• May 26, 2022

Trevor Laws Signs With The St. Louis Rams

Eagles defensive tackle Trevor Laws signed a one-year deal with the St. Louis Rams yesterday.  Laws got an offer from the Rams which he like and he had to see the writing on the wall here in Philadelphia.

Mike Patterson and Cullen Jenkins are the starters at the defensive tackle position.  Derek Landri has been signed to an extension and Cedric Thornton is listed on the roster as a third-stringer.  There’s also plenty of talk about the Birds drafting a defensive tackle in the first round.

According to CSNPhilly.com, after signing the deal last night, Laws tweeted the following.

“To all my people from Philly, I will miss ya. But its time to take this show to STL.”


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  • good

  • I actually like Laws a lot more than a lot of people BUT the Eagles need bigger tackles and LBs to effectively run the Wide 9.

  • Who cares who he signed with…..he sucked, and should never had been drafted by us, and should have been cut last year. GOOD RIDENCE…he was a bum.

  • Laws did fine last year as a rotational tackle – but the author of the article is correct – no way he was making the team this year – and yeah GM Cliff – I will agree – how did we cut Landri and keep Laws last year – still don’t understand that one –

  • You forgot about the biggest DT on the Roster G-Man… Antonio Dixon who Coach Washburn expects some big things from,but needs to come into camp in tip-top shpae which he failied to do last Summer Camp

  • Paulman has direct access to Jim Washburn’s mind, who he likes, and his expectations.

    Ok, not exactly “direct”, it’s more like via Paulman’s ass….

  • Still think birds going to suprise peopple and take DT DL, in first 3 picks. (though now thinking the 3rd pick will be CB and not LB.

    Right now DT rotation looks like
    Jenkins – solid starter with history of injury issues (31)
    Paterson – coming off brain surgery
    Dixon – good run stuffer but coming off torn tricepsLandri – just a guy
    Thompson – perhaps potential

    I see one solid starter (jenkins) and a bunch of replaceable guys after that. We need another DT.

    DL rotation is
    Cole – very nice
    Babin – very nice if you like nothing but sacks
    The spactular combo of Tapp, Hunt and Graham.

    We need another DL.

    Again, hoping a trade for Asante can be made and we get out of first 2 days with DT, DL, CB (change from LB) and QB.

  • Meant DE not DL.

  • Vinnie – Did you space out or just completely miss that they resigned Derek Landri?

    Hey, I want them to draft Cox or Worthy for DT, and therefore Thompson to be cut. But we’ll see.

    Seriously though, Worthy to me is another Cullen Jenkins, which is what they need for the UT position. I say Cox can do that too, but I’d be just as happy with Worthy.

    Couples would be nice too, duh. But I’ve said it all along that Worthy is my guy.

    I’d be very happy with Keuchly or one of the top CBs too.

    And heck, if they go Tannenhill, and he works out to be our quality starter in the future, great, but above is what I want.

  • I mentioned Landri…didn’t hit ‘enter’ I guess…my comment is on same line as Dixon. He’s just a guy.

  • There is no Thompson only Thorton boys…get it right or pay the price

  • mrryan – aint no price… I was just going off of vinnie – it deal feel wrong to me but I was lazy.

    Vinnie – just a guy? Dude lead the team in TFL last year with very limited snaps. You crazy.

  • “To all my people from Philly, I will miss ya. But its time to take this show to STL.”

    What show is Laws referring to?

  • He’s just packing his DVR…

    I think we should draft jaye howard if we dont take a DT in the first round.. hes 6’3 301 lbs florida ran a 4.82 ..60 tackes 5 sacks.. can play end and tackle we need some big athletes

  • I was leaning DT with first pick – after resigning Landri – they stay at 15 and take the top LB/DE on the board – Then round out DE/DT/LB in round 2 –

    first 3 picks – all D – DT/DE/LB – – I don;t think CB – I think they go in with DRC, Asmo, Hansen and MArsh… I think they draft a safety later – but sign a vet in FA – only reason not singing VEt now is keeping the guessing game they like to play before draft – some macks have the birds going with BArron –

  • Bring in fat Albert and have Washburn turn this guy back into the beast he use to be. 1 yr contract w/incentives. He has respect for coach Washburn and will play harder under him. Laws showed flashes, but never really made that big of an impact. 1 more DT and were set

  • Can you believe this bum ass organization had Trevor Laws rated above Desean Jackson?

    Who in the hell is behind the evaluation of defensive talent on this team?

  • Can someone please explain why for every thread about the D, someone has to bring up washed up has beens (or barely ever were’s) like Haynesworth….

    Guy had a career high 8 sacks just once. And that was 4 years ago. He’s been cut from 3 teams since then. Let it go man.

  • Wait Songs, you’re complaining about the order in which the Eagles drafted two players that they drafted!?!?!? WOW – you sir have outdone yourself. You’ve just reached a whole new level of absurdity. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.

    WE GOT BOTH PLAYERS who in hell cares when they were picked? Where you pick players is about many many things, including which positions go high and which don’t, projections of who will be available when etc….

  • vinnie – yes, I can explain in two words: widespread ignorance

  • Im with you Navy dt de lb The problem with fat albert is the distraction – and had too much of that last year..

  • Not his fault the Birds reached for him. who knows maybe he will play better with a new team like many other former players.

    Who cares though…can’t wait for this draft…

    Navy…with the first 3 picks I would go in this order.
    1: S (only if BArron is there),
    2: OLB (Z. Brown)
    3: DT/DE (B. Thompson) (whichever has the better player left)

    If Barron is off the board I’d go with the following order for that 1st pick
    1: Coples
    2: Kuelchy (if either aren’t available…)
    3: J.Jenkins who will probably be a stud as a player/with some issues. But with leadership on D now of Ryans and Nnamdi and maybe an addition of Bell he would probably be ok here.)

    I just think its essential to get another LB early and Barron. Just because you add Ryans doesn’t mean the LB corps is solid. I do not want to see Fokou, Mathews, Jordan anywhere on the field anymore. Chaney and Rolle are average on their best days if that…you need another playmaker there. Seriously, all you have to do is put the Seattle tape on if you think otherwise.

  • News flash…. Monolith spotted on Mars!!! How they saw me I don’t know but I am placing an Eagles Flag there.

    I like Dixon, I thing he will impress us this season. I like Babin and Cole combo whats wrong with that?

    As always ” LONG LIVE THE EAGLES”

  • another waste of a 2nd round pick

  • I met Trevor, as well as a couple of other players at a bar over the summer last year. Laws was actually a pretty nice and personable guy, although a little cocky given his production over the years here in philly. Herremans was an idiot as one would expect. Lesean Mccoy was a super nice guy. Maclin was a bit standoffish but maybe shy. Omar Gaither was the biggest Ahole in the world. No surprise he was cut soon after. He was talking trash to me because I wanted to get Maclins autograph for my sister ( who is a big JMAC fan). You’ll never guess who had the most women around him.

  • Lol Jott. Laws is a major disappointment. I hate Notre Dame players and if I was a coach I would never select a player from ND. With this move there is a 99.9% chance they go DT in the first. Mike Patterson is average at best and would suit better in a reserve role.

    A perfect strategy in the draft that I would like see from the Eagles is to draft Luke Kuechly if he is there at 15 and package your two 2nd rounders to move up and perhaps switch with the Patriots at 27 and draft Devon Still out of Penn State.

  • Eagles Top defensive squad for 2012-2013

    Asante Samuel
    Nnmandi Asomugha
    Jason Babin
    Trent Cole
    Cullen Jenkins
    Devon Still
    Luke Kuechly
    Demeco Ryans

  • ES – that actually isn’t that bad a plan – but this draft is supposed to be deep at DT – you thik they could hold both 2nd rounders and get best DT and DE on the board?

    On laws – he was a major disappointment – went back and looked – at the guys resume – seemed to be a hell of an athlete (Nationally ranked wrestler) played FB and LB in HS (all american) senior year had over 100 tackles…

    I think its just Notre Dame – I am half jokingly – when was the last time a guy came out of ND and did squat in the pros?

  • Navy I hear Mcshay say that this was the deepest draft he ever covered on ESPN. While I personally think Kiper and Mcshay are the sports version of Dumb and Dumber I agree that this draft is very deep. Andy Reid owes a good draft to the Philadelphia fans and in a year where his job is in question I think this is the year you do it.

  • navy – re ND – and I AM biased – have always hated that school. But I have a theory about schools that are famous and get what I call “residual hype” – in that they used to be powerhouses one day, and haven’t been for a long time, but still get the press and hype. I put PSU in that same category – again, I’m biased here too being a Pitt guy – but same deal.

    There are exceptions, but far and few between. I was upset when they drafted Laws and Abiamiri… and….

  • Agree on ND – and I always loved ND growing up – but I look at the Big East Schools – Pitt and Cincy – those guys seem ready – Maybe it is the whole Western PA – Ohio – coal mine – hard work ethic – the Notre Dame guys just never seem to blossom –

    don’t know – but damn…

  • I dont see the Eagles going DT at #15….. the value is NOT there…..if Mark Barron falls to #15, the Eagles will take him, however, rumor is the Cowboys love him and they pick at #14.

    I think the Eagles will take DE Quinton Coples of North Carolina…. his stock is falling because teams are unsure of his work ethic…. he is going to be available at #15.

    Another player to keep an eye on is CB……Stephon Gilmore and Dre Kirkpatrick are perfect for the Eagles man to man scheme and fill a need…..Samuel will be dealt for a 4th or 5th round pick this year and one next.

  • Trevor Laws was a projected 5th round pick then had a good combine and moved up the charts….I dont put any faith in the combine. The Eagles reached for him and it shows.

  • jott – where did you find that? I looked and all I could see was he was the #4 ranked DT in that draft – I was too lazy to look and see who was before him –

    I could see the birds snagging Couples or Kuelchy if either are there at 15 –

  • Everybody talking about the Eagles taking a DT in the first round well I don’t buy it the Eagles always do the opposite of what is being reported. My gut feeling tells me somebody is gonna drop that was supposed to be drafted in the top 10 a player like Coples or Mike Floyd or Mark Barron those are the 3 players I like and also Fletcher Cox but Barron and Floyd would make the most impact. Floyd really does make sense because Macklin and Jackson are very injury prone.

  • *Some Eagles News/Updates*

    Reports are that Cornerback Asante Samuel will be traded by the end of this month (April) possibly before the draft so the eagles can use the picks acquired in this years draft. The Rams, 49ers, Lions and Browns are teams rumored to be interested in Asante’s services.

    My Thoughts: This is more confirmation that Asante is a goner. He better start packing his bags now because he will not be an eagle this season or ever again for that matter. The Eagles have two corners that can play press coverage (Nnamdi and DRC) on the best WRs in the league, asante’s game is more of a zone style, he could make one heck of a safety if he was bigger and could tackle somebody.. I ll miss the swagger he brought to the team early on and all the big ints he had, especially the one he had on peyton manning in a regular season game 2 yrs ago. There were good times along with rough ones but all in all he never changed who he was and is still a good player that will benefit a CB needy team but the team will have to allow him to play his way or he will not be effective..

  • *Some More Eagles News/Updates*

    Reports are that the birds will take part in the draft later this month.

    My Thoughts: This is good news and i expect them to draft several players that may end up playing on the team. Im hearing from several reliable places that these “drafted” player will end up wearing numbers on their jerseys and perhaps wear pads. Ill keep you updated as I hear more.

  • HAHAHAHA ^^^^^^

  • @Navy – i’m a draft nut and subscribe to Ourlads…they had Laws as a 5th rounder pre-combine, then he moved to #4-#6 rated DT after the combine. Mike Mayock had Laws as a 3rd-4th rounder that year.

  • again Stevo – BRAVO

    Jon Hart – go find a hug. Your above post cites “confirmation” from “reports” – that alone is indicative of BULLSHIT SIGNIFYING NOTHING


  • Walterfootball.com had Laws going in the second round # 40 overall to the Saints.

    drufantasyfootball.com had him going #54 overall, also second round, to the Titans.

    I just matched your sources with counter arguments.

    Point being – mock drafts and projections are all over the place. SO ARE REAL DRAFTS. It’s a crap shoot and every NFL person admits that (except players who got chosen high and wind up succeeding).

    SO – hindsight “Shoulda” points are really worthless. Past seasons are gone. Our DT rotation looks better now than it did then. There’s a new season in front of us.

    SO MOVE THE F**** ON

  • now schill – sometimes I just like to ask where guys get info becuase maybe they have cool sites to check out – I never heard of drufantasyfootball.com – heck if my wife saw I searched something that started with drufantasy she would think I was looking up Dominican RepUblic Fantasy and planning my next vacation! Just kidding – I used to live in Santo Domingo –

    Now if I did a search and Ourlads came up – not even gonna go there – but anyway – now I know I checked it out and noticed they had Kelce on the 2011 all rookie team..

    you doing alright today Schill?

    stevo – freakin hilarious

  • Hey Schiller,

    I believe in the same “residual hype” theory. Except it concerns our QB.

  • vinnie – I think that’s somewhat reasonable. Although he did play really well that one year for us. And he might this year – you’re wrong if you tell me right now he wont….

    and moreso – we all know your feelings on that. Does you no good to keep harping on it. There’s no ambiguity to address – you’ve done an EXCELLENT job in thoroughly conveying your message on that topic….

  • Eagles will go CB in the 1st rd. Asante will probably end up being a draft day trade where the Eagles swap 3rd rd picks with a team, pick up a 5th rd pick and maybe a 6th next or something close to that. D R C and Jose Hanson are both in their final year of their contracts and there is a good possibility that neither one comes back in 2013… Eagles 1st 3 picks will probably be a combo of CB, QB, DT. Me personally I’d like to see the Eagles pick Fletcher Cox in the 1st, Harrison Smith & LaMichael James in the 2nd!

  • Guys, do yourself a favor and check out the picture of Robert Turbin on igglesblitz dotcom

    remebrer, the first letter is not ‘e’ it is ‘i’….paulman

    Any takers?

  • When was the last time the Eagles picked a defensive player in the draft that actually made a pro bowl?

  • songs – quit being a lazy piece of shit and look it up for yourself – why don’t you go through and look at all 32 teams and give us a report on when the last time a defensive draft pick made the pro bowl for each and every team – then do a statistical analysis to show us the average leangth of time, the mean, the standard deviation and a detailed report on any outliers – then you can report back to us and tell us how far the Eagles are from the average, the mean, and a report and any interesting findings you come up with – then everyone on GCOBB will have an NFL wide perspective on how well the eagles do in comparison to the rest of the NFL……

    thanks Songs – appreciate you taking that task on –

  • Navy…off the top.

    Can you remember an Eagles defensive draft pick that made the pro bowl within the last 5 years?

    If not….why?

  • Trent Cole… Lito & Michael Lewis made oncoming 2004 and that may be it for Reid’s draft picks.

  • Who gives a crap!? Good riddance! Another DT that did nothing special & made ZERO plays here!

  • I have a gut feeling, that Coples is going to fall to us, & we are going to draft him. I would have NO QUALMS, if that happens. I want Cox, or Brockers, though. Just saying.

  • Could just be gas!? LOL!

  • Navy, that’s why I say NOOO!!! to WR Michael Floyd. ND players SUCK MONKEY NADS!!! The last 2 players that were any good were Justin Tuck & Jerome- The bus. Before that was Rod Smith & Joe Montana. Long time in between good draftee’s. Floyd is another overrated, hyped up receiver, in the likes of Maurice Stovall & Arnez Battle. 2 STUD future HOF’ers!!!

  • *Some More Eagles News/Updates*
    John Hart is a blow-hard, know nothing, who needs a life & is still a virgin!

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