• May 19, 2022

Eagles’ Offensive Tackle Jason Peters Arrested For Drag Racing

JasonPeters3Eagles offensive tackle Jason Peters was arrested on Wednesday in Monroe Louisiana, reportedly for drag racing and resisting arrest.

According to the officer who made the arrest, Peters and a another individual took off from a red light at a high rate of speed and appeared to be racing one another.

The car racing Peters pulled over right away, but the five-time Pro Bowler took off at over 100 miles per hour, resulting in a brief chase that ended in the parking lot of a shopping center.

This is the second time in three years that Peters has been arrested, the last incident coming in 2011 when he was allegedly disturbing the peace.

A situation like this might not be enough to warrant discipline from the NFL, but Peters has got to be smarter than this. At 31-years old, isn’t he getting a little old to be involved in incidents like this? This is something you’d expect from a first or second-year player in his early 20’s, not a five-time Pro Bowler that has been in the league for almost a decade.

Denny Basens

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  • Yes Denny, you would think a 31 yr old 5 time pro bowler would get it, but these types of events seem to happen all too often in the NFL. Really in all of sports for that matter. But I will take drag racing over drug related charges any day of the wk

    • Agree 100% there…while what Peters did was certainly dumb…thank goodness it had nothing to do with any kind of drugs or violence.

  • Jason “Stevie Wonder Braids” Peters boy I tell you. Seen him and Fletcher Cox in AC in the Rave around the last week of the season and chopped it up with them. You can tell Peters was out there with Cox like he was his old head lol. Cox told me he wish he could be out there that Sunday but the headaches had his head ringing. lol (yet he was out gambling and rolling with the rollers)

    Its hard for me to judge these guys because I’m not their position. With time and money on your hands and if you are one of the guys without family obligations, who knows what kind of things you can find yourself into. At the end of the day I do not care and hope he does not get suspended and performs on the field because I am an Eagles fan. Other than not wanting to see someone doing bad or in a tough spot do not care about Jason Peters the person only interested in his Sunday/Thursday/Monday performances

  • WTF, is wrong with these athletes? Dude, you are 31 years old, & you’re challenging someone to a drag race! Who is driving a blue sedan! Also, how the F^#@ does Peters big fat @$$, fit in a Camaro? LMMFAO!!!! With this, his disorderly arrest in 2011, missed OTA’s & his double Achilles surgeries, release his @$$! Move the kid to LT, sign Eric Winston to play RT. Save the $$$$, & the headaches! We’re rebuilding anyways, & he should have been gone already!

    • Kind of extreme DCar. I for one don’t think (the kid), is that good, and is as much of a project than most want to believe.

      • gm, it ain’t extreme, it’s being real, with the situation. You know how I feel about the 1st round mistake (Johnson), but Peters should have been 1 of the 1st to be cut. He’s fat, out of shape, 31 years old, set to make $20.5M for the next 2 years, $10.4 this year, & oh, coming off of 2 achilles tears. Now he has 2 arrests & isn’t showing up to team functions. I don’t give a rats @$$, how good he WAS, he is too much of a risk & headache, for a new coach, on a rebuilding team. Move Johnson to LT & sign Winston, for RT. Let them grow 2gether, live & die with them. We ain’t winning anymore than 4-5 games anyways. That’s why Vick & Cole, should also be gone. 3 old, overhyped, overpaid, has-beens, that need to go. PERIOD!

        • I see your point DCar, and we’re here on Lame Johnson. That being said, I’m not cutting Jason Peters until, he proves he can’t play anymore. He could rape a muppet for all I care. I’m not giving up on Jason Peters….

  • Sigh.

    Let’s just hope that whatever punishment comes down is not too severe. Don’t want to start the season off without Peters. That’d just be a mess.

  • If peters is healthy hes the best LT in the league.. you cant just release him.. I actually take this as good news he seems healthy lol.. Very dumb and dangerous though.. I hate street racing

    • YES, you can just release him. His contract has no more bonus $$$$ left to pay, & will have minimal cap repercussions. For further reasons, read above.

  • So peters won the race right?

  • He just got done watching “Fast 6”, so the Officers should give him a break. He was high on adrenaline. LMMFBO!!!! What a f^#@ing @$$clown! Some of these numbnuts, are as dumb as a bag of rocks.

  • And in other news, the country is still in a financial mess; everyday tax paying hard working regular folks still drink too much, kill each other AND DO DUMB SHIT. Get with me when his play falls off from being the best at his position or some other relevant FOOTBALL stuff.

    • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm beer

    • I here you brewski, only athletes do dumb things and get arrested. Let’s get rid of the best left tackle in football because he drives fast cars. Meanwhile damn I’m late for work let me step on it. LOL

  • You’d think a guy with his resources would buy a small track and have his buddies over to race their supercars. Please tell me it was a new Camaro with the corvette engine in it at least!

  • An athlete was arrested? No way I’m Shocked!


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