• July 4, 2022

Eagles Should Welcome Plaxico Burress

There were thirty-nine seconds on the clock and the ball was on the Patriots fourteen yard line. Eli Manning was moving the New York Giants down the field with a drive that included the luckiest “throw and catch” in NFL history. They were now in the redzone and everybody with at least a first grade education knew who the ball was going to….

“39 seconds left………….Manning…LOBS IT…BURRESS…ALONE! TOUCHDOWN NEW YORK!”

….and with that, the New York Giants went on to win Super Bowl XLII. Do you remember asking yourself – “Why don’t the Eagles have a guy like that? Where is our big target? How do we get a guy that everyone knows is going to get the ball in the red zone, but that nobody can do anything about?”

We now have our opportunity to get that prized red zone “target”. His name is Plaxico Burress.

Don’t get me wrong, when Burress was first released from prison, I wanted nothing to do with him. I despised Burress – the football player, not the person. The hate towards Burress the football player was real. There was absolutely no way that my beloved Birds would try and sign him. He was out of football for two years and was going to turn 34 before the 2011 season began, so I just couldn’t see him wearing the wings on his helmet.

Then came the reports that the Eagles were showing interest and in an effort to accept what I thought was inevitable at the time, I asked myself “Why do I hate this guy so much? “. He made a stupid mistake in his personal life and paid the price for it, but was that why I didn’t want him on my team? No. I’m a strong believer that people make mistakes and learn from them so that couldn’t be the reason. Then it hit me.

In 11 games vs. the Philadelphia Eagles (including postseason), Plaxico caught 42 receptions for 733 yards and 8 touchdowns. The reason why I had so much hostility towards #17 is because #17 made it a habit to be a thorn in the side of every single Philadelphia Eagles fan. I finally realized that in order for my favorite team to continue to have prosperity on the offensive side of the ball, my disdain for Burress was going to have to disappear. That’s what I tell myself at least – it makes me feel like I’m part of the decision making process.

Fast forward to 2012. After a year in which Plaxico caught 45 receptions for 612 yards, 8 touchdowns (while making Mark Sanchez look like a legitimate quarterback at times in the process), and helped turn the New York Jets red zone efficiency ranking from 30th in 2010 to #1 in 2011, Burress is publicly campaigning to take his talents to South Philly so that he can join MV7 and the gang. The Eagles showed interest last year, should they pursue him again now that Burress has his “football legs” underneath him? The answer should be an unequivocal and resounding YES!

Forget about what is happening with DeSean Jackson at the moment. This isn’t about him and I’m not campaigning for Burress to be his replacement. However, I am campaigning for the Eagles to sign a weapon that will improve a red zone efficiency that while not as bad as many seem to believe, is not as good as it should/could be. The Eagles were ranked 14th in red zone efficiency in 2011, scoring a touchdown in 51% of their trips inside the 20. They were 5th in points scored but think about where they would have been if they could have turned those field goals into touchdowns and stopped turning the ball over — did I forget to mention they also led the league in red zone turnovers? Different story, different day.

In no way, shape or form am I trying to insinuate that signing Plaxico Burress would heal all of our red zone woes. Mike Vick needs to keep reminding himself that the football is not a baton and Andy still needs to keep doing a better job of putting his players in a “better position”, but adding Plaxico to an offense that consists of Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson?, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, and Shady McCoy would truly make this offensive machine unstoppable.

No offense to Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson, but their talents are more suited towards stretching the field. Jason Avant has the ability to catch real-life bullets, but his inability to consistently get separation irks me. Riley Cooper had a chance to become that “go-to guy” when near “paydirt” but Tramon Williams quickly put an end to that experiment. As for Brent Celek, I believe the Eagles have exhausted all of their play-action roll outs to get Brent Celek open in the endzone. Even Ray Charles can see that play coming every time they get inside the twenty.

Should improving red zone efficiency be the #1 objective on the Eagles “to-do” list? Absolutely not, but they should address it by adding a player that cannot be single-covered in that area. Plaxico Burress is that player, and we as fans, should welcome him with open wings.


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  • I agree, if we gave Steve Smith that money last year to do NOTHING, i dont see why we cant pay Plaxx that same money to do at least what he did last year, keep in mind it was his first season since being released from prison with no OTAs or mini camps and he still put up decent numbers, lets not forget how slow Vick looked his first year out of prison, if we get him now with a full off season to work with Vick and the recievers we already have, were gonna be dangerous!

  • The Eagles should concentrate on finding a starting Offensive lineman before a backup WR ——- either Mathis or another starter to replace him should be top priority first

  • No question, the birds should sign plax. If you have four wide with him and djax outside, avant and maclin inside, how in hell do teams cover that? Not double plax? Go for it, vick will love throwing to him. Its a no brainer and I sure as hell hope they do it.

  • Saints Placed Franchise Tag on QB Brees meaning LG Nicks, WR’s Colston and Meacem all will hit the open market… I am sure Nicks will get a huge deal from someone needing a LG.. (the Redskins,Cowboys,Falcons all come to mind)..

  • Eagles0 I agree. Which is why I added that last paragraph.

    WR is not the number one objective, but you should never stop improving your team in all areas.

  • I agree, and WR won’t have to be their number one objective here. Plax wants to play here and he will come relatively cheap. My only problem would be whether the coaching staff would screw him up like they have with countless other players, Nnamdi, Chad Hall running dive plays, Klecko at fullback, Asante at Saftey on running plays.

    If they don’t put play at RT, I think its a great move!

  • Eagles need to resign Evan Mathis before looking at 3rd or 4th WR’s. I agree Burress would help this team in the redzone but I don’t under stand why there is a new article about Eagles should sign Burress every 3 days. There are other needs to fill first before WR. LG, MLB, OLB, DT, S and Backup QB. Im not sold on Trent Edwards or Mike Kafka filling in for Vicks if he misses time again this year.

  • Adding plax would be great, I believe that mathis wants to be here so that deal will get worked out him and mudd have great history. Mlb will be addressed in FA, along with safety possibly landry from washington. DT and OLB will be addressed in the draft as well as depth on the OL no sweat.

  • Does a certain 2x SB MVP future HOF QB come with Plax? If not, then screw it. Plax did nothing with Roethlisberger or Sanchez, and Smith did nothing with Vick. The common factor here? Eli. Bottom line, Vick needs to get better. He has more than enough weapons. These QBs with so-called great receiving cores, like Eli or Rodgers, have great receivers because they, the QBs, are great. What the heck is an aging knucklehead like Plax going to bring to Philly, if Vick cant read the defense or throws wild passes that get receivers killed? Plax will only bring more the same knucklehead behavior he displayed in Pitts and NY. Pass.

  • Agree- this should be done already.

  • Sign Burress…No brainer.

  • Surprising to see so many people agreeing. Im sure he’ll be welcomed if the Birds made the move.

  • Burress would be a nice edition, but to compare him to the edition of that same guy from the Superbowl year is absurd. He had good numbers last season (more TDs than Maclin) and based on the red zone problems the Eagles have been unable to fix it makes logical sense to go out and get the guy. Having said that it’s reasonable to think that Burress may have had one good year left in the tank and last year was it.

  • Butch, keep in mind that Burress also did that on an offense with a really bad offensive line and a practically nonexisting running game….plax could definitely done better with a functional offense. We have that.

  • Butch, I agree about his play not being what he was during the Super Bowl run but he has some stuff left and would be the perfect compliment to Maclin and DJax.

    Schiller, agreed.

  • Alberto, I would have no problem bringing him in at a small contract, as a complimentary player to our current WR’s, but you kill two birds with one stone by signing VJax. You get a big stud, top 5, #1 WR, in which we currently don’t have, you get rid of DJax, & you don’t waste $$$ on Plax. All Plax is right now is a red zone target & has zero legs anymore, & only played on 3rd down & red-zone last year. IMHO, he would be a waste, unless like I said, he is brought in at a low salary & a complementary player. BTW, how good would Nicks look, playing next to Peters for next several years?

  • They have too many holes to fill on DF & back-ups, to be wasting $$$ on another receiver, especially if we are keeping DJax, or replacing him with a real #1 WR. They need to concentrate all finances on the defensive side of the ball, like 2-3 LB’s, a safety, DT, DE, & a legitimate #1 WR. This is the same crap that everyone was getting all cranked up over last off-season with Plax & Fat Albert. Please stop already. We need studs & good draft picks, not one year bandages & fixes. Just saying.

  • Seahawks come to a 4 year $31 Million Deal with $19 in Guaranteed Dollars.
    with RB Marshawn Lynch… Does anyone think WR D-Jax is more important to the Eagles Offense than Lynch is the Seahawks Offense .. I don’t..
    (My 3 Year $24 Million Deal proposal for D-Jax is not that far off)

  • damn paulman why do you hate djack so much did he sex with wife or daughter ive never ever heard you say one thing good about the man now your gonna try and tell everybody on here that lynch is better than djack there are only three backs in the nfl that i would take over djack shady,ap& mcfadden so please leave the man alone before he makes it rain on your wife.

  • It’s been reported that the fBills have signed WR Steve Johnson to a 5 Year Deal.. Terms have not been disclosed as of yet.. I am sure D-Jax/His Agents and the Eagles Front Office will be watching for the Details of this deal…
    Gloomy, appearently you don’t watch or know about the Seahawks Team very much.. RB M Lynch is about 60% of their Offense, without him, they win 3-4 games.. Eagles have many other weapons other than D-Jax and for the last time, I don’t hate D-Jax, I just think his production/impact is not as great as many of you state and the though the Eagles Offense would be less explosive without him, but I do think the Eagles Offense could be more consistent and therefore be more difficult to stop, without him….I have nothign against D-JAx, but he is a 3 Route WR and that’s it…
    He runs a Down and Out, the Straigh Fly Route or the Deep Post..

  • gloomysmitty, don’t forget Arian Foster who is ten times better than DJax. DJax is a one trick pony and a HR hitter. He doesn’t consistently put up the numbers for someone who should be paid anything more than what Paulman suggested. He has clearly started playing scared over the past year and a half and had some horrendous drops. He just isn’t as good as some of the other top WRs in the league.

  • Adam Shefter reports that BIlls sign WR S Johson to a 5 Year $34.2 Million Deal with $19.5 Million in guarantee $$$ over his first 2 Years and $24 Million in Guaranteed $$$ for his first 3 Years of his Deal
    Eagles will most likey not come close to these type of #’s with D-Jax, therefore I expect him to be Traded come Draft Weekend..

  • Paulman, who the hell is going to trade for DJax? Also, what compensation has to be given when trading for a franchise player?

  • i know he isnt larryfitz,brandon marshall,andre johnson but the man is 5’9 170lbs wet so yes he cant do the things they do but on the same note they cant do the things he does either so it works hand and hand he will never be 6’3 220 like any of the top wrs in the game.He cant help that so lets try to stop making him be someone he is not but on the same not shady doesnt cj’s speed or ap’s power but were not tryn run him out of town.

  • Gloomy, you’re essentially trying to handicap Desean’s limitations which is assinine when evaluating someone’s value. Yes, Shady doesn’t have CJ’s speed nor AP’s power, but he has a nice mix of the two and puts up huge numbers; which is really all that matters. Unlike Fitzgerald and other top WRs, Desean doesn’t put up those kind of numbers so I really don’t care how big or small a WR is, provided they put up numbers. Your argument is like me saying that they should pay Chad Hall a lot of money because he can’t help that he’s undersized and not very good; he does well considering his limitations.

  • no thats not the same cause chad hall isnt good he sucks djack has avg damn near if not 1000 yds ever since he came out of cal.djack is good he also plays on a team where they spread the ball around does any of the so called number 1 wrs does any of there teams spread the ball around like the birds do i dont think so dont get me wrong i would love for djack to go over the middle i would love or us to trade him and get a big wr in here but were not gonna put djack and chad hall in the same breath either

  • To Btc24
    There could be Teams like the 49ers/Cardinals or even the Chargers if they were lose V-Jax be interested and As far as compensation back to the Eagles goes, there is no set compensation and teams can agree on anything as in any other trade that occurs…
    The Fact that D-Jax has a Franchise Tag does not mean anything in the level of compensation that has to be returned… My Guess is that D-Jax would bring a 2nd Round Pick in Return and maybe another Mid-Round Pick (4th or 5th)

  • I would love to see the Eagles trade DJax and then sign Vincent Jackson or Marques Colston.

  • i would love to see the eagles figure out what they are going to do on the Dside of the ball. Lets do our best to get Jackson a fair deal. Pehaps the deal Stevie J just signed will help us in negotiations. Lets lock up Jackson long term, grab plax for 2 years and find the MLB.

  • Pman- what i think is funny is that you put ALL your eggs in the”Djax wont be tagged” basket and now you expect him to be traded on draft day? Im guessing when that does not hapen you willm “expect Djax to play out this year and be let go with Andy, Parker, Juan, and co.”…. after that doesnt happen….. you will “expect Djax and Andy have pics of Jeff’s mom”.

    its all crap guys. I will say what ive said for over a year….. Djax will be an eagle for YEARS to come. Only way this changes is if someone offers a 1st or better AND they somehow find a better reciever that wants to come in and play for less cash.

    How do i know? The proof is in the pudding… and by pudding i mean….. Andy has gotten the taste of the bombs away down the field pass and Djax gives him the speed that can pull that off. bla bla Vjackson… bla bla Colston….. bla bla whats his face from the chiefs.

  • Fair points Stevo but the few Charger games I’ve seen, Rivers loves to go bombs away to Vincent Jackson. Desean is not the only down field threat receiver in the league.

  • 25 -26 year olds cashing in before free agency — Whatever happens to DJax his 2013 salary will be more than his 2012 salary of 9.4 M

  • Paulman good info — pass on Burris ( looks like a Ronnie Brown type of wasted money signing to me) a team’s # 3,4,5 WR should be special teamers and Plax offers none of that

  • Lions just franchised Cliff Avril which basically means Tulloch is likely to hit the free agent market. I find it hard to believe the Eagles wouldn’t roll out the red carpet for this guy. But then again, it’s the Eagles, so I really wouldn’t be that surprised.

  • btc- i would love for them to go for Vjackson….. but they would have to overpay all the other teams that want him AND he’s got issues. Its not going to happen. same goes with all the other FA WR’s. the key here is that NONE of them are on our team right now and the eaagles would rather overpay for Jackson then overpay for a #3 WR. Djax stays with the birds unless they get an offer that is crazy.

  • im telling you guys….. the birds will add a DT, LB, Ol in the draft early. they will add a Burress, Moss type of WR for the red zone IF they can do it at a cheap price, they will aadd Tulloch or another starting MLB and a backup safety in FA. Small chance they make some trade or a FS falls in their lap at the right price.

  • Eagles0 i don’t think you can compare Burress at all to ROnnie Brown…Whatt did Ronnie Brown do the year before we signed him? Plax was one of the best redzone WRs in the league last year. Further, Plax would solve one of our glaring needs on this team from the past couple seasons…rn wasnt really a glaring need when we sign ronnie Brown. IM not saying Plax will be the best thing ever but IM pretty sure he would help us in a big way…most importantly help Vick and make him much better.

    Whats not being realy addressed however is Shadys contract…this guy needs to be taken care of asap. I dont care if you have to overpay for him…Honeslty how monay guys do the Eagles overpay for on a year to year basis that end up being busts…if there is one person on this team that could be justifed in overpaying its Shady. Im telling you he will not show up to camp without a new deal

  • Stevo,
    Things change and when they do, you adjust…
    If Bills WR S Johnson got $24 Million in Guranteed $$$ for his 1st 3 Years of His Contract, I am sure D-Jax will be demanding more, I also doubt that Eagles Will pay this much to a 5′-10″ & 170lb WR..
    I’ve said this plenty of times, I don’t believe the Eagles are going to keep Jackson unless they can sign him to a long-term deal (3 Years or longer) I don’t believe they will keep him at the Franchise Tag Salary of $9.4 Million if he is onhly going to play 1 more Season and leave after the 2012 Season anyways as a True Free-Agent where he cannot be Franchised again.. I don’t believe the Eagles Front Office is going to set a precedent about paying a player a “Franchise Tag” Salary for only a 1 Year deal.. If Eagles can’t get a long-term deal worked out by Draft Weekend, then I think they go ahead and trade him for they don’t want a yar long list of distractions and resentment between the players/front office, the media and the fans… Again, I think the Eagles would like to sign him to a long-term deal, but if thy Feel they cannot do so under a Salary Range they are comfortable with, then they will move him Franchise Tag or not…

  • You think they want to sign him to a long term deal? I thought you said the eagles had enough of the punk wannabe- you flip more than kerry used to.

    Anyway- now that we can see what playears have been tagged, what WR’s are signed and what ones got free- anyone else glad the eagles tagged djax? Imagine what we would have to pay now what our options would be Vjax or the saints #3. U think djax will cost money- how much will vjax get?

    You would all be screaming when they told you cooper was the starter. Thank goodness the pmans of the worl only blog.

    Now we have options- they could call vjax if the want. Maybe he wants to play with vick. Doubt it but… You can ask. You can ask what it would cost to move up and draft the big WR. In all of it- you have an ace in your pocket. A speedster who knows the system. Offer him a fair deal (not the 5 million a year pmans to give em). If he takes it great- if not… You have 1 year to train the new draft pick the ropes, or… Trade djax for a #1 Pick. Oh btw- plax is there…. Let him learn this O too. Options people- options.

  • If they get an offer of a 2nd & anything else, he’s gone. Same goes for Asante. If not, Asante gets released & DJax’s franchise gets lifted & he is released. They have to know who is interested. R. Frank, R. Diddy & PFT, all have reported that several teams already inquired about him. So it’s a forgone conclusion IMHO.

  • Does anyone think that D-Jax is worth $10 Million per Season on a 4-5 Year Deal… I don’t…

  • Eagles upgrading their Roster at LB by adding OLB Monte Simmons who was on the 49ers Practice Squad all Season after being an undrafted Free-Agnect last year from Kent State University… He’s what I really don’t like to read about..
    He played 4 Years in College as a Pass-rushing DE because of his SPeed and Athleticism but very little as a OLB… Sounds likes another Ricky Sapp, Bryan Smith, Teo Neisham,Chris Gocong… Get some real LB’s on this Squad and stop dicking around with players who you hope can covert to the OLB postion from DE positon in College…. I haven’t seen this strategy work once in Philly yet….

  • Paulman, and the last time a practice squad signing mattered was? And you know they want to play him at lb, how?

  • Practice squad guys pman- really- sheesh talk about flipping out about a camp body.

    As far as 10 million a year- where r u getting this? Yesterday u were offering him 4 or 5 million a year and you say he wants double? You are craz- I’d say he wants 8 million a year.

    Dcar- I don’t think its a forgone conclution he’s gone. The Eagles are knows for overvaluing their guys. I would not be surprised if they kept him because they want more than a 2nd. Think about what they wanted for asam and he’s not even close to the same value for the birds. Djax stays- sorry to burst your bubble.

  • Schill, what does their history show? Do you think they all of a sudden had an epiphany, & will start doing things correctly? Why do you always have to be such a disagreeable, correcting, douche bag? WTF is wrong with you!? Stop being a jerk, get a life & grow up.

  • D, their history on lbs says they wont draft high or sign a big name fa. but their history overall says that their history is a bad predictor of their future.

    T.O, djax, maclin, shady, washburn, mudd, free agency last year, rb challenging for the rushing title, getting the best Fullback ever and paying him accordingly….all moves that were contrary to their history.

    Remember when reid was famous for only drafting lineman high, then trades, qb, wr…

  • Stevo my Deal was 3 Year $26 Million that I laid out yeasterday which comes $8.5 million per Season as an average.. I had more Bonue $$$ in Year 1 to put him above the Current Franchise Tage of $9.4Salary to entice him to Sign a 3 Year Deal for $total of $26 Million ..
    2012 $5 Million Bonus & a $5.5 Salary total of $10.5 Compensation
    2013 $1.5 Bonus & a $6.5 Salary for a total of $7.5 Cpmensation
    2014 $1 Million Bonus & a $7 Salary for a total of $8 Million Compenstion

  • the days of calling the eagles cheap have long been over-Signing of Asam, Nnamdi, Kerse, trade-sign of Peters breaks that.

    the days of saying they wont sign a this or a that are long over- remember when we wouldnt go and get WR?- T.O., drafting Djax and Maklin…heck… we paid 5 million for Steve Smith to watch from the bench.

    we dont know what the birds will do. Historically they dont draft or sign quality LB’s. BUT… history has also shown that they will go and get a guy they want and will pay pay pay for him.

    So history is against its self at this point. Thery know they need a LB. they will get one.

  • Stevo
    Do you think my offer above for D-Jax is fair or good enough to have him sign..
    I really don’t see the Eagles going much higher than this and if they truly feel that cannot sign D-Jax for a 3-4 Year Deal, then I do believe they trade him instead of Paying $9.4 Million as a 1 Year Rental Player since he leave via Free-Agency after the 2012 Season anyways once he becomes a true free-agent and the Eagles would not be able to place a Franchise Tag on him again.. Do the Eagles and D-Jax really want this to drag out all season again, I don’t think so.. If Birds can’t lock him up, then time to let him fly away and remember more importantly, the message that goes out to the 52 players and their Agents..
    No one Player or Agent holds a gun to the Eagles Front Office Head and makes them overpay for a player..They come up with thier internal evaluation and if it’s no close, they move forward… The Eagles have shown to pay top $$ for QB, LT, DE and CB but not so much at RB,WR,TE,S and LB’s over the Years as they simply don’t Value this postions as much and feel they can plug in many players at WR,RB,TE and still get solid production..

  • I do Pman, Although, if i am Djax, i want a 5 year deal. And perhaps thats where things are at right now.

    as far as trading him…. i will say it again…. they will not trade him away unless they have someone BETTER ready to go. I dont see that happening. Just look at ASAM as an example….. they wanted a first rounder. The were not going to budge… y would they budge here? They are not going to trade him because he wants 2 million more than they want to give him. Why wouldnt they just let him play under the tag? remember- their jobs are on the line….. this is the first year that i agree with you on THAT point. So…. wouldnt it make sence to let him play this year out? Is Vjax coming here? NO? Djax stays this year.

    Honestly guys…… this is about THIS YEAR!!! not the future….. why would the birds trade away Djax for ANOTHER 2nd rounder? Is that what you guys want? I dont get it… i really dont…… If i told you we could add 3 solid starters for THIS year alone…. would you do it? What if i told you we had to blow our cap numbers up to the line for THIS YEAR….. would you do it? YES…. you would. So why do some people want to trade Djax? Keep him for this year, let him walk after the year if it does not work out.

  • as far as….”No one Player or Agent holds a gun to the Eagles Front Office Head and makes them overpay for a player”…….

    if the freddie Mitchell, Brian Dawkins, Terrel Ownens, David Akers, Hugh Douglas lessons havent worked on the players/agents… you think throwing this mess ontop will teach em? Enough already….. look at the players we have overpaid….

    Andrews, Peters, Asam, S. Smith, R. Brown, nnamdi…….

    these guys were paid to come in and shine. Some stole money…. almost all played hard. Dont give me this Bunk about teaching players a lesson. The eagles are known for…… trying to lock their players up early…….. trying to low ball their older players and hoping to get a discount……. paying HUGE money to lure guys here.

    In all of it….. WE have benifited. Im glad they do what they do. Its good for US. Giving their own players CRAZY money is what is killing the raiders right now. Keeping older guys around long term is KILLING Pitts right now.

    Only lesson to be learned by coaches, players, team is that RIGHT NOW… we need a MLB and we NEED to have a speedy WR.

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