• July 1, 2022

Draft Analyst Goes After Geno Smith

GenoSmith15Pro Football Weekly draft analyst Nolan Nawrocki went after Cam Newton a couple of years ago and called him a fraud.  Now he’s going after West Virginia’s Geno Smith.  We all know that we all have our opinions.  You can’t deny anybody their own opinion.

Here’s what he wrote about Newton a couple of years ago.

“Very disingenuous — has a fake smile, comes off as very scripted and has a selfish, me-first makeup,” Nawrocki wrote.  “Always knows where the cameras are and plays to them.  Has an enormous ego with a sense of entitlement that continually invites trouble and makes him believe he is above the law — does not command respect from teammates and will always struggle to win a locker room . . . .  Lacks accountability, focus and trustworthiness — is not punctual, seeks shortcuts and sets a bad example.  Immature and has had issues with authority.  Not dependable.”

This analyst never met Newton yet he had all of this to say about him.  Newton was the first pick in the draft in 2011 and set a number of rookie records as a rookie quarterback for the Carolina Panthers a couple of years ago.

There are no perfect players.  You can find something to question about every player.  I’m not vouching for Smith or saying he’ll be a great NFL quarterback, but he’s shown much more initiative in just preparing for his Pro Day than Nawrocki gives him credit for.

Nawrocki writes – “Not a student of the game. Nonchalant field presence — does not command respect from teammates and cannot inspire. Mild practice demeanor — no urgency. Not committed or focused — marginal work ethic. Interviewed poorly at the Combine and did not show an understanding of concepts on the white board.”

How did impress Ron Jaworski, who knows more about the quarterback position than Nawrocki?  How did he impress these coaches, who were drilling him about every part of the game, if he doesn’t even care about the game?  To me that’s very hard to believe.

There’s no wrong questioning a guy but you should be fair.

Here’s Nawrocki on Geno Smith – “Started the season red-hot with the help of two playmaking receivers and created a national stir generating a lot of overexcitement in the scouting community. Quickly came down to earth after Kansas State disguised coverages and brought pressure he could not handle and he finished dropping six of his final eight games. A cross between Akili Smith and Aaron Brooks, Smith is a gimmick, overhyped product of the system lacking the football savvy, work habits and focus to cement a starting job and could drain energy from a QB room. Will be overdrafted and struggle to produce against NFL defensive complexities.”

Now on Matt Barkley – A cool, confident, rhythm passer who suffered as a senior behind a leaky, injured offensive line that left little time to throw. Looked much more comfortable as a junior with an elite left tackle. Is slow-footed and could be more prone to injury in the pros and take some time to adapt to live NFL bullets. Leadership traits, strength of character and football IQ will allow to operate at a high level in a play-action passing game with a clean pocket and a talented cast of receivers. Can become a very solid NFL starter and thrive with a strong supporting cast. A cross between Drew Brees and Colt McCoy.

I have one observation which I think shows Nawrocki was just out to be negative about Smith and give Barkley a break.  He writes about how West Virginia under Smith’s leadership lost six of their final eight games after a fast start.

He fails to mention that USC was ranked #1 to start the college football season but was totally undressed under Barkley’s leadership.  He was throwing the ball to two future NFL wide receivers in Robert Woods and Marqise Lee.  I think that USC squad was the second team EVER to begin the season ranked #1, but finish unranked.  Yet Nawrocki doesn’t even mention how USC’s season fell apart with Barkley at the controls.

This is the kind of analysis which you throw in the garbage.


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  • Agreed. Also, why does he (and others) automatically compare black quarter back Geno Smith to black quarterbacks Aaron Brooks and Akili Smith and then of course compare white quarterback Matt Barkley to white quarterbacks Drew Brees and Colt McCoy? There have been plenty of sorry white quarterbacks if he wanted to say Geno won’t be any good.

  • Nawrocki connecting dots to black guys, why? Geno’s came might mirror that of former Texas Tech big number guys ( G Harrell or Kingsbury ) and former Houston Couger QB’s ( Keenum or Kolb ) not Cam, Brooks or Akili.

  • He’s comparing him to Akili with the “student of the game” comments. Akili had to be taught his plays with checkers after he entered the NFL because he coudn’t read the playbook…or at least understand it. Coaches had him move the checkers on a game board.

    Good thing the Birds didn’t pick him (remember he was on the radar!) and took McNabb instead.

    So not a great comparison.

  • Why does this Nawrocki guy have a job? USC was the classic case of a bunch of entitled under achievers starting with the QB but he goes after Geno Smith but its nothing personal right? Not a student of the game but everybody else says he understands the game just fine.

  • I would take Matt Barkley over Geno Smith any day of the week. I could only imagine what Barkley could do with a soils offensive line. But we have a QB named Nick Foles. Enough with the QB talk and let’s focus on this miserable offensive line and make that our priority..

    • Ah yes and if West Virginia could play defense Geno Smith would have won the Heisman trophy. Barkley is a back up Foles is a back up so I can understand how that impresses you.

  • A cross between a Drew Brees and Colt McCoy.. What does the hell that mean ???.. Brees is a probably a Hall of Famer QB and Colt McCoy probably won’t start another NFL Game as long as there are no injuries to the Starting QB that he is backing up for ..
    I compare Matt Barkely to a Matt Hasselback, Christian Ponder< Ryan Fitzpatrick or even a Kevin Kolb Type which is a Rhythmic, Accurate thrower with a quick release, but lacks the down the field big play arm and is not going to make any plays with his legs to extend plays or escape pressure and becomes gun shy after gettting hit a few times.. I don't like Barkley's Prospects at all at the NFL Level besides being a Back-Up ..

    • That comparison is called covering your bases paulman. LOL

      • This guy (Nawrocki) is worse than I am .. Good Grief..

        • Paul whenever I get pissed at you…you end up writing a mea culpa that you recognize you throw a bunch of bullshit out… You are doing it on a meaningless blog and these cats are actually getting paid for their ridiculous analysis…so in that case mea culpa on my part…

          • That is sad cigar, this Nawrocki publishes that crap and gets paid for it. Must be nice never having to say your sorry.

          • What are you talking about HAC..
            When have I ever pissed you off or ever made stuff up….

            • It’s the way of the world.. Pman with his bizarre ramblings could replace Nawrocki superbly!
              I don’t even watch espn talking heads anymore they make crap up

  • Wait so whoever this guy is basically called Cam an immature head-case and since Cam has been in the league all he has shown in regard to intangibles is that he is an immature head-case. Im not saying I like the guy, I don’t even know who he is but he wasn’t exactly wrong whether you like him or not.

    • There’s no doubt that Cam Newton has some maturing to do and I have read the criticism’s since he was Drafted.. We have to remebver that he’s only 23 Years old and he did show signs of stepping up his Maturity,Leadership and being a Team player as the Panthers Senason went on last year after a rough start..I believe things came a little too easy for him his Rookie Year.. This year, (his 3rd Season) will be critical to his Future on whether he makes the jump of becoming a True Leader or just another Talented Player in the NFL who plays well on occasion, but does not entirely seem committed 100% to do what is needed to lead his Team in Victory.. I expect Cam Newton to take another step in becoming a Top 8-10 QB in the NFL.. He has the Tools no doubt, it’s keeping his focus,discipline and emotions in check over a course of a game tha the needs to improve on..

    • agreed.

    • haha…yea I hate Cam’s body language at times…I agree with you Pheags..But talent wise Cam is a beast the only thing holding him back in my opinion is his attitude…But in regards to Geno Smith, this cat Nawrocki gives credit to everything and everyone other than Smith…and excuses Barkley because of a struggling O Line…Honestly, I haven’t watched enough of Geno or Matt to make an honest comparison.but it just doesn’t seem like a balanced evaluation in my opinion.

      • RT, There are definitely arguments for both. Even tho Geno got to play with Austin, Barkley also had the luxury of having some of the best WR corps in college football. he should have done much better throwing to those guys. They both had miserable defenses this year. Geno def had the better Oline tho. But regardless, I just see this QB class being much more closer to the likes of the 2007 draft class where you had Russell, McCoy, Kolb, Edwards. Which is why I want no parts of it.
        I think the league as well has told us what they think of Geno and Barkley. If people thought they were possible SB caliber Qbs you wouldn’t have trades involving Smith, Flynn, and soon to be Palmer.

  • .hahaha yea cross between Brees and McCoy I got a chuckle out of that one too!

  • There is no need to go there as a draft guru, or whatever he is, all you need to know about geno smith is what he’s shown on the field, he showed very poorly against Syracuse , two safeties, flustered in pocket, now since he ran a monster 40 and it’s draft time where there is a shortage of good looking qbs, it’s what gcobb called on the radio today, the 2-10, 10-2 rule, as closing time approaches the dog you saw earlier at the bar now all of a sudden looks like hot, but after your beer goggles wear off your wife at home is much better looking, foles

  • And I don’t get why people cry about the whole comparing players thing. When people compare these college prospects they do it based mostly on their pure physical abilities like strength, height, arm strength, speed etc. It shouldn’t be inferred as being racist. I think you are wrong EOS by using just stats since stats are more about who is around you on a team. When its about pure physical abilities, which these comparisons are predominately about, it usually just happens to come out to the same race in most occasions, it just is what it is and it shouldn’t be considered a big deal.

    For example, look at Mathiue from LSU. Are people going to cry about him not being compared to John Lynch or even quality up and coming player like Harrison Smith? It just doesn’t work. You would compare Mathiue to a guy like Bob Sanders or FInnegan because thats whats reasonable based on their physical abilities. It just is what it is and it shouldn’t be assumed as being wrong. The reason Barkley is compared to McCoy or even a Brees is because they both had the same question marks in regard to arm strength. Many people have said Barkley can’t play in the NFL due to his arm which is exactly what McCoy went through, I also wouldn’t be surprised if Barkley turns out to be a failure on the NFL either. Comparing Geno to a guy like Aaron Brooks isn’t that far off base for me either. NFL.com actually compared Geno to Brooks as well. NFL.com also actually had a similar analysis to geno as this guy had and many other guys around the league have questioned Geno’s leadership abilities. Nothing new about it. So I don’t get the crying about how its wrong all of a sudden.

    Personally, I don’t want Geno, Barkley or any other QB in this class. However, I wouldn’t be pissed if we got Geno with our 2nd round pick or if we had a mid to late first. But 4 overall you have to be fucking kidding me…He played well against terrible teams like Marshall or James MAdison. But when he played the good competition he was nothing special and folded. Thats not top 4 draft qualities to me. If Geno or Barkley played in SEC they would be viewed as a 2-3rd round prospect.

    • pheagss88 –I was using the similar offense Geno Smith, Kolb, Harrell, Kingsbury played in as a comparison — no one has yet been able to duplicate their college success in that offense into playoff wins or pro bowl awards —— i would like to read an article why Geno’s draft prospects has elevated himself ahead of those QB who put up similar friendly stats but did not succeed in the NFL

  • **Other NFL News***
    Raiders signed Free-Agnet CB Tracy Porter to a 1 Year Deal ($2.5 Million)
    Redskins re-signed CB DeAngelo Hall to a 1 Year deal after releasing him with his original more expensive deal from earlier this Off-Season
    Bengales Re-Sign CB Terrance Newman to a 2 Year $5 Million Deal.
    Colts sign Free-Agent WR Darius Heyward-Bey to a 1 Year Deal with a $1.5 Million SIgning Bonus and expects to see a lot of Playing time behind Starters Reggie Wayne and TY Hilton for the Colts . This could be a low risk-high reward for a Team that is on the move and this could be Heyward_bey’s last real shot of becoming a consistent and productive NFL WR.. He has teh Talent and now with the Colts Offense nad Luck throwing the ball, he could be primed for a big season and will most likely be matched up on Nickel CB in 3-4 WR Sets that the Colts run.. a Sleeper “Fantasy Pick” for those who are starting to think about your Teams/Rosters next year..

  • geno smith=akili smith….i hope foolish chip kelly drafts him becauser that puts him on the fast track back to college, when things get tough and the players dont buy into his silly high school type attitude, hes gonna run run run back to college, where hes safe

    • I dont get it. I didnt want the guy either but look at what he has done so far…..

      1) we are going to run.
      2) Our players are getting bigger.
      3) we are moving away from the me me me players.

      Lets give the dude a chance. Ill root against the birds when it’s the end of the season and we need a better draft pick (at least I try anyway) but….. maybe he IS the answer.

  • **More NFL News
    Cardinals obtain QB Carson Palmer from the Raiders for a 5th Round Pick in 2013 and a condtional 7th Round Pick in 2014 and do receive a 7th Round Pick in 2013 Drafat from the Riaders
    Palmer has basically quit on 2 Franchises now (Bengals/Raiders and was unwilling to move on his overapid Contracts that he had) buyer beware..
    Apparently the Raiders wanted him to go from $13 Million to $10 Million and he scoffed and refused to.. Now with the Cardinals he will play for $8 Million in 2013.. If a am a cardinals Fan or current Player, I cannot have much confidence in Carson Palmers leadership and committment..
    Now the Cardinals have added QB drew Stanton and Carson Palmer meaning it’s very unlikely they will be in the chse for Geno SMith as I suggested earlier in the week..
    Geno Smith may very well fall quite a ways in the 1st Round as well as Matt Barkely.. I believe the Browns grab Geno Smith him with their #6th Overall Selection in the 1st Round

    • Bruce Arians likes to throw vertical, does Carson have the arm and patience to continually to throw 15-20 yard pass patterns like Roethlisberger and Luck did with an Arian’s offense? Big Ben and Luck take vicious hits hanging in the pocket, will Carson even attempt to play that style? I know Kolb’s body couldn’t which is why I wasn’t surprised he was cut.

  • Man Jason Peters said he’s the number 1 lineman in the NFL, he could have came back and played last year but the team sucked and he’s been 100% healthy since January. And he’s going to start the season at around 320 lbs. So much for him being finished!!!

    • There is not a more competitive and self-motivated OL in the NFL than Jason Peters. He’s extremely motivated to not only come back, but to come back kickin’ ass.. I believe many on the Team and most Fans undervalued his loss last Season and in fact, the Eagles tried 3-4 Players over there which none worked out and I tell you who is the happiest Eagle Player to see Jason Peter’s back and that’s QB M Vick who know can hang in th ePocket and not be looking at who is rushing his ass on his left side like he did all of last Season..
      I have no dout in his return and I know some have voiced their concern, but this is one player who you can take to the Bank as far as energy, committment and striving to play his best.. I wish the Eagles had 52 more Jason Peters Types on their Roster, they are getting there, little by little, which is where you have to start after the too laid back-non confrontational, and overall player coddling style of Coach AR & Company..

  • Jason Peters is far from finished Big821. Funny how some people on here post comments about players and have no clue about what they are talking about. If he stays healthy i believe he will post All Pro type stats. He’s gonna dominate this year..

    • I agree Dman he sounds like a man on a mission.

  • Cam newton sucks, another overhyped bum like geno smith will be

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