• August 12, 2022

Eagles Matched Up DRC On Cruz And Asomugha On Barden

The Eagles made a nice adjustment in the secondary on Sunday night which helped them prevent what happened a year ago when Victor Cruz had his “national coming out party” against Nmandi Asomugha.  Usually they have Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie line up at the left cornerback position and Nmandi Asomugha line up at the right cornerback position.

Instead of doing in that way on Sunday night, the Birds matched up Rodgers-Cromartie against Cruz and put Asomugha on the much taller and much slower Ramses Barden.  That’s the reason you saw Rodgers-Cromartie playing on the right side and Asomugha on the left for 15 to 20 plays.

It was a good move.  They’ve finally come to the realization that Asomugha has no chance in covering the smaller quicker wide receivers in the league, like Cruz.  Nmandi’s ability to jam a receiver and take him out of his route can’t be ignored, but once that receiver gets downfield, Asomugha has trouble playing the football in the air, as well as changing direction.

I don’t know whether you remember that play on 4th down and one, when Cruz beat Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on an inside route.  The dude is quicker than quick.  He gave DRC the seriou shake before beating him inside.

If DRC couldn’t handle that shake move, you could imagine which Asomugha would have done with it.

We’ll see what they do this week versus the Steelers.


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  • I see DRC being matched up with Mike Wallace and Asmo trying to stay up
    with Anthony Brown which scares me big time….
    If I am Eagles DC/Secondary Coach, I put DRC on MIke Wallace, I let Boykin cover Anthony Borwn and and let Asmo take Slot/3rd Receiver J Cocthery and or Emanuel Sanders who are more possesion type of WR’s and not a deep threat..
    Asmo must not be on Wallace or Brown or it will be bombs away

  • It seemed to me like Boykin was covering Cruz quite a bit. Especially when Cruz was getting catch after catch.

    Definitely DRC on Wallace.

  • @Bugsy – yea the Giants did a good job of moving Cruz around…He was in the slot, split out wide, on both sides. Similar to how the Cardz used Fitz.

  • Gotta think that they will move Wallace around a lot to and get him in motion to get a jump on the CB covering him.

  • unreal that certainly proves that Asmo and DRC are the studs as advertised. teams are moving away from them. boykin is going to grow up a lot this year. teams will move their studs to the slot and before anyone says just move drc or asmo there…. playing the slot is a differeent animal!

  • just read your comment fraud.. you can’t move asmo or drc to slot. not often anyway…

  • Cigar- bit of a leap there in that any team would prefer to have their best WR matched up against the other team’s 3rd best CB and a rookie to boot. I am by

  • just pointing out that unlike what some have suggested that teams move their stud wideout against asmo they are choosing to move him to a more unnatural spot- the slot to match against the rook. your point is taken.

  • What’s also amazing is how the fantasy geeks on this site pretend that Cruz(now a bonafide star) became the best recv on the giants because of one game and one catch against nmandi. Yup! Nmandi gave up the bulk of Cruz’s 1500 YARDS ALL BY HIMSELF!! Yup Cruz had no success after he lucked up and got Aso. The giants should obviously cut him since he apparently can’t get open against anyone else. SMFH

  • You know paulman you would gain some credibility if you’d at least show an ounce of humility when you’re flat out wrong -which is almost always. These broad predictions you love making reek of where you primarily pull it from. You need to take a break.

  • Nnamdi just gave Cruz his start and confidence
    To continue on the great season he had
    Mt Prediction for upcoming game
    Steelers 24 -Eagles 20

  • Coldbrewski- I think that is is funny that you miss the point in that most people are frustrated with Nnamdi because the Birds are paying an average of 12 mil to a limited CB. You can argue system all you want, but what I want for 12 mil in a CB is Champ Bailey, Revis or Primetime for that matter. DRC doesn’t seem to be having the same troubles with the system. Call me whatever you want if you makes you feel better but prove to me that he is worth 12 mil oh football expert. I don’t wanna hear anything about anyone else except for him. Times yours.

  • Like I said during this summer DRC is the best corner on this team period. Not bad for little chicken legs LOL. You know who made that statement this summer.

  • What’s funny is you selling that i someohow miss the point for the absurd reasons you’re giving. Sorry, didn’t really want to come off so harsh. But some of you guys I know either don’t understand the game or the very least aren’t watching other corners play. I love watching Bailey and Revis play. Both get top dollar and I’ve seen both give up a number of big plays. I also know both get criticized by some fans(usually their own) for not always being “shut down”.
    Where I’m from worrying about what another guy makes is being a pathetic hater. Some need to take a economics course. This America. Our system is capitalism. YOU’RE WORTH WHAT SOMEONE IS WILLING TO PAY. Benefits of a free market. Therefore I don’t have to prove anything. Lurie determined that the moment he “bidded” on Nmandi’s service’s. Now prove to me he’s the only highly paid corner that gets beat. Prove that the other two guys you mention don’t. And prove to me other than your “opinion” he isn’t worth what his boss is willing to pay him. TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED BRUH.

  • I’m glad DRC is on our team. But I also remember many saying that Arizona were willing to part ways because he wasn’t really that good. Many supporters of the below avg Kolb were even annoyed. Some folks even thought that he would be used a trade bait again if the eagles decided to keep the Aso and Asante tamden. It’s amazing how things change. Move the guy off his weakness(slot) and play him to “his” strength. Now this will all evaporate the moment he’s burned for a big play.

  • DRC made a game saving play tackling Cruz from behind,he is having a great year,I think no way the Birds let him get to free agency,look for them to sign him soon…I believe this is his last year on his contract

  • Cold, I don’t care overall how much NFL players or athletes in general make. What I care about is how much a player produces and or earns his percentage of the cap space that is allocated to him. In my opinion Asmo is not producing enough to earn that much of a percentage of the payroll. He has been average at best and he is no way in the same league as Revis or Bailey in his prime.

    Forget your capitalist society diatribe and answer this simple question. Do you think that he should be paid 12 mil which is 10% of the eagles payroll?

    2nd question is this? The Eagles will probably look to extend DRC, but he will be wanting big bucks too? If he wants 8 – 10 mil, I don’t see any way that they keep both. Which CB would you rather have?

  • I would keep and sign DRC and trade NNamdi to the NY Jets who wil lose
    or let CB D Revis go after this season for they have a buyout clause due to injury..

  • Trade CB Asmo to the NY Jets for QB Tim Tebow straight up

  • Might as well paulman, for balance, let’s get an over hyped white qb to go with our over hyped black one, everybody happy

  • Cut that dumb shit out! Dumb and dumber!!! Have you forgotten we’ve already had an “overhyped white QB” (actually we still may have one) Jake that went along with the “overhyped” black one…

  • looking at the game last night reminded us……

    That’s the Kevin Kolb we all know and love.

    See, andy told us how sharp Kolb was in learning the playbook.

    Well too bad that playbook is ours because the Cardinals play against our offense as if they’re in the huddle every time.

    Last night the Rams knocked the hell outta that loser and held them to 3 freakin points.

    They jammed Fitz many times and when he tried the pick play to run free ..linebackers jammed him and the pick guy within 5 yards.

    That’s Jeff Fisher.

    How can you not stop a team with one real weapon?

    9 Sacks last night…yet our wide 9 could not get “one”.

    I’m telling you now we must improve safety position and get some “nasty” in the middle.

    The Rams Safeties were killing every player coming over the middle and usually teams dare you to come in the middle…well not our soft defense in the middle.

    Just giving you the truth.

    steelers 27

    eagle 10

  • Good pick Pman… i love when you have the birds lose because when you “call it”… you are 80% wrong.

    Nnamdi goes nowhere…. hes a good player.

  • Paulman, you always vote against the Eagles to lose (then they end up winning)…You’re a douche of a so called fan.

    Concerning our defense, the reason the rams shut the cardinals down is because they have a bonafide DC who would know how to use a guy like ASMO to not get caught out of place. A real DC would either have our safeties step their game up or be gone.

  • There’s NO WAY the fraudster is an eagles fan. No way whatsoever.

  • I will call them as I see them..I can’t recall too often the Steelers losing a must-win game during the Regular Season at Home.. This would be a great win for the Eagles but not that big of deal if they lose since it’s an AFC opponenet and will have little bearing on the NFC PLayoff Races..
    I do believe the Eagles are in good shape to beat the LIons ,Saints,Falcons afterwards..

  • you will “call em as you see em”… the good news…. you dont see well at all.

  • Bugsy I hope you’re not one of these guys who argues just for the sake of it. You’re response suggest either that or an inability to follow the very position you took.

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