• July 2, 2022

Nick Foles Takes Snaps With Ones, But Vick Not Ruled Out

Earlier this afternoon, Eagles head coach Andy Reid talked to the media but he wasn’t willing to say that Michael Vick was definitely going to miss Sunday’s game versus the Washington Redskins.  He did say that Vick was still resting at home.

I will be astonished if Vick is able to pass the tests necessary to get back on the field on Sunday.

I think backup quarterback Nick Foles is going to be the starter on Sunday.  He took the snaps today with the first team offense.

This is a perfect situation for him.  Both of the Redskins top pass rushers, Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan are sidelined due to injuries.   The Washington secondary is mediocre at best and there’s no way they’re going to be able to stay up with DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin without a pass rush.  If the Birds defense stops the Washington ground game, Foles will get the chance to light the Skins up.

The Eagles coaching staff was spending so much time with Foles that he didn’t get the chance to come into the locker room during the lunch break.  Normally, Vick talks to the media between noon and 12:45, but Foles had to speak with the media after practice because he’s was tied up with the coach between 12 noon and 12:45.





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  • If Vick is the quarterback the fan base will revolt. There isn’t any reason for it at this point since A) we aren’t making the playoffs and B) Vick is not going to be here next year.

  • Vick will “not be ruled out” for the next 7 weeks. But he’s still not going to play.

  • I think Vick takes a pay cut abd sticks around as a backup “check collector”
    Unless some team offers him starter money

  • I don’t think you keep him around. If your starting Foles next year you dont want him around for fans to clamour for if the kid hits a bad streak. We all know how fans get in this town. Plus Vick has a legion of loyal Zombies that are already comparing a Rookie without a start and first action cold off the bench since preseason to a 10 yr vet that takes every relavant snap in practice. Not realistic or fair so if Nick pans out just cut ties….If he doesnt we are pretty much screwed.

    • Yea, so Xevious, you say dont give Foles any competition, he has earned the job and no matter what we see from Foles the remainder of the season the Eagles must stick with him heading into next season as the starting QB…

      Nobody would know better than you “how fans get in this town!”

  • I heard that Commisioner Goodell is so pissed about the poor seasons of both the Eagles and NY Jets (2 Major Markets for the NFL with Crappy Teams) that he is seriously comtemplating that both Franchise’s Merge for next Season and to make a better 53 Man Roster for the joint Team which will remain the Eagles and play at the Linc
    Goodell would then have a Franchise Spot for a London England Team which is what the Owner of the Jets will get as a Trade-Off

    This for 2013 Only to see if it works per Reports
    Coach AR to run the Offense and Rex Ryan to Run the Defense for their last chance to collect a Paycheck.. It could work.. who knows…

  • Vick is a goner after this Season,
    Owner Lurie has given him 4 Years where he’s turned his life around, received a nce contract, settled down and got married, but He will not have him back as a back-up..
    Vick will go to Arizona Cardianls on a 2 Year $14-$15 Million Deal with Incentives as Cardinals end the Kolb Era after this Season is over
    Mark it down, and remember you heard it here first from Paulman

  • GLI, I doubt that would ever happen. It would just be a distraction like Xevious said and would do more harm then good. Vick will have few if any options to be a starter next year…Teams that needed QBs for the most part found their guys in the draft. Buffalo, Ariz, will likely look to the draft. They already have overrated/overpriced veterans on their roster as of now and its obviously not working well for them.

    Nightmare scenario for real Eagles fan is if Lurie keeps Reid around and makes him president of the Birds. Makes Marty the head coach. and they keep vick on the team to a restructured deal.

  • pheags88

    If AR, MM and / or Mike Vick are anywhere near this team next year I may just declare myself a fan in exile and root for another team till the eagles are sold.

  • You know what would be great? Vick could stay around and Foles could learn from him next year.

    🙂 Sometimes I kill myself!

  • @Xevious sort of like the Foles zombies that have been hanging around this year, waiting for Vick to fail or be injured? How about we worry about Foles being a big part of the soon to be rebuilding phase and not worry about Vick since he won’t be here right?

  • Boy I hope Foles is good, but if he isn’t we’ll just blame this on Reid and Roseman since every player they draft is a bust, like Graham and Allen and Jarrett, and Watkins and everyone else right? So why oh why is everyone so gung ho about Foles?

  • Coach AR is saying the right in order for the Redskins have to prepare a little for Vick..

  • We gotta get Reid outta here bottom line.. Id like to see Gruden come in and reassess the talent. Rein in my opinion can not assess talent. Id let gruden make the assessment on everything including vick.

  • Whether Vick is here next year or not is going to depend on the coach. Be realistic…most coaches, if given the option of having a franchise QB or not regardless of how low on that “Franchise QB” totem one might be a new coach will keep the franchise QB until they see firsthand that they have another franchise QB ready to go. If Andy Reid gets extended (not totally out of the question given the injury situation on the O-Line) Vick isn’t going anywhere either.

  • @biglion They aren’t Foles zombies, they are fans that recognize Vick isn’t a good QB. People who rationalize if we are gonna see turnovers and bad reads and missed blitzes we should see them from someone that might actually learn from them. They are Vick zombies because for 10 yrs they have made excuses blamed everyone else and refused to face the reality that he basically is Ken Obrian with Legs….Sorry but it’s the truth. Nice to see people will still Compare a rookie with no starts to a 10 yr Vet….sigh.

  • Agreed Butch.

    They normally would.

    Except that no coach worth their salt would ever look at the Eagles and determine that we had a franchise QB on the roster.

    There are 2 options for a new regime.

    1) Draft “their guy” at QB with as high a pick as possible.

    2) Roll with Foles (if they determine he has upside) and draft an OT with as high a pick as possible.

    Option 1 seems to be a bit of a problem this year, as the QB crop is not looked upon as being very stellar. Can’t touch USC QBs and who knows about Smith…the rest??

    Therefore the prudent thing to do is provide as much information to new coach about the possibility of option 2.

    Under no scenario is Vick a part of the team next year. New regime or old.

  • It’s a decent QB Draft , Top 10 Prospects that are projected to be selected
    within the first 3 Rounds of the NFL Draft
    The Top 2 Players (Geno Smith and Matt Barkley are the only QB’s projected to go in the 1st Round and will most likely be Top 5 Picks of the Draft and then the rest would be late 1st-2nd Rounders and the last couple probably 3rd Rounders

    #1) Geno Smith – West Virginia 6-3 220lbs – Most athletic QB in Class-lots of upside, can he play in a Pro-Style System and under Center at the Pro Level??
    #2) Matt Brady – USC 6-2 220lbs – Probably the most polished QB in the Class, Accurate, Can read Defenses, Natural Leader, Plays in the Pro-Style System at USC, does not have the biggest arm and not very fleet of foot as
    #3) Landry Jones -Oklahoma 6-4 220lbs – Has had a disappointing Senior Season as the entire Oklahoma Program has had this year.. 3 Year Starter versus quality competition.. Does has some upside and athleticism..
    #4) Tyler Wilson – Arkansas 6-2 220lbs – Another player with a disappointing Season, some injuries and playing on a Team that has underachieved all year..
    Has a stong NFL Arm and can make the throws.. Will need some Coaching up and a year or 2 on the sidelines but has the ability and pocket presence to develop into a good NFL QB on the right Team..
    #5) Tyler Bray – Tennessee 6-5 220lbs- Has great size and a good arm..Moves around well and playing for a rebuilding Tennessee Program that has struggled the last few seasons so doesn;t get the media attention as the other above.. Smart, Tough and natural leader and could the be the “Rough Diamond QB ” of the Draft (reminds me of a Andrew Dalton type of the Bengals)
    #6) EJ Manuel – Florida State 6-4 240lbs – Another exceptional athlete with a very strong arm, can he play under Center, learn a Pro-Style Offense and read Defenses.. Could be a great “Wildcat” option in his first couple of Seasons for a Team as he develops.. Lots of Upside with the right Team and Coaching
    #7) Mike Glennon – NC State 6-5 232lbs – Another big,strong armed Qb who has the smarts,leadership skills you look for. Does lack in foot speed but could be another sleeper QB pick that with the proper Coaching and Team could develop into a Good NFL QB (Reminds some Scouts of a Joe Flacco type)
    #8) Zac Dysert – Miami (Ohio) 6-4 230lbs – A fiery,type of player with great mobility for his size, leadership,toughness qualities.. Plays in the MAC Conference (where Big Ben played) and reminds some Scouts as a raw talent with some upside..
    #9) Ryan Nassib – Syracuse 6-2 230lbs – Another under the radar QB, with good fundamentals,accuracy and leadership abilities.. Most likely a Back-Up type of QB who does have some potential at th NFL Level
    #10) Aaron Murray – Georgia 6-1 215lbs – A great leader and smart QB,
    Not the best size or biggest arm, but has played against tough Competition in the SEC as a 2 Year Starter for the Bulldogs and could develop into a solid Back-up/Spot Starter for an NFL Team..

  • Vinnie…. i actually agree with you on this…. You draft an OT since its the biggest weakness of our team and you roll with Foles no matter what. This is the beginning of rebuilding my friends. Hopefully we get a balanced OC in here and an actual DC (something we have not had in years).

  • Agreed. Has to be OT (though you could perhaps make an arguement for DL)

    But Paulman, you’re making my arguemnt for me. Has to be option 2. Eagles are not going to get one of the “top 2” guys. (And frankly I’m glad about that)…so then what….a second or another 3rd round QB? We just got one of those. I can’t see a new coach hanging his hat on a new 3rd rounder over one the Birds already have, and who has some NFL game experience.

    And here’s where the Eagles’ have really handcuffed themselves. They better hope Foles shows flashes this year, or else they’re sunk.

    Coaches assess situations.

    1 – No coach is coming in here with 33/34 yr old broken down Vick next year
    2 – No coach is coming in here if Foles shits the bed the next 6 games.

    No decent coach is going to want to come in here and go 1-15 in his first year hoping to get the top QB prospect in 2014.

    They’re not going to want to sit through the media haranguing, constant booing, raidio call-in mess etc.

    So…if Foles is terrible….Lurie and Roseman are going to have a very difficult time getting anyone in here.

    If, however, Foles flashes promise….then there’s something to sell a new coach. Promise. A good draft in 2013….7-9 the folowing season (fanbase should accept this with new coach and young QB)…another good draft in 2014and team again competitive…. (and yes, this is going to take this long to fix)

    I don’t think Fans quite understand how important the development/promise of Foles is. If he fails here….its 3-13 again next year…and probably no new top 1 or 2 QB till 2014…..and that means no competitive team till at least 2016.

    Again, this is why I was pleading for the Birds to trade that Fraud Vick after 2010…we might be coming out of this mess, instead of heading into it…..

    • Absolutely!! Vick has cost this team at least 2 years because they stopped a true rebuild.

      Think about this… If we had played Kolb last year and gone 2-12 or so we would have been in a position to maybe draft Luck or RGIII. Now would we all rather have Vick or Luck/RGIII.

      Anyone who chooses vick over Luck or RGIII is living in LALA land!

      Foles may or may not be the guy but I am OPTIMISTIC as he has shown far more than Kolb, Kafka, Young, and by the end of the year likely Vick.

      This team is averaging less than 3 TD’s per game. I think Foles can get us 3-4. (not just passing but as a team)

      • A true rebuild? with all of the draft picks the Eagles have had and the young players they already have? So the Eagles would have been best served with going with Kolb? Besides the QB position, the Eagles team is pretty young all around….
        The problem also is that the Eagles never stopped the rebuild, as you say…Vick is only one player, but thats right, if I didn’t know anything about football and read you and my sisters comments all day, I’d think Vick played on the O Line, Special Teams, Defense, and was calling the plays on both sides of the ball…

        The Eagles have many inexperienced players getting a lot of snaps. Oh my god, the lack of football intelligence pisses me off!

        • F.ing apologist. Let’s say no one on here but YOU knows anything about football. But also assume that there are 30 people employed by nfl clubs that know MORE than YOU… If you believe that premise than when Vick doesn’t get a ton of big money offers to become their franchise qb next year you will admit he blows

          • awww what, you don’t agree with my opinion? sorry bitch…I’m just unable to lack the stupidity that you and your buddies possess. Don’t get mad at me, cause I see things differently than you do…

            • I agree wih people who have knowledge of the game. You are blinded because vick keeps it real

              • don’t over complicate things..you agree with people that share the same or similar opinion as you…pretty much thats how it works, right?

  • Vinnie- disagree 100%. Vick looked amazing and this team was built to win NOW. Clearly Kolb was not the answer PLUS our line is as bad as it has ever been, could you imagine what Kolb would have looked like under this Oline? He would have been killed.

    Regardless of what the past looked like…. the future is now and we agree on the future. They need to build from the lines out. I think this will take 2 years. Net year they purge themselves of the wasted money and draft fat boy after fat boy.. stock piling the lines. I like the 2 Lb’s we have.

    2 things we have working for us and this is why i think MOST coaches will jump at this team no matter what….

    1. We have an owner who will spend whatever needed to build us a winner.
    I know people wont agree with me on this but he has shown me enough to say he wants to win. Our coaches have been paid at a high level and we have top notch facilities and everything.

    2. We manage the cap better than most/any team in the league.
    How the snot did we have so much cap room this year? If they cut the players we think they will cut… they will be like 20 million under the cap again.

    Yes its hard to coach/play in philly…no doubt. BUT…. as T.O will tell you….. when its good.. its better than anywhere in the world.

    • There was plenty of evidence hinting that the wheels were coming off late 2010.

      7 ints and 9 fumbles over the last 6 games. Careful observers knew what was happening. Eagles should have struck while everyone in the media was still proclaiming him a superstar.

      Who cares if Kolb had gotten killed in 2011 or 2012…what would that matter? What exactly have the Birds accomplished over that time. We could have had 2 extra 1st trounders, and perhaps even higher selection with our picks)

      Again, that’s just hindsight…just like to remind people that its exactly what I’d have done at the end of 2010…could have received a ransom for a fading “star” and set the team up for a decade.

      The first peice of every rebuilding project is the QB…and then it takes 3 years. And there are no guarantees. We may be starting that process with Foles now….may.

      Should have been started in 2010/2011. Too bad.

  • Why draft a QB if he will just get killed behind the porous O-line? That needs to be the number 1 priority in FA and the Draft along with a mountain of a DT.

  • Vinnie,
    I don’t think the Eagles should go QB with an early pick at all,but was merely stating the Top 10 Prospects that will be out there in 2013 Draft for those who were interested..
    Remember that Eagles do have QB Edwards signed thru 2013 as well and really think that the job will be Foles to lose for 2013 as Foles/Edwards will battle it out next Summer. I see no way QB Vick Returns as I have stated for a while now, Just like Coach AR,CB Asmogoah, OT D Bell,DE J Babin.. All 5 will be gone ..

    As Far as Eagles Drafting Needs
    I still think DT,OT,CB/Safety with their 1st 3-4 PIcks
    Remember with Peters,Kelce,Herremans all returning from injury, the need to use a top Pick at OT is not as desperate, as we see now with a back-up OL due to Injuries.. but the Eagles definitely need to add 1-2 OT’s to develop to replace Bell/Dunlap on the Eagles Roster in 2013

    There are probably 3 Stud OT that will all go in the Top 15 Selections
    (Joeckel,Lewan,& Matthews) After that, there is a drop off where the next Tier of OT’s have 2nd-3rd Round Grades.

    A lot will depend on how they finsh a 5-11 is a 8th-12th Range Pick where a 6-10 Record probably means a 12th-16th Selection Range..

  • Paulman, i disagree with you about those coming back from injury. Even with all of those guys back in the lineup, we still dont have a great Oline.. Kelce/watkins /mathis in my mind are not top notch players. Id rather have them be fighting it out with others to keep their jobs. Besides…. we have NOTHING to back them up. PLUS….. the new Oline coach BETTER we going big…. we will need at least 1 more big boddy on that Line.

    1st round- Fat OT
    2nd round- Fat DT
    3rd round- SAM

    after that we bring in a f.a. SS.

    UGHHHH- why are we talking draft 10 weeks into a season!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The only Teams I see barring a major Injury at QB, who will be in a Market for
    QB in the 1st Round are the Chiefs,Jags, and possibly the Bills,Jets and Cardinals..
    The Cardinals and Jets are probably more built to win now and will probably pursue a Free-Agent QB (maybe Mike Vick after Eagles exercise their option on him)
    Many Teams in the last 2 Drafts have addressed their QB Position
    like the Seahawks,Dolphins,Vikings,Panthers,Colts,Redskins,Browns,Titans with High Draft Selections the last 2 Drafts

  • Ive been reading this blog for years. Im 100% convinced that a majority of you are NOT Eagles fans. Even before 3-6, You guys rooted against Reid, hoped for Vick to be injured all because rookie ass Foles is going to step in and be Tom Brady. I have nothing against the kid, and he may have a bright future- but for all you non fans who rooted against Vick- I personally hope that Foles has a massive meltdown and the Eagles get handled this week. Even better if Foles is concussed and you boo birds get stuck with Trent Edwards. Go Redskins I hope RG3 burns you guys. Enjoy the loss this week. Now a Redskins Fan.

  • The Eagles are one of the only teams where fat and DT are not synonymous. This is the question to ask all potential coaches:

    What do you think of when you think of DTs?

    If fat, man-boobs or buffet is not their first response, then next.

  • What I am saying Stevo is if the Top 3 OT are off the Board by the Time the Eagles Selection comes up, there is not a sense in reaching for a 2nd/3rd Round Grade who will need a year or 2 to develop from the remainder OT’s if you can get a Starter Grade Player at another Position of Need.. It depends on what Pick they have versus whose availalbe to pick based on their grades,etc,etc ..

  • oh and for those of you looking forward to next year SPOILER ALERT: Reid and Vick will be gone, but the Eagles will suck, regardless.

  • If you are a Redskins fan then leave.

    Otherwise, learn to differentiate between the extreme sides of each issue and those of us in the middle.

    PS- complaining about guys who rooted against Vick, but then rooting against Foles = hypocritical.

  • As far as DT’s here are the Top 5 Rated for 2013 Draft and most likely all 1st Round Selections

    #1) Star Lotuleile – Utah 6-3 320 lbs (Top 5 Pick, reminds many of Hgnata/Suh)
    #2) Jonathon Hankins – Ohio State 6-3 320lbs (Top 5 Pick, big,strong,quick)
    #3) John Jenkins – Georgia 6-3 350kbs (a NT in a 3-4 Scheme – Mid 1st Rd)
    #4) Jessie WIlliams – Alabama 6-3 320lbs (Mid 1st Round pick,versatile)
    #5) Sheldon Richardson – Missouri 6-3 300lbs (Great burst-late 1st Rd)

  • Eaglesinoak you call yourself an Eagles fan? If your a fan you NEVER root for the opposing team. You sound like the typical jackass who talks shit but can’t back it up. Why don’t you say some positive man. Anyways, Vick is a black cloud. Ya ya i know our line sucks, but Vick is too short and can’t make good reads. He is done. And i have much respect for Reid. I do feel he should be let go and find a new home. As for me, I would like Gruden, Cowher, Jaworski or Dungy

  • lol a REAL eagles fan wouldn’t TALK that shit and cheer for the skins. A fan like that was Never REAL and only just TALK. Im hoping for a good game and years of Foles RG3 battles. Like Randle and the plrthora of Redskin qbs in the late 80’s early 90’s.

    @bugsy Well said huge Hypocrit.

  • The next first round pick will be a big fat nose tackle. I think the Eagles will be a 3-4 defense next year, whoever the head coach is. I also think Folds will be the QB next year and if he sucks we will draft a new QB the following year.

    We are in for a couple lean years fellows… We need a few of new parts.

  • Best line of the day:

    “but for all you non fans who rooted against Vick- I personally hope that Foles has a massive meltdown and the Eagles get handled this week.”

    For you non-fans who rooted against Vick, I’m going to root against Foles because I am a true fan!!

  • those 4 meaningless wins at the end of last season really have proved nothing and hurt / will hurt this team for years !

  • All that and he said that he doesn’t have anything against the kid…

    I would hate to see what he would wish for someone that he did have something against.

    Go back under your bridge troll.

  • I just don’t understand the philosophy of rooting against a player, albeit Mike Vick or Nick Foles… hint of racism in their. Some people it’s really obvious. And Vinnie clearly has rooted against Vick since he’s been here. So take that for what it’s worth.

  • It’s all good ChuckRob it’s not like the players give a damn about what some disgruntled fans bitch about on Gcobb.com.

  • @Chuck Rob if u want to play the race card then it speaks to bigger issues about your train if thought. nothing against Foles i even said he may have a great career. this is more about me rooting against Eagles fans at this point. im sick of the eagles nation and i cannot root for the team, city, or fans. with that said i will leave this site, find a redskins blog, and ill be back on Sunday after the Eagles lose 6 straight. Haha in advance. im with Marcus Vick. watch Vick go to another team and like so many Eagles before him hell be an all star.

  • I’m approaching the draft with the mindset that Herremanss, Peters and Kelce will be back. All quality O-linemen. However, theses safeties are garbage. That needs to be fixed immediately. The cornerback spot is also a weakness now.

    1st round possibilities- CB Dee Milliner (Alabama) Johnathan Banks (Miss. St.) Safety Eric Reid (LSU)

    2nd round-Strong Safety Matt Elam (Florida) Shawn Williams (Georgia) Bacarri Rambo (Georgia) Tony Jefferson (Oklahoma).

    Our backfield is poor due to lack of talent, our O line is patchwork poor due to injuries. It’s time to fix the d backs. I’d draft linemen in rounds 4-7 and get a tall strong side linebacker in the third round and put Mike Kendricks on the weakside.

  • Don’t let the door hit you Eaglesinoak. No one has time for a holier than thou stereotyping troll in here anyways.

  • Mike Vick will get a backup contract offer but not starter money on the open free agent market, unfair yes but he is a red flag player still and on his final Goodell imposes chance

  • “don’t over complicate things” translation agree with me and use smaller words!

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