• September 30, 2022

Notes From The Phillies’ 6-4 Loss To Los Angeles

utleygoneThe Philadelphia Phillies had their two-game winning streak snapped on Thursday night, falling 6-4 to the Dodgers. Their record drops to 38-42.

  • Jonathan Pettibone gave the team a “quality start”, lasting six innings and allowing three runs on four hits. Pettibone did put the team in an instant 3-0 hole in the first inning, but settled down to retire the final 15 batters he faced.
  • Chase Utley went 3-5 with a double and a solo home run.
  • Domonic Brown went 1-4 with a solo shot.
  • Delmon Young went a perfect 4-4, cranking his average up to .250.
  • Ryan Howard posted another 0-for, failing in all four of his at-bats.
  • Ben Revere was back in the leadoff spot, and responded with a three-hit game.
  • As good as the bullpen was last night, they were brutal and cost the team the game tonight.
  • Justin De Fratus suffered his second loss of the season, allowing two runs in just two thirds of an inning. The rookie gave up two hits and two walks.
  • Antonio Bastardo got the final four outs of the game, but also allowed a run himself.

Final Thoughts

I just want to take a little time to talk about the Earth-shattering move that Ruben Amaro made this afternoon.

The Phillies acquired infielder John McDonald, who is batting an impressive .053 (just 2-38 on the season). He’s 38-years old, and supposedly was brought in for his ability to play all of the infield positions and his great leadership abilities.

I’d almost rather they waste the last roster spot on Michael Martinez. Come on Ruben, this is ridiculous. I’m sure John McDonald is a nice guy, but what exactly is he going to bring to the table that’s in any way significant? What, his “leadership”? You mean to tell me that this team can, in any way, be inspired to perform better because of a 38-year old infielder that can’t hit triple digits in his average?

You know, heaven forbid this team try to shake things up by doing something that might actually work. The season is slipping away with every loss, and if this is to be the last hurrah for Charlie Manuel and guys like Chase Utley and Carlos Ruiz, doesn’t the organization owe it to themselves to do all that they can to find some kind of winning combination?

Guys like Darin Ruf at least have a chance to make an impact, but they’re rotting in the minor leagues, and if they’re given a chance this season it won’t be until after the trade deadline when the team has fallen out of contention and sold away some of their key veterans at the trade deadline.

With all due respect to John McDonald, the very idea of trading for a guy like him at this point in this season is a joke.

Denny Basens

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June 28, 2013 2:57 am

Scouts from Detroit, Boston, Texas, Yankmees, Baltimore, were in attendance tonight. My trade proposals, channeling paulman.

Lee to Texas- 3B Olt, RHSP Grimm, OF Mazara.
Crapelbon, Nix & Diekman to Detroit- 3B/OF Mike Castellanos, OFAvisail Garcia, Closer Bruce Randon, LHRP Matt Hoffman.
Chooch, M. Young to Yankmees- SP/RP Vidal Nuno, OF Tyler Austin, RHP Dellin Betances,
Utley to Baltimore- LHP Mike Belfiore, 2B Jonathan Shoop.
Rollins to SF Giants- RHSP Joan Gregorio, OF/IF Juan Perez.

Time to rebuild boys! ASAP!!!!

June 28, 2013 8:27 am

I like all of those moves, but not sure that the Tigers are moving Castellanos now. Dude is straight raking this year. Maybe if Papelboner hadn’t blown so many saves in a row, but not sure now.

June 28, 2013 9:08 am
Reply to  bugsyhawk

bugs, Castellanos is the truth. He’s good, in both the OF & 3B. I read on Bleacher report & heard from Gammons, that Detroit is so desperate for a bonafide Closer & a LH power hitting OF/DH, that they’d include Castellanos, Garcia & Randon, in the right deal. I don’t think he hurt his trade value much. All Closers are nut jobs, & all blow saves. If Detroit made that trade with us, they’re WS favorites. If we had a proactive, creative, smart & able GM, those trades could be pulled off, but I’m not going to hold my breath. We just got Ronald McDonald, to add to the circus. Enough said.

June 28, 2013 9:14 am

I hope you are right man. If that is true they should make that move today. As crappy as pappy is, he is gonna be the best available closer on the market.

June 28, 2013 9:28 am
Reply to  bugsyhawk

Would be nice, but the dingleberry, that’s running the team still thinks we’re a playoff team, & the deluded Penn Grad. President, thinks the fans still give a rats @$$, about the ancient, declined nucleus, & thinks we’d revolt if they them all. I don’t know WTF fans he’s listening to, but mostly all the fans I hear, am listening too, & read about, want all of Utley (except his nut huggers), Rollins, Howard, Ruiz, Crapelbon, & many for Lee, gone ASAP, for the rebuild. All we can do, is hope right now! 8*(

June 28, 2013 9:30 am
Reply to  DCar

*trade them all.*

June 28, 2013 9:33 am

And since when does the front office care about what the fans think? They should be planning to get the team on the path to winning.

June 29, 2013 3:57 am
Reply to  bugsyhawk

bugs, exactly what I was saying. Montgomery is as big of a problem, as Ruin 2morrow.

June 28, 2013 4:48 pm

DCAr is now the “Trade Guru” of GCobb.Com
I am happy up Pass the Torch to such a knowledgeable and passaionate Poster as DCar
In the end, “Some GCobb Posters never die, they just fade away”

June 29, 2013 3:54 am
Reply to  paulman