward on a cheap deal too)
    Wallace will be in huge demand and look for the Patriots,Redskins,Titans,Jaguars and even the Bears make a move for him

  • Word down in Washington DC is that MLB London Fletcher really wants to come to Philly to finish his career.. His motivation/goal is to try to win a Super Bowl and the Redksins are still too many pieces away to be legitimate contenders.. My Sources tell me he is willing to sign a 2 Year Deal with pretty minimal Salary $$$ some Bonus $$$ mixed in…. The Eagles need to take advantage and get him on board for not only is he a great MLB, but a real leader and mentor for some of the younger players and would be a huge addiition to the team and locker room.. Stay tuned for breaking details in about 2 weeks

  • Im with you guys on Wallace but i wouldnt let Djax walk and just assume we can get our guy. also- not sure 7-8 million alone gets him. EVERYONE wants a 6 foot fast guy who can smash and be smashed.

  • Reported the D-Jax Agent Drew Rosenhaus and GM Howie Roseman are having dinner with 49er Coach Harbaugh and GM down at St Elmo’s Steakhouse in Indianpaolis.. Anyone familiar with Indy know about this place…
    Details at a 11…

  • Then a few drinks at the Clubs down in the “Broad Ripple” section of town followed by a nightcap at the old “Slippery Noodle Bar”by the Stadiums…
    Indy is a great City to visit and live…

  • They are not going to sign Wallace, because they would have to give Pittsburgh their 1st rounder in return. Not happening guys! Stop with the unrealistic garbage!

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