• July 6, 2022

Cullen Jenkins And Andy Reid Are Seeing Eye-To-Eye After Sideline Blowup

Playing in a NFL football game is kind of like two parents waking up one night and realizing the house is on fire with their children in it.  They’ve got to get their three kids and two dogs out of the house safely and they’ve got very little time to do it.

Their emotions would be pushed to the limit.  They would be trying to stay cool and calm, but inside they would be exploding.  The husband and wife would be trying to do everything they could do to get everyone out of the house in an organized manner, but there might be some disagreements about how to do it.

They might scream at each other a few times because they would be so eager to get the job done.  They might say some things to each other that they really didn’t mean, but it was done in the midst of the situation.

That’s kind of what it’s like on an NFL sideline.  I’ve heard it aptly called organized chaos.  The emotions are pushed to the limit.  Everyone is hyped all the way up.  I played for 11 years and saw players and coaches get into heated discussions hundreds of times.  I”ve seen players attack coaches and coaches attack players.

It’s not every regarded as a big deal if it’s not seen publicly.  You must have thick skin to play the game.

That’s what was caught on camera the other night when Andy Reid and Cullen Jenkins were caught screaming at each other at the top of their lungs.  Penalties were killing the Birds and Reid had seen enough of it, so he was letting his defense know.

Jenkins jumped into because he believed he and his teammates had gotten the message.  Now a few days after the incident and few conversations between the defensive tackle and head coach, Reid and Jenkins are on the same page.

“He was just trying to control things on the side. Just trying to make sure everything was going the right way. It was getting a little emotional earlier and he was just trying to control things,” Jenkins said.

Reid wants his defensive line to cut down on the penalties, but not let their passion for rushing the quarterback die down.

“I like a little fire. That’s OK, that’s alright,” said Reid. “It means something to him. He’s one of the leaders of that group. I get it. I understand.”


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  • Skip Bayless was right about Cullen Jenkins… He’s really not that good. Thorton looks like the best DT on the whole squad.

  • Thornton,Landri & Cox has all looked better than CJ who appears to be pacing himself..

  • @ES… Skip Bayless? Please, Mr. Troll!! The guy couldn’t evaluate an apple vs. an orange.

  • I have admit that I’ve never looked at Bayless as an authoritative evaluator of talent. Jenkins has brought a good amount of value to the defense and has played well. Is he a likely hall of famer? Not that I’ve seen but, he’s a good leader on a team that needs as many leaders as they can get given the “status” of the DC and number of young players that will be playing this year on the D.

  • Jenkins played great last year and the Packers interior D fell apart without him. I am not going to dismiss actual gametime due to a couple of pre-season games.

    As far as the confrontation goes, it was a non-story. Everyone blew up something that was nothing. Next question.

  • Jenkins played well, I wouldn’t say he played great but he is a good player and a nice mentor and expample for tyoung players..
    and yes the Packers Defense did fall apart without him lasy year and also lost other important players from their Defense like DT Jolly, MLB Nick Barnett, Safety Nick Collins…

  • Not saying Skip Bayless is the guru of sports analysis but at times he’s right on with many things that we disagreed with him in the first place. This one he called it. Cullen Jenkins is overrated. He only played well in the playoffs when the packers won the superbowl. Before then did you know who Cullen Jenkins was? no one did.

  • EaglseSuck – I don’t think anybody in this forum or not would call Bayless a guru of sports analysis and most here respectfully disagree with your assessment of Jenkins. I don’t care how he played or what impact he had on the Packers defense, that’s not the Eagles. For the Eagles, he’s been a good player and excellent mentor as Paulman said. If you want to criticize an Eagles player based on their play lt season, there”s far easier low-hanging fruit than Jenkins that you can easily target.

  • You must have not actually watched the games last year Eagles Suck. Jenkins played really well last year and at times he was a beast in games. For what you were paying him when he came in as FA, he def lived up to it. Dude played hard as hell too unlike many of our other players on the team last year who based on their play simply quit in games. And as mentioned above, many of the packers stated they really missed him and his presence on their D. Skip is a POS btw…dude will say complete BS on tv just so that people like you continue to watch. The fact that you give him anytime of merit is absurd.

  • Maybe- the point of listing how well he played for the Packers establishes his credibility as a player, so it is relevant. You and Pman both agree that he was a good player or that he played well last year, so there is no issue with him at all in my eyes. He was the best DT on the team last year, and I have no reason to believe that he won’t be that again this year. Certainly not a couple of pre-season games.

  • and Bayliss is completely useless. He is an effin troll. He is the Angelo Cathaldi of ESPN. He says things to stir that pot. Well he alludes to things. He just accused Jeter of using PEDs, but he was to chickencrap to come out and say it.

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