• July 7, 2022

Eagles Will Make Room In Secondary For O.J. Atogwe

Okay the Birds have signed veteran safety Oshiomogho Atogwe and he will come into camp as a backup with Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman starting at the safety spots.

With Atogwe’s ability to pick off passes and cause fumbles, he’s got to be a starter.  He’s picked off 25 passes with caused 16 fumbles in his career.  The NFL game is all about turnovers.

Former Eagles linebacker coach and current New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo was on 94 WIP today with Anthony Gargano and Glenn Macnow and he had some great things to say about Atogwe.

“What I remember is every time he was on the football field, he was making a play,” Spagnuolo said. “He has a knack for creating turnovers. You guys will see that. He’s one of those guys, and when I say this, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, the great ones in this league can tackle and punch the ball at the same time. They do it every time they tackle. No. 20 there in Philadelphia, Brian Dawkins, used to do it all the time, right until he finished in Denver, and O.J. does the same thing. He’ll create turnovers, he’ll make plays, and more than anything, he’s a great leader.”

He will give the Birds more leadership and experience in the secondary, which has got to help.  They’ll need to communicate much better this time around.

You know Andy Reid and staff called Spagnuolo before they signed Atogwe, so they got a glowing report about him before they signed him.  This defense needs big plays and a ball hawking safety is exactly what is needed behind the feverish pass rush the Birds hope to put on the field.

“It’s definitely a situation that I’m excited about because I haven’t been in this position since the second year of my career”, Atogwe said today. “It’s definitely one I look forward to because it’s challenging and it will bring the best out of me. At the end of the day, whatever is to happen will be the best for the Philadelphia Eagles and that is what I am looking forward to.”

I think there’s plenty of room for the 30-year old veteran in the secondary and I see him taking over as a starter for Coleman before too long.  I expect the third-year safety from Ohio State to play well, but I think the Birds are going to find a reason to put Atogwe on the field.

You’re also going to see the Eagles and other teams using three-safety defenses versus multiple-tight end sets.  They’re going to need defenders who are willing to both cover and tackle because multiple-tight end sets are both good passing and running sets. An extra-safety can be used instead of going with an extra cornerback or extra linebacker.

Remember that he will also add more depth.  I don’t think they can be sure about second-year safety Jaiquawn Jarrett.  He hasn’t proven he can play in the NFL as of yet, but he’ll get his chance this summer.

I loved what I saw of Allen in camp and I believe he has the ability to step his game up to be a star.  He looked very fast and quick, so I see him having a big year picking off passes.


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  • Come on G, “gotta be a starter”? I disagree, Coleman and Allen, have more of something that OJ won’t have with either of the combination……chemistry. OJ brings experience to the safety group and leadership…This is the most important thing about this pick up…In my opinion he doesn’t even need to see game action…Just be a leader in the locker room for the young guys. Considering he has played against all of the NFC East QB’s excluding Washington’s young gun, his presence should help. Now I have voice my displeasure with Coleman on occasion and it wouldnt surprise me if he started to stink it up, but really Coleman played better than my expectations of him in 2011. I do agree its possible he may become starter, but to say he has to be a starter, I don’t agree….and Jarrett is exactly what you said he was a second year player, who really didnt get much experience his first season, so the questions concerning him are valid ones.

  • If Spags thinks hes so great why didnt he pick him up? The guy was on the street the past couple months and could of been picked up for a ham sandwhich, I personally like the pickup, hes got experience and the way hes talking feels he has something to prove, if the guy stays healthy expect to see him starting after week 3 when the schedule gets alittle tough.

  • If atogwe have a knack for making turnovers and our guys don’t I don’t see what the discussion is here.

    He should be plugged in Nate Allen’s position immediately and have him play next to Coleman..coleman was our best Safety last year and plays with fire. I don’t care how fast Nate Allen is, he’s soft and the opponents knows it..

  • if songs knew what he was talking about – which he clearly doesn;t, someone would care – why don;t the players all put their football gear on (you do know what that is like right songs – oops – forgot who I was bloggin with – that is all the gear they wear – and let the players battle it out…

    and no songs – the opponenets, the coaches, the folks that cover football do not know that information about Allen, that is a special little secret known only by you, but then, like our friend Sandusky, I am sure you have many little secrets about boys and how soft they are –

    your an idiot, but I do enjoy hammering away at your dumb ass

  • Navy, what was your response when I predicted Kolb would have a 2 game window before splinters hit is ass from the bench?

  • I have no problem with this move. It shores up an area that gave the Eagles headaches last year. Can the man cover? Can he make a tackle? His resume shows only an improvement, and with his experience and leadership ability, at least a compliment to what we have. I wonder how much Knowles (the new secondary coach) had to do with this pick-up?

  • I would respond you are a sad, pathetic human. I addition to being an anti semite, and bigoted, you are such a miserable fuck that you fail to realize that the Eagles drafted a Qb in the second round, then a few years later (regardless of what you think you worthless piece of shit) for another 2nd round draft pick and a pro bowl CB – this is NOT the first time the eagles have drafted a QB, trained him up and traded him off..

    but I digress, what an absolute miserable human you must be to fail to realize that Kolb is no longer an Eagle, therefore NO ONE other then you cares what happened when he was here 2 years ago – becuase Kevin Kolb is NOT going to be able to help the eagles this year, but you are such a shit, you fail to acknowledge the fact that the eagles now have the potential (well actually being the double talking dipshit you are you did acknowledge it) to be a super bowl team – as a matter of fact – despite your CONSTANT NON STOP BITCHING – you yourself under the Castillo post – stetaed this team has SUPER BOWL CALIBER TALENT on D – you stated that songs – my god you are pathetic…

    but keep harping about Kolb.. becuase apparently you rehashing Kolb makes you less of an idiot??

  • Navy, you didn’t answer question. What was your response wen I predicted Kolb 2 game leash before the season began.

    You know I also said he wouldn’t be with the team the following season when everyone on here was saying he was the QB of the future.


    So, what was your response back then?

  • songs – I have stated this many, many, many times – course you are too ignorant, stupid or too much of a jackass to comprehend –

    I have stated you are a broken watch – you are right 2 minutes of every day – and completely and utterly useless the other 23 hours and 58 minutes….

    see Songs – you predict evrything and evryone to suck then when it happens – you go look I called it! Its called being a douche, and you excel at it

    I know I have also said – whocares about Kolb – is he an eagle – is he on the 90 man roster – is he a coach – do you want him back – then unless you can explain how he is going to help the team this year (wait – you mean the all pro corrnerback and the highly touted 2nd round draft pick Curry) who cares – get a life you sad pathetic troll –

  • How can someone etill be complaining, even after this signing. Just f^#@ing be happy, we got a good solid veteran Safety to help the kids. In defense to Allen, he WAS recovering from an injury, most of the year & Coleman was a pylon, that missed half of his tackles, so don’t put him in the Pro-Bowl just yet! The entire middle of our DF, was a black hole, with no big play capabilities last year, from our DT’s, to the LB’s, to the safeties, to the slot corners, to all of the back-ups. So all of them were pretty bad. So be happy that we upgraded, in all of those areas with Cox, Healthy Dixon(HOPEFULLY), Ryans, Kendricks, Boykin & Atogwe. Also we jettisoned the locker room cancer, in Samuel. IMHO, he’s a big addition, by subtraction. DAMN, let Lehigh at least start, before we start killing them! JEESH!!!!

  • Thanks! DCar,
    Enough with the personal attacks. Man-up and talk sports!

  • Deep, I’m usually the critical one, but how can anyone bitch, after the off-season we’ve had, thus far? We have all Lehigh, preseason, & the season, to do that. All of the pieces are in place. I’m legitimately excited, for the first time in a few years. It’s put up, or shut up for Reid, & Vick.

  • I do get a laugh when they talk about a player bringing experience. How the hell does Atogwes experience help when a S Jackson is running over N Allens chest on his way for a 50 yard TD. He beter be calling Jesus when he sees that locomotive coming at him, not Atogwe and his experience. Atogwes experience cant do anything to help that man.

  • It’s okay to criticize the football players, or the coaches, for their play or their strategies. But I really don’t want to read two fans calling each other names like little girls on my favorite Philadelphia sports info site.

  • Good news that Eagles brought in an experienced SAfety but I am not sure what Atogwe can compete as a Starter,but more as a “Safety Net” in case of injury .. Atogwe has not played a lot of football the last couple of Seasons with various injuries .. If he’s 100%, then he can be a valuable 3rd Safety (and he will need to contribute some on Special Teams) If he’s not or has issues picking up the schemes, he may not even make the 53 Man Roster.. We’ll see what happens but it’s a low-risk move in signing Atogwe..

  • Lmao…dude brought up Kolb AGAIN
    Let’s recap shall we…
    Need a LB…got one
    Need a safety…got one
    Need a CB..got two
    Need a pass rusher ..got those too
    Everything we said our team needed
    We went out and got, so to still be bitching about
    This team before they even start the season is foolish
    Let’s all post it so he can STFU
    Songs was right about Kolb..
    Songs was right that a rookie LB would struggle
    Songs was right that a player a year removed from
    Tearing up his knee would struggle….there you go buddy

  • LOL!!!! Daggolden, that was straight up prophetic, and so true. I remember Atogwe, getting stiff- armed, and trucked by Brian Westbrook like that too. So maybethrough his experience, he can help them deal with that embarrassment.

    The arguments presented are reasonable. He does at the very least supply some depth. I have no problem with the signing, it’s my view of him as a savior sort to the secondary…….I disagree mightly.

  • What safety in the history of the game is incapable of being beaten by Bwest in his prime? He’s also getting burned by djax in on of the well circulated pictures, but same thing.

    Savior? No. But significant help, yes.

  • I wouldn’t say significant help either, but seviceable. I’ll take it but, it’s nothing special.

    Your right who can’t be beaten by Westbrook or DJack? But this is where I was talking about your reading comprehension……But if you are a safety, you should be more physical than both those little guys…..He was out manned by Westbrook. I question his physicality, and what he really brings to the table Depth? Yes. His past reputation? Yes…….Significant contribution? We’ll see….but probably No.

  • gm, I didn’t see anywhere, from anyone, saying he was the savior of the secondary. He is a good, veteran safety, that provides the leadership, we lack back there. When/ if healthy, he has been, one of the better safeties in the NFL. Everybody forgets all of the TO’s, big plays & big hits, that he has had in his career, & only bring up the bad plays he has made. Westbrook, in his prime, made EVERYONE look foolish. Everybody needs to stop with the selective memory BS!!!!! It is what it is, a solid, veteran pickup, THAT CAN DO NOTHING BUT HELP! If not, he gets cut. JEESH!!!!

  • Dcar – man you’ve turned a page. You ditched darth vader and came over to the Jedi. I know it’s not permanent, but seirously kudos for feeling the positivity for a bit.

    Gm – you said it best – “but probably No” – that’s your negativity in a nutshell. I’m not saying “probably Yes”. I’m saying – I’m no psychic. But you’re a glass half empty guy. We’ll see. To me, one play, one strongarm, does not a safety’s toughness make.

  • Yeah – guys – make a highlight real of S Jackson – I am sure there is a long and distinuguished (like my johnson!) list of safeties that have gotten the ‘pleasure’ of meeting Mr Jackson in full gallop lowering his shoulder… I am also sure there are planty of safeties grabbing air to the left, as Westbrooke went sliding by to the right..

    but just becuase I hate when people post inaccurate bullshit – anyone looked at a video of the Jackson run – this is what dag posted –

    experience help when a S Jackson is running over N Allens chest on his way for a 50 yard TD

    yet – as reported – Jackson was barely touched – Steven Jackson hurt his right leg while running virtually untouched on a 47-yard touchdown run –

    so did he run Allen over? Or was he untouched – go to NFL.com and watch – Nate Allen – WASN’T even on the FIELD – Page and Coleman were the safeties – with Asante and Asmo the CBs… and in the lineup – page was up near the LOS – the guy that wasn’t blocked, not touched – was asante samuel! Coleman got blocked by the TE – Asmo by the WR and Asante just kind of chased the play – Asmo was up in press – to the left – coleman was on the slot to the left – page was up on the right – Asante was deep – jackson started right and cut back – it was cole who cut cut off and I can’t see the number to confirm – but our OLB that lined up to the right got beat (he was held but no call) – Allen wasn;t even on the damn field –

  • go to NFL dot com and check out the gameday eagle rams highlights – and see for yourself – yet another ‘imagined’ event in eagle history

  • schill, I’m not any different. If there are positives, I’ll give kudos. It’s been a good off season. I’m not one of the guys who just bitch, to bitch. It’s just that the blind loyalist fans, can’t take my brutal honesty, & fact telling. I LOVE THE Phils, Birds, Flyers & Sixers. But if criticism & truth telling needs to be done, I will speak my mind. That doesn’t make me a hater, that doesn’t make me negative & it doesn’t make me any less of a fan. I choose to have a free & open mind, with my own thoughts. I’m not a biased, pom-pom waving, stepford, that think you are only a fan, if you only see puppies, kiddies & roses. I have rarely been wrong about my posts, & when I am, I eat crow, & man up.

  • WOW – nice work there Navy. And the interesting thing there (besides not being on the playing field), is that Atogwe’s experience COULD DEFINITELY help teach Allen how to POSITIION himself correctly on the field v. a Steven Jackson – which was the actual issue on that play – safties not being in place to make a stop. You can’t use experience to help a guy muscle through something but you CAN use experience to impart wisdom about strategy, technique, and positioning. So that original statement was double bs.

  • lets see if S Jackson breaks thru for a 50 yard run, our problem is bigger than the safety position, its as simple as that!

  • one play, one strongarm, does not a safety’s toughness make. Neither does accomplishments from 4 seasons ago….What have you done for me lately. Thats not negativity , nor looking at the glass half full….it’s fact.

    He hasn’t done anything for 3 seasons; your basing your opinion of this guy based on things he’s done, though not consistant, from 3 years ago…Yeah I’m impressed.

    I think he provides valuable depth, but I’m not expecting anything special from him, because he hasn’t done anything special in the last 3 years……..no negativity, just fact.

  • BTW, Steven Jackson had the run he did because we had a bum playing MLB ( Casey Matthews), who was out of position, and was trucked trying to recover. Once he got rolling, the safeties were not going to catch him. But the SAFETIES had nothing to do with that play, outside the fact they couldn’t catch him – that was Casey Stinkin Matthews.

  • Otagwe was a better safety last year for the Skins then either of our guys.Allen will be much improved but i love what this pick up does to puch Coleman. Its a win win….Oj is third safety in the nickel dime sets that call for it.Or its Coleman if Oj beats him out. I dont understand how this isnt a great pick up. Is he gonna come in and have 100 tackels and 5 picks,no. But he is a far superior player then Paige and Jarret. He’ll wise Allen up a bit and he does cause some turnovers. I like this teams depth at every position but RB. And im not worried about that spot cause i think 25 is a horse.

  • eagles can and for the most part have addressed their needs, but its all for naught unless they get a back up qb

  • Erock he did nothing last year as their safety.

  • Jakedog, if you look historically at the backup QBs in the NFL that had success, the weren’t proven guys. Brady, Schaub, Feeley, Garcia for us, wasn’t Kurt Warner a backup when he first started playing well?

    You’re fixating on one thing, but traditionally in the NFL, successful backup QBs come out of nowhere. This proven successful backup QB you covet doesn’t even exist. Good QBs start. We tried that ‘big name’ backup thing last year – how did it work?

  • Schiller, you just mentioned two hall of famers who were once young backups, are you saying Kafka or Fowles are hall of famers just waiting foir their shot, Fowles may project as a starter 2 years down, but not kafka, whose going to throw the rock when vick goes down for 2-3?

  • Jake, I’m not saying that Kafka or Foles (no W), are hall of famers. But they are no better or worse than Schabb or Brady were when they first got their starts. I’m correct. You cannot dispute that.

  • 60tackles 3 picks isnt All-Pro…but hes a vet and doesnt make huge mistakes. He’ll push Coleman and thats a good thing. We needed to bring in a capable starter.He’s certainly that over a young and learning Jarret and a Jared Paige type.I woulda liked Bell but i think he wanted to start and the Jets situtaion is better then ours for that.It’s needed depth. Thats all.

    Jake ,i dont see another plan for back up qb. As much as it might hurt i think they’re gonna trust in Kafka this year. He’s system savy and maybe hes improved.

    I think Mike breaks the bad luck and reckless play this year and goes 15…sits last week cause the division and seed is in the bag.

  • Erock, Jake is obsessed with the idea of bringing Garcia back.

  • Fighters fight…i loved Jeffy…

  • Erck, so did I. Notice that last consenant you used on the word between “I’ and “Jeffy”…

  • wow schiller, you are so smart ,especially smart because its friday, meanwhile address the question of whether the eagles are weak, glaringly so given vick’s style of play, injury history, at back up quarterback, educated derelict schiller

  • actually GM cliff – you are wrong as well – did you watch a replay of Stephen Jackson 50 yard run? It is on NFL dot com.. The play was design to go to the bottom of the screen – Page was playing up (as I wrote earlier) and the LBs and DL flowed to the play.. Jackson CUT BACK into the gap created when Cole got sealed to the outside and I think it was PAtterson prusued down the line..

    This type of play must be shut down by the backside LB – I cant see the number – but it was the Rams fullback that knocked our WLB (to the top of the screen out – so on the play – Matthews actually was in decent position – and was one (along with Jenkins and Babin) that forced the cut back – Trent Cole got handled one on one and the LOLB got beat bad by the fullback.. and of course – Asante was deep and didn;t egt touched – maybe – after watching the clip you have a different opinion.. but from everything I viewed – Mattheews was doing his job as the MLB, taking on the blocker at the POA – Jackson started off going outside right and was forced to cut all the way back to about where the LG is positioned…

  • I don;t think I have ever heard the term ‘Glaring’ used with respect to a need for back up QB? You would think Indy would have had a more ‘glaring’ need as their entire offense was based on the QB making the right reads and throws.

    Um didn;t AJ Feeley cme out of nowhere as a back up – not a hall of famer, ut certainly a gent who ‘managed’ a few games…

    I find it funny that in the same blog where peopl etalk about where a player was at three years ago ( gm cliff about OJ at safety – even though he was still playing last year) But Garcia hasn;t played meaningful NFL snaps since… 2008 maybe?

    Kafka managed the O well last year when he got a chance.. the big name back up (wasn;t he like former all pro and rookie of the year?) didn;t do to well – and schiller – the derelict he may be – is absolutley correct Jake – no one understood or knew who the hell Brady and Warner were when they first wlaked on to the field when Bledsoe and Green got hurt.. they just got there chance and never looked back.. that is not to predict that will happen, but we haven;t even seen Foles in a game yet..

    now – I will play nice – its Friday – what would be the Jakedog plan fro back up QB? Not just this year – give me your three year projection for how the QB situation should play out here in Philly – cause that is what a GM or HC have to do… do you carry 4 QBs on the roster keeping Foles and Kafka and XXX – do you carry three and have your guy and then who… GArcia is 40 something… how many years are you thinking he will be in the fold?

  • its really about this year, if Vick recovers to a form of 2010, you go with him for the rest of or most of hs contract, develop foles to be a the starter thereafter, bring in Garcia for this year as backup, trade or waive Kafka, reevaluate at the end of this year

  • nice assessment Jake…I think in order to trade Kafka, he will need to play in more games, I dont think he has a trade value as it currently stands…LOL maybe a 7th rounder…One thing I think we forget about backups, is the coaching…backups need a good game plan, and the coach has to put the backup in position to do their best…I think AR could develop some solid game plans for Kafka, unlike Vince Young last season, think he allowed VY to do too much. Keep it simple like it was when Kolb had to back up McNabb…But hopefully the worst doesn’t happen and Vick can’t stay healthy…

  • Whoa….meant Vick can stay healthy!

  • Jake. Sure I”ll answer that question. No.

  • So JAke – you have one developmental QB, One 40something year old that may or may not have anythigng left in the tank that hasn’t played meaningful snaps since 2008 and Vick – and if Vick sucks he is gone –

    whihc may leave you next year with…… a 2nd year develppmental QB?

    RT – always keeping it real – what Ried did for Feeley and Detmer was EXCACTLY what he would need to do to win games (what any back up would have to do) is build a game plan to the back ups strengths..

    RT – I think Reid di try to build to Youngs strengths.. worked well in the Giants game – there was a reason the Titans gave up on the guy

    but let me ask you – how many teams go into a season saying – I need to plan to be without my starter for 4 games.. and if Philly (us) are saying that to oursleves – why the hell would we keep that starting QB if we have to plan for him to NOT be available?

    Instead of complaining about not having a back up that can win 4 games (whihc I do not agree with becuase I know of at least two cases where our back ups have carried us to the playoffs), complain about a QB that’s not smart enough to throw the ball away, slide, run out of bounds, avoid the sack – of whatever – to place his health above all else –

    so Jake – what is the difference between AJ Feeley and Kafka – between Koy Detmer and Kafka?

    Everyone wants the starter avialble for all 16..

  • Yeah, Navy we do it differently. They replayed that over, and over again and Matthews was the one who was sealed going the wrong way, and tried to recover, and was bowled over.

    He’s not the answer to our BACK UP MLB. I would use Chaney as the back up, and you know how I feel about Matthews. I don’t want him on the team, special teams or otherwise.

  • dude – you are flat out wrong – Matthews was never bowled over and was actually chasing JAckson – I just watched it AGAIN – Matthews di NOT get sealed – the play was designed to go to the bottom of the screen, Matthews took on the block kept his outside arm free, and Jackson cut back..

    did you actually just watch the play – I am not talking – is Matthews the answer at back up MLB this year – I am talking the stephen Jackson – last year opening day 50 yard untouched TD run.. as a matter of fact Matthews shed his block and was waiting at the LOS – as I wrote above – Jenkins Babin and Matthews were WAITING – babin was 4 yards deep in the backfield – the guy in the middle of the field getting bowled over was NOT Matthews – that was the WLB – I can;t see a number to see who it is – matthews actually chased Jackson from the time he cut…

    dude – if you want to hate on someone or think they suck – go for it – but this is NOT the play to call out Matthews…

  • http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2011091107/2011/REG1/eagles@rams#menu=highlights&tab=recap

    dude – Matthews was too fast for the RG of the rams and the guy kind of dove at matthews – you did NOT justr watch the replay.. no way – watch it..

  • damn – tried to post the link –


    delete this space for the link


    dude – Matthews was too fast for the RG of the rams and the guy kind of dove at matthews – you did NOT justr watch the replay.. no way – watch it..

  • No Navy, I didn’t just watch the play. Honestly, I am flowing off my memory of the play on this one. So, okay, I’ll trust your honest judgement on this.

    But I don’t hate on Matthews, but I do think he sucks..Agreed there.

  • GM – I keep trying to post a link to the video… it won’t let me.. yeah – can not fault Matthews for the SJ 50 yarder…

    hopefully Matthews either plays well enough to get folks to change there opinion – or he gets cut – best 53 on the roster right – I think they keep 10 DL, 6 LBs 5 CBs and 4 S… let the camp begin!

  • I believe you Big Navy.You dont have to post the video. I have no problem admitting when I am wrong. Thank You brother.

    You know what Bruh, it would be nice to see Matthews prove me wrong. But I’m about 90% correct on talent evaluation. If he shows out , I will sing his praises, but if he is unimpressive or status quo in his play…Its business as usual for me on these post.

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