• January 25, 2022

Eagles sign Bell to five-year deal

Demetress (yes, that’s how he spells it. Apparently, he just found out) Bell took over the tackle position in Buffalo after Jason Peters was traded to the Eagles back in 2009. Now, he’s going to be taking over for Peters again.

Bell and the Eagles have agreed to a five-year contract, that just has to be front loaded. I don’t know what the numbers are, but either this is a glorified one-to-two-year deal, or they really don’t think Peters will make a full recovery.

“Demetress was one of the top free agent offensive linemen available this year and we are happy to be able to add him to our squad,” Andy Reid in a statement. “We had a chance to meet him over the weekend and study him extensively on tape and we came away quite impressed with what we saw and heard. He’s a great athlete.”

Howie Roseman speaks too! Is he excited? I’ll bet he’s excited!

“Demetress is a guy we’ve followed since he joined the league,” said Roseman in a statement. “He’s a big, athletic left tackle and he has quite a few games of experience under his belt with Buffalo. He’ll excel with our style of play on the offensive line.”

Darn, he didn’t say the word “excited.” You can usually bank on that.

I’m curious to know what everyone is expecting from Bell. He’s been plagued by injuries and I’ll be interested to see how he plays with Michael Vick. Bell didn’t have to hold his blocks as long in Buffalo because Ryan Fitzpatrick tends to get the ball out on the quicker side (even when it’s to the other team). Oh, and they run way more. Vick, as we all know, is back there forever with no consistent drop back pattern.

This isn’t to say that Bell won’t work here. Not at all. It’s just going to be different, and I can’t make an apples-to-apples comparison about how his play in Buffalo will translate in Philly. I would say that maybe Reid will run the ball more (insert joke), but he wants to lighten McCoy’s workload and we all know that backup running backs don’t touch the ball in this offense until it’s time to throw a backwards/forwards pass at the goal line.

Well, regardless, Bell is a much better option than (name a lineman on the Eagles that would have filled in, and no not Herremans because you’d still have to replace him on the right side).

UPDATE: From Jeff McLane’s Twitter account: “Only the first of the five years Demetress Bell signed for is guaranteed in salary, per an NFL source. #Eagles can cut ties before 2013.”

Micah Warren

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  • Its really a one year deal. So that’s good. Think that’s the best option. Dunlop is often so slow getting out of his stance. He’s a decent backup, but the Eagles’ couldn’t go 16 with him manning one of the edges. I still think we’ll see the Eagles’ taking an OT at some point over the first 4.

    Best line of the article: “Vick, as we all know, is back there forever with no consistent drop back pattern.” So true. But at the same time its always the oline’s fault.

  • Jon Hart is that you!!!

    Micah couldnt resist the Ronnie Brown dig.That was the worst decision on a football field since i tried to imitate Ronnie Lott and gave myself a concussion hitting my own player.

    I like this move….however Peters was the best LT in football so lets see how the offense looks mid-season with this guy. They will look sleek in there new Nike uni’s huh!?

  • 4 picks in first 88…make it a good one!!!


  • Alright enough clowning, great move eagles LET GO PHILLS OPENING DAY TOMORROW GENTLEMEN.

  • I’ve already planted the seeds of a call-out. I may need to go see the Doc.

    Diddy…clowning is a must on here.Otherwise its Pauls mock drafts and Shill and Songs fighting about Kolb.

    Go Phills

  • Schill….I agree that SOME things can happen. I expect Nate Allen will end up being a good NFL safety under Bowles coaching. I think Coleman and Jarrett are dead average at best. Sorry I just will not concede either one as an answer. Graham is a bust. I bet you dinner at Barclay’s that Graham does not have twenty sacks before he is out of football. I love Philip Hunt. My candidate for surprise player of the year. Dixon needs to pick it up and show a little more effort than last year. We counted on him big time and he came in out of shape and was hurt all summer. Chaney was another big disappointment. He just is not very bright and has poor instincts. Once again, fastest LB goes seventh round. Teams saw some obvious shit there.
    Clayton sucks. They have given him every opportunity and he just can’t get it done. Mathews will carve out a career as a specialist and back up. Larry Izzo type of guy. Don’t see him as a good starter. I think DRC and Nnamdi will be fine. I am not freaking out any more than you are thinking everything will work out and that just doesn’t happen. You have to make it work out and I do not see the urgency.
    April 4, 2012 – 3:33 pm
    Schill…%Ryans did not make this a SB defense. It was a very good move if he stays healthy. He gives this defense a voice and a face. He is a defensive QB and we sorely needed that. But he does not significantly elevate the whole LB corps. Otherwise the Niners never really needed Bowman or Justin Smith, Willis could have just elevated the other scrubs because he is so good.
    April 4, 2012 – 3:34 pm
    Schill… I forgot to say I think Rolle will be surprisingly good. He plays with heart and drive. I see him as a future play maker with his speed and tenacity.
    April 4, 2012 – 3:43 pm
    Schill… you crack me up dude. I keep trying to cinvince you to cut your wrists with me and you just keep singing Zippity Doo Da with your green glasses. You do help me out some with your sunshine outlook but I just wish I could get you to be a little more critical.

  • the Eagles Front Office is doing a great job —– a must signing under the circumstances — Great job filling a void with not many choices ———- I really like how the Birds are handling their business this off season —— the only move I disagree with since the end of the season was retaining Juan Castillo

  • I told y’all we were going to sign Demetress Bell! I just knew it and I predicted it! When the Birds invited him after Jason Peters got hurt, I put 2 and 2 together and predicted that they will probably sign this young left tackle to replace him! I am a genius! I love myself! I know everything!!

  • I even knew his name was spelled Demetress even before he did! CROWN ME! I’m a genius! I know every move the Birds are going to make before the Birds even know!

  • “Only the first of the five years Demetress Bell signed for is guaranteed in salary, per an NFL source. #Eagles can cut ties before 2013.Per @Jeff_McLane”

    This was a good move by the FO. If Peters rehab is going well, we can cut Bell loose, if not, we have Bell for as long as he is productive. Good move FO.


  • Are you related to Jon Hart by chance BIrdo…
    Also, I want to Nominate Pdiddy to the GCobb Hall Of Fame for correctly calling the Signing of D Bell…he is indeed a gentleman and a scholar…
    (Schiller will not be invited to the ceremonies since he still believes that no one can predict a future event and that things just happen, because they happen)

  • So once again Paul’s speculation is proven to be dumb – 3 big OTs with big salaries – not a problem with the 2nd year being an option for the birds.

  • You have to be inactive for 6 months on the site to be in the HOF….Paul your first in line.

    Times yours…



    You heard it here first! #showyaluv


  • Don’t worry pdiddy, go to nfl dot com and philadelphia eagles dot com — BOOM! Just gave you two of my reliable sources! #showyaluv

  • Paulman is the greatest, it happened just like he said it would only totally different.

  • Hey shout out to JH no hard feelings man just messin with you a little bit thats all. I have no probs with you man. Hey fellas I will get with you guys after the draft. I am taking a few weeks off from gcobb.com, hopefully the eagles will do the right thing peace fellas.

  • Pdiddy and Birdo you guys got me at work cracking up! my co-workers are looking at me like im crazy.

  • LMAO @ #showyaluv

  • Here is a prediction for you gentlemen:

    This will the best season of the Andy Reid Era. Will get us a superbowl? I don’t know depends on the tenacity of the other top teams, but this team will be the best we have seen over the past 12 seasons.

    Listen to what I say, the defense will dramatically move into top 5 range and the offense will roll into tope 3.

    Its not all about Reid here boys, the ball is going to bounce our way this season, the sail is to our backs, and teams we play will be facing the head wins.

    Don’t like my prediction, oh well. Just mark it down and give me my props when it happens. Best Reid TEAM, Best Reid SEASON. And if by some insane farce I am wrong, then I will apologize for my crazies to all the regulars on this site by name. But I will not need to though.

    I would predict the SB but just to many variable, so I am sticking to being the best you can be, be among the best and let it ride from there.

    My gut says SB though, but thats not a prediction.

    As always LONG LIVE THE EAGLES, mark it down studs.

  • Monolith- Meh… I do think they’ll improve from last season. But Juan Castillo is still your Defensive Coordinator. Michael Vick will miss some games so that hurts also. If the Eagles can limit the turnovers and create more turnovers on Defense then your prediction would be correct sir.

  • Didn’t Mono gave the same Monolouge last offseason about the 2011 Season.
    Just sayin’..

  • I suspect he’ll be here for the duration, if it was a one year deal they would have signed him to a 2-3 year contract not a 5. This is more a question of at least one of the interior linemen. Peters will probably recover, but this is good for next year in that if everything works out with healing injuries/lack of injuries Herremans goes back to LG Mathis goes to RG and Bell moves over to RT.

  • It would be a great position to be in to have 6-7 Quality LIneman..
    Then some tough decisions would have to be made…
    Now the Eagles Can focus back on DT,OLB,Safety,WR, FB, RB in the Draft..
    They probably don’t even need to draft an OL this year with Guard Mike Gibson signed, Vandervelde in his 2nd Year, Zane Taylor under contract who will battle for back-up Centerr/Guard Spot..

  • A article I just read claims that the Eagles have Fletcher Cox as their number 1 target if they stay put in the 1st round.

  • ES Eagles 2012 Mock Draft 1.0

    #15 Fletcher Cox DT
    #46 Mychal Kendricks LB
    #51 Brock Osweiler QB
    #88 Brandon Boykin
    #114 Nick Toon WR
    #153 Vick Ballard RB
    #172 Andrew Datko OT
    #194 Ryan Miller OL
    #200 Tommy Streeter WR

  • Micah is bringing the snark today. Every jab spot on, though.

  • Is there any way of blocking users. Tired of reading unintelligent writting from non-accredited writters.

  • Really like the 1st 2 Selections (though it’s a early for Kendricks who is 5-11 240lbs and is really an MLB and with the Eagles acquiring Ryans, they need to Draft a true SAM LB) .. Like WR Nick Toon a lot.. big target,great hands and strong work ethic and smart like his father Al was..

    Not to be an jerk, but the rest of your picks I don’t like at all for the following reasons…

    QB Osweiler is a major project that has a lot of mechanic issues to work on to be selecting at #51..This is a good Round too early (He’s Projected at #81 and at 6-6, has a very awkard throwing motion and a lot of footwork issues though he has a very strong arm) .
    CB/Returnman Boynkin is coming off a broken leg and again, the 3rd Round is not a round to be taking a flyer on a guy to hope that he’s healthy.. He’s an exciting player for sure, but a broker leg, what’s that do to his speed and lateral movment, he’s only 5-10 182 lbs soaking wet and not much of a physical presence playing in the secondary, the Eagles have enough of these small but fast guys on their Defense already in my opinion
    RB Vick Ballard is 5-10 219lbs bowling ball who is a straight north and south runner, but quick acceleation to make tacklers miss is also lacks in the blocking and receiving skills which is a must in AR’s Offense though he’s has a nose for the end-zone in red-zone,short-yardage situations..
    Taking 2 OL when the Eagles now have 8-9 Quality OL under contract doesn’t make much sense to me… 4 Tackles under contract in Bell, Herreamans,DUnlap and Peterson, 6 Guards in Watkins,Mathis,Gibson,Vandervelde,Gibson and Zack Taylor along with Center Kelce
    Remember the Eagles have no FB and could use another TE and Safety and even a DE before adding 2 more OL…
    WR Streeter is big (6-5 and 220 lbs) but by adding Al Toon with the 114th Pick, again, don’t see the need and Streeter has some potential as he has work to do on his hands, getting in and out of routes and blocking as most young WR’s do.. He is projected at #180 and with his size and speed could very well go sooner and most likely not on the board at #200

    Good stuff though ES, but Eagles need DT,OLB,SS,DE and CB on the Defensive side and FB,RB,WR & TE on the offensive end..

  • Good move by the fo, they are doing good stuff. Don’t know much about Bell, but he certainly has the right coach in Mudd, this really should be a good season for the Eagles. Cutting down on the ints, fumbles and penalties, should make for one helluva season, getting more excited by the day, can’t wait. GO EAGLES.

  • Paul no I did not say the same thing last season, you know I don’t make many predictions, don’t want break into your syndicate control (LOL). Nope never said it bro you have me confused.

  • I think the birds need a TE that can do it all, block , run over defenders and catch, kinda like dude in NE, Vick needs this in case the play breaks down as a safety net. i would spend a second or third on that, in the first round, DT and or a CB, lets not forget , this is a passing league and we need a super quick slot defender to to groom, hanson is good but not great. i really want jj from temple to do well, wish we played him more last year to see what we have in him, he was a second round pick, wtf, so that being said, we might have to swallow that and draft another. every year we get all these players we know wont be on the roster, so why dont they just trade the bottom four picks and get another second round pick. if were close as they say we are, lets get players that can play and not be on the street the beginning of the season.

  • Paulman’s magic 8-ball, is still KING! Bow down & honor him! LMFBO!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • I like the move. What other choice did they have. Like I’ve said many times, either they sign Bell, or McNeill, both of whom are injury concerns, Bell the least of the injury worries, play the revolving door, sloth, King “ain’t” Duncrap, or draft another rookie & wait another half of a season for him to progress, while your QB is getting killed again. So this was a no-brainer. Good move. Howard Mudd will work on this guys deficiencies & make him very good LT. Bank on it. In regards to his front loaded, basically 1 year contract- it’s a good move if Peters does progress quickly in a year & gives us the flexibility to keep him regardless. IMHO, Peters IS DONE. By the time he is fully healthy, he will be 32-33. Remember Jamal Jackson. Injured, out of shape, on the wrong side of 30. An Achilles injury for a Football lineman is nearly devastating, due to them needing to push off constantly, & stand on their toes & not be flat footed. He is also pushing 330lbs now. By him being non-active for so long, he will balloon up to 350+. Like I said, HE IS DONE HERE! Just saying.

  • I am not so sure everyone should get their hopes up on LT D Bell
    Bell missed 10 Games in2011 with a broken Collarbone
    Bell missed 6 Games in 2010 with Knee surgery including a micro-facture proces after his torn ACL in his left knee..
    He’s an athletic, big guy 6-5 315lbs with good feet, but can he stay healthy..

  • “I’m curious to know what everyone is expecting from Bell. He’s been plagued by injuries and I’ll be interested to see how he plays with Michael Vick”

    Plagued by injuries…

    That must be the first thing the Eagles front office looks at when scouting free agents.

    “If he’s Injured guy will help us sign him, under the market value.”

    These fruitcakes are the fiscal superbowl champions in the NFL. Salary cap wonders. Revenue generating geniuses….

    They are not football people, looking to win a NFL championship.

    They are businessmen(the teasing girlfriend), looking to win enough games (give you enough kisses) to keep you dreaming of the day you’ll finally get (the big reward) more.

    Just keep spending your money on them (her).

    Jeffery Loser…Holds a press conference were he tells us his coach is a bum and he knows it, but he’s keeping him.

    Universal translation: You fans kiss my rear end. And keep buying tickets cause I got you hooked on my product…

    Fans: OK.


    Show me a successful front office of football people. There are 0 that are successful you stupid stupid person you.

  • Paulman, sorry for the delay on getting back to you about your safety question. My answer for teams with better safeties than the NY Giants last year:

    (no particular order)

    1. Kansas City
    2. Washington
    3. Baltimore
    4. Buffalo
    5. Miami
    6. Pittsburgh
    7. Cincinnati
    8. Chicago
    9. Arizona
    10. San Francisco

  • bsm, under normal circumstances I’d agree with you, but exactly what other alternatives do they have? Give me a better scenario. Did you want McNeill? He has spinal stenosis, & might retire. Do you want King “ain’t” Duncrap? He is a sloth in a rotating door. Do you want them to decimate this years draft to trade up for an unproven kid, that’s going to take a half of a year to get it? Not me, they still need a DT, 2 OLB’s, a SS, future QB & return man. Do you
    want a veteran stiff like Kareem McKenzie, Max Starks, Barry Richardson, or Tony Pashos? I sure as hell don’t. Yes they are in love with X-injuried guys, I expect it at least twice a season. But they have ZERO choice with this one. It was a dire need & he is the best available.

  • bsm…I would agree with much of what DCar said above.

    There were not alot of choices. That being said, they also did NOT try to sell us that Dunlap was now “the man” and that the line would be fine under Coach Mudd. They had an unfortunate issue with Peter’s injury, but they immediately addressed the problem by interviewing available FA OT’s, and signed a good choice to a team friendly contract. The signing was done right away, so now Bell will have the opportunity to be at all OTA’s and NovaCare and all of training camp. That will also affect greatly how he will perform with the others on the line.

    I complain alot about the FO, but I think they did a good job reacting when faced with a injury to a player. No problem with the move, just hope that Bell can stay healthy also.

  • Not even close Schiller

    Chiefs had no Eric Berry all season and had undrafted Free-agent R Langford and back-up S Picatelli playing Safety… You kidding me…
    Redksins had no LaRon Landry,Otegwe missed games…You consider R Doughty as an good SAfety.. C’mon man…
    Ravens Ed Reed has his worst statistical season and was playing injured alot and is not the same player of 2-3 years ago, they had B Pollard and Zbikowski play well last year
    Bears benched Starter Chris Harris at Safety and then released him and played rookie C Steltz in his place, Brandon Merriweather was a 1 year Band-Aid and is a free-agent still which tells you the Bears don’t think much of him not to want to re-sign him

    Like I stated earlier, the 49ers (Gholston/Whitner) and Steelers (Palomula/Clark) have the best Safety Tandems in the NFL..
    You can put the Giants behind these Teams but ahead of the ones you listed for last Seasons play in my opinon…

  • Paul, don’t waste your oxygen arguing with that moronic, know-nothing, buffoon. You’ll start losing brain cells, just by talking to him.

  • Miami’s Safeties played pretty well too…
    A teams with a great young Safety Tandem is Seattle
    Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor will be a dyanmic duo for the next 5-6-8 years
    Thomas is a deep Center Fielder making plays on the ball while Kam Chancellor (from Virginia Tech) will play in the box and the short-intermediate areas and know your head off… At 6-3 233lbs, Chancellor was a player I liked out of College 2 years ago and was a steal in the 5th while the Eagles Selected Ricky “fish out of water” Sapp.. Good Grief..

  • I hate the Giants like everyone Else, But I would take their Safety Corps over the Eagles group and over most teams in the NFL if I am being honest about it.. To say the Giants Safety Corp was weak and not very good is a inaccurate statement when you are talking about production ..

  • Schill….I am glad you are excited about Barclays because I would gladly pay off that bet for three reasons: 1) if Graham actually played like a first round pick this year the SB would be a real possibility because the pass rush would be from hell (especially if we add Cox too). 2) I could eat steak and drink wine with another Eagle nerd like myself as long as our debating doesn’t get us thrown out. I get a little loud when I get excited and more so when drinking. 3) my wife will never let me go because she won’t drop 250 on a good dinner. I tell you what. I ate at LeBec a few years ago and it cost me four hundred bucks and I had one drink. And I would do it again if she would let me because it was one of the best GD meals I ever had. You cannot put a price on that if you are a foody like myself.

  • Wow Paulman! Glad I sparked such a long debate. And glad you agree with me. So you would also probably agree that a team with shit safeties has not on a SB in the last couple decades. Its called evolution. Safeties more important. OLBs less important (in a 4-3). ILBs less important in a 3-4.

  • I like this guy… very humble willing to work hard and knows he has room to improve. But most importantly… he wants to be the best. In Mudd’s system this guy can/will shine.

  • Good Safety play is most important in the Red-Zone which is where the Eagles have struggled the most defensively that last 4-5 Seasons (even in Dawkin’s final season or 2) … Top Defensive Teams clamp down once inside the Red-Zone and make it very difficult to make plays in the middle of the field due to their Physical Safety Play.. Look at teams like the Ravens,Steelers,49ers.. If your are going to beat them in the Red-Zone, it’s going to take some kind of Corner route/Alley Oop play where the timing and accuracy has to be about perfect between WR & QB.. Eagles Secondary the last few seasons have given up way too many easy pitch and cathces in the middle of the field due to their below average Safety play..

  • @ lionsden….read some things on Bell that I like also…..he and Peters are said to be good friends, having played together with the Bill’s….sounds like he and Mudd had a long dinner together when he was in town, so both know what they can expect from the other….the key will really be if he can stay healthy for the whole year

  • @greenfan… yeah, Bell’s and Peter’s similar career paths and landing spots are incredibly coincidental. I think some one also mentioned that Bell is originally from Philly so that only helps. What I like about how the personnel is shaping up is what it could potentially mean for the O-Line in the future. Bell says Peters was one of the biggest recruiters for the Eagles in trying get him. If Peters comes back healthy and Bell pans out I can’t see the Eagles getting rid of either one. This O-Line would have crazy chemistry with relatively young players. If Peters comes back this season he’ll be 30 if next season then he’ll be 31 so that’s still relatively young. Having Bell and Peters at the tackle positions means we could move Herremans to guard and internally upgrade at the RG position if Watkins doesn’t up his game.

    Peters getting injured might have been more of a gift than a curse.

  • Any young man who brings his Mom to his signing day is pretty impressive if you ask me.. I am sure he will get teased and rode hard by some players,fans of those in the media, but when you really think about the long road this guy has been on, as a 7th Round Draft pick, overcoming some injuries and now to earn a Contract of a Lifetime, has to be a special moment aad why not share that moment with your Family who helped you make it all possible, Good for Demetress Bell and his Mom ..

  • Jbird – good stuff on foodieism/our bet – agreed all around. Shame you have to get permission from wifey but that’s how life goes I guess.

    Paul – to be clear, I was never arguing that the Eagles safety situation last year or right now is better than the Giants or even good. But I think you overrate the Giants tandem. Can’t argue about Seattle. And I did not factor in injuries/games missed into my list.

    I still think that the Giant’s tandem is/was mediocre at best. Not bad, but not good.

  • Fair enough Schiller,
    All I know, after watching a lot of Football last year is that many Teams struggled at the Safety Position a lot more than the GIants did, which I think is just an extension of a more pass-happy league and the fact tham many moer Teams have these big athletic TE’s and double TE’s sets that just create a lot of mis-matches making the Safety position and Secondary Coaches have to play catch-up..
    The Days of the big hitting Safety roaming the middle of the field and laying out WR or tackling big slow TE after a 7-8 yard button hook route are over..
    The TE’s are 6-5 and bigger and can run and many of the big bruising SAfeties have a difficult time staying with them on deep routes like Gronkowski, FInley,Graham,Gresham,Pettigrew do.. ALso the fact that many of these big WR’s are bigger than the SAfeties so big WR’s like Johnson,Nicks,etc,etc are laying the wood on Safeties on some occasions..
    I believe Safety has become probably the most difficult position to play in the NFL along with CB and of course QB..

  • Paul, now THAT I can certainly agree with. But nothing in that last post of yours makes the Giants Safeties any good.

    The origin of this argument was (forget who, jbird?) asking for the last time a team won a superbowl with mediocre safeties, and I stand by my statement thatit was last year.

    I would like the Eagles to sign Yeremiah (sp?) Bell. Or another decent vet if there’s someone out there. And I’d love them to find a diamond in the rough in the draft for that position too (not sure it exists, although that guy they worked out with character issues is interesting….)….but I think with continued DL improvement, two corners not named Asante Samuel playing press/man, a full offseason, Ryans, hopefully a D first round pick draft pick….. this D can be very good even if we only have Allen, Coleman and Jarrett at Safety. Those are all big ifs, but I’m not TOO worried about Safety with Ryans, and the rest of our D having more opportunties.

  • Schiller, I’m with Paulman on this, I hate the Giants but I would take their safeties over ours in a heart beat. If Antrele Rolle is mediocre at best then what the hell is Coleman, ALlen, JJ?
    Rolle didn’t have the luxury of playing behind 3 pro-bowl caliber corners which include Nnamdi. The Birds safeties also didn’t play the packers and saints either…there would have been a massacre at the position if they did. JUST SAYING THIS DUE TO THE FACT THE BIRDS FO DIDN’T PICK UP ROLLE when he was available, letting him go to a Division rival which make matters worst. I’m just so sick of having a problem at the safety position every offseason. Which is why i plead for this team to use its 1st on Barron. Just because the ones we have start on this current Eagles team as is doesn’t mean they are quality NFL players at the position at all..get out of the Philly bubble. Allen is probably the only guy that would have a chance to start on another NFL roster at best. This position needs a serious upgrade.

  • and what I still stand by is that the Giants Safety Corp is pretty good in comparison to the rest of the NFL and I stand by that.. They are not 49ers/Steelers,Ravens with a healthy Ed Reed, but there were not many Teams in the NFL last Season and especially the Playoff Teams that had as solid Safety play as the Giants did (Packers,Saints,Lions,Pats,Bengals) struggled with their Safety play more so than the Giants which means the Giants had a pretty good Safety Group.. To say they were medicore doesn’t hold true for who are you comparing them too…

  • pheags, I don’t think you disagree with me at all. I was making a point about the Giants safeties, not the Eagles safeties at all.

  • I don’t get this theory regarding NFL teams winning SBs with mediocre safeties either…where do you come up with this shit

  • Pheags, I didn’t say that no superbowl winning teams had good safeties. But there are NUMEROUS factors that go into a superbowl win, and no superbowl winning team is great at all positions. I do believe that you can have less than great safety play and still win the superbowl. And again, I feel that was the case last year.

  • Put some new articles up!!!!

  • *Some eagles news*
    Drew Rosenhaus says that Yeremiah Bell won’t be back with the Dolphins, says Eagles Patriots and Jets have interest

    My thoughts: Its a good idea if the birds were to bring him in. Good veteran player, probowler, multiple 100 tackle seasons, has a great relationship with Todd Bowles from their days in miami, the question is will he be okay with a 1 year deal bc id be shocked if they offer 2-3 years when in all likelihood the eagles will be targeting in next years draft the Honey badger himself Tyrann Mathieu the LSU standout Cornerback/Safety/playmaker, he can do it all.. So i expect this year theyll try and get a veteran in to play on a 1yr deal then they go all in for Mathieu in next years draft.. and mark my words, they will not draft Bama safety Mark Barron at #15, no way no how, won’t happen.

  • I still like the Eagles to work out and talk to Saftey Melvin Bullitt over Bell who just turned 34 years old..Bell has played 8 Seasons and only has 6 INt’s so he’s not the type of PLaymaking Safety they really need..
    Bullitt is 28 but had 2 injury plauged seasons in 2010 & 2011 where he only played in 6 games, If he’s 100% healthy, then I being him in.. If he’s not I pass on him.. ..

    Safety Mark Barron is going #14 to the Cowboys, you can put it in the bank..

    LSU’s Matthieu in next years Draft will most likely be a Top 5 pick so take him off your Eagles Dream Draft Board for 2013 since they won’t be Drafting that high and like most LSU Players, they underperform as Pro’s due to the lack of discipline by their Coach Les Miles.. C’Mon JH…

  • Now that the cowboys addressed LB like i said they would, they wont go keuchly there at 14 but will maybe address DE or Safety, Barron is a strong possibility in this weak crop of safeties.. DE Whitney Mertilus or may try to move up and draft Quinton Coples ( My personal favorite in this years draft)
    And Mathieu is undersized so teams may shy away from him not acknowledging that he makes plays point blank. So i dont know if he ll be a top 5 pick but definitely a top 10 or we may begin to see him fall, you never know, the draft can be tricky.. but hes someone the birds would want to get there hands on..trading up is always a possibility, they have options.

  • Seattle will take Kuechel at #t at 2 like I stated 2-3 weeks back..
    Seattle lost LB hawthorne, lel Leroy Hill walk and traded A Curry last year, they have a big need at MLB and Kuechley is their man..
    How did Cowboys address LB, with the signing of back-up of Dan Connor for Depth purposed..Their 2012 Starters are Sean Lee and last years 2nd Round Pick Bruce Carter (who you keep forgetting about…) and they sill have Bradie James and now Conner as veteran back-ups so the Cowboys did not have a major need at LB, like I mentioned to you a few times.. They need CB’s Safeties and another DE and signed/overpaid for CB Brandon Carr. The Cowboys released CB terrance Newmann and the other starter in Mike Jenkins is coming into a contract year and has been injured a lot.. The Cowboys have 2 veteran Safeties on their Roster (Sensabaugh and free-agent Brodney Pool) so their decision at #14 is whether to select Safety Mark Barron or CB Dre Kirkpatrick or CB Stephone Gillmore but all indications are that they like Barron better who can step in from Day 1 and take charge of that Secondary…
    Coples is dropping and probably went from a Top 6 or 8 and could fall into the Teens.. He is a physcial beast for sure but has some motivation,work ethic issues from his past though he was lights out at Senior Bowl and Indy Combines and Pro-Workout Day.. At 6-6 275lbs, he’s probably too big to be selected by the Eagles since they like those 6-2 260lbs DE’s ,,,

  • Paul, I don’t think the eagles need a playmaker at safety. They need a competent, experienced vet. The problem at safety isn’t a lack of ints. Its poor positioning, tackling etc. So your reasoning is lazy there. Bell would fit the need.

    Jh. I want bell too, but agent speak is not news….

  • Paul, you’re starting to be sure about draft pick. Intentional stupidity? Or just the usual bravado?

  • Jh, if you want to drop some news, why not post about Derek Landri coming back?

    Ha, remember all the fuss about them not resiging him right away? well good things come to those who wait.

  • Sorry for the poor spelling, Seahawks taking LB Kuechley at #12…
    take it to the Paulman Bank..

  • So the interesting thing at DT now is, if they stick with patterson, jenkins, dixon, landri, and don’t draft a DT in the first 3 rounds, will the haters complain? Or, if they do still draft one high, do the Eagles keep 5 active DTs? They rarely do that, and there’s the young project guy on the roster too… good #s game problem to have, but interesting to watch

  • Paul, the paulman bank has been repossessed by the government for folding under too many failures….the coin jar at wawa is far more reliable

  • Eagles just signed Landri to a 1 year deal.

    Despite all the bias around here, Landri is just a guy, Paterson is coming off brain surgery, Jenkins is 31 and prior to this year had an injury marred career.

    I would not be suprised if the Birds don’t pull a 2002 and take DT/DL with the first 2 picks in the draft…..or even DT DT with 2 of their first 3 picks.

  • Yes Schille, I am predicting future events..
    I like the re-sgining of Derek Landri which gives the EAgles 5 DT’s on their CUrrent Roster (Jenkins,Dixon,Patterson,Landri and Cedric Thornton) so the
    likliehood they will draft at DT at #15 has been minimized in my opinion.
    Eagles and Washburn expect big things from a healthy Dixon (6-3 322lbs) and C Thornton (who is 6-4 and 310lbs) to be their main Run Stuffers as their Big DTs whilie using C Jenkins,Patterson, Landri on a rotating basis as more of the penetrating pass rushing DT’s…

  • solid move – I like Landri – reminds me of Sam Rayburn from a few years back – Laws is gone…. I was convinced the birds were going to draft the best LB available at 15… but now they signed Landri I am leaning DE? COle, Babin, Hunt, Graham and the #1 pick… or a 2nd round DT and use Jenkins as a swong DT/DE..

    Subject to change depending on where we go with Safety, but I can’t see draftng another safety to go through the learning curve –

    maybe a CB in round 1 -couple mocks had them gettng the guy from Bama?

  • Our Safeties suck ass….The first move should be getting a GM and a scouting team that knows defensive talent. Give Marc Ross the top position at GM and hire a new scouting team and fire Andy Reid after another failed season.

    That’s the Answer for after Andy and the crew find new ways to waste our season again.

    Will we go another year hoping our garbage safeties are more than what we’ve seen so far?

    Will we go another year with no competent kick returner?

    We will go another year with Juan Castillo who will blow at least 5 games again this year…then he’ll be fired…Ala Sean McDermott.

    The Red Zone defense and offense will still be atrocious due to the philosophy flaw in that area on both sides of the ball.

    You need “big” to win in the red zone. Physical play up the middle on defense and receivers with strength and height on offense.

    Another thing.


    Celek is average at best….We need a serious threat in that position and Celek and are not “IT”.

    Can’t Lurie see we need a General Manager?

  • Pman- where do you get this stuff? “Eagles and wasburn expect big things……and C Thorton to be their run stuffer”. says who? who told you? the eagles? even if they did…. who cares what they say? its what they do that matters.

    Im telling you guys- the birds are adding players to this roster. thats it. We have NO IDEA what they are doing or will be doing. They have 5 DT’s on the roster….. ok.. fine. They just may leave the DT spot alone in the draft…. i dont see it. But fine.

    as far as who they put in at what times….. forget that crap Pman. Lets be real here….. they rotate the DT’s- but they dont put them in certain packages like they should…. and besides… on 3rd and long….. we watched teams run over our “penetrating pass rushing Dt’s” on their way to first downs..

  • another thing….. we dont need another Ball hawk FS Pman- we need a hitter and/or someone who can bring a man down. Bell would be a good pickup. Im not with songs on Nate allen YET….. but let him rome center field and tell bell to play in the box and smash whatever slides through. if these CB’s are not good enough to lock down their WR in man- then they are not worth the coin we payed to get em.

  • as if by magic the class ass clown shows up – while you are being your typical bitch self – GREAT story over in Philly.com about how Roseman and the scouts had already talked and met w/ D Bell BEFORE the injury to Peters.. had already scouted him and had conversations with him – gives Roseman the credit for the pick up –

    but you are right Songs – the eagles will be the only team in the NFl that has any issues – every other team will finish 16-0 and we will be 0-16 –

    hey – why don;t you grace those teams message boards with your wisdom and knowledge – I am sure they need a good laugh too –

    but my favorite thing about you is I know you are a whiney bitch – I love how you pre-bitch – you are such a bitch – you bitch about things you make up in your mind – the RZ is going to be bad – haven’t even made it to the draft or first OTA and you are already bitching about the RZ..

    how has a pro team not hired you..

  • to be more accurate – Roseman was talking to Bell’s agent and trying to get him in prior to the injury – Rich Hoffman – Philly.com

  • Paulman’s new Eagles Mock Draft based on recent Signings and thoughts on who other team before them are going to Select..
    (I have Brokers, Poe, Kuechley & Barron all off the board b4 the 15th Selection with Barron going at #14 to the COwboys just before the Eagles selection)

    #15) Trade to Patriots along with DE D Tapp for their #27 & #31st Selections

    #27) TE Coby Fleener (Stanford 6-6 250lbs)
    #31) DE Vinny Curry (Marshall 6-3 266lbs)
    #46) OLB Bobby Wagner (Utah St 6-1 245lbs)
    #51) SS Harrison Smith (Notre Dame 6-2 215lbs)
    #88) RB Bernard Pierce (Temple 6-0 218lbs)
    #114) OT Tony Berstrom (Utah 6-5 313lbs)
    #143) CB Josh Norman (Coastal Carolina 6-0 197lbs)
    #172) WR Junior Hemingway (Michigan 6-1 225lbs)
    #194) OLB Brandon Lindsay (Pitt 6-2 254lbs)
    #200) FB Emil Igwnagu (U Mass 6-1 249lbs)

  • so do you think the birds will hold at 15 till the last minute and see who is on the board or trade early –

  • If Peters wasn’t hurt, the Eagles probably would have pursued OT Bell and
    not re-sign King Dunlap is my take on things but not sign Bell to the large deal that they did ..

  • The Hoffman article states Bell not interested unless he was a starter – Dunlap negotiations were ongoing at time – My own take is that the market at that point for BEll wasn’t giving him what he wanted – now he get to play for a year under Mudd – and if he has a great year – and the Eagles Bring PEters back he can either move on the line – or go make money somewhere else –

  • navy, im with you…. in the long run, the peters Injury could actually help the birds. I honestly believe we have 6 or 7 starting OLine man locked up for several years.

  • Hold out, I think they would really consider DT Fletcher Cox, LB Kuechley & SS Barron if they are still on the board, If they are gone (which I believe they will be)
    then they would look to trade Down with the Patriots or possibly even the Bengals who also have 2 1st Rounders..
    A wildcard in all of this is, what if any deals are being discussed about CB A Samuel… The Bengals have the #17 (from Raiders in the Carson Palmer deal) and their own selection at #22 Pick need a CB and the Eagles could work out a deal with the Bengals sending #15 Selection along with CB Samuel for their #17 or #22nd (not both) and their 2nd Round Selection (55th Overall)

  • Stevo – I like the OL situation – we have gone drafts before without drafting OL (another myth is Reid goes nutso on the OL) –

    I think they stay at 15 and get the best available DE or LB…..

    Pman – found some stuff on Thorton – where/why do you think the Eagles will keep him? 6’4 309 (he was 265 as a college Junior – went to 299 by draft – was ranked and expected to get drafted – small school guy – I could see the birds fans going crazy if we line up two undrafted FAs at DT!

  • He actually made the final 53man Roster and then was released and re-signed as a Practice Squad player.. Reports are that he’s been living at NovaCare and working hard all off-season and looking back from my notes from last years Draft, he had some positive reports about his upside and a 6th/7th Round diamond in the rough type of pick.. Now he did not get drafted but was signed by the Eagles as an Undrafted Rookie after last years camp. I saw a couple of interviews with him and he seems like a real bright,energetic kid who is looking to learn and improve.. He chose the Eagels because he wanted to play for Washburn.. Remember as a undrafted Free-Agent, many players have multiple teams trying to sign them and player if he’s smart, is really in the Driver season on choosing who he signs with based on where their best chances to make a squad, to get coach coaching and to get into a better overall situation… Many people have said that it’s better to go undrafted instead of bring a 6th/7th Rounder for the reasons I just listed above where you as a player can actually choose your Team.. He has th body type that Washburn likes in his DT’s which is long and lean with a solid base. I expect him not only to make the Team but to be a solid contributor and ino the rotation…

  • pman- what a leap you take-as always. He has “the body type”? give me a break. You are right…… if the eagles see a first round DT they love…. they wont take him because washburn likes the DT we have.lol….. no.

    The birds have a board and they will stick to it. They have a guy they like but they wont give up the world to get him. They will take best aval player when they draft no matter what position he plays.

    I expect DT/LB/WR/CB- one of these spots.

  • Players I don’t want to see when the season start.

    Chad Hall, Nate Allen, Jaqaun Jarrett, Brandon Graham, Riley Cooper, Casey Matthews.

    If we upgrade these positions this team will contend for a championship.

    We need to get a better threatening Tight End…Celek is not it.

  • Songs- you and i agree on the KIND of football we want to see out there, but you are wrong about this list of players- its too early on nearly all of them..

    Chad Hall- he has had his chance… i hope they upgrade and move on.
    Nate Allen- way way way too early. In year 1, we had seen great things from him. He was injured AND…. im not sure the coaches knew what they were doing last year. Give the man a chance with a real CB coach and we shall see. I think he will do well as a centerfielder.

    J.J- too early. I too have concerns but we knoe nothing. he has not played enough for us to know. Is he a bust? very likely but we knoe nothing.

    Graham- i think he has much to offer this team. Im excited to see what he can give now that he should be 100% healthy.

    Cooper- i dont see anything special here and he has had his chances to shine. Im fine if he comes back but i hope to see less of him as he slides down to the #5 spot at most.

    Matthews- I blame the DC for starting him and the HC for alllowing the DC to do so. Wayyyyyy too much pressure on a young kid. He is a hard worker and i actuallly think he could be a player in this league. A solid MLB changes everything. Id like to see him battle on the outside to save his name…. im not ready to write him off.

  • i meant to say “real secondary coach”

  • I don’t get your beef with Celek. Vick and the OC (AR or MM) have to look to get him the ball more. In 2009, he had a great season and last year he had a solid season. With the WRs they have, don’t see the need to upgrade TE much here. I would rather they focus on a big WR. Would you rather they spent a high pick on that than Defense? I wouldn’t.

  • bugsyhawk – agreed at TE. Though two good TEs is a very good thing. I’d love them to get Fleener somehow.

    But if you think about redzone, a stud TE and a stud WR are equals. We don’t really have problems getting the ball down the field, and at WR, who’s going to play over Djax, Maclin, and Avant? Nobody. So at most we’d get a redzone specialist – same thing as a TE can be. So no, I’m not for going WR instead of TE. If the draft Blackmon or Floyd, great, but I’d be surprised…

  • So folks, lets get this straight. According to Songs, what’s keeping this team from being a superbowl contender is the following: 5th WR upgrade, 1rst and 3rd/4th safety upgrade, 4th/5th DE upgrade, 4th WR upgrade, and 4th/5th LB upgrade.

    Sound right to you guys?

  • Don’t forget a new Punter too Schiller.. t

  • Schill…exactly….we need those roster spots to push the competition on this team.

  • so we get Burflict the walking man boob who we can time on his runs downflield to cover punts and kickoff with an egg timer vice a stopwatch..

    songs still hasn’t listed the player to replace Hall (he just bitches (surprise) he is here –

    So we need a number 4 or 5 WR that can or can not play ST?

    and lets cut our 2 years ago #1 because he tore his leg up – don;t even bring him to camp and let him compete..

    sometimes I think I am hard on songs – then he posts – I realize I am too kind..

  • I mean Songs – you do realize they get to bring in about 80 folks to push for those roster spots and that ability to contribute on special teams is a big part – that is where you bring people in to ‘push’ the final 53 have to contribute..

    keep blogging here another 5 years – you might learn something

  • One thing to remember that TE Coby Fleenr is not your traditional TE,
    he’s in the mold of Pats Gronkowski, Packers J Finley and the Saints J Graham and other teams in which he lines up all over the place… Lines up out wide, in the slot, in the backfield.. Fleener is 6-6 and can run and catch.. Celek is more of the traditional in-line TE.. Having a Fleener type of TE (Or even Ladarius GReen) would present so many match up problems for opposing Defenses with with the speed on the outside of D-Jax/Maclin that this could really be an effective and almost unstoppable offense down n the Red-Zone..

  • Songs, improving any position on the team and pushing exisitng players to improve is ALWAYS a good idea. But you seemed to pick a random list of guys that particualrly irk you. Fact is, the 5th WR on a team really doesn’t make a difference. Chad Hall, and the lack of someone better in his place, really didn’t effect the Eagles much one way or another. Mathews starting at MLB did, but we have Ryans now. You’re picking weird things and ignoring others. Like you seem to be fine at backup RB, SAM LB, backup QB, backup TE….

  • LMAO…Really don’t know why yall bother to entertain the Dude SONGS…He brings nothing to the conversation….
    Where are these upgrades (players) at ?…If he could throw out some names of available players to fill these spots then cool…but to just say we need this and that for the sake of having something to say is childish..

  • nail – meet hammer – cause gotta uv just hit the nail onthe head with that last post

    but I can’t help myself GLI – a dude that stands there insulting everyone in the organization and on the team – I can’t help but point out what an idiot he is –

    do I wish the eagles had signed Darrel Sproles instead of bringing back Chad Hall – sure… but the only name he ever offers up is ‘Flabby’ Burflict

  • I got you Schill, I would love to see them sign another TE to make the sort of mismatches that NE does, but I am not gonna say that Celek is bad when Vick never tries to get him the ball.

  • Oh no doubt, Vick needs to utilize Celek more.It’s been a downright shame how little he has.

  • The more I think about it the more it makes sense to go that route for redzone help. So I actually agree with what Songs wants, but not for the reason that he lists. I want a big athletic TE, BUT I really don’t want that to get in the way of drafting a run stopping, gap-filling DT and another young LB.

  • I think you will see the eagles go without a FB next year and see both HArbor and Celek line up in the backfield more – Celek’s numbers went up as the year went along – he did not stay in to block as much –

    Bugs – great point – getting a ‘better’ TE then Celek – great – but at wat cost – need to ensure the LB situation is resolved and another DL would be nice and we still need another safety…

    hell – I am more interested in who the back up QB and RB then replacing Celek and Harbor (maybe carry 4 WRs and 3 TEs?)

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