• May 26, 2022

Jason Babin Will Miss Most Of The Preseason

The Eagles announced that their defensive end Jason Babin had an MRI on Monday and it was learned that the Pro Bowler has a grade two strain of his calf muscle.

The defensive end will miss 2 to 3 weeks of practice and there’s a chance that Babin could miss more than those three weeks and most of training camp.  I’m sure that Andy Reid and his staff are going to take their time about returning Babin to action because they want to reduce any chance of him re-injuring the calf.

This will mean more reps for backups Brandon Graham, Darryl Tapp, Phillip Hunt and rookie Vinny Curry.  They’re all battling for a job on the roster.

Eagles had day off on Tuesday and will be back in action on Wednesday.



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  • not a bad thing as long as the injury dosen’t linger. the other guys could use the reps.

  • HAving a lower claf injury for a pure speed,pass rusher who relies on his wuick burst off the snap of the ball will linger on for a while.. I think babin is noting more than a rotational player anyways and if he played 25-30 SNaps a game in obvious passing situations only, he will stil get his 12-14 Sacks a Season and keeps him off the field on running downs or against strong running teams since he’s suck a liability in this aspect of his game…

  • Paulman, I agree with you Babin’s sack total is overated, he is weak vs the run, Im encouraged by what i hear about Graham and hope that he gets the job eventually. I still get sad when I know that Earl Thomas ( who shoulda been an Eagle ) has already been to Hawaii as a pro bowler already.

  • I agree MR1. We had the oppurunity of drafting Thomas from Texas. It would have been great for the Eagles D. Let’s just hope Graham stays healthy and contributes in a big way this year. I have a feeling he will

  • Let’s hope they can get through the preseason gam

  • Let’s hope they can get through the preseason games without anymore injuries

  • Trent Cole out with shoulder injury. Right shoulder swelling in AC joint is what is being reported. Wonder what major injury would it would take for AR to back off of his tough training camp mode in the middle of the afternoon heat? Vick, Shady, Ryans, Nnamdi? I understad injuries can happen at anytime. But I woiuld think the odds go up significantly when you hit everyday in the middle of the afternoon for 3 hours everyday. What do I know.

  • LOL…The Vets faking Injuries so the rookies can do all the heavy lifting…
    Lets these rooks go out there and beat eachother up..They still have to earn their stripes….
    I swear I wish Lurie would have made Andy do the Hard Knocks HBO Special this year

  • I think all this Brandon Graham talk is way overrated. Its training camp fellas. Ill give you a name most of you remember. Jerome Mcdougle. High round draft pick by the eagles and an outstanding Preseason, training camp player. But come game time sucked and was injured most of his career. Brandon Graham was a mistake. Earl Thomas was the pick and the Eagles blew it.

  • Cullen jenkins hurt now (hamstring) mri sched. For tonight…MAybe andy is wanting to pile up injuries so he has an excuse if we lose

  • All minor stuff to the injured players and better it happen now at the beginning of camp.. Veterans like Celek,COle,Babin and Jenkins are about the oldest players on the team and don’t need to rush back into things, they are all in great shape (even Jenkins looks like he’s shed 10-15 lbs from last year) and this will allow a lot more reps for the younger players which is importatnt… 2 Players I do not see coming back at DT Mike Patterson and S/Special Teams Ace Colt Anderson.. I think they begin the Season PUP and possibly placed on IR depending how they recover, Patterson I believe will be IR for the Season and then retire next off-season as he will collect his full pay this year to plan for his future from football

  • not sure how serious it is but looks like Ryans hurt his left leg……

  • Ryans is ok

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