• May 22, 2022

A Close Look At The Eagles Offensive Draft Picks

The Eagles didn’t surprise anybody by drafting defense with their first three picks in the first and second rounds. However, some may have been surprised by the drafting of a quarterback in the third round and the Eagles rounding out the draft with four straight offensive picks.

The Eagles drafted a 6’5” quarterback from Arizona with the 25th pick in the third round. Nick Foles would have been the tallest quarterback in almost any draft class that didn’t have Brock Osweiler in it. His height, as told by Foles himself, helps him to see over the offensive line and have a better view of the field. His 243 pound frame also lets him shrug off some hits and still deliver a good throw under pressure.

It is hard to dissect film of a quarterback when he has such poor protection and is under pressure on nearly every pass. Foles had a lot of Ben Roethlisberger-type plays where he was able to deliver a check-down with a defender wrapped around his legs. He even switched hands many times and was able to deliver a strong, left-handed pass to his short receiver. It is evident that Foles is nearly perfect on his short and intermediate passes. He also has a very strong arm but struggles greatly with his deep pass accuracy.

In Arizona’s spread offense, Foles almost never lined up under center, something he will need to work on to make a career in the NFL. His experience in running a no-huddle offense and calling plays from the line will help the Arizona quarterback in his transition to the league. Being in the shotgun makes it clear that footwork and mobility aren’t on Foles’ list of positives. Eagles coaches never have trouble with improving quarterbacks in their system.

Foles will come into camp and make Trent Edwards and Mike Kafka, who is entering his third year in the system, compete for a spot. It is likely that your opening day depth chart might look something like Michael Vick, Mike Kafka, and Nick Foles. Don’t expect the confident Foles to settle for a third spot on the depth chart, though.

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The Eagles next pick may have been a bit of a stretch. With many 7th round-undrafted grades, Dennis Kelly, the Eagles fifth round pick, fills the need for depth on the offensive line, specifically at tackle. Kelly looks to have an Evan Mathis-type body, then you read that he actually stands 6’8, three inches taller than Mathis. The 37-game starter at Purdue may very well be Howard Mudd’s next project.

Following Kelly, the Eagles made a tall wide receiver the newest Philadelphia Eagle. Marvin McNutt, the 6’3 (some say 6’4), 216 pound Iowa product provided great value in the sixth round. McNutt, projected as a fifth-round pick, at the latest, filled both the Eagles need of a big wide receiver and the new philosophy of taking the best player available.

The big receiver ran a 4.49 40-yard dash at the combine, unimpressive to some, but showed on tape that he plays much faster. In his career at Iowa, the All-Big Ten receiver accumulated 2,861 yards and 28 touchdowns, both records in the program. While at Iowa, McNutt dominated nearly every defense he faced and showed that his field vision is elite in the college game and he has no trouble getting open.

The St. Louis native uses his big body to gain an advantage when adjusting for the ball. Over the middle, McNutt has questionable hands, which still gives the Eagles questions at who their receiver will be down the seam.

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Brandon Washigton of Miami was the Eagles second pick in the sixth round. The guard, projected by some as a second or third round pick and a player appearing on many top 100 boards, was drafted 200th overall and adds depth to the Eagles offensive line. At 6’3 and 320 pounds, Washington, who showed athleticism playing both guard and tackle in college, will be another project for the evil genius that is Howard Mudd.

Finally, the Eagles ended their draft with their fourth consecutive offensive draftee, a Kansas State running back by the name of Bryce Brown. Brown seems to come with some baggage. He transferred out of Tennessee after his freshman season, took a year off, then carried the ball just three times for Kansas State in 2011 before declaring for the draft. At 6’ and 223 pounds, the “Asante Samuel pick” provides the Eagles with a physical runner.

Brown was one of the top recruits coming out of high school, behind only Trent Richardson in the running back category. He received offers from Tennessee (attended), Kansas State (transferred), LSU, Miami, and USC, among others. He never lived up to his five-star recruit status at the collegiate level so the Eagles will look to bring that back out of him.

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With the 2012 Eagles Draft in the books, prospects for next season look promising. The Eagles may look to add another running back or two, probably veterans, to provide competition in training camp behind Dion Lewis, a fifth round pick a year ago, and Brown, this year’s seventh round pick.

The defensive draft picks might have more promise and more excitement, but a possible future starting quarterback and potential game-breaking wide receiver certainly make the offensive draft picks something to look forward to.

Brenden Peddigree

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  • us Eagle fans have been so spoiled by mobile fleet footed QB’s for over 25 years, I don’t know if we could handle a pocket passer like Nick Foles—– When Vince Young couldn’t excape the pocket pressure I was like get this guy out of here ———— every year the Eagles draft a Daniel Teonesheim or a Jaquan Jarrett this year it is Dustin Kelly, a player no one else believes should have been drafted that high
    One of these player will shine like Jamare Chaney or Jason Kelce, Howie always hits on one of these late rounders

  • “spoiled”?????????????????????

  • I just noticed this guys screen name.. 0superbowls..lol im not going to argue.. Well i am not going to jump the gun again like i did for the last 25 years here but hopefully 0superbowl we will get one.. That is if 2012 doesnt stop the season.. Its kind of messed up that deep down inside i feel something reall special is about to happen for our team. Kind of like when we used to play Techno Bowl and the one play that you could not stop was that sweep to BO JACKSON..lol That kind of feeling like what ever the other team does we cant be stopped..Vick has comp and is playing for his job future thats all i can say. you know guys play better when money is on the line.
    Its a damn shem athe Myans picked this year to end it all.. damn shame cant it wait until late febuary ..lol BUt serious guys I have never said this about the eagles draft before but i was VERY IMPRESSED!!! This is a kick ass draft..

    we are going to KICK EVERYONES ASS.. i am so glad we got this schedule so when we bust all the good teams asses old skool no Punk ass Dallas or NY fan can come on here and say nothing…No need to mention washington.. thats another story..

  • I would like to take the time out to give my condoliances to RG3 and Cousins NFL carreer.. Talk about getting drafted to a team that will ruin your life.. Cousins will not get any reps at practice. How will you develope 2 Rookie Qbs when you cant help out one… RG3 will get all the reps but have no one to help him get better, cousins will sit until RG3 gets hurt but wont know any plays.
    The worst part is if the coach doesnt ruin them Runnig for there life from the eagles defense twice a year and NY to will.. If i were them i would get extra insurance right now because Dumb ass Vince carter made this team alot tougher.. Thanks vince… we needed a punch in the mouth..

  • I would like to commend the Eagles for their best draft since 2002. And even more so for their decision to honor the great B Dawk and retire his number. I know we will not know what this draft class is going to do but I feel confident that this is a very good group and the national media seems to concur. Cox was one of the top ten players in the draft. The fact that he and Curry do not have to come in and start right away is certainly helpful for their young careers. Kendricks looks to be a beast as well and this will really help our LB corps. The defense just got a major shot in the arm to go along with Ryans.

  • Based on the Eagle’s history, we can figure out some things about the 53 already. First, first and second round picks play out their entire rookie contracts so Jarrett is here through 2014 no matter how bad he may turn out to be. In fact, if it came down to it a couple years from now when they have acquired a better starting safety, they would keep Jarrett and cut Coleman just like they cut Landri and Hargrove after they both outperformed Laws in preseason. Also, they still only have three healthy safeties on the roster so look for them to sign a veteran FA in the next couple weeks. I would bet on Bell or Bullitt.
    Now third, fourth and fifth round picks are also guaranteed a roster spot per their history unless they can hide them on IR, so Mike Gibson is gone and so is DJ Jones. These picks always get two camps before they are cut. Sixth and seventh round picks are generally guaranteed the practice squad or IR unless you happen to be Charles Scott. What a loser!
    I think McNutt will spell the end of the Riley Cooper era. I wish Cooper luck on another team. Daryl Tapp has trade value so look for him to be traded in the next month because of his cap number and the fact that I think Washburn prefers Hunt anyway. Clayton and Fokou are goners. THANK GOD!! I can’t stand Fokou and Clayton has no heart. I don’t think Rolle is a slam dunk for the starting line up and he shouldn’t be, but he will make the team. Mathews and Chaney will compete for that spot with Rolle which is good because I want Rolle to get better so he needs that pressure to continue to step his game up. I think he can be a very solid player as long as he continues to work hard. The Eagles also need to still sign a veteran RB because they would be in trouble with this current roster if Shady went down. They would be in trouble anyway, but it would be a disaster if it Lewis or one these other raw prospects was the RB for the remainder of the year. In fact it would probably derail any playoff hopes if it happened early.
    Anyone else have any thoughts about what the picks mean to the final roster??

  • jbird – very impressive last two posts there – I think you have some great points-

    I think it is outstanding that Graham and Curry (face it, this will be like a rookie season for Graham) get to come in and fight for reps with pro bowl caliber DEs to rotate with – and Cox gets a chance to fight in with a very talented core of vet DTs..

    got deeper and younger all along the front 7 on D

  • I am also wondering if Fat Jack is invited back at league minimum since no one has shown any interest and we need a back up center. Right now it looks like the linemen will be Bell, Mathis, Kelce, Watkins, Herremans, Vandwelde, Washington, Dunlap and Kelly. We still need a center unless this is the year Dallas Reynolds finally makes the team.
    Also wonder what DT the Eagles keep. They usually only carry four. I know it is cold blooded but I would trade Patterson and keep Jenkins, Cox, Landri and Dixon. Of course we don;t even know that Dixon can fit this system. So that will be a September decision at the final cut most likely.
    I forgot to mention how excited I am that we drafted a good return man. I had no hope for Gilyard. I mean the Rams didn’t want him so come on!! And Lewis is a shit KR. Boykin will help out with that and probably send Hanson packing as well. Never been a Hanson fan myself.

  • jb – they usually keep 10 DL 6/4 split DE/DT – but Cox and Jenkins can both line up outside – I see them keeping all 5 of the DTs Jenkins, Cox, Landri, Patt and Cox and 5 DEs – Cole, Babin, Graham Curry and Hunt…. with Tapp hanging around to make sure the other folks don’t get hurt

    The birds had a kid named Zane on the practice squad last year – center from Utah? The birds stashed Jamal J on the practice squad a couple years… –

  • Navy…thanks! I am getting excited about the season. We needed this draft. If everyone stays healthy, the Eagles pass rush could be downright terrifying to opposing QBs next year. The LBs are much better now with Ryans and Kendricks starting. May the best man win at WILL. Now it is up to Bowles to get this secondary where it belongs. He sure has plenty of talent to work with. Lets see just how good of an assistant coach he is? If he can get a couple PBers out of the back four this year, he can take his pick of D coordinator jobs next year.

  • Navy…I have upgraded the Eagles from 9-10 wins to 10-11 wins based on this draft. They really got better this weekend. The D line now rivals NYG and Detroit for the league’s best. The LBs are legit NFL players and we have a KR. People really uindersold the whole KR thing and acted like it was not a big deal compared to other things. But 5-10 yards better starting field position really is a huge thing. It is a game of field position-yards, feet, inches. It all matters so getting Boykin improves our STs which were medicore last year. Having more depth on defense also means better players to cover kicks as well.

  • I really hope the Eagles do the right thing this year and start Cox or Jenkins at LDE and use Babin as rush specialist. He doesn’t need to start because of his salary. He needs to get 12-18 sacks because of his salary and thats all. He is a liability against the run and should not be on the two down stop unit.

  • He doesnt get those sacks unless he starts Bird.

    They drafted Cox to play d-tackle.Kenkins played end in the 3-4 Pack play. They’re both d-tackles.

  • Erock, Cox lined up all over the place in college and Jenkins played end in a 4-3 before Capers got there. Babin will still get 60% of the snaps and thats all we need him for. Of course if the secondary plays the way they did last year, teams will be more inclined to throw on first down. Because I guarantee the run defense will be much better. I cannot say that the secondary will be better at this point. They need to show me.

  • JBird –the draft was good and so was the trade for Ryans but the positives gained for those excellent moves cannot make up for the loss of Jason Peters in the season win total — you cannot replace an All Pro LT like Jason Peters with anyone but a Jake Long, Joe Thomas, or a Ryan Clady — Demetress Bell was an admirable try but he is not a difference maker like Peters—Eagles are still an 8-8 team

  • everyone was jumping to conclusions before the draft. Draft came – it was great – many if not most or all of the prior conclusions were proved incorrect. And now?

    Everyone is back jumping to conclusions.

    WAIT AND SEE GUYS. I know many of you love to play the guessing game. But when you get proven wrong over and over and over, doesn’t it teach you something? We’ll see what they do with the roster in due time.

  • i think they feel good enough about there ends to keep them inside most downs.

    Graham should be a nice player this year. No reason he cant contribute. Kid looked promising before that injury.

  • You know who has yet to make a prediction about who plays where when and how many snaps along the DL..etc…. JIM FREAKIN WASHBURN

    Chill guys, you’re getting WAY ahead of yourselves. All the studs and promising picks will get time on the DL. Seriously, Washburn would laugh if he heard this predictions. He’s not going to decide until game one, and during game one he’ll improvise and do what he wants with the rotations then. Game two – he won’t decide until then.

  • Giants fans on the site spewing records.Ok gnat.

  • I have to point out that the Eagles continued their streak of fantastic third round picks. B West took away a lot of third round goodwill with his greatness. When are we going to be done using that up?

  • Schiller — Howie Roseman today said you don’t trade up to the 12th pick and not expect the player to start, so pencil him in ( and if Graham doesn’t start considered him a disappointment in Howie’s eyes for the same reason)

  • I know one thing…..this secondary will be an achilles heal..watch.

    Besides Asmo….there’s some serious questions and I don’t see the vocal leader in this bunch that will get in the guys face to make em up their game.

  • songs – so cloase – you only missed it by one – you no nothing –

  • Songs…..Um, that would be Todd Bowles job. And I agree with you that if this defense is going to make a deep playoff run he better get these guys in line this summer. If Nnamdi doesn’t make the PB this year he is a long gone. And so is his chance for any more 12 million dollar salaries. His ass better bring it or he will be making five mil tops next year in some other city.

  • Songs – Ryans is the vocal leader first of all.the back 7. He’s a vocal team leader, the QB of the D. It can come from a DB (like Dawk in the past for example), but it doesn’t have to be.

    Songs – and you knew the team would go 19-0 and win a SB this time last year when we signed Nnamdi – you said “just watch”. You said Burfict would be drafted – you said “just watch”.

  • schill….I was just being a little excited with the Asmo signing, when you losers were saying it’s now way possible the Eagles can get him last offseason. Remember?

    But, reality set in once I realize the Safety and Linebackers were garbage during the preseason, along with juan Castillo…. and at that point I predicted a 7 win season..Remember?

  • Good Call Navy on Zane Taylor who I think has a great chance to make the 53 Man Roster as a back Center/GUard.. He will battle with Mike Gibson, Justin Vandervelde for back-up positions to the Interior OL (2 of these 3 will make, but one won’t) I believe Draft Pick OG Brandon Washington gets placed on Practice Squad to groom him for competition for the 2013 Season..

  • I was thinking Washington was going to go on the IR for hyperextended pinky finger……..

    I was surprised they brought Gibson back – gonna get confusing as we have to sort through the camp bodies…

    they have two more roster spots open right now – Y Bell and Addai….

  • Paulman one of those late rounders might hit — much like Chaney and Kelce

  • Songs – got it. So you are citing temporary insanity for that previous statement of yours. Makes sense. Understood.

    Well I’m citing the same thing now. You’re emotionally upset because you’re allergic to reasonable optimism from Eagles fans. They just had a great draft on paper, following a great trade for a stud MLB.

    So in your new “temporary insanity of the day”, you’re making up bullshit about our secondary, that improved at the end of the year, now has a new coach, a new CB starting outside, a new slot CB, healthier and more experienced safeties, and a VASTLY improved front 7 in front of them will be a ‘blind spot’ a ‘weakness’. You’re giving your discomfort about the new optimism free reign for you to compare last year’s apples to this year’s oranges – and once again doing what you do best – ignoring context.

    It’s cool – you don’t have to man up to your stupidity – blame it on your insanity or emotions. Whatever. Mabye we can call it Post Burfictbust Syndrome. Your own special version of PMS.

  • Reid would disagree vehemently with you on Foles’ footwork. He admitted the guy is no speed burner (neither are Peyton, Tommy and bunch of others), but Reid stated his footwork was excellent in the pocket and the guy completed 69% for a team severely lacking in talent. We don’t need any more in-the-dirt McNabbs or Vicks running outside of pocket, but a traditional pocket passer who can stand in there, or use his feet to move around when the rush is on.

  • First off I like Foles I wish him the best of luck with picking up this offense. Second why can’t we keep both cooper and mcnutt why does one have to go. I would love two big receivers on goal line packages. Don’t most team carry five wideouts?

  • I vote to keep sunshine here(cooper) LOL.

  • No reason you can’t keep McNutt and Cooper – the team currently has 13 WRs on the roster – but Steve Smith is gone and I don;t think Chad HAll will be back –

    I always used to say – find someone who can do everything Hall can do then get rid of him –

    Check out Boykin – Boykin saw time at cornerback, kickoff returner, punt returner, running back, Wildcat quarterback, a coverage man on both kickoff and punt teams and at holder. He was the recipient of the 2011 Paul Hornung award as a senior, which is given out to the most versatile player in college football

    so they typically keep 5 Djax, Maclin, Avant, Cooper and McNutt right now with 8 others trying to convince the coach they are better then Cooper or to keep 6

  • Have to get used to Marvin McNutt’s name — every time I read it my first instincts is to think it’s a clever jab at Donovan McNabb much like someone calling Howie Roseman, Rosebud on Gcobb

  • Obviously we will see how Mcnutt performs in pre season but it’s a nice change of pace having two guys with size. And it may make cooper better now granted in all fairness cooper doesn’t see the ball that much due to the starters and avant. But I would love to see those two big guys in the red zone Jumpballs anyone. AKA the fade baby.

  • Yo our d-line is going to be sick on third down you got Cox,Jenkins,Babin, and Cole wow who do you double ha ha this is going to be fun

  • I think cooper sucks.. he doesnt know how to use his body so there is no sense in having it … He plays like a small reciever.. hes no jordy nelson

  • i bet damaris johnson beats out cooper that guy can fly

  • Larrwd cooper really doesn’t play all that much but I would love to have those two big receivers. It’s a change of pace we can keep five Johnson is 5’8″ COME ON MAN.

  • It’s like the sixers how many small forwards do you need, same thing here how many midget receivers you need. We have djax who is the best of the midgets lol that’s my man but we need size bra.

  • This team is in trouble if Kafka and Foles are Vick’s back-ups for the season. All that defensive roster improvement put to waste when Vick gets hurt for a couple of 2 or 3 game stretches during the season. One rib injury and one leg contusion is all it takes. Edwards could replace Kafka and my thoughts wouldn’t change. They still need a #2 QB who can be play and win. I don’t see that QB on the roster yet.

  • Interesting triangle. You don’t see a # 2 or #3 Qb on the roster.

    I don’t see a #1.

    Hopefully Foles will become one. until then we’re spinning tires.

  • JBird Clayton might go back to Safety.

  • pdiddy, you called larrwd, BRA! Does he have man bobbies!? LMFBO!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry I had to mess with you bruh!

  • Good one Dcar I meant @larrwd LOL

  • Biggest problem the Eagles have on offense is the QB

    No Way Vick makes it to game 5 without an injury
    He is a year older and all the injuries take their toll

    Hope Kafka or Foles can really develop because they will be needed sooner than later

  • The only way Vick stays injury free is to simply throw the ball away when there play is dead and no one is, go ahead and toss it away and live to see the next play or series or game.. Until he realizes this and actually does this, he will continue to take needless hits and eventually they will catch up to him as far as injuries go.. Vick has a lot riding on this Season personally & professionally.. If he truly wants to be consider a top NFL QB, then he needs to start doing to little things that keep you out of trouble nad negative plays and become smarter on how he plays the position.. No one can do this for him, he has to learn and do this for himself.. It’s completely up to him in my opinion on how this 2012 Season Goes, If He plays smart,effective football and take the big shots when they are there instead of forcing things, then the sky’s the limit for him and the Team.. He plays like he has to be SUperman, he won’t last and the Team’s winning is minimized… Pretty simple when you think about it, Vick plays well, the Eagles do well, Vick Struggles and the Team will struggle. and you could say the same thing for every team in the NFL… It’s a QB driven league and Vick has the keys to a pretty flashy car..

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