• January 17, 2022

Chris Canty: “(Jason Pierre Paul) He reminds me of Reggie White”

The Eagles defensive line should be very potent in the upcoming season.  With the addition of number one pick defensive tackle Fletcher Cox and second round pick defensive end Vinny Curry, they should be deep and dominant.

Trent Cole and Jason Babin should be hunting quarterbacks all season long from their defensive end positions.

Their competition will be the guys up the turnpike, the New York Giants with Jason Pierre-Paul, Justin Tuck, and Osi Umenyiora.

Giants defensive tackle was on a radio show in New York this past week and spoke about Pierre-Paul in glowing terms.

“There is really nobody in the league right now that you can compare him to,” Canty said.. “The only person that kind of sticks out where you can compare him to — and I can’t believe I am saying this — but he reminds me a lot of Reggie White. His ability to play all those different positions and to impact the football game the way he does, he is an unbelievable talent.”

This young man was outstanding a year ago, but Canty needs to slow up.  He’s got to perform at this level for a number ten years before he can be compared to White.  Big Reggie had nearly 200 sacks during his career and Pierre-Paul has about 20 right now.

Let’s see if Pierre-Paul can deal with the double teams he’s getting ready to face and still produce 16 to 18 sacks a year.



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  • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! He couldn’t wipe the HOF, all time greatest DE’s dirty rump! This coming from a Cowboy/ Giant turd. Chris Canty should go back & watch some tape.

  • Brandon Graham is also getting “glowing” comparisons.


  • Just on here today to console all you americans on the loss of your liberty today.

    You had a good run America. It was nice to have one country stand out from the euro-style “socially progressive” quagmire that dominate most of the western world. But now you’ve joind the rest of us. Welcome to the club!

    Oh well, I’m sure someone else will try the whole liberty thing again in a few hundred years.

  • And Songs continues his glowing comparisons to ‘The Gimp’, with his seemingly fetish like desire to turn every article into his past proclivites (Kevin Kolb) and his current three desires – Graham, Allen and Hall..

    as with most fantasy role players, our own version of The Gimp’ has no grounding or basis in fact or truth, only i nthe psuedo reality he makes up in his own creative little mind..

    so Songs – does Jake dress up in one of those little suits with you.. I am betting you are the submissive one…

  • Vinnie – shocked.. must admit. Gonna be scary to figure out how high insurance rates are going to go now that companies MUST cover everyone AND no lifetime caps… scary – a company has no way of knowing thier liability or how dangerous a positon they are in… ah well – onward into the fray..

    as for this article – yeah – every time a dumb broadcaster makes another one of his ‘overreaching’ comparisons, who cares..

    For the most part I think the HOF voters get it.. they miss some (how the hell did Mike Irvin ever get in the HOF) it takes a sustained career – coupled with viewing the impact on the game – JPP had one year.. lets see how he does next year..

  • This is no where near as bad to comparing yourself to the Dream Team only to miss the playoffs and watch your #1 rival win the Superbowl. *OUCH*


    Hey in the end no matter what city you rep we’re all Americans. <3

  • Navy – the law caps how much they can increase rates, they must publicly advertise any porposal to raise premiums, deductibles, out of pocket maxes…etc… by at least 10%. You fear was addressed within the very law.

    And with more people contributing to the system, the costs will be distributed more – there’s more money going in. So your fear is irrational

  • Navy – my proof:

    ht t p : //cciio.cms.gov/resources/factsheets/rate_review_fact_sheet.h t m l

    fix the http and the html and there you go

  • I agree with G on this and even Chris Canty might take it back since he threw in the “I can’t even believe I’m saying this…” bit before he cut loose. He’s prototypically a spitting image of Jevon Kearse physically, athletically and style wise and Julius Peppers…basically long thinner athletic guys that get after the passer and get their hands up to block passes consistently. Reggie White did all of those things and could be a lethal sack master at tackle if necessary over a long period of time. He also had that special thing where once the game seemed to get into critical territory he would just turn into superman on the field and his abilities would seemingly triple.

  • Yeah, Canty is a fool.

  • The Supreme Crooks just approved “a chip” for every American disguised in a healthcare plan.

    Get ready…Foreign Troops will soon be administering your vaccines.

    Schill, you and Navy get ready…They’re Safe.

    And maybe they can test that new Zombie chemical the Gov is lacing the marijuana with now on you guys.

  • Hey Vinnie – take the time to read the actual details of the law – your comments indicate that you really haven’t examined what the law is. The vast majority of it is in no way shape or form government insurance. The insurance companies are still HEAVILY involved and the majoity of Americans will not have government insurance.

  • ha Songs, you’re funny. That dude who ate face might have just been psychotic. Billions of Americans smoked marijuana before, during and after that incident, but only he freaked out – wasn’t the reefer.

    the supreme court didn’t do anything in regards to a sepcific healthplan. You don’t even understand the thing they ‘disguised’ whatever your conspiracy theroey is in. Ha….

  • Schill, come on guy….a Camera conveniently was taping a guy eating another person with cops on stand by to kill so there’s no talking witness….His girl said earlier that day some nice dressed guys came to meet him and he was perfectly normal…then he’s butt naked eating a homeless guy a few hours later.

    His family is now going public knowing those guys gave him something.

    We can get that video…yet cameras are are over the pentagon yet there’s no footage released from the 9-11 incident.

    Brother wake up….

    Better yet go get some weed from the guys who tested their stash in Florida.

  • Schill – the fine state of california is now spending 40 million health care dollars -under Obamacare – guess what the money is going towards, setting up the government apparatus that will be know as the ‘health insurance exchange’ – one state – 40 million – not one dollar to actually treat a patient – times that by 50 – oh – and don’t forget.. the overall cost is predicated on holding down payments to doctors – this has been tried about a gazillion (a bit of an exageration) times in the past – never works –

    classic liberal bill here – promise everybody everything.. explain to them all the greta things they will get for free, won;t cost them a dime, they will get all of it just out of the greatness that is Obama.. grossly overestimate what the bill will do, grossly underestimate how much it will cost – and then incrementally add the pain! And then 10 years from now, when the apparatus and bueracracy are in place – you have no way of reversing out of it

    example #1 – the greatest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world – Social Security!

    I would almost rather listen to Songs talk about vaccine bearing foreign troops turning people into Nazi Zombie’s (that is a video game!) then listen to you ramble on about your support for the health care bill – life experince – local, state and fedral has taught me that by its very design government is extrememly inefficient (different then evil) and that the majority of the money (we already spend more on health care then any other nation) will not go directly to helping people get better.

    See you miss the hugest issue of all – you can not ‘regulate’ by law a compnay to stay in business.. and the big premise (i.e the COST) while maybe not paid direclty, will be paid indirectly as it will be subsidized by the government – a goverment that is already way over spent… in business and government work, there is a corollary to ‘Murphy’s Law’ it is called the law of unintended consequences’ and rarely to things come out smelling as sweetly as advertised..

    before involving the US Govenrment in what 1/6 of the economy – why not try some simple things like tort reform, removing the requirement to treat people in the country illegally, and reducing the absolutley MASSIVE amounts of medicaid and medicare fraud that go on in this country – a new law that states no immigrant will be granted medical benefits for 5 years after entering the US…

    Schill – take from a life time beneficiary of ‘free government care’ with both the VA and Navy – I have first hand experince and will tell you that you will spend more time wrestling with the system then seeing a doc –

    but if you are happy – congrats? No hard feelings? You win?

  • Songs, let’s see if you’re right. If you’re right, everyone who smokes marijuana in this country will turn into flesh eating monsters in the near future. That’s something surely none of us would miss noticing. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Navy – “not one dollar to actually treat a patient ” – you’re telling me that a total of 0 dollars is paid from the state of california to medical care for medicaid recipients? That’s 100% false. Total bullshit. Just not true.

    And you sir, clearly, have not educated yourself on what this bill is. IT IS NOT FREE CARE FOR ALL. It just doesn’t say that anywhere in the bill. Period.

    You’re entitled to your opinions, but the facts you site are TOTALLY NON EXISTANT. Man, you’re doing what Songs and Jake do. Starting with wrong things, then forming an opinion.

    This bill is NOT governemnt care for all. It’s taxing those who don’t have insurnace, making it easier to buy it, and regulating what insurance companies can and cannot do.

    There are 504 provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.. I’m fairly certain that as of now, you’ve read less than 4 of them. Am I wrong?

  • Navy – on the fraud thing… wrong again:

    h t t p://finance.yahoo.com/news/gao-feds-lose-80m-looking-132750798.h t m l

  • no schiller it is not bullshit it is a fact – the state of california is spending 40 million dollars to set up a stae apparatus called an insurance exchange as reproted in the san diego union tribune – they are not spending 50 dollars for a doctor bill and 39, 999,950 dollars to set up the exchange they are using all 40 million (and I am willing to bet it will end up costing 20-25% more) so you young man are full of shit – that is what I wrote

    and it is mighty nice of you to decide that capping how much my premiums can be raised is good for me – typical lib – how nice – we will raise them, but not that much..

    the wall street journal has a much different view then you do on this topic –
    I prefer to get my financial advice and information from them (oh – and my considerable life experince in such areas as goevernment helath care)
    then some guy I have never met on a football blog..

    the questions is not have I read all 504 provisions of the health care bill – the question is did the 435 elected representatives and 100 elected senators and the president read the provisions of the health care bill –

    the parts I have read – I don;t ;like.. it really sweet and liberal of you to decide what is best and good for me and my kids – but that’s my job..

    I prefer my government to be small and not obtrusive and to serve the function of protecting my liberties and freedoms, not deciding what is good for me

    want to solve health care issue – outlaw cigareetes and booze (that’s been tried) drugs, how about mandating sun screen –

    criminal penalties for whoever doesn;t get a colonoscopy..

    mandating a Jesuit Catholic Universtiy or Hospital has to provide birth control… yeah..

    sweet –

    we just totally disagree – but that’s alright.. you won! You should be happy – not arguing with me..

    dude – trust me – I hop eyou are right.. if not – its the country that get fucked

  • The Feds should Legalize & Distribute Marijuana and use the Proceeds to pay for the Obama Care

  • navy – I misunderstood you – the money going into the creation of the exhanges is surely just for that. But California does pay a lot for actual medical care for Medicaid patients all the time.

    Please realize, that this law is not just about California, and California is a very unique state in both it’s political and financial status and policies. California had the right to opt out of designing their health exchange – the federal government could have done it for them. So your beef is really with your governor.

    I am happy. Thanks

  • No worries – hey – California has a balanced budget amendment – the governor – Mr Brown just signed the new budget – in that budget – to balance it – he uses money from a tax increase that will be voted on in November… so talk about spending money you don;t have – then – they specifically built in how much profit and taxes they think they are going to get from the FAcebook IPO… incredible..

    Pman – the massive saving from the decriminilzation of drugs – in medical, policing and prison savings, would be astronomical….

    and Schill – the paper reported that it was a Federal grant to the state to set up the exchange..

    as for Medicare fraud – here are the numbers I saw –

    The total amount of Medicare fraud is difficult to track, because not all fraud is detected and not all suspicious claims turn out to be fraudulent. According to the Office of Management and Budget, Medicare “improper payments” were $47.9 billion in 2010, but some of these payments later turned out to be valid.[1] The Congressional Budget Office estimates that total Medicare spending was $528 billion in 2010.[2]

    so – say 40 Billion in 2010?

    here are number from a 2012 report:

    Upwards of 10% of all Medicare spending every year may be fraudulent, says the GAO. That’s $50 billion dollars in wasted taxpayer money.

    The schemes to defraud Medicare are now being run by huge criminal operations who steal billions at a time. And one or more of those operations may originate in Cuba

    didn;t even type medicaid –

    I just find it hypocritical as hell that a congressman will sit there and support the inidividual mandate that an American citizen must have health insurance becuase if he gets injured it should not be other tax payers that support him – when that same damn congressman is perfectly willing to allow the american taxpayer to foot the bill for illegal immigrants health care, social services and schooling…….

    don;t get me wrong – every person should bear the individual responsibilty to pay for his or her medical care and insurance.. rugged individualism – if you chose to risk not having it – you should get the bill not the american government or the taxpayer..

    ever wonder why when I lived int he Dominican Republic I could go to the dentist for a cleaning for about 25 bucks, or a trip to the ER, whihc took about 45 minutes.. for about 30 –

    why do thousands of americans cross the border into mexico for medical and dental treatment… why is the cost of medicine so high in the US –

  • Navy – I agree that those who don’t have insurance should be forced to pay the bills. But they aren’t forced to. Then the costs are eaten by hosptials and doctors – and passed along to others. Won’t be the case now.

    And I agree 100% about legalization fo marijuana – the economics there are just inarguable.

    And I think with Medicare v. Medicaid fraud – there really two different things, but they get grouped together. There are tons of dispicable home health care organizations and doctors who deraud medicare and we need to get better at stopping those horrible horrible people. Plain and simple.

    But using ‘fraud and waste’ as a general excuse to cut funding to Medicare and Medicaid is a practice widely used as an excuse to make cuts for political reasons. That’s f’d up when the Medicaid fraud and abuse #s just don’t show that much of a problem to begin with at all.

  • government should not be in the business of forcing healthcare. Personal Health is none of their business.
    They regulated flouride knowing it’s dumb down affect used in Germany against the poor in WW2…knowing dam well damn well flouride does absoluetly nothing positive for teeth. Mercury fillings that’s a serious neurotoxin. vaccines being used to depopulate the earth and cause illnesses to multiply……Now they’re saying everyone must pay for their death insurance with death panels for grandma. Also a 2 way radio frequency device which is the verichip wrote into the bill.

    Do the research guys…Troops are not on the street for traffic duty…They know when the people realize they’re the enemy of the Satanic system hell will break loose.

    For all you Obama believers now you see there’s no left or right….they are puppets following script…..

    For those who would like to save your children from these deadly vaccine , google “vaccine waiver” for your state a sue the school if they refuse to deny your child.

  • I thnk the Fed should give every household a $1 Million Dollars free and clear and then close all the Government Offices (except for the MIlitary and Intelligence) Close the Education, EPA, No Social Secturtiy or Medicare/Medicade or any Federal Gov’t Powers or Deptartments at all.
    All Decisions/Social Services to be determined by voted for and paid by each State… If some States wnat to pool their resources together, or have and have Co-Op Programs, share Utilities or expertise, then fine..

  • Did you all know that this new deathcare does not cover preexisting conditions?

    Every child vaccinated have a preexisting condition..allergies, asthma, autism, mental retardation, leukemia, muscular sclorosis….all from vaccines.

    Welcome to healthcare hell where no one is covered yet your’re taxed by the goverment for breathing.

    Don’t worry under this hellcare breathing will soon have a cure.

  • Why are you guys complaining….the DMV works great, very helpful people there who are really interested in providing great customer service…….the Post Office, no problems here…..certainly service, offerings and prices go down when there is no competition..you know, like your cable company….only if you refuse to play along they will fine..opps…tax you. What is there to complain about? I am sure that this will bring everybodys premiums down and create more private sector jobs…at least somebody told me that a few years ago….can’t seem to remember who that guy was…..

  • Good point Greenfan, because afterall, this law means government ran insurance for all right? Dead wrong!

    You criticism is of something other than this law. The government runs the dmv. The government runs the post office. The government does not run the hospitals nor does it run insurance companies

  • The last problem that the Federal government solved was the Second World War, and did a nice job with that. Good guys won, bad guys lost, mostly. They are 0-since 1945 on everything else. Sad state of affairs.

  • JoeFriday – so you’re for racial segregation?

  • Joe, what did the United States benefit from WW2

    Oh, you’re still buying the got rid of the bad guy Hitler story huh?

    The United States got nothing but a state a people is being massacred at Gaza right now based on those who were displaced there.

    The Nazi Agenda is now adopted here and the health plan is apart of it. Hitler is probably dead but those who funded him and his eugenics program definitely are alive and kicking.

    Vaccines, Flouride, government force medicating citizens, laws to take guns, illegal wars against countries that have done absolutely nothing to us.

    Sounds like Hitler to you?

    Stop buying into the propaganda….next thing you’ll say is obama ordered the death of Bin Laden who have been dead since Early 2002

  • So schill – I went to your site and read this – correct me if I am wrong –

    Starting September 1, 2011, insurers seeking rate increases of 10 percent or more for non-grandfathered plans in the individual and small group markets are required to publicly disclose the proposed increases and the justification for them. Such increases will be reviewed by State or Federal independent experts to determine whether they are unreasonable. In future years, the threshold for review will be set on a State-by-State basis using data that reflect insurance and health cost trends in each State.

    10% – they can raise my rates 10% – and no where did I read an lifetime cap – so in effect – they can raise my rates every year at 8% – and after 9 years my rates will have doubled…..

    becuase the law only states that 80% of premium money has to be spent on healthcare.. so – and correct me if I am wrong – as long as (state by state basis) the insurer stays under a certain percentage – they can raise rates – and if they decide they need to raise them more (whihc they can by showing on the neat cool ‘free’ things like kids on policy to 26 and all the ‘free’ test with no co-pay and no deducible) they just need to show cause or reason –

    but by staying under a threshold – they can raise my premiums every year – so when I say by law (using the 10% it would be 7.2 years) my policy could double as insurers are froced to cover people with pre-existing conditions – becuase now they are making a billion and spending 800 million with 200 million for overhead etc – if they spend 1.6 billion they can raise rates and take in 2 billion and now make 400 million…

    now again – correct me – cause I went to the site you showed me and you said to go to.. I see no lifetime caps to how high insurance can go – my theory of ‘incremental pain’ remains..

    I am in learning mode..

  • Schill, I appreciate your comment and the hopefulness that it implies. But from where I see it, we still live in a defacto segregated society. Undoubtedly the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s had nothing but the best intentions, but I would guess we would all agree it has yet to have completely achieved its goals. It continues, but the gov’t gets only an incomplete from me on that one so far. There is still too much work to be done.

  • navy – you’re borrowing a phrase and using it in a different context. “life time caps” or “life time maximums” refer to the amount that the insurance company pays for your healthcare. Not the amount that insurance companies can raise premiums or other costs to consumers.

    But since you’re using that, no, the law does not put a cap on how high insurance companies can charge people for health insurance. That would be universally agreed upon to be unconstitutional. Would you be for that?

    OR are you saying there are still life time caps on how much care someone can get? That’s a different provision in the law, and they are eliminated by 2014.

    Seriously, kudos for reading up and staying humble. Always respected the willingness to do research/think in you.

  • Joe – excellent points. And that’s the thing though – the government cant sweepingly solve major problems with one piece of legislation. But progress is important. The number of liberals, democrats, whatever you want to call supporters of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – the number of those people who thinks that this solved every problem with healthcare and health insurance in America is the same number of superbowls the Eagles have.

    Nobody ever said this solves everything. That’s not the point. It takes a huge step toward progress and improvement – and that IS the point.

  • Just trying to understand – My view is that insurance companies, now that they realize they must cover more people, without caps (the amount they pay out over a lifetime) are going to start raising rates to just under the limit of what would require scrutiny.. as a matter of fact it was the WSJ that stated today expect almost all the companies within the next two years to try and raise the rates above the limit the government sets to account for all the new free stuff that has come into play –

    also check out the article in Wall Street Journal titled What Obamacare means for your taxes – the Medicare Contribution Tax and several other slight bu sneaky tax rate increase… of course starting in 2013.. after the next election… my Helath care savings account – I used to be able to set aside 5K – now down to 2.5 K – that will cost me a few hundred a year at tax time… also goes after the medical deduction if you itemize..

    I mean really – we are going to use the US Tax code (that’s what the SC said) to subsadize medical insurance…

    I saw a study where private insurance premiums are expected to rise 75 – 90 % under this law. (the Lewin Group).. and the question becomes – given the subsadized public option – will private eveil insurance companies be able to survive?

    But most importantly have you looked at the overall bill for this behemeth –

    the CBO states it will cost 2 TRILLION in the first decade and many estimates say they it 50 billion per year BELOW the actual cost…

    and of course Obama loves it – most of the costly provisions do not kick in till AFTER he leaves office (give them all the good stuff up front, then slowly increase the pain) with his succesor being stuck with having to figure out how to pay for this bitch..

    conservatives are claiming even the 2 trill is an underestimation and it may even be as high as 2.5 to 3 Trillion.

    here is what I was talking about with underpaying doctors – and it was Obama that used fluffy math cutting payments to docs for old people:

    Under strict instructions from the Democrats, the CBO gave Obamacare credit for over $400 billion (from 2014 to 2023) in phony “savings” that would allegedly result from cutting doctor’s payments under Medicare by over 20 percent and never raising them back up. As the CBO notes, one of two things could happen: Congress could either follow through on these severe pay cuts — in which case doctors would view all Medicare patients as if they have the plague — or, Congress could eliminate these pay cuts — as everyone in Washington expects to have happen under the so-called “doc fix” — in which case the CBO projects that this bill would raise deficits by over $100 billion from 2017 to 2019 alone.

    Schill – I will ask you a very Songs like question – here is a million dollars – all the money you have in the world

    you can put it down on the roulette wheel – red or black – odd or even – high or low – and risk losing it all (and being bankrupt) or doubling your money

    or – you can put it in a CD that earns 3% and earn 30,000 a year in interest..

    your choice –

    Obamacare – we just put this countries future on the roulette wheel..

    and honestly – the more I blog with you, the more I read about the ‘exchanges’ the entire apparatus and how it is supposed to work, the more fucked I think we are.. you can not have everything and pay for nothing..

  • navy – you’re ignoring a major factor here – with the mandate, isn’t there going to be a lot more people buying health insurance from insurance companies (or getting it through their employers, from health insurance companies)? The answer to that is YES. And those eligible for the government subsidies WILL ONLY BE THOSE WHO DON’T HAVE INSURANCE THROUGH THEIR WORK. So your idea of people opting out of employer based insurance in favor of government subsidized insurance – impossible.

    But go ahead, get all your news for this from a publication that has an agenda to serve the private businesses.

    I just looked at the CBO site – it as clear as a bell said that their report is uncertain estimations, projections and assumptions. It basically said that there are no absolute terms or anything close to that in their report. Yet you’re basing your argument on that, admittedly weak, report.

    Is it certain – a sure thing – good for our economy? NO.g

    So you’re basically saying that you’re comfortable leaving our healthcare system at the status quo (at least that before 2010 when the law was passed) with all the enormous problems that cause innocent’s peoples lives to be ruined by our atrocious excuse for a healthcare system BECAUSE YOU ARE AFRAID OF UNCERTAINTY.

    That sir, would be inhumane cowardice.

    You want certainty for a nation’s future – well then set of Abombs. Otherwise? You’re going to have to live with the uncertainty that comes with the future of human existence. Sorry bud, cold truth, but it’s the truth.

  • Now Schill – you are being a little bitch – do you really want me to post multiple sources of similar comment from Money Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Investor Business Daily and the Weekly Standard.. and those periodicals exist to help people earn more money, which in turn they can then use to make more money and secure their and thier familiyes financial futures through sound investments… not so the government can tax it more – but so that I can provide a better QOL for my family – I earned it, I saved it, I invested it and now under the threat of a gun (wouldn;t that be robbery at any other time) – cause the IRS aint gonna say please and I could go to jail if I refuse…

    and you keep trying to mix apples and oranges – companies pay part of your health insurnace premium yes? When those premiums go up, both the compnay and the worker pay more – correct – at a certain point, the compnay will have a choice of continuing the health coverage, or dropping it and paying a fine.. why do you think compnaies hire illegals? Becuase they know is they get caugth, the penalty is less then how much money they are making but underpaying the workers..

    and you continue to focus on the small potatoes Schill – and you completley ignore the overall cost – if you are on the CBOs website – then you are seeng the cost projections – just becuase a newspaper you don;t like reports what the CBO is saying, does notmean the CBO did not say it – 2 trillion dollars.. dude – that is a shit load of money

    from the weekly standard:

    So, after racking up higher deficit spending in two years than President Bush (or any other president) did in two terms, President Obama would leave his successor a 12-figure deficit related to Obamacare alone — for the period from 2017 to 2019 alone. That’s according to the CBO.

    Now – very Songs like as well – I offered up 4 sound suggestions to help reduce the costs of health care – stop paying for illegals, tort reform, going after fraud in medicare and medicade,

    hell Schill – talk about a bold face lie – Obama sat there on National TV and told the American people that by law illegal immigrant are not eligible under Obamacare – remember that – and a congressman yelled out ‘You Lie” you remember that – becuase that congressman knew for a fact that the democrats had blocked any provisions to enforce keeping illegal immigrants out of the system..Estimates are that 20-40% of uncompensated (“free”) medical services are provided to people in the US illegally. – could you imagine a 20 to 40 percent reduction Schill – just by enforcing already existing laws!

    written by a doctor that works in the southwest:
    . Uncompensated medical services for illegal immigrants mean higher premiums for all of us due to cost shifting among all third party payers. To cover the deficits from “free” medical services they provide, the administration at University Physicians Health System Kino campus is analyzing how much to increase employee health insurance premiums as of July 1.

    5. Obamacare cuts benefits to American citizens: $500 billion in Medicare cuts and slashing the Medicare Advantage program. Medicare Advantage, chosen by one in five seniors, is the most popular plan for low and moderate income seniors, and covers about half of our Hispanic or African-American elderly. My patients on Medicare have worked and paid into the system over their working careers, yet these cuts mean less health­care available to them now. We certainly cannot afford to cover those here illegally.

    6. Hospitals in Tucson and Dallas also provide uncompensated (“free”) maternity services to pregnant women here illegally. Their babies then become US citizens entitled to all of the services available for low income American families – food stamps, WIC, immunizations, office visits, medications, etc. This drives up costs to all of us: higher premiums for private insurance companies, and higher taxes for government insurance like Arizona’s Medicaid (AHCCCS).

    7. Professional estimates are that over half of the pregnant women served at Parkland Hospital in Dallas are in this country illegally. With over 16,000 deliveries a year, Parkland is one of the nation’s busiest maternity services with prenatal clinics for low income women to receive free prenatal care, nutrition, medication, birthing classes, child care classes, and free supplies (formula, diapers, bottles, car seats). Taxpayers pay the bills.

    How many of these women are legal citizens and how many are not? No one knows. No one asks about citizenship.

    It is significant that the 4 states with the highest number of uninsured patients are the southern Border States that also have the highest burden of illegal immigrants: California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

    The bottom line is that working, taxpaying, legal citizens are bearing the brunt of the failure of our government officials to document citizenship before providing medical services.

    Set a standard of care that allows doctors to be treatment providers – not people that have to run thousands in test to prevent a lawsuit..

    Am I comfrtable leaving health care where it is at – I have offered you a proposal to save 20-40% of government funded free health care – save you 50 Billion a year in medicare, and I don;t know how much else with tort reform WITHOUT having the federal goverment directly involved in 1/6th of our national economy..

    And I think if you check with our buddy Vinnie – guess where the Canadians that can afford it go to get their medical care…

    I love liberal and how they love to dicuss humanity.. but some how their version of humanity always seems to involve the money from my pocket, the fruits of my labor, and a government to take it over and run it? So your version of humanity is I should WANT to spend more in taxes…. I should want my insurance premiums to go up, I should WANT government involved more in my life.. or I am not humane.. fuck yourself – I am willing to bet a pretty penny that I donate more time and money to charity then just about any other asshat out there… but see – I get to pick the charity – and I get to pick the mission – if the charity doesn;t meet my standard (85% of all funds go out as charity) then fuck um – they don;t get my money – I don;t want my funds going to bullshit startt up alternative energy compnaies that go bankrupt 3 months later (oh – those were ‘loans’)

    sorry hoss, that ain;t me – and I resent like hell a bunch of ‘feelgooders’ can vote to change that – Jefferson Quotation: “Democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%.”

    as for setting off A Bombs – that’s you being a jackass – I am talking about being fiscally responsible for future generations, not nuclear destruction

    And yes, I want certainty – becuase certainty is what we have – I am certain that if we continue down this path we will follow in the footsteps of Old Europe – GReece, Spain and Italy – with a failing currancy, inflation, soaring tax rates and an inabilty of the government to pay its debts..

    not just with health care – all facets of government must, MUST be managed within the confines of a balanced budget, we can not keep borrowing money – that is even worse then setting off ABombs..

  • So Navy, you greedy greedy myopic mf’er…..

    So you keep on quoting the CBO – NOT from the primary source – the CBO itself (as I did) – rather you only cite secondary sources with a clear agenda that EVEN YOU REFERENCE! You’re point is that all that matters is making money – and helping rich people make more.

    All you care about is the budget problem.

    Guess what genius – the Affordable Care Act is not a proposed response to the budget/deficit problems. NOBODY EVERY SAID THAT EXCEPT FOR YOU.

    It’s a proposed response to the HEALTH CARE PROBLEM. Uh. DUH



    And the primary source behind the slanted agenda pushing narrow lens of SECONDARY sources you point to – ADMITS BOLDLY AND CLEARLY THAT ITS VERY OWN PROJECTIONS ARE NOT A CLEAR, ACCURATE, CERTAIN MEASURE. They admit that they can’t stand by their numbers.

    BUT YOU? YOU try to stand by their numbers.

    Person #1:

    “Hi, I created this. It’s not that good. You really shouldn’t quote me on this, because it’s not that reliable.”

    Person #2:

    “Hi, look what that guy said. Look Look Look. SEE I TOLD YOU SO”

    — person #2 looks pretty dumb there.

  • Navy you think the only problem that existed in the American healthcare system (prior to this law) was free care given to illegal immigrants? If you truly truly believe that, than this argument we are having is simple – you are just TREMENDOUSLY clueless and ignorant to the problems that exist in the US. Period.

    Clearly you don’t work in the heatlh field, aren’t close with anyone who does, and (fortunately, thankfully) haven’t needed to use it (as a civilian/non-vet).

  • No Schiller I am not greedy – I do not want anyone elses money – I just want to keep my own!

    I am sorry I am not doing grad school level research and using enough primary sources – I don;t need a professional plumber to tell me its shit – it looks like shit – it smells like shit – its shit…

    All I care about is the budget problem….. wow – dude – you have entered the world of Songs and his vaccines – give me unlimited borrowing power I can solve all the worlds issues – and be inefficient as hell while I am at it.

    you can;t solce one or the other without taking both (and all other budget issues) into account – get out from under that rock much?

    As for the ‘numbers’ and people ‘pushing them’ as I have said many, many many times young fella – anytime someone tells you that government is going to buy something for 10 million – it will cost at least 15 million – probably 20… anytime the government tells you they will save 10 million – you will be lucky to save 3million – always double the cost and halve the predicted income… I don;t need a magazine – I have tons of life experince to tell me that… much of it with the government.. inefficiency at its best,,

    And Person #1 – the wall Street Journal – and the Investor Business daily – nailed the fact that the stimulus bill was garbage and predicted it would have ZERO impact on the unemployment rate as Biden was saying pass it or else the rate will go over 8 % – both called it a grab bag of liberal causes.. Obama kept saying shovel ready and then 2 years later when the stimulus flopped admitted – no such thing as shovel ready..

    so your conversation piece SUCKS

    and schill – much like Songs I am having to repeat myself – fraud, tort refrom, illegals, these are all things that can be solved WITHOUT involving the government in 1/6 of the economy.. with existing laws… ever heardthe term low hanging fruit…

    is the argument simple – hell no, but you seem to cling to heres an issue – uits going to help people, and damn the unitended consequences, and if the country, as several reputable and smart people and periodicals point out, gets fucked by this bill – oh well, we tried? Insteadof hitting things we can fix, we decided to redo the whole system?

    and if I am so tremendously clueless – why is it I am not worried about wheremy health care is coming from? If I am so clueless – why is it I am worried about the levels of income that will force me to pay extra taxes – If I am so clueless, why do you and the government need my money to make this program work –

    I think in tennis that call that game, set, match.. if I am so clueless, can I be excused from this little exercise and keep my ‘clueless’ health care that I really like and all my ‘cluelessly’ earned money – I am sure many of my equally ‘clueless’ counterparts would love the same thing so all the ‘smart
    people can get their government help? The main problme in america is half the country doesn;t actually pay federal taxes!

    No – never worked int he health field – always wanted to be a Physicians assistant (PA) thought that would be cool – my nieghbors are both radiologists (whose side you think they are on in this argument – hint hint – it ain’t you boss) and my best bud runs an emergency room (hence the knowledge of illegals using our ERs as family docs)

    dude – go to bed, I can continue beating up on you in the morning

  • Navy, now you see, why Schill is such a douche-bag & why I’m always at odds with him. He thinks he is always right & knows better than everyone. I’d rather listen to Songs, about the Zombie Apocalypse. Stop talking about politics, this is a PHILLY SPORTS BLOGSITE! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP!!! I COME HERE TO ESCAPE THE ILL’S OF THE REAL WORLD, NOT TALK ABOUT IT!!!!

  • Navy, you live in the West/SouthWest so its not surprising you’re blaming everything on illegal immigrants, but the truth is, the ‘freeloaders’ who use the emergency room like family docs – are just as much, and in fact more, valid American Cititzens! You sir are being songs by taking one issue, healthcare, and dancing on over to immigration and the budget.

    Sure, those issues are related, but you completely ignore the primary healthcare problems in America, access to care and financial ruin of those who have diseases, get sick, or have accidents. Not to mention you ignore the cost containment measures in the bill.

  • DCAR, I disagree. I come here to debate about vaccines and healthcare. Haha.

  • Since, we’re talking about immigration it would be a good idea for the thieves who stole the land to migrate back before calling someone illegal.

    Here’s the scenario…..

    Take someone house and destroy the family who owns the house and place them in the basement.

    Make a line and tell them when they cross it in their own house…..they’re illegal.

    Give me a damn break.

    The thieves are illegal migrants not those who are the original people of the land.

  • DCAR…I agree lets get back to sports
    Figures Vinnie would start this …LOL

  • Schill – one last shot across the bow – I appreciate the fact you have made me go from disliking this bill to realizing waht an absolute piece of shit it truly is –

    and stop being an asshole – I am not mixing issues with illegal immigration and health care – one of the big issues is to reduce the cost of health care in the this country correct – when 20-40% of that ‘free’ cost comes from one area – why wouldn;t you look there? When it turns out that you can ELIMINATE that 20-40% under current laws – WHY WOULDN’T YOU? BEcuase Navy is mixing issues??

    Oh yeah – as reported earlier – California took a 40 million dollar grant to set up the ‘insurance exchange’ – they just asked for another 196 million!

    from the front page of the paper this morning:

    California has so far spent $40 million in federal funds on its nascent Health Benefit Exchange and applied Wednesday for $196 million to develop its online enrollment system – wow – 236 million!

    this is from the editorial board of the San Deigo UT – in today’s paper – a major city editorial board wrote this today –

    But as a practical matter, here’s what’s most important: The court’s ruling doesn’t change fundamental facts about Obamacare and its enormous flaws – flaws that have been glossed over for years but must be fixed. Among them:

    • It gives employers a financial incentive to stop providing health insurance because the fines for not offering insurance are much less than the cost of insurance. The Congressional Budget Office predicted earlier this year that up to 20 million Americans are likely to lose their current coverage as a result.

    Navy editorial – I can actually do the math here if you like.. it costs 300 per month on average per employee for a business – that mean a modest business of 100 people pays 30,000 per month in health costs.. 30,000 times 12 becomes 360K per year – if the fine is (I think its 2000 per employee) 200K per year – a compnay can MAKE 160K just by dropping health insurance – CBO predicted it. I am sure becuase I did not quote the actual CBO report you will quibble

    • It will sharply increase government spending at a time when concern about deficits and the national debt has never been more profound. By using accounting tricks that front-loaded revenue increases and pushed back new costs, proponents have argued that the law saves money – over the first 10 years. They should be ashamed of their dishonesty. Of course a huge expansion in those provided with government-subsidized health care will lead to a huge expansion in spending.

    NAvy editorial – glad somebody is looking at the bottom line – this thing is going to add 2 to 3 trillion in spending – it did NOTHING to control the quality or costs – some are actually predciting treatment costs will INCREASE (read next one)

    • It sharply expands likely utilization of the health-care system at a time when there is already a shortage of primary-care physicians in much of the nation. Older doctors on the brink of retirement are much more likely to be family doctors than new doctors, more of whom are specialists. This would be a problem even without Obamacare. With Obamacare, this problem will become immense. Getting a timely doctor’s appointment is going to become increasingly difficult, and, in many areas, impossible.

    So much for all of the fundamental claims the president made in lobbying for the health overhaul. It doesn’t allow people to keep their doctors. It won’t save money. And for millions, it will make receiving care more difficult.

    Now – one of my best frends is the head of the Emergency Room at a place called Sharp Hospital in CHula Vista – it is about 12 miles north of the MExican border – you read the part about the primary care docs above – my amigo there has specifically stated now that folks have medi – cal – but no primary doc – the utilization rates for emergency room visits will sky rocket and now the government will pay – but will pay the highest possible cost –

    most family docs – due to already low reimbursement rates will not take new medi-cal patients – so where do they go? The emergency room !

    From the president of the California Physicians:

    Providing insurance doesn’t mean you’re providing access to a doctor,” he said. The country already faces a growing physician shortage, and the law does not address Medicare and Medicaid payments low enough to discourage some doctors from seeing those patients, he said.

    but maybe I just live in a deranged world and where you live its better:

    an article titled the hollow promise of medi -cal

    Inadequate or nonexistent access to dental, medical and hospital care for Medi-Cal recipients has been documented by several studies. A recent survey showed that 49 percent of Medi-Cal recipients could not access care. In San Diego, for example, it is nearly impossible to find an orthopedic surgeon who accepts Medi-Cal, except in the emergency room (ER)!

    Even if you are not one of San Diego’s roughly 422,000 Medi-Cal recipients, this inequity matters for two simple reasons: cost shifts that raise insurance premiums and the impact on everyone’s access to care. It has been repeatedly documented that ER usage by Medi-Cal patients is excessive. By federal law, any patient, irrespective of need, must be assessed and stabilized. If Medi-Cal patients cannot find a provider or cannot be seen in a timely manner, they can go to an ER where they must be seen. When an ER sees more Medi-Cal patients, the wait for all patients necessarily gets longer. Unfortunately, routine care provided to the Medi-Cal patient in the ER is much more expensive than in a doctor’s office. Thus, in one way or another, all of us pay for Medi-Cal overuse in the ER.

    It is also easy to understand why physicians are reluctant to accept patients with Medi-Cal: The expense to provide care significantly exceeds the payment for doing so. Every day in physician offices that accept Medi-Cal, caring for patients conflicts with paying the landlord, making payroll and keeping supplies in stock – never mind making a profit. A doctor can only handle so much of this negative cash flow and still keep the doors open. How many tonsillectomies can be done for $165, including all before and after care? And how many office visits for under $20 can a primary-care physician afford to schedule if overhead greatly exceeds reimbursement?

    Today only a small percentage of San Diego physicians accept Medi-Cal – even before Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature chose to balance the budget by implementing major new Medi-Cal reimbursement reductions despite an already underfunded program. Medi-Cal pays physicians the lowest rates in the nation for their services, despite the high cost of practicing in San Diego.

    so sign a bill saying the solution is to add another 5 million people to the mess???

    I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are just extremely niave – you really need to add a healthy dose of skeptisism to any report issued by any politician..

  • bugs, LMFAO! Gotta, Vinnie is the coals, to the fire, that rat bastid! ROFL!!!!


  • I guess Navy and Schiller broke up

  • Sorry all – politics is like crack for me.. and you all know I love to argue…

  • Navy, to say it does nothing to control quality or costs is exactly wrong. Again, you haven’t read the bill or what it contains, you’ve only read financial criticism of it.

    True or false Navy, you believe that employer based health insurance has worked well and is a good thing?

  • Wow…look what I started!!

    I go away for a day and come back to the war of the roses!

    I’m not greedy, but I don’t like paying $40 for a case of beer so that I can get my “free” health care.

  • Vinnie, 1st you always suck me into the Vick chronicles, now you start the political wars between Navy & Schill! You bastid! LMFAO!!!! NAVY, kiss & make up, or Schill will have ZERO allies! BTW, I agree with you. SHHHHHH!!!!

  • Couldn’t resist Navy. You two should get a room so that the rest of us could finally go back to bitching about our Philly sports.

    For whats it worth tho, I do fall on your side here being that my family has 2 productive family businesses which employ 100 plus employees each. SO Schiller and his American Dream Freedom killer can suck it with the rest of the losers out there who need others hard working $ to pay for their own unsuccessful pathetic lives.

    But lets get back to sports for heavens sake…

    I thinks its essential that we start out fast and make it to our Bye at at least a 4-2 record. I think ti very possible we could end up splitting our games from week 8-16. Again, we only beat 1 team that finished with a winning record last year (NYG)…Just can’t say they will win 11/12 games with a straight face knowing that.

  • Navy – are they still going to say we’re the same person when we agree on Eagles stuff? THAT would be incredible…

  • Navy – “so sign a bill saying the solution is to add another 5 million people to the mess???

    I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are just extremely niave – you really need to add a healthy dose of skeptisism to any report issued by any politician..”

    First, didn’t you get the memo? They took away the federal penalty for not expanding medicaid. So it will be up to govenor’s to expand, or not expand Medicaid. Again, you’re blaming the healthcare bill for what you dislike with your own state government…that’s not the other 49 state’s problems.

    And THE CBO IS THE GOVERNMENT. You keep citing them and then tell me I need to be skeptical. THE CBO THEMSELVES WERE SKEPTICAL – but you didn’t see that becuase you only quote people who quote THEM.

  • I try my best Dcar.

  • Schill – I love you bro – but I think we need to ‘come to the end of our time’ on this program..

    gents – how about a big round of applause for our friend Vinnie – who sponsored thsi lively debate, all our contributors and most importantly – the Supreme Court of the United States who made the key ruling to allow this discussion to happen (clap, clap, calp)

    Now getting back to our regualry scheduled program –

    pheags – had that in the slightly pre-mature dynasty blog – get off to a fast start – this team could be really really good –

  • Navy, clearly you make over $200k/per year. In which case I say – boo hoo you have to pay some additionall taxes. Boo freakin hoo – you’re already doing fine.

    That’s the only way you can complain about taxes here – unless you’re an avid indoor tanner (which would be asinine seeing as you live in San Diego), have no insurance – which we already covered, you do – or make a ton of money via investments – in which case – again – boo frickin hoo – you’ll be slightly less wealthy.

  • the only thing acomplished through that long harangue is that with certainty navy and schiller are not the same person

  • Well then, I’d consider it a success – what about you Nav?

  • On another note…Navy did you roll up the St. Laurence yet? Or is that later in the summer?

  • Not the same person at all! Vinnie – first week in August – looks like Aug 8 and Aug 9 as my time in the city I have been told to try poutine.. at a place called or in Ashton?? Also that I would like the citadel and changing of the guard – maybe hit old city?

  • Whenever I hear athletes commenting on other athletes, I keep in mind that the brightest only have IQ of about 100-110 same as George Bush.

    Pierre Paul quite good but will never last as long as Reggie White because he overpaid and doesn’t have White’s character.

  • You certainly do have to try poutine….though I don’t know of any famous poutine joints offhand…I might say that if your boat stops anywhere between Montreal and Quebec I’d hit a chip stand in any small town. Make sure they use cheese curds.

    As for Quebec city itself, you’ll spend all your time inside the walls I figure. Make sure to take the steps down below the Chateau Frontenac to Rue Petit-Champlain…supposedly the oldest street in N.A.)

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