• June 27, 2022

Notes From The Phillies’ 2-1 Win Over Chicago

040613-lannan-john-600The Phillies won the second game of their double header with the Chicago White Sox on Saturday night, winning in 13 innings 2-1. Their record improves to 47-48.

  • John Lannan was magnificent for his second straight start. Lannan gave the team eight strong innings, allowing just one run on four hits.
  • Lannan’s performance helped lift the rest of his teammates, who seemed emotionally drained after the loss earlier in the day. The offense managed just two runs on five hits in this game.
  • John Mayberry, who was forced into the lineup because Ben Revere broke his foot on the final play of the day game, hit his seventh homer of the year in the seventh inning.
  • The Phillies finally broke the tie in the 13th inning with an RBI single from Michael Young.
  • Young went back to the lead-off spot with Revere out, and went 2-6.
  • The bullpen did an excellent job taking over for Lannan and holding the White Sox down. The relievers combined for five scoreless innings.
  • Luis Garcia pitched the ninth and 10th innings, Justin De Fratus handled the 11th, Jake Diekman got through the 12th, and Joe Savery earned the win after making it through the 13th.

Final Thoughts

Superb pitching bailed the Phillies out in this game.

After failing to seize a chance for victory that the White Sox were just begging them to take in Game 1, the Phillies’ hitters were sleep walking through this game. Luckily for them, John Lannan had another eight-inning performance in him, and the bullpen miraculously had five shutdown innings in them.

The Phillies were fortunate to come away with a split today, but they should have won both. Their failures in the first game still leave a very bitter taste in my mouth.

Losing Ben Revere to a broken foot is going to hurt this team. Revere had been playing out of his mind over the last month. He had finally figured out how to be an effective threat at the top of the order, and he was one of the reasons that the offense was starting to produce a little more consistently. John Mayberry is going to see action everyday now, and while he does bring some extra power to the order, he won’t be able to replace what Revere had been doing for the team.

The Phillies will look to win the series tomorrow afternoon, and finish the homestand with a solid 7-3 record.


Denny Basens

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  • Any news on what we’re looking at for Revere?

  • They are saying he sees a foot specialist Monday. This team seems snake bit. Revere will contend for a batting title during his career

  • I believe Revere will be lost for the Season..
    A break and subsequent surgery will put him out at least 8 weeks
    Which will be mid September so they will probably shut him down
    Unfortunately and has really played well since late May..
    Phils need a win today and Basterdo & Papelbon should be able
    To go if needed, maybe even Cliff Lee for an inning if need be..

  • Its a shame, after a slow start Revere had adjusted from AL to NL and a switch from RF to CF and was being the true lead-off hitter this team needed. I still hope we trade some vets at the deadline and get younger to build around Brown, Revere etc. Maybe this injury forces that move.

  • I don’t understand the give up attitude of many fans. It’s like you are a bunch of quitters. They have a chance to make the playoffs. What competitive person would quit

  • Haveacigar, with the rise of in your face pundits, stats out the arze, the Internet, fantasy leagues, etc. every Tom dick and Harry geek are now frustrated gm wanna bees instead of fans, everyone can do a better job than the current gm, but in the process they lose the best reason for watching your hometown teams, hoping they win, no matter how assembled by whomever, just win

    • They are in it, anybody who doesn’t see that is a moron

  • Phils will be buyers for sure.. No trading off older players
    This is it, they have positioned themselves for a run at not only a WildCard
    Spot (5.5 Games out) with only 4-5 Teams battling for 2 Berths
    (Pirates, Reds, Nationals, Dodgers & Phils) so game on and Phils will attempt to upgrade Bullpen, Maybe CF depending on Revere’s injury..
    They would be foolish to tear it up now after getti g this close
    Do they have weaknesses, he’ll ya, but the Braves are scuffling, Pirates coming back to earth, so why not the Phils..
    Keep Ruf at 1B, maybe spell him with M Young and play Fransden a start or 2 a week.. Phils as a Team lead all MLB in Pinch Hits this Year..
    The key as usual will be if Rollins & Utley can get going.. with D Brown maintaining his great 1st half.. Hamels has pitched great his last 3-4 outings, Lanban and Pettibone have pitched well lately so why not the Phils..
    They need another Lefty big time in Bullpen, when does Stutes return?

  • Theres no give up attitude, it is possible to get younger and still compete at the same time. Gillick was a master at this.

  • Gillick was the master of adding old players (Ibanez, Polanco, Pedro, Lidge, Eyre, Feliz, the big Lefty pinch-hitter whose name escapes me at the moment) etc,etc.. Name us a young Player that Gillick added during his tenure in Phillly
    Don’t let a World Series Championship skew your memory

    • Matt what’s his last name…

      • Matt Stairs..

  • Jayson Werth to name one. Gillick was only here from 2006 -2008 and I was speaking more to his career body of work. I’ll also preface this by saying I’m ok with Amaro and think he’s done more good than bad. But my point was more the 2006 season where Thome was traded, letting Howard play, Abreu was traded, letting Victorino play. Hamels was brought up mid-season, Lieberthal’s playing time was reduced and Chooch began to play more. The team played much better ball in the second half with the youngsters and this was the foundation of the Phils run the past several seasons, where yes, older vets were added to tweak the roster and win a WS. My opinion is that the aging group needs to transition to the new core group of guys, some of which the team currently has in the minors and some would potentially need to be aquired by the trading of vets whose value may never be higher. I do not profess to be a GM, just my opinion.

    • No doubt the Phils need to get Younger and more athketic, but with 75 Games left and probably the last go around for Players like Utley, Chooch, Rollins, M Young, Doc, you may as well ride it out and see if you can make the Post-Season.. This Off-Season will be the time to address the turnover of the aging Core Group.. Now with some Injuries ( Howard/Revere/Doc/Adams)
      and probably a few more over the Summer, some of the Younger Players will get a chance to play , but remember the Phils are in a Plaoff Chase here though many Fans have been a little slow to believe it yet..
      Phils have some big Series with Cardinals & Reds after the All-Star Break to keep their momentum.. If they were 10 games out or more or behind 7-8 other Teams, then I would agree with you 100% but not know, Amaro’s credibility is riding on a strong 2nd half and I believe he will make a move or two to obtain a Relief Pitcher and possibly another CF/OF

    • Young players contributing this year are revere, brown, Pettybone and of course the bullpen and now ruf so what are you talking about?

    • comparing the lieberthal, abreu etc. ‘core’ to the rollins, utley, howard ‘core’ is a little over the top– that core accomplished nothing, brought no leadership or passion to the table, nothing.
      this core is surely on its way out, father time waits for no one. but right now we are in a pennant race– like it or not these are the guys we have– maybe asche for young although youngs professionalism and hitting really helps them but he may get that relief help we need.

  • Have to agree with Cigar here.

    What happens if Ruf continues to hit for the rest of the year? He would become the other corner OF next year. Asche will be up to replace Young or potentially Franco if he keeps hitting. Either way, you have a new 3B plus probably a new 2B, because Utley probably won’t be back. That is Asche (if they rush Franco) or Hernandez. Chooch may be gone to. Although this is a tougher move since Joseph and Valle aren’t hitting in the minors this year. Plus, Biddle will probably pushing to join the rotation as well. At that point the nucleus of the team has already shifted to young players in one year.

  • What I’m talking about is, letting the young guys completely take over, whether in your minors or aquired by trade and see how they play. In the past we’ve added to vets by trading prospects to make a run. I was all for it. Halladay, oswalt, lee, pence, papelbon etc. But we were adding them to a core in their prime, a team perhaps one or two moves from a ws championship. They made their run and came up short. This core is past its prime and even if they made the playoffs, for me, it feels like the sixers two years ago. It was entertaining, but we all knew they could beat the celtics and realistically via for a title and had to be rebuilt. Which here we are two years and no playoffs later, doing just that. I’m not talking about trading for 19 year old kids with upside. I think if your offered a game changer for a lee or papelbon, like profar, bogarts, castellanos you have to do it and add them to your reveres, browns, hamels, biddle etc. Let them gel for the second half of the season, and who knows what could happen. Than next year you can add the vets to your new young core for the next 3 – 5 year run.

  • I see what you are saying, but as they are in the hunt with a weak NL East it is tough to sell off pieces. I agree with you, but this is a tough spot right now.

    Not sure anyone wants Papelboner anymore after he keeps blowing games.
    I think that they could move Young and bring Asche up this season though but even that seems strange if you are competitive.

  • Your right bugs, it is a tough spot. I just think with the amount of money this team makes and has coming off the books, a rebuild, which is already underway wouldn’t take as long as say the pirates or marlins who are perpetually in rebuild mode. We can put the core in place, add from free agency and be right back in the conversation.

    • The Phil’s cannot be in rebuild mode for long nor will they. Brown, ruf and revere are the start. They will keep Hamels and lee, add a FA or two and stay competitive

  • 100% agree with you. Even without trading anyone, they will probably not re-sign Halladay, Young, Utley, Chooch. That is a solid chunk of change right there without doing anything. About $40 mil.

    • Correct Bugs.. Doc $22, Utley $15,Chooch $6 and M Young $6- which is close to about $50 Million will all come off the Books after 2013.. Yikes

      Papelbon Makes $11 Million for next 3 Seasons and Rollins Earns $13 For 1 final Season in 2014 and Mike Adams earns $5 Million for 2014 also

      Phils will need to adress D Brown, K Kendrick & A Bastardo’s as far as Future Contracts and I think both Delmon Young and Mayberry Jr have just 1 Year Deals that will be coming up as well

  • i think you may be able to keep chooch at a lower rate… well i hope you can, maybe 2 years $5 each year? Joseph has concussion issues and is a ways away…. dream scenario doc comes back as doc and in an ‘anti-Bynum’ move signs a small contract with lots of incentives!

  • Phils will give every chance for Utley to go out a Winner as a Phillie.. I believe both he and the Club know that this is his final Season as a Phillie as he will leave via Free-Agency to a Team out West (Dodgers,Angels,Giants and maybe Diamondacks) He will get a 2 Year Deal worth about $12-$14 Million with incentives and possibly include a Club Option to protect a Team after 1 Season in case his injuries prevent him playing much..

  • Paul, that is nice sentiment but don’t kid yourself. the phils are trying to win because winning is what they are supposed to do and it makes them more money. winning ‘for’ utley is not even a thought– winning because most athletic people or people involved in sports (some on here aren’t really sports people i guess)want to win and it puts fanny’s in the seats!

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