• May 19, 2022

Report: Eagles GM Howie Roseman Hindering Eagles Coach Search

CBSSports.com reporter Jason La Canfora wrote an article which went after the jugular of Eagles GM Howie Roseman.  He blamed Roseman for many of the mistakes which were made during Andy Reid’s tenure with the Birds in addition to accusing him of hurting the Eagles chances of signing a new head coach.

He hammered Roseman for hurting the reputation of the Eagles throughout the NFL.  La Canfora says there people throughout the NFL who have counseled some of the Birds head coaching candidates not to come to Philadelphia because of Roseman’s power in the Eagles organization.

You’ve got to check this article out for yourself.

There have also been reports that the Eagles interviewed former Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt, today.  They are also expected to interview, Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, today.



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    The Eagles interviewed former Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt for their head-coaching vacancy Monday.
    The wheel goes round and round. The Eagles’ search is long past desperate, though Whisenhunt wouldn’t be a terrible get at this stage in the game. However, we doubt he’s the favorite, or that owner Jeffrey Lurie and GM Howie Roseman are done turning up new candidates in their thus far futile attempt to replace Andy Reid.


    so I guess Chicago, Arizona, San Diego and whoever else does not currently have a head coach are now desperate?

    Fuckin idiots. They were/are waiting for their guy to get eliminated from the playoffs.

  • Bradley was not their first choice, he may be their fourth, but this article rehashes what many have been saying here, baby howie is a tough sell to coaching prospects, generally, maybe Bradley can deal with it and/ or he covets the nfl, but these successful college coaches have it too good to enter here, especially what appears to be a dysfunctional front office, unqualified general manager

  • So Reuben Frank says Roseman isn’t an issue but this guy lays all blame on Howie. I will bet anyone 100 bucks the source for this interview was Andy Reid. I keep saying that NFL coaches are a tight fraternity and the word is out on Howie. Three blind mice indeed.

    • @Biglion821
      Doubt it was Reid; sounds more like Banner. Funny how Cleveland gets a coach and now the anonymous negative quotes about the Eagles start…hmmmm, interesting.

    • Big, Fat Blubben, is a complete, corporate stooge, who one minute is a Reid supporter, the next minute, he’s running him out of town, One minute, he was praising Wood teeth Banner, for being a so-called Salary cap genius, the next minute throwing him under the bus, for being the main problem of the organizations woes! The media that follows our Football team, don’t have any balls, brains, nor a clue, of whats going on! I’m NO LaConfora fan, nor supporter, but he has more sources, friends, & insiders, than Blubben has Michelin tires! I wish these nitwits, would just use common sense, their brains & eyes, to see that all of Banner, Hindenburg & Roseman, were/ are incompetent, flawed, & Banner & Roseman, have ZERO background, or Football acumen, ZERO!!!! GOLD STANDARD, BABBBY!!!! I’ve been saying since 2 weeks ago, that Roseman, is the holdup! Gruden hasn’t taken the job, because of it. 3 weeks, no coach! They keep waiting, there aren’t going to be any good coordinators, to fill out the next HC’s staff, unless we go ALL wet behind the ears! I wouldn’t be opposed to Bradley, but I’d rather have Billick, or Gruden, with Lovie as our DC, & Norv/ Childress, as our OC. Just a thought.

  • The La Canfora article, may, or may not, be true. I do not know.

    What I do know is that so far, Doug Marrone, Rob Chudsomething, and Andy Reid have been hired.

    Would anyone on here have been upset a month ago if told these were going to be the first hires? I figure 2/3s of us would have never even heard of Chudsomething or Marrone 2 months ago (I had heard of Marrone because Syracuse is the closest major US sports uni and we get news – but I didn’t know he was a NFL head coaching prospect – in fact, all I can think is poor Bills….have to go schlepping to Syracuse to find a coach……now that’s pretty sad)

    So right now I am still not concerned at all.

  • I guess when Howie let Reuben Frank break the story about the Birds interviewing Brian Belick poor little Jason got sore.

    It would be much more believable if he said what coaches turned down offers from the Eagles. Two of the college coaches said they were never offered the job, and the third has not said anything.

    Here’s a tip – When you start to hear that coaches refused to be interviewed by the Eagles, that’s when you begin to worry. Because guys don’t go to interviews for jobs that they don’t want.

    • Irish that works both ways if your doing due diligence why would anyone turn down an interview?

      • Ahh.. because you are not interested in the job? Because your good friend told you not to take a job with the Eagles?

        Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think I would go sit for 8-9 hours with some owner if I had no interest in his his job offer. Have you ever interviewed for a job that you didn’t want, when you current job was secure?

        • Again that works both ways why would you interview someone for hours your not going to hire?

          • If you have a job opening and you interview someone there is always the chance that they might impress you enough to consider hiring them. There is also a possibility that they will not impress you, but they might have some other insights that are valuable to you.

            But if what La Canfora is saying is true – if people throughout the NFL have counseled head coaching candidates not to come to Philadelphia – then I don’t believe those candidates would agree to interview with the Eagles, if the intended to follow that counsel.

            I DO believe that there are people who would not come to Philly to coach the Eagles, but I DON’T believe they would agree to an interview.

  • What coach did the Eagles interview so far that after interviewing went and got hired by another team? answer, no one! These reporters dont have a clue.

    • Exactly.

  • Like I said before the media don’t like the Eagles because they don’t tell them shit you can believe everything you hear that’s the same reporter that said Chip Kelly was a done deal in Cleveland.

  • How are the desperate please explain they interviewed as many candidates as the other teams

  • Or better yet – Here’s my list of top HC for the Eagles:

    1- Mike McCoy
    2- Gus Bradley
    3- Geep Chryst
    4- Greg Roman
    5- Jon Gruden

    When some of these guys get other jobs, that’s when I’ll worry.

    • McCoy is gone , Roman will be in Jacksonville, Chyrst needs a vowel but I am okay with Bradley or Gruden.

      • Where did McCoy go? He might be still out there getting ready to come to Philly for his second interview at the end of the week.

        • Word is that Cardinals are going hard after him with an Offer..

          • Is that the same ‘word” that had Reid going to the Cardinals?

      • Lol!! Biggie, Chryst would also make a good Offensive Coordinator, for Gus Bradley, as he played a role in developing Colin Kapernick.

  • I don’t believe MIke McCoy has the mental makeup to work in Philly…
    He seems a little passive and weak personality wise from what I have read about the guy..I think he will end up with the Cardinals to work on their Offense and develop a QB.. They could be looking at QB Geno SMith or Matt Barkely with their 1st Rd Pick

  • I just want a tough coach to put these bitches in check. Would love to have a young Dick Vermeil style coach. And as for Howie “Pee wee” Roseman…i give him 1 more yr. If he doesn’t get it right with this 2013 draft class then he’s out

  • From what I’ve read about McCoy, I hear the same thing. This article is pure speculation. I don’t put much credence into it. I think the eagles are doing their due diligence on the coaches, since they were spurned by the college ranks.

  • We can all have our opinions about the legitimacy and accuracy of the article but…. the consensus of the posters on this site have questioned the capability of Roseman in that job regardless of what “The Producer” tells us in his press conferences.

    I think Howie is all excited playing with the big boys and he wants to show off his managerial skill set, which is lacking, to prove he is next boy wonder of the NFL. There is a lot on the “boy genius’ plate and he is a little overwhelmed. You can say what you want about his diligence in interviewing everyone in the league and he is not shy about putting the names out there whether they received actual interviews or not but I keep asking my self this question.

    Why NO NEWS at all on whether they did or did not interview the Niners Greg Roman or Vic Fangio? Like I said the organization has been name dropping every one in the league. I think common sense dictates they would have talked to these guys right? OR did both Fangio and Roman say no way to working for Roseman? And if they said no how come the Eagles have not reported that. Wouldn’t logic dictate that you would talk to two assistant coaches whose team is in the NFC title game? WHat about GB with Clements or McAdoo. They talked to Bradley. Wouldn’t your due diligence at the minimum be each team that is in the playoffs instead of three college coaches and retreads.

    Next up for Howie how to screw this draft in 3 easy steps.

    • I’ve read that Fangio is not looking for a HC POsition or to leave the Bay Area
      and uproot his Family.. He loves the 49ers, his job and his Players and is quite happy what he’s doing which may be a reason that he name has not been linked to any other Team too…
      Now Greg Roman is a different Story, who dos has asprations to become HC and appears to be heading to Jacksonille to join his close friend, college roomate who just took the GM Position for the Jagaurs and has young QB Gabbert & Henne to at least work with staarting out plus the 2nd Overall Pick…

      • Vic Fangio is a guy from Scranton Pa. He’s not to tied to the west coast. You have stated this from David Shaw to Vic Fangio.

    • Vic Fangio, Greg Roman can’t interview until next week.

      • Irish,
        They could have interviewed them during their bye week like they did with Atlanta.

        • Yeah , but they were busy that week wasting time on the NCAA guys.

          The Eagles made it clear early on that they had an interest in Greg Roman who is from Ventnor, NJ and was the offensive coordinator at Holy Spirit high school in Absecon, NJ not long ago. So, they could still interview him…

    • Yes, I think they will have a convo with the guys from the packers. Did we know that they had interviewed Wisenhunt today, until he already had? We learned they interviewed Billick, a week later.

      I don’t believe that a OC making a million per year is going to turn down a job worth at minimum 4 million per year, in a major media market, and for all intensive purposes, a good owner. Howie Roaeman is not that scary.

      • Frank,

        I don’t think they look at Howie as being scary as much as they think incompetency.

        • I didn’t mean scary as an intimidating figure. I meant it as scary to work for due to being incompetent.

  • Any time the Birds extend themselves to Billick, what does that tell you? No one is interested in Roseman’s vision for Philly. There seems to be enough qualified candidates saying, no way. Chip Kelly, Brian Kelly, Bill O’Brien …etc. This process will hinder the Birds going forward! They will probably end up with some yes man anxious to become an NFL HC.

  • If the Eagles hire Gus Bradley, is everyone still going to say nobody wants to work in Philly and that the Eagles’ FO is clueless?

    • If he doesn’t does that mean nobody wants the job and they are clueless

      • Not necessarily. But what candidate that Eagles fans wanted decided not come here? I can’t think if any. So lets all just the process unfold. At the end of the day, all of the candidates are better than the same shit we’ve dealt with for the past 8 years.

  • Who is you favorite candidate Keith? Has he been hired by another team?

  • G, keep your eyes open for us man, something really stinks here. Even the national media are opining that we don’t know what the heck we’re doing… Could this REALLY be the case??? If so Reid might be the lucky one. Maybe all of his “I need to do a better job” really could have been translated as “get me outta here, these front office guys are all dopes…”

    • And given the fact that he had a new job only two days after he got fired, with all the power he got, hired his own GM rearrange the entire FO etc…I hope this is all just nfl teams throwing out info to discredit the birds to help them get the coach. Unbelievable!

  • Perhaps there’s another way to look at this.

    The common feeling out there seems to be that potential coaches are rejecting the Eagles (I don;t really believe this – just seems to be the #1 narrative out there right now).

    But perhaps these candidates are underwhelming. Fact is Lovie, Wisenhunt, Ariens, McCoy….they’ve each been interviewed by ultiple teams…..and yet none of them have been hired.

    I hear plenty of talk about teams “going hard” after this guy or that guy….but the fact remains none of them have been hired by anyone.

    Maybe these guys just aren’t impressing in any of their interviews…..

  • Just Reported!

    Les Bowen and Reuben Frank are on DNL as I type and Les Bowen stated. Jason La Canfora called Howie Roseman to ask him if Ken Whisenhunt had interviewed with the Eagles. Howie declined to confirm it. Later that day Reuben Frank broke the story about the interview. Jason La Canfora the next day wrote the story about Howie without quoting one source as retaliation. Now DNL has just confirmed Adam Shefter from ESPN has talked to Chip Kelley and a few other canidates that the Eagles have interviewed and they all said it was a great interview and they thought Howie did a great job. Jason La Canfora made this whole story up.

    • I think we are at the point where you can’t believe any of it. I’m taking a nap and waking up when pitchers and catchers report. It’s all bs… None of their candidates have signed anywhere else. We did miss out on chudzinsky which we are all pissed about

    • Too funny — a competent GM would have known not to aggravate a Major NFL Head Honcho like Jason LaCanfora but Howie
      has been living in a bubble of Lurie Lemming brethren Lurie stooges: Greg Cosell, Howard Eskin, Reuban Frank, Adam Caplan who all wish to still be invited to the Lurie’s Kosher Deli luncheon

      • to believe Bowen and Frank on DNL you would have to conclude CBS allows its staff to use their platform to vent personal vendettas, and unless Bowen and Frank want to write a Story vilifying CBSsport.com for that I believe La Canfora and believe Bowen and Frank want to continue to kiss lurie and roseman’s butt

  • we are the gold standard of coaching interviewers !

  • Once again the emperor wears no clothes.This organizations voice is and will forever be Jeffrey ,he’s the scapegoat not howie rosebud.

  • In Gus We Trust.

    • Howard Eskin just reported Gus Bradley cerebral intelligence was underwhelming and is not a serious candidate on Fox 29 News
      and he is so far up Jeffery’s butt I would conclude Gus is out

      • I believe it. If Gus was thier guy and they loved him and this and that. He would be hired. He would of been in town today, they wouldnt be interviewing anyone else. If you want something so bad you wouldnt wait and take the chance of losing it.

      • More than likely E0S’s report is a straight up lie. Don’t ever believe a Giants fan. He would love for the Eagles not to hire Bradley, just so the Giants can avoid another string of tail kickings.

        • Nobody nationally or locally has reported anything negative about Bradley except E0S……….DOESN’T SURPRISE ME….

  • La Canforia just made Howie’s pee pee shrink today
    LOL — how many consolatory texts did Howie’s phone receive today LMFAO

  • Irish Eagle- My choice for Eagles HC is Nick Saban. Unfortunately, he’s making to much paper at Bama. He would never leave that talent base!

  • I wonder what test they gave Bradley to score his “cerebral intelligence”? Then it begs the question did Andy Reid score high on his “cerebral intelligence” test and that’s why he was hired. Funny if he did score high I bet he still failed the time management section and the game adjustment section and the game challenge section and the talent evaluation section and last but not least he never did win that SB. Eskin is an idiot. Cerebral Intelligence! Something Eskin lacks. He was Reid’s primary boot licking sycophant.

  • This entire story was garbage. I won’t even address it any further.. But as for the Eagles..

    **Eagles News**

    Hearing that the Head Coach could be named as early as this week unless they plan to interview Vic Fangio or Greg Roman, if that is the case they ll have to wait awhile.
    Hearing that the “Surprise guy” mentioned a few days ago was Ken Whisenhunt.

    My Thoughts: If we think about it, its relatively early to hire a coach. Coaches dont usually get hired until late January. So its no time to panic. Gus Bradley seems to be in the lead for the HC position and I like that but the Eagles are good for surprises so who knows what can happen this week. But Id be shocked if Gus Bradley isnt named the next head coach, especially from what Im hearing from my sources.

  • La Canforia comments were not factless. The Eagles head coaching position is not an attracted job as previously viewed. Remember, this franchise won more games in Reid’s tenure than most NFL teams, notwithstanding the last two seasons. My concerns with Philly were the wide 9 and Mudd’s blocking scheme. They introduced a scheme for a pocket QB, which excluded Vick. The wide 9 worked for Tennessee, due mainly to their DT’s and Linebacking core. The Eagles defense was predicated on speed and quickness. There is not a coach available that can fix the Eagles problems. It all starts in their front office. When preparing to do battle, I want to choose the guys I’m battling with. Roseman doesn’t want to give that up!

  • I don’t care for Wisenhut, he had 4 Years at Arizona and never fixed their Offense, their QB and OL situation in particular, in fact their QB and OL are in worse shape now then he was named the Cardinals HC a few Years back
    Had bust top picks at RB as well
    Now their DC (Ray Horton Jr) has done a nice job with the Cardinal Defense and would be worth interviewing, but stay away from Wisenhut
    I rather have Billick or Lovue Smith or even Mike Nolan over him

  • I Wouldn’t say panic is the word. It seems to be there scattered approach to the interview process. When Lurie held his press conference he said that he had a definite list of candidates. Were ALL of these people on their list. It just gives the appearance that the front office is disorganized and then coaching candidates may think the same way.

    I would have started out interviewing all of the retreads first.(Gruden,Billick etc.)
    They did not have to wait for their teams to finish playing .Then I would have interviewed any coach that was on my “definitive list” whose season was over already.(Whisenhunt. I mean why is he being interviewed now?)
    Next would have been any one on the list whose teams had bye weeks the first week of the playoffs. Next would have been any college coaches. They had completed bowl seasons. Then teams who got eliminated along the way.

    It appears after their cocktail hour each night they get their crib notes out and review if they missed anyone that they would like to talk too.The next day there is a report “The Eagles are talking to FILL IN THE BLANK. It’s just laughable.

  • These clowns will frig this up good! This howeird rosewoman dont know his ass from a hole in the ground. These jerkoffs are screwin this one good.Obvious lotta guys dont want to come here with a 37 yr old nobody telling them how to run this team. The fool dont know nothing about the game never played it, never seen it, wouldnt know it if it fell on his head. Get Gus in here and start kickin some ass!

  • This coaching meri-go-round that NFL teams play makes no sense. Why the Eagles think that another NFL team’s cast off will be better than what we had is beyond me. Don’t get me wrong, Andy had to go, but now we’re looking at Whisenhunt?? I’d have made damn sure I had a BETTER replacement for Andy before I pulled the trigger.

  • **More News**

    Gus Bradley to have a second interview with the Eagles and possibly the Chargers.

    My Thoughts: Should the Eagles even interview him a second time? Is it even necessary? I guess, just so they can iron everything out, especially being that he was last interviewed just before the biggest game of his coaching career thus far. Alot of distractions.. Again, Id be surprised if Gus is not the guy at this point..

  • Whoever is saying Bradley is stupid is a f ing moron on here……if the eagles didn’t like him then why does he have a 2nd interview setup?????

    Some of you have Paulmanitis….retarded disease like Paulman

  • McCoy to the Chargers – he wants to work with Rivers

  • McCoy wants West Coast ( Chargers or Cardinals) as I stated 2 weeks ago

  • The Chargers are really high on Gus, Eagles may be in a battle with the Chargers for him. We can only hope the Chargers pick McCoy..

  • Frank22
    January 14, 2013 – 6:06 pm

    Vic Fangio is a guy from Scranton Pa. He’s not to tied to the west coast. You have stated this from David Shaw to Vic Fangio.

    Frank22: let me say something here, on the lighter side…

    You ever spend time in San Francisco?

    I lived there for a little bit, back in the 1970s.

    Now, San Francisco is one of the most amazing cities on earth, almost mystical in it’s vibes and beauty…Location?…Un-really beautiful.

    When I first go there, my buddy take me to a little Italian joint right across the street from the old Kezar Stadium, where the 49ers used to play…Go in, pictures of all the OLS 49ers on the wall: John Brodie, Ollie Matson etc…Best fucking pizza pie in the world, Italian tomato pie, brick oven…Better than anything in Philly, even the old Italian joints like Marras and Taconelli’s…San Francisco AND going North, Marin County and Napa Valley have MANY ITALIANS…I been to Scranton too, and there are Italians there, but. let me tell you, I don’t care if Fangio have relatives there: Bay Area is just special, and although it costs a pretty penny to live there comfortably, Fangio have a steardy job, make BEAUCOUP bucks with Niners, and I guarantee will not come back here…And Bay Area have much more to offer than just Italians!

    In any case, this journalist (some consider them the lowest life form) have a cross hair for Rosenbloom/Baum, but there may be a little bit of truth in what he says, i.e. that Howie doesn’t have a good rep in the NFL, or among coaches…Howie, like Banner, is a bean counter, only he plays ‘fantasy football’ too, with Lurie’s money, also…|—-)

    • I have spent some time there also(minimal). It’s a great, great city. I am eluding to the money factor. No matter how beautiful San Fran is, money talks. If the salary is a difference of 3 million, I’m out!

      • And since you have been to Scranton, you can attest that it’s no San Fran. I did enjoy the trip down memory lane also.

  • Confirmed. The Eagles will interview Gus Bradley again Tomorrow. Things are starting to pick up, Gus could be named the HC this week (As I mentioned earlier)

  • If your not on the Gus bus yet, its still some time.. May be named our new HC this week. Woe.. Wow.. lol.. Who saw this coming? Gus Bradley..

  • As I mentioned, Gus blew them away on the 1st interview this past Saturday, so with Seattle losing tis past weekend, the Eagles couldnt wait to bring him back and thats what they are gonna do tomorrow.. This is the guy..

  • Round two with Gus tomorrow let’s get er done. Just tell him to leave that 30 second defense in Atlanta and everything will be okay.

  • Hearing that Jeff Lurie is being very aggressive getting Gus Bradley in from Seattle for another interview. He sent a private plane to pick Gus up.. Hes the guy..

  • DO YOUR JOB!!!!!

  • Only thing worse than today’s journalists: ‘sports bloggers’…

    But, at least bloggers don’t get paid…It’s just a hobby!

    ESPN now offers this mandatory journalism course for it’s ‘internees’: ‘We Deal in Facts, Not the Truth’.

    Informed of such by an ESPN internee in Bristol, CT 2011.

  • DO YOUR JOB!!! We got a chance on 3rd down you seen it high all F***ing week play the F***ing high I tell ya its 35, trip, z-end short damn it high! DO YOU JOB!!!


    gotta love it.

    • Great sound bite but he should have done that end of game Sunday they might be still playing.

  • gonna be great going from

    “I gotta do a better job”


    “do your job”!!!!!

  • Where is the credibility of your story that Gus Bradley didn’t impress the Eagles Eagles0Superbowls.?………You talk about Paul, and Jon Hart, posting garbage, what do you think about what your refuse yesterday…You don’t have a leg to stand on, to criticize anyone…..shut your mouth Jabronie….

  • Gus bradley was in Tampa under gruden.. If we do decide to hire him we need a good offensive coordinator

  • Howard Eskin just twitted that Gus is coming to finalize a deal, according to his sources.

    For what that’s worth….

    • I hope this is real put us all out of our misery and I guess we found someone that will work with Howie huh.

  • For Gus to be coming back in to hopefully be our next coach, he probably has a staff together, i wonder who his O Coord is gonna be?

    • Ben McAdoo, Green Bay QB Coach, Joe Lombardi Saints QB Coach, or Geep Chryst 49ers QB Coach

  • Just let this man do his job, he has built one hellava defense in Seattle so let’s give him time to build one here. Let’s see if he can get a staff together especially QB coach to work with Foles. Does anyone out there think he can pry Flynn away from Seattle? Russell Wilson isn’t going anywhere and ole Flynn might be too expensive to be a back up. If he is truly the guy DRC won’t be back and Nate Allen may have a tough time making this roster. No more soft allergic to contact defensive players that’s for sure!!!

  • ***Howard Eskin reporting- Bradley coming today, to sign a contract, not interview.*** Looks like a done deal boys! Could have been a worse decision, I guess. Let’s see who his staff will be! Like his fire, & choice in players. He is just we need to put a foot in this defenses, quitting, mutt @$$e$!

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