• August 16, 2022

Eagles Started Running Pick Routes In The Second Half

The Eagles receivers have been having a very tough times getting open versus man to man coverage.  Teams have been double teaming DeSean Jackson and playing the other receivers man-to-man for the last few games.  They were get much of the same medicine in the first half of their game against New York.

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly started out in the first half of the game with the receivers running routes similar to those they have been running this season.  They were still having trouble getting open.

But in the second half, they started running some of the pick routes, which teams have been running against the Eagles secondary.  On this play in the second half, Jason Avant, Brent Celek and DeSean Jackson get in a bunch alignment on the right side of the formation.

Avant, who is lined up on the inside,  takes a few straight downfield, then he runs right into the defensive back who is covering Celek.

Celek takes a step forward then he breaks off of the pick inside and comes open on a crossing route.  He’s running wide open with a defensive back in hot pursuit.

Nick Foles got the ball to him.  The Birds are going to need to run more of these types of routes to help them get open.  Their starting group of receivers, other than Jackson, don’t have good speed or good quickness, so they’re going to continue to see teams run man-to-man coverages against them.

Unfortunately, most of the time they’re getting covered like a blanket.

You can bet that the Tampa Bay Bucanneers with their outstanding secondary are going to cover them man-to-man.


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  • Hahaha! – it’s a conspiracy GCobb.

    Coach Kelly said “lets not try getting the WRs open until Vick gets injured”

    Well – Foles completed 7 of the 9 passes he threw in the first half and marched the team right down the field. Are you saying that Kelly installed a whole new set of passing routes after Foles just went 7 for 9 and scored at the end of the half?

    If so that explains the three-and-outs in the third quarter…..lol

  • Teams have been running picks on the Eagles DB’s all season
    especially teh AFC West Teams (Bronco’s,Chargers & Chief’s all ran pick-play many times against DB & LB’s and were quite effective when doing so..)
    Maybe Chip Kelly/Shurmur picked this up watching the Tapes of those Offense’s when Analyzing the Eagles Performance’s playing them .

  • The Eagles have been running some pick routes this year too. The reason this one worked so well was because the linebacker came on a delayed blitz and Foles caught him.

    Jackson was wide open too at the 46 yard line. Foles could have had him for big yards.

    • desean wasnt open at the 46. the ball was in celeks hands and he was running with it by the time desean got to the 46 bro

  • Right you are mhenski!

  • A halftime adjustment? Wow, I haven’t heard that in 14 years!

  • Time for RESPECT for DJax. All the dumb assess that criticized DJax as a 1 trick pony are very quiet thus far. Its amazing what production you can get from DJax when you don’t ask him to go deep every single play. Its amazing how open he gets when he runs crossing patterns. At 5 10 168 pounds his hands are as good as anyones in the league. He has reestablished himself as the best deep threat in the game again. Its all about putting your players in position to be successful. Just think what this passing game would look like if we had listened to the football geniuses and got rid of him. He is a top 5 receiver in the NFL right now with garbage playing opposite of him. If he stays healthy your looking at 1300-1500 yards 70-80 catches and 8 tds. Personally I would kick the tires on Josh Gordon, reports are Cleveland wants a 2nd round pick. I would offer them a 3rd and have our big young receiver paired up next to DJax for the next 4 years.

    • dag – Josh Gordon looks like a top 10 overall pick to me. Better than Justin Blackmon(5) and Tavin Austin (8). Cleveland used the 39 selection on him this year and/or the 7th pick in the 2nd round by forfeiting that selection by way of the supplemental draft. He is out performing that selection’s worth; why would Cleveland accept anything less than a high first?

      • eagles0superbowls

        he is talking about a 2nd rounder because of this

        ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Browns and 49ers have “discussed” a Josh Gordon trade, but that a deal is “unlikely.”
        Per Schefter, a deal is unlikely because Mario Manningham (knee) and Michael Crabtree (Achilles) are getting closer to returning, but we seriously doubt that would stand in the way of a trade if the 49ers were serious about acquiring one of the game’s best young receivers. Cleveland’s asking price and Gordon’s off-the-field issues are the likely stumbling blocks. According to NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport, the Browns would like a second-round pick in return. Gordon’s talent is worth a first-rounder, but that’s not all that goes into the equation. If it were, the odds would be extremely low the Niners could find a player as good in the first round of next May’s draft. Oct 7 – 4:11 PM
        Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter

        WITH the way the Browns are playing and looking above average in all phases of the game while winning, it is 100000% safe to assume they WILL NOT trade Gordon.

        They traded Richardson b/c they just didnt think he was that good and neither do I.

      • Because Josh Gordon’s baggage does not fit the mold of the Brown’s Organization.. We all know how Joe Banner does not keep players with off- the field issues.. I am not saying I agree, but can only go by Banner’s past actions …
        Remember the Browns already have 2 #1’s , 1 #2nd, 2- #3rd’s &
        2- #4th’s Round Picks in the upcoming 2014 Draft.. I think they would take a High 2nd Round Pick for him..or possibly a #1 for 2015 to spread out their Picks a bit..

        • Browns arent trading Gordon period. He is a legit NFL WR superstar and the Browns are no longer a joke a with that D they are on their way up.

          No way no how Browns trade him period

          • He’s far from a Superstar! Calm it down a bit. He’s 1 strike away, from being suspended for a year. No thanks. They can have him.

  • Djax has shown impressive hands

    • Djax is unstoppable right now, and is playing All Pro bowl – top 2 in the NFL

      • oh he is stoppable, he was stopped 2 of 5 games and flat out dominated the other 3 games. to say he is unstoppable is going way overboard especially when he goes up against one of the best secondaries in football this week

  • I am impressed how D-Jax has played so far in 2013– a couple of dumb penalties not withstanding.. but he has caught almost everything thrown his way,
    has improved in his route running,ball security and even blocking..
    I am glad that he’s proved me wrong for that means he’s become a better All-Around Player..

  • Jackson is unstoppable. And he can’t be covered.

    At least he thinks so. He just announced as much today, saying Revis can’t run with him. J

    Just perfect eh? Struggling, rebuilding team on the road with a (basically) rook QB and he’s spoutin’ off about how great he is.

    There’s still some baggage that has to be cleansed from this team, talent or not.

  • I really like the breakdown Gcobb… thank you for this.

    G, I have a couple of questions for you…. please… i would like to hear if G knows any of this.. not speculation from the peanut gallery….

    1) Did the birds try and lose out on signing serious upgrades at S this offseason or did they really believe Phillips would take hold of the job?

    2) Clearly Jmak going down has hurt this team BUT,,,, im not sure he is what Chip wants out of a #2 anyway… do we have an idea about what Chip will try and find WR wise in the future?? Thats assuming Djax is the speed guy for years to come.

    3) Who out of the young guys are you hearing that this Eagles coaching staff is really excited about? Any rooks or 2nd year guys that they are expecting huge things out of? Anyone that has impressed?

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