• July 3, 2022

Eagles-Cowboys Pregame Thoughts

NickFoles6How The Eagles Can Beat The Cowboys

Last week, the Eagles did a great job of spreading the football around and getting a ton of different receivers involved.

Nick Foles connected with eight different receivers, giving guys like Riley Cooper, Jason Avant, Damaris Johnson, and Jeff Maehl opportunities to make plays. The secondary wideouts combined for 10 catches for 154 yards and a touchdown. Their success helped open things up for DeSean Jackson, who finished six catches for 64 yards and two touchdowns.

Keeping the other wideouts involved in the offense is going to be a key for the Eagles moving forward. In the first five weeks of the season, the passing attack was much too focused on Jackson, and it got to the point where defenses were taking him away easily. If the Eagles can continue to get the other receivers their share of touches, its going to make it easier to create the big plays that they love with DeSean.

The Cowboys have given up more yards than any other defense, including over 300 a week through the air. Its the type of defense where the Eagles should be able to have success in spreading the ball around.

Defensively, the Eagles will benefit by not having to face starting running back DeMarco Murray, but they’re still going to struggle accounting for Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, and Terrence Williams in the passing game. Once again, the key for this defense is to be opportunistic and wait for their chance to change the game with a turnover or two. Tony Romo can burn a defense for 400 yards and four touchdowns, but he can also shoot himself in the foot with horrendous turnovers at critical moments.

No one expects this defense to shut anybody down. But if they can make a play or two like they did against the Giants and Buccaneers in the last two weeks, it could prove to be the difference in the game.

Why The Cowboys Will Win

The Dallas receivers have a tremendous advantage against the Eagles’ secondary.

Dez Bryant is establishing himself more and more as one of the top wideouts in the game, and he’s already caught six touchdowns this season. Terrence Williams has stepped up in the absence of Miles Austin, and is emerging as a fine complimentary player. Jason Witten remains one of the league’s top tight ends. This is an explosive, talented group of playmakers, and they’re going to get open and do some damage in this game.

For all of the talk about how Romo struggles in the clutch this year, he’s only thrown three interceptions all season as compared to 14 touchdowns. You can’t ignore the reality that this is a very dangerous quarterback, who can tear a pitiful defense like the one he’s about to face on Sunday to shreds.

The matchup of Romo and his receivers against this secondary is one that the Eagles are going to struggle heavily with. Even Mike Glennon was able to move the ball and put up nice numbers against this group a week ago. Vincent Jackson and tight end Tim Wright combined for 16 catches for 215 yards and two touchdowns. Billy Davis is going to find it much more difficult to account for the much more talented trio of Romo, Bryant, and Witten.

Defensively, Dallas is a little better than people realize as well. Even though they’ll most likely be without DeMarcus Ware, Ware wasn’t even the team’s leader in sacks. Jason Hatcher has five through seven games, and the Cowboys have three other players with multiple sacks. With or without Ware, they’ve got some guys who can generate a pass rush and get after the quarterback. Even though the secondary has given up a ton of passing yards, Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne are a couple of talented corners who are at least capable of making some plays to slow opposing offenses down.

I can’t see Nick Foles playing as well as he did a week ago. That’s not to say that Foles will have a bad game, but last week he was nearly perfect, throwing for nearly 300 yards and accounting for four touchdowns. A repeat performance simply isn’t likely. I still have major concerns about the second-year quarterback’s mobility and arm strength.

Final Thoughts

I think this week is going to be a bit of a reality check for the Eagles.

Dallas isn’t a great team, but they’re a good team, and going back to the preseason I’ve thought that they were the best in this division. And I’ve been impressed with them since the season began.

I know the Eagles and Cowboys both have records that say 3-3, but I think Dallas owns the more impressive 3-3 when you look at the body of work from both teams.

The Eagles have been up-and-down, and unpredictable. Their wins have come against three pretty bad teams. They got the Washington Redskins on Opening Night with Robert Griffin unprepared for competitive football. They ripped off two wins against a winless Giants team that has completely fallen off of the face of the earth, and a winless Tampa team that has gone through absolute turmoil and chaos since the year began. They’ve proven that they’re as bad as anyone defensively, and there are still a ton of questions about the quarterback position and whether or not the head coach will live up to the hype in the NFL.

The Cowboys have a high-powered offense, and they’ve shown that they can score with anyone. They’ve been in every game, and they’re the only team to give a serious challenge to Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Tony Romo is always going to be a flawed quarterback, but he’s still one of the better, more productive passers in this league and with the exception of the interception against Denver, his mistakes have been pretty minimal throughout the first seven weeks.

I do think that the Eagles will be competitive and have a chance to win this game. The Dallas defense allows big yardage, and the Eagles offense has done a good job of moving the football. But I think this is a game the Eagles’ offense is going to need to be nearly flawless to make up for the woes of their defense. If the offense has a lull or is forced to settle for three’s for a stretch or two, it could end up costing the Eagles and giving the Cowboys the separation they need to pull away.

Pick: Dallas 38, Philadelphia 28

Denny Basens

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  • More impressive in what way Denny? Dallas loses to Chiefs Chargers Broncos….Eagles Loses to CHiefs Chargers Broncos…..Dallas Wins Rams Giants Skins….Eagles Wins Giants Skins Bucs…..I dont see how that is more impressive almost the same in my book….Skins should have beat the boys but RG3 was off. Same could be said for The Eagles. Rams are Finally getting their act together they looked putrid for a few weeks. Equate them to the Bucs. I think your Nit picking. I see the Eagles defense getting better, and it’s healthy compared to Dallas. Foles isn’t perfect but he’s accurate, just as much as Romo has been. I agree Dez Bryant is a beast, but honestly the Eagles can score with any team in this league. Im not saying your prediction won’t come true Im not Nostrodamus but I think your reasoning is flawed. Romo Has failed in clutch again this year. His September numbers are always great but as the weather changes so does his accuracy and fortunes. If you think Dallas’s defense is better than people think, don’t forget Chip Kelly has owned Monty Kiffin in college…I know Different level and personel, but same scheme. I think that plays into it more than you realize. Also as I stated above Eagless defense has shown improvement and they are all relatively health….That means growth. I only worry about the special teams where Dallas has an advantage on it’s return squad. For some reason you never mentioned this. In all reality I expect a good game from the Eagles Including foles lets say 21-29 257yds 3td 1Int…something along those lines. Shady 17 for 97 1 td..final score Eagles 38 Dallas 28. But what do I know?

    • I just like Dallas much more on paper than I do the Eagles…the best example I can give you is the Denver game. Dallas traded blow for blow with them, overcame a double-digit deficit in the first half to take the lead the in the second half…while by comparison, the Eagles packed it in and quit once the Broncos began to pull away in their bout with them.

      The Eagles defense has been better in the sense that they’ve been opportunistic and they’ve come up with big plays to help turn the games against New York and Tampa around…but Eli and even Mike Glennon still moved the ball with ease against them, so honestly I don’t really see that so much as improvement as much as I think its a matter of them just having a couple breaks go their way against a couple of mistake-prone quarterbacks.

      When you talk about improvement, what specific improvment have you seen from the defense? (I don’t say that to be smart either, serious question)

      When you compare the Dallas win over St. Louis to the Eagles win over Tampa think of this…the Cowboys demolished the Rams in that game. St. Louis was never in it, it wasn’t even close. The Bucs kept it close, took the lead, and made it a much more competitive game.

      I’m not telling you Dallas is head and shoulders above the Eagles. But I do think they’re a better team. I think the Eagles will be in the game and have a chance to win, but I like Dallas better than a lot of people and I gave them the edge.

      • Last week the offense and special teams twice put The bucs in great field position and the defense held. I know the defense looked bad again in the 2nd qtr but got it’s traction back in the 2nd half. I know it was against a Rookie but Im taking that as a positive.

        The Cowboys demolished a St Louis Team in disarray..The following Thursday San Fran made St Louis look equally as bad. Are the Rams that bad now no…But then they were. Sam Bradford was as bad as any QB in the league for a while. Timing is everything. That being said Dez Bryant is gonna have a huge day. If we dont make a susperstar out of some unknown back-up RB we have a shot here though.

        • “The Cowboys demolished a St Louis Team in disarray”

          We beat a Tampa team that was in disarray. We’re bout even there. I gotta agree with Beans here. The defense hasn’t shown anything in the way of real improvement (improvement for them, perhaps) that suggests this going to be nothing short of a bloodbath defensively.

  • I think this game comes down to what Team controls the Line of Scrimmage where I believe the Eagłes have their only advantage over the Cowboys
    The Cowboys 4 DL are all backups since Ware, Spencer, & Crawford are I hired and Jay Ratliff was released.. The Eagłes OL and Play Calling must take advantage of this by keeping a quick Tempo and running the ball, screens & bubble routes to Test their Depth.. Then the Eagłes & Foles should be able to take advantage of perhaps the weakest Safety Tandem in the entire NFL against the Cowboys Barry Church & JJ Wilcox, who are young, inexperienced and very poor in pass coverage..
    On a side note Eeagles Safety Nate Allen has played his best ball since the Chiefs Game and typically has had strong games versus the Cowboys, hopefully this continues..

  • Defensively, I would use LB Kendrick’s as a Spy on Rono and blitz the hell out of him up the gut, from the sides and have Kevdricks in Romo’s face on every pass play.. Romo does his damage when he scrambles from the pocket and when the play breaks down..
    Eagles DL & Pass Rush must win this battle and keep Romo under containment, they do this, they Win

  • I can’t stand Tny Homo, plastic face Jones, & the Cowgirls, but I have a feeling, that our DF gets lit up again. We lose in a shootout, 38-37. We have ZERO pass-rush, & our secondary is epically horrid. Williams might be the worst CB in the league, & our safeties are non-existent. Too many square pegs in round holes. Foles, Shady, & our TE’s are going to have good games. DJax will be taken out of the equation, early. Even without Ware, on paper, the Cowboys DF is better than ours, & their offense is better. We are better at RB, even with Murray in there, or not. I want a win badly, I just can’t see it. Close, shootout loss.

    • HAHAHAHHAA!! Plastic face Jones…LOL!!

  • I think this is a last possession wins kind of game or the first to 40 type deal.

    There isn’t a single scenario where I see our defense stopping their offense. Not one. Hell Glennon looked like a legit starter against our defense.

    I think both QBs get plenty of time in the pocket – though Dallas has a decent pass rush they are better with (a healthy) Ware. If he’s out or injured they just come okay and I think our oline handles them pretty well.

    So both offenses have big days. Both defense are bad. Comes down to STs and Dallas wins that match up. Let’s keep the ball away from Harris shall we.

    So yeah…high scoring decided in the final minutes. Looks like I may be going through a bottle of wine. lol/smh.

  • Another bs analysis, previous it was “I don’t love foles”‘ before that Denny basens predicted or suggested foles wouldn’t fare well against the stout Tampa defense now it’s something new perceived lack of arm strength or mobility

    It’s always something different with this guy basens

    • What do you think of my Game Analysis Jake…
      Good, Bad, things to add or that I missed..

    • Tampa Bay’s D didn’t prove to be that stout. Though I don’t think Beans said we’d lose that game. Just that it would be close.

  • I can’t believe the Eagles are .500. I predicted a 6-10 2013 record. I knew Mike Vick would get hurt. What I didn’t anticipate was Nick Foles looking so dam good in the 1 and a half games he has been in there. For most of the Tampa game the Eagle offense was penalty free. Can Nick make 1st downs after a five or ten yard offensive penalty? So far Foles and Bryce Brown have not turned the ball over which they were doing in the preseason.

    • ” For most of the Tampa game the Eagle offense was penalty free”

      This one is a BIG one. There were A LOT of drive killing penalties in the first 5 games – also oline play was better in Tampa…Kelce looked SO much better than he did the Giants game and the line overall looked better.

      • I recall a Holding Call on Herremans which negated a play and
        Stalked a Drive.. Maybe 1 on Mathis also
        But Jelce did have his best game and remember
        That he’s probably just rounding into top football shape from his knee surgery last year and was still a little tentative all Summer Camp and early games.. Gopefully he finishes strong
        I would like to see Them play Alan Barbree at RG in place of Herremans
        At RG

        • I’d like to see them draft Gabe Jackson, and Cyril Richardson to replace Mathis, and Herramanns.

  • Your anslysis is solid paulman

    I believe the game will come down to which qb makes the most plays, each in turn depends on the line of scrimmage

    If foles has time the eagles win

    • I agree, what I am afraid of is if Romo has time, for their Receivers & TE’s will
      Put up some big plays

  • Smash Tony Ohno early to take him out of his game. The cowbums shouldn’t be able to much of a running game so they should be rendered one dimensional as if Andy Reid was coaching them like he coached here. Our offense should definitely be able to control the LOS and run the ball all over them. Close game, but an Eagles victory!!!

  • Like I been telling people this Nick Foles will turn out to be a Kurt Warner and Tom Brady story. He’s set up well he has a great RB behind him he very smart and accurate plus he knows this is a chance of a lifetime. Eagles win 34-30

    • Brady a 6th ROund Draft Pick who struggles to keep a Starters Spot his Final Season at Michigan.. Kurt Warner went undrafted, played Arena Football League and was packing Groceries at a local Supermarket when the Rams Called
      Not to Bust Stones, but how is Nick Foles, as a 3rd Round Draft PIck (88th Ovreall) have a similar Story and Path to become a Starter than either Brady or Warner, who no one saw coming.. Just curious how you lump Foles story with those Two… .

      • Agree with that assessment Paul. Files may be unheralded but he was drafted and has some pedigree

        • And I am a big Foles Fan also, liked him at Arizona where he played on some pyre try crappy Teams..
          I liked his command of the huddle, his pocket awareness, his size and felt he had enough athleticism to buy time in pocket with his good foot work..
          Remember that Foles was a very good Basketball Player in Texas and received offers/scholarships to play Basketball .. These were all positive attributes that I saw in him with my Pre-Draft assessment of him before the 2014 Draft .. I even made the comments that I thought he reminded me a bit of a young “Big-Ben” without the strength of course and stated that Foles was more advanced as a Passer coming out of College than Big-Ben was, not as a scrambler, but as a Pocket QB and I still stand by this comment some 2 years later..

          • Very astute analysis and prediction paulman, right up there with your prediction of Reid’s grand exit from the Linc via military chopper

  • **Eagles Roster Move***
    Eagles Activated RB Matthew Tucker and Released 7th Round Draft Pick CB Jordan Poyer.. Tucker will be the 3rd RB this Week due to RB Chris Polk’s Shoulder Injury and is expected to be out for a week or two..
    I like Tucker and think as a 3RB and SPecial Teamer, he can Contribute in Polk’s abscense as Poyer has been inactive since the Eagles signed CB Rock Carmichael a couple of weeks back..

  • Big game on Tap tonight as Florida State & Clemson play
    QB’s Winston of FSU or Clemson’s Boyd will look to take the front runner spot for the Heisman Award ..
    Louisville’s Bridgewater was so-so Friday night in their last second loss to UCF
    And Huntley played poorly is a 3 INT performance in a butt whipping from Stanford today..
    Still in the Running are Oregon’s Mariotta and Ohio States Millet as their Teams keep winning and don’t forget about my Darkhorse Candidate Derek Carr of Fresno State who has been lights out this Season
    Just my College Assessment of Current College QB’s as I see it..
    Anyone see other viable Candidates
    A&M’s Manziel or Metzenberger from LSU perhaps..

    • None of these QB’s in the draft are slam dunks like most predict…

  • Speaking of foles and the crop of so called great qbs coming out this year, after watching the auburn Texas a&m game, if anyone thinks this piss ant Johnny football could compete with foles or Vick, you just don’t know football, undersized, underskilled, the only qb coming out who is close is the qb from louisville and he’s no foles

  • I am anxious to see Carr paulman

  • Watching the Fla. St vs Clemson game. Tahj Boyd continues to show me why I pray the Eagles would not touch him. I forget who the dope was that said Boyd is comparable to Russel Wilson-only in stature! Boyd is closer to Vick, not as fast though. He won’t be anything special.

    Johnny Manziel is a third round video game QB with a pop gun arm…He’ll be a back up QB in the NFL. No way a first rounder, Eagles better stay away from him too. Johnny footballol! Please..only good for highlights on the pro level during garbage time. Becoming injury prone too, what do you think will happen to him once pro players start cracking him, he’ll be out as much as Danny Amendola!

  • Boy this QB Winston kid looks really good,
    Good Size, strong arm and a poise and calm about the way he handles himself and asxactrue Freshman at a big-Time Program like Florida Stare is indeed impressive.. Clemson looks like a High-School Team out there..

    • Jameis Winston is the real deal, and he is a redshirt freshman. This kid is scary good.

      • He has work to do Eagle before he will be ready for the NFL. Some QB’s are just good College QB’s

        • Oh he’s not coming out this year, I think he will stay til his junior year at least. Winston reminds me of that guy who enjoys the college life…like I did. He is still scary good for his experience level, make no mistake about it!

        • thanks Cliff for keeping the bench warm before the draft combine talk after Superbowl, Let a real talent evaluator handle this;
          Jameis Winston is a superstar.

          • He will play at least 1 more Season at Florida State
            And not be Draft Eligible until 2015 ..

          • You think so huh……….We’ll see.

            I say he is a good College QB ONLY…….

          • Just like the mirage of Trent Richardson being more than a College superstar……Don’t flatter yourself E0S…..You haven’t even been right alongside Howie.

            Jordan Poyer – Cut
            David King – Cut
            Joe Kruger – Bad Pick – SOON TO BE CUT
            Earl Wolfe – Average player,Starts because the Eagles have no one better.

            Matt Barkley – Even Chip Kelly has no faith in his ability, when considering selecting another QB, after, drafting him the year before. Shows no sign of seeing the field, unless there is an injury to Vick, or Foles.

            Bennie Logan – Honestly, have you seen anything that says successful pick?

            Zach Ertz – Has done nothing, but live off College hype, and has made no real impact, no matter what you say… He is an average player, and don’t get me started on Lame Johnson……Your in denial with your rationalizing these average to less than average players Howie Drafted……..So,…


  • This Vick/Foles drama has been going on for months and it is foolish. It is no different from arguing over who is the hottest girl at fat camp. They are both unsat, and anybody who is awake should know that. Vick has not won a playoff game in a decade and brought the Turk to 3 coaches doorstep. Foles is a cigar store indian. Lose baby lose, bring in Mariotta. Cowgirls 38, Birds 27 in a game that does not even appear to be that close. Nobody on the Eagles can cover or stop Bryant or Witten, might be another 500+ yards of passing offense for them tomorrow. The painful truth is that the Eagles are not very good, and will not be anytime soon.

    • The Eagles don’t need a QB early in the draft.

      • Cliff let me throw two names at you for safety- Deone Bucannon from Washington State and Calvin Pryor III from Louisville. Both very physical and can cover, Bucannon is actually the better cover safety, very physical too. As far as I’m concerned the Eagles still need to upgrade both safety spots, and I do not want Byrd. I want drafted players that will be home grown, not paid guns for hire.
        I know you don’t really care for the PAC 12, but this kid from Washington State can play!

        • Ehl, safeties are weak in this draft. We have to upgrade via FA next year. CB too.
          Free agency
          Safeties- Byrd, Ward, Clemons, Whitner, Pollard.
          CB’s- Browner, Tillman, Cason, Jennings, Shields, Verner, Davis, Talib, Winfield.
          Byrd/ Ward, Browner/ Tillman, are dire/ must signings. There are no f^#@ing excuses. They’re $20M+ under the cap, so they better spend the f^#@ing $$$$.

          • This is where real talent evaluation comes in at. We can all call out names of top college play makers,but can you find that player who can play, I mean really play but does not get the hype. If you get time…watch the two aforementioned players I’ve been watching. They can play.

        • I agree Eagle. The Birds need two new Safeties. The starters stink. and Wolfe to me is strictly a backup, and special teams player.

          The Eagles need to sign a safety, or 2 and 2 CB’s from the free agent ranks like Malcolm Jenkins, Jarius Byrd, Alteern Vermeer, and Charles Tillman, all relatively young except Tillman, who brings real veteran leadership, more so than Kary Williams.

          Doing this will allow the Eagles to draft a Safety, and CB, and give them time to develop, without rushing them into action , before they are really ready, like Wolfe.

          • and yes DCar, if we can get him Brandon Browner…BREAK THE BANK..Instead of Vermeer..

      • I still say that Julie was the better catch than Roseanne from Summer Camp..

  • My thoughts on the game…..the birds will score against this Dallas defense, no question in my mind. I have 2 concerns …..our ability to cover Witten and the play of our special teams.

    It has been a reoccurring theme with our defenses over the past few years..can we cover a good tight end or will we be beaten time after time? If we are able to stop Witten from converting 1st downs or scoring, then we will go a long way towards slowing the Cowgirls offense.

    Our special teams cannot be giving up field position and definitely no scores. They cannot be putting the defense on a shirt field

  • never seen winston play but his stats are sick for a freshman .. borderline ridiculous

    • Do yourself a favor before the college football season ends. Sit back one Saturday and watch this young man play. You won’t be disappointed. He is a pure passer.He can use his legs to get out of a jam but he is definitely a pocket QB.

  • This is it for Nick Foles. If he balls out today or at least plays like he can handle the pressure of battling for first place against a rival, he will be the QB moving forward.

    I love Vick and do not mind him being the QB, but his age is working against him and moving on with Foles will save us a first round draft pick that can be used on a defensive stud next year.

    In Foles We Trust!

    • BirdoBeamen, while I agree Nick needs to have a good game and take advantage of every opportunity, I don’t think this one game will be a make or break game to determine whether or not he can be the future QB of this team. That would be quite myopic and premature. I would hope Eagles brass would be more rational than that…….then again?

  • There aint no fan like an Eagles fan….Go Birds!!!

  • Sorry guys completely off topic, quick shot out to Shane Victorino. Congrats man, I hate the Red Sox but I love to see Victorino doing well.

  • Surprised Cowboys didn’t go for it on 4th Down
    Right there..

  • Eagles Receivers are not getting open here early..

    • And the o line is not holding and the rbs are dropping passes. Right?

      Its not clicking… enough dink and dunk and work the middle with the TEs.

      Lets try the pistol with Foles. Where is the read and react?

    • Thats what happens when a team plays man. Tampa played zone last week. Different looking Foles against man.

  • The play calling early, has been horrid! Where are the quick slants, & use of the TE? WTF?!? If I see 1 more f^#@ing screen, I’m going to puke! So much for the shootout I predicted.

  • Who would have though 7 Piunts by both Teams in the first half,
    Both Teams a little conservative thus far as far as play calling..
    Both Defenses taking away first options

    • Make that 7 Punts in the First Quarter of Play

  • Foles & McCoy need to get going right here..
    Eagles Defense playing as well as it can..
    Let’s go Offense & Foles..

  • COWBOYS MLB Sean Lee is a beast,
    Not real big, but just makes plays & tackles

  • The D is playing the best they have thos year. Lets go O.

    • Spoke too soon.

  • This game is a wet fart!

  • Foles just can’t move the ball when they man up. SMH.

  • Run, screen, throw 10 yards short of the 1st down. Repeat x12.

  • Great game plan by billy Davis. Blitzes and coverages are well thought out and disguised. Homo has been hit a number of times.
    Now come on offense

  • Eagles D doing their job and forced Cowboys to settle for a FG
    Let’s go Offense, McCoy 7 Rushes for 10 yards,
    Time to open it up and start spreading the field and pass on first Down
    For the Eagłes, Foles needs to find his Rhythm and quick

  • Hey guys Mccoy just cant run the ball when Foles is in there.. God I hate being right .. This is what will happen against every good defense with foles.. FOles can beat the bad teams well. But only vick can beat the good teams

    • GTFOH!!!! Play calling has been horrific! Are you high? What game are you watching? Foles ain’t playing good, but the play calling is as predictable as the Hindenburgs! Get lost!

    • I agree that Foles looks like shit right now, but your last statement is a joke. Vick beat the Redskins this year…..and he is the only QB that can beat a good team. What a joke.

      • He’s a f^#@tard, don’t waste your breath greenfan.

      • Yeah, like he’s beaten the good teams for 12 years, right? Stupid, imbecilies on here. SMFH!

    • What is Vicks record? He has won one playoff game his entire career

    • If the Eagles can not run the ball because the running QB is not in there then that is just an indictment on poor o line play not the QB.

    • Dallas played the perfect D against us. They aren’t biting on the RO or playaction fakes. They are sitting on the short routes and selling out on the run. Covering Jax well and man on everyone else.

      Perfect recipe for disaster.

  • He’s missing too many open receivers! When they ARE open!

  • Foles is going to extend Vick’s contract all by himself.

    • RIIIIIGHT!!!! Amazing, the IQ of some of you mental midgets!

    • Pretty much.

      Vick might just retire an Eagle.


  • Was the play of the game right there
    Now they Punt, Cowboys have time for more points before the half and then get the ball to open the 2nd Half which game could br 10-14-17 Pt Deficit
    Offense won’t see the field for some 30 minutes now who h may actually be a good thing the way they are playing

  • Well… the good news is.. Foles is still tall.

    • Yea, at least he’s tall and has big hands.

  • Dumbest f^#@ing decision, I’ve ever seen!!!! WTF “GENIUS”!!!!

  • Goddamnit. We would be killing these guys with Vick right now. Foles is completely lost.

    • Stop trolling retard. Go back to huffing on your paint cans, you idiot!

  • Terrible decision by Kelly. Terrible day by Foles . And Vick will not be extended by any means

  • Im a MENSA member .. Both QBs have there deficiencies. The whole league was talking about how Mccoy wouldnt be able to run as well.. Dont live in denial .. Man up and own your shyt.

    • Yeah, OK! Your a MENSA member, like I’m Trumps Son? You are as dumb as a bag of hammers, @$$clown.

    • He had a hundred yards last week. You had to use the dictionary to even spell MENSA

      • To bad we cant play the 0-6 Bucs every week.

        • The bucs defense is a whole lot better than the cowgirls… That said a very ugly half under center

          • Sure it is.

    • Maybe a DENSA member, but brain surgeon you are not.

      A couple thoughts at halftime. Billy Davis has done a good job so far in this game, and this year he has also done a good job with making adjustments at halftime and keeping the other team to very few points in the second half.

      Foles needs to get his act together. There were at least 3-4 wide open recievers that he badly overthrew.

      It is 3-0….there is a whole second half to go. GO BIRDS!!!

      • Who are you? .. I dont even know you nor was I talking to you

        • You posted a comment on a public board….or does your superior brain not understand that concept?

          Who are YOU is the better question?

          • He’s in the top 2% of the populations, highest IQ. You didn’t know that green? What’s wrong with you? Yet, he’s on gcobb all of the time, making stupid, imbecilic comments!

            • Classic One DCAr, LMFBO..

          • Im still not sure who you are.

            • Guess you are not very smart then, huh?

  • Well the good thing is that the Eagłes are only down 3-0 and hopefully can get going on Offense here in the 2nd Half..
    12 Punts by both Teams in the first half
    This is like a Heavyweight Bout to see which Team is going to flinch first
    Defensively, Trent Cole, Cedric Thornton, Ryans
    Have played well, Fletcher & Wolff are holding their own in the Secondary
    Nice Sack by Curry..

  • We need to start the second half with a defensive TD… Been awhile I think

  • Can’t believe this Offense right now. I blame everybody up here that overly rode Foles jock. Jinxed him. at least for the first half hope he wakes up!

  • We may need a Foles groin update from Vinnie. Vinnie… what do u see down there?

  • Green fan and Dcar where so right about Foles.. Hes better than peyton manning.. Hes definitely the next Tom brady

    • Where the f^#@ did I ever say he was better than, or equal to Manning & Brady, you F^#@ing retard? Yet you are in MENSA! Go jump in front of a train you troll, lying, loser! What has your hero Vick done for 12 years, other than be an epic underachieving failure?!? GTFOH!

    • Guess you don’t have a photogenic memory…what the fuck are you talking about?

      Go play with your crayons becuase you clearly don’t have anything intelligent to add to the discussion.

  • Love Foles quick release and the wsy he doesn’t hold on to the ball to long. Love the way Foles throws his recievers open. Its so refreshing.

  • Now when I say “Vick opens up the run game” folk will understand.

    • Shut up! Go away!

      • lol.

        Don’t be mad ’cause I was right.

        Tampa played Zone. Playing zone against the offense is just DUMB. The are 0-5 for a reason.

  • This might be the “genius’s” worst game calling yet. By far. Where are the quick slants? Why not utilizing the TE’s? They wasted a 2nd round pick, & an off-season, so-called huge signing at the position, yet they look invisible! Foles looks lost out there. DF is coming back down to it’s normal horrific play. SMFH!

    • Recievers are wide open what game you watching? Your hero Foles sucks.

      • Foles in’t my hero @$$hole! You have me mixed up with jake & Vinnie. Get your $#!t right, before attempting to make assumptions. I’ve said all year, we don’t have a future QB! I just don’t give unwarranted idol worship to your hero Vick! I root for the team, not the name on the back! Why don’t you go give Vick a colonoscopy, again. Take turns with the rest of the @$$puppets!

  • Let me guess? Bad play calling receivers not getting open offensive line not blocking must be a bunch of Vick lovers making excuses for him? Hey Nick still has time to get something going the offense needs to wake up.

    • No Foles looks bad, & Kelly’s play-calling is horrific today. No other way to look at it.

      • Agreed.

  • This guy is f’n trash.

  • Foles is completely lost and clueless! HURRY BACK VICK! HURRY BACK!

    • RAH, RAH, SISS BOOM BAH! Yey, hurry back for more mediocrity! Again, for the umpteenth time, we do not have a future QB, on this roster. Gotta feeling, we will be wasting a high pick on another QB.

  • I agree with DCAR about the TE position. I thought no no matter who the qb was that we would have 3 TE sets… Foles has sucked and not seized his opportunity… Back to Vick next week …

  • It is hysterical! For 2 weeks, the idol worshipers were MIA. Now that the kid looks bad, they’re out for blood! Disgustingly pathetic, but predictable.

    • Can’t you read how happy they are that the Eagles are losing?!?!

      Pathetic fans. They would rather see the team lose than the legend of MV get tarnished. pathetic.

      • It’s sickening, because I hate this f^#@ing Cowturd team! It’s a shame, they’d rather root for the kid to fail, so their failed hero could come back to try & succeed. Please!

  • Why not Have D-Jax back to field a Punt right there and try to jump start him and this Offense.. All they ask of Daraius Johnson is to fair-catch the ball..
    Eagles need 1 big play, why not let you best playmaker have a shot..

  • Dcar you are so very right about the sixers too .. even when your wrong your right DCAR,,,

    • WTF are you talking about, you stupid f^#@?!? I’m right most of the times. How’s about trying to bring something to the table, other than your trolling, lies, delusions, & irrational behavior?!? How’s about that Mr. MENSA? Since you are sooooo intelligent & all, that shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Foles doesnt have the arm strength against fast aggressive defenses to make plays

  • Just plain horrible QB play I don’t care who you like it is what it is. missing wr TE it doesn’t matter what Chip calls he is not accurate against man to man. All this throwing someone open means nothing if you can’t throw to someone that is already open!

  • Have to go right up top and pass to score here after the Int

  • Sit foles. He is killing us.

  • Foles sucks

  • Guess that was the kids fault too?

    • Whos fault was it lol?

  • Avant wide fucking open

    • Should have made that pass.

  • Gotta get a TD here! WTF!!!!


    • No $#!t DICKHEAD! Moron? I forgot more than you can ever hope to attain son!

  • Go dammit go

  • Misses a wide open celek for 30+, wide open mehl for first down … Wide open avant for a TD…wide open cooper for TD I wanted to see him today too bit ladies and gentlemen your QB for the 2013 eagles…..Michael Vick. Swallow it like razor blades.

    • Hate to break the news to you, neither of them are future QB.

  • Get him the F^#@ out of the game! He’s playing scared for his life! Can’t have that, with a starting QB, in a big rival game like this!

  • Wow, yeah I know Vick isn’t the answer. Nor is Nick…Mariota 2014!


  • Get him OUT!!!!

    seriously.. its not working today.. try someone else.

  • I don’t wanna hear anymore qb controversy nonsense.

  • OHHH God, here comes Barkley! Did Foles give up, because he’s getting pounded, or is he really hurt?

  • Barkley is up next…If Barkley comes in to win the game lol…another controversy. Good Lord come on Birds!

  • This is still a 7 point game. I know that they have played well, but this defense needs another stop!!!!

  • Kerry Williams is a dog, with fleas!!!!

    • This is not the day to pick on the D

      • It’s always a day to pick on the D. But I get what you mean. 🙁

  • Unfortunately I think cowgirls will score 24….they have figured out how to get 88 the ball

  • Again… wheres vinnie? Is his groin ok vinnie? What do u see down there?

    • Lol…fact is neither Vick or Nick is good enough. Nick probably still has better upside though. Mariota 2014!

      • Yeah Foles has better upside lmao

    • Glad you have such a sense of humor while we are losing….it wasn’t funny the first time, you think if you repeat it someone will laugh?

      • Well what am I to do? Cry! Not, regardless of my reaction it has no bearing on what the players do on the field! Get real dude!

        • See…I got mad and look at what happened!

        • In case you don’t know how this board works, I wasn’t replying to you. My comment was for Stevo, so go fuck yourself.

          • And my comment was for vinnie so….

      • Oh, gotcha greenfan!

      • Ill repeat it a 3rd time if i want. I have to listen to idiots say the same stupid thing about vick 15 times a day. Get over it.

        Whats funny to me is that NOW our D plays a great game.

        • And I will tell you the same thing the third time you write your stupid shit.

          Glad you are in such a good mood while we lose. You show your true colors.

          • Again… get over it. Im used to this team losing by now. Its going to tale time.

            Im pissed as hell that we wastwd this chance… same team dude. Same team. I made a joke about vinnie… get off me.

        • Can they PLEASE get on the same page at least ONE game this season?

          ONE Game.


  • Absolutely embarrassing performance by foles. Disgusting. Possibly the worst qb performance since Doug pederson last played


  • Not sure Vick is the answer either but I can’t stand meaningless December games and with Vick they will be meaningful. And don’t give me the loose for a QB crab. Some many coming out u can get a good one late in the draft.

    One good thing to take away from today is the D is getting better ever game

  • Fuck a first round pick on a qb next year…a 4th rounder this year which could have been a contributing defensive player…ugh

    • Naw….if Mariota is attainable Chip will scoop him up. Be ready for that.

    • It’s going to happen hac. Get ready for it.


  • Bottom line is this, our future QB is not on this team yet and the QB for the rest of this year has to be Vick! U have to be blind but to see it.

    • ap, can’t disagree! Again, may I reiterate, what a waste last years draft was. They f^#@ed the pooch with all of the draft picks. Overrated USC QB included.

    • It really doesn’t matter…Vick or Nick, not the future…there is no have to be’s in this equation!

  • Dammit..next weeks game is at the Linc too. Against the Giants but we can’t seem to win at home. This doesn’t bode well!

  • Worst game in a long time. This year is going to be a total waste of time.

    • X, that’s why they needed to upgrade last off-season. Now, we are 1 season behind a rebuild! Horrible off-season!

  • I hate the cowboys so fucking bad. But I hate you fucking assholes on here who are happy to see the Eagles lose today because your girlfiriend MV wasn’t playing. It is pathetic. We lost this game. This offense looked like shit. Lay calling sucked but the QB sucked worse. I hate these fucking cowboys so much, watching them win on our field sucks.

    • Me too! 🙁

    • Nobody’s gloating about losing to the cowgirls. Foles looked like shit. Know what? I still like the kid. Again, he passes the eye test. I’d still take him over that bum kolb. The kid didn’t have a good game. He’ll learn and grow from it. Even the best at the position have had horrible games. That being said; there was no problem with the playcalling. This sits solely on Foles for poor execution. Calling out the playcalling is just making excuses.

      • Who is making excuses? Kelly even said in his press conference that they didn’t do a great job with the play calling. No excuse, just observation.

        • Look man I’m not going to do the qb back and forth with you. The press conference by chip was as it should have been. He absorbed this as a team loss. He didn’t throw Foles under the bus (I agree he shouldn’t). Nothing to be gained by overstating the obvious to the idiotic media looking to sling red meat to the dummies to continue this stupid ass qb controversy. That being said; this loss falls squarely on Foles. He stunk. The receivers and the play calling were fine. The execution was the problem. He’s a 3rd round pick who still has enough time to be groomed into a serviceable to good qb. Anyone with two good unbiased eyes knows that the man coverage played by Dallas was a direct challenge to the (qb) to EXECUTE the right reads. They weren’t yielding shit to Shady. Foles had open guys and didn’t make the plays that were there. But he can only learn and improve. I believe he can.

          As bad as he was. He still wasn’t the disgrace that Kolb was against the Packers when Vick took over. NOW THAT WAS A FUCKING DISGRACE. Foles will be ok. But no EXCUSES.

  • “Foles keeps 0’s on the bench”… yea.. his own.

    Sorry… i couldnt help myself.

    I was wrong… i thought foles would be fine today… i thought hebwould score 30 points. I was wrong.

    • Me too! 🙁

  • You don’t root for your team to lose no matter who the QB is. Real fans accept whoever it is and roots like he’s the next Montana, at least I do lol, what a shame, a great D effort today wasted, as for Foles, he should never start again unless we’re playing Tampa Bay.

    • DF did play well. Still don’t make any big plays though. Where are the TO’s & sacks. Curry makes a big sack, then we don’t see him the rest of the game. WTF, is he on the $#!t list or something?

    • Agree andrew. I was/am rooting for foles. He wears green… i root for him. Thems the rules.

      • Exactly. If he is wearing green and under center again; I’m rooting for him. However, as currently constructed (absent qb of future), Vick is clearly the best option “CURRENTLY” on this team.


    “What do you see down there”…lol

  • I almost started believing clowns like Vinnie and Jakedog about Foles. They actually had me questioning Vick.

    Now I know to stick with my gut on who the best option for this team is and stop listening to moronic losers that have an agenda against one man.

    Foles is trash. 80 yards. Play man against Foles and he’s done. Horrible.

    • That’s the problem Birdo, their obsessive hard-ons for Vick were starting to affect reasonable posters. Hang in there with the kid until we get something better. The way I see it; his play improves. He played as bad as it gets. No where to go but up. He is not CURRENTLY the best option on the team. that is CLEARLY a healthy Vick. The qb of the future will be here soon. Keep Roseman away from this decision. Can we bribe Polian or Parcells to advise? ..lol How about kidnapping Ozzie from bmore…lol

  • Foles got his chance that he earned and he layed a wet fart. No more Foles talk ever on this site! Jakedog, Vinny, Paulman, Dcar, Mhenski, Xevious, Eagles0superbowls all the unrealistic expectations on Vick if you hold Foles to that same standard they are not close. Fire Paulman as a GM scout since he discovered Foles at Arizona! Shame on you clowns for being anything but cautiously optimistic pumping ya chest out like you told us so bc he finished a game and beat the Bucs two games we were winning anyway. This game was more than winnable and your idol Nick Foles blew it!

    • Nu, it was more me trying to be optimistic, with a new face, because Vick has had 12 years to prove what he’s worth. I should have stuck with my pre-season outlook, that we don’t have a good QB. That’s the truth!

      • WTF are you talking about? Vick has played GREAT this year under Chip Kelly. You will NEVER see Vick play like these two clowns did today under Chip kelly. You will NEVER see it.

        • What part of future QB don’t you understand dick head? Vick is old, injury prone, & had 12 years to prove what he is! Vick has NOT played great this year! 54% completion rating, 36% in the redzone, is not great in my book. You must have very low standards, huh @$$clown!

          • Dcar I feel you frustration lol I totally understand I also was trying to be optimistic, I also can get tired of not having a true passer like we see successful teams have around the league. But when you look at it and take the past away Vick has made strides as a more mature football player all around. He will never be a carv a D up all game just by passing QB but he has what most QB’s around the league doesn’t and that’s the abilty to make plays where there are none and make throws most can’t. I will take a misfire here or there instead of missing wide open wr or somebody not confident throwing against man covereage.

            Fire Paulman as a GM

          • Dcar I feel you frustration lol I totally understand I also was trying to be optimistic, I also can get tired of not having a true passer like we see successful teams have around the league. But when you look at it and take the past away Vick has made strides as a more mature football player all around. He will never be a carv a D up all game just by passing QB but he has what most QB’s around the league doesn’t and that’s the abilty to make plays where there are none and make throws most can’t. I will take a misfire here or there instead of missing wide open wr or somebody not confident throwing against man coverage.

            Fire Paulman as a GM

  • Barkley sucks dinosaur cock!!!!!!

  • People need to stop bashing the playcalling.. Chip cannot do EVERYTHING. I mean damn, how many drops/ open passes were not executed today? That’s not the coaches fault. Not to mention, Lesean had his worst game of the season but he was due one.

  • I never ever, ever, ever…want to hear any more talk about Nick Foles!!! The pressure was on, it was time for Foles to perform and he turned in the worst performance of any QB that I have ever seen from an Eagles QB in such a critical game!!

  • You watching this shit RealTalk LMAO!!!!!!

    • Yeah, figured you would be L!AO, because you don’t care if the Eagles win or lose.

  • Play calling was fine.

    The oline was shakey but ok.

    Wr’s had sone drops but they were WIDE open all day.

    The D finally played a very solid game from start to finish.

    Foles was off we shall see what he looks like next week

    • Spot on Stevo. We lick our wounds and stand with the young man and hope he rebounds and brings home the W. This stings more because of these fraud ass cowgirl fans talking shit in my ear right now…lol.

    • Eh they weren’t wide open all day. They did get more open as the game wore on. But first half they were covered pretty well.

  • Wow, the Geno Smith lead Jets just beat the New England Tom Brady’s. That’s why the Eagles must get their franchise QB.

    • The Jets obviously didn’t fall for the Geno isn’t really good bullshyt. I liked the kid in college and I definitely felt he was head and shoulders above the rest of the qbs. The eagles fucked up not getting this kid.

      • Geno is legit. For a rookie he is playing really well. And what I like most about him is his calm.Dude doesn’t’ get rattled, even when he’s playing poorly. He was like that in college as well.

        • No doubt. And here we are sitting here with Barkley…SMDH

        • hmm yes geno has looked good and bad in his 6 or so starts…. interesting how that works isn’t it!

        • Hmmm…so over 7 starts someone who is

          58% 1700 yards 8 tds and 11 ints is “playing really well” and “legit”

          But someone over his first 7 starts who is

          61% 1170 yrds 8tds 4 ints is “just a backup” and “low ceiling”

          Ok then.

  • I said it earlier this week that we needed to see more from Foles, that everyone needed to back off over-rating him at this point. I reminded people that we thought the same thing about Bobby Hoying too many years ago. We do not have a QB to carry us forward. TSJOHNSON was right with her comments about the soft Tampa zone. Foles looked pathetic against this defense, he had open receivers and failed time after time. Pathetic and depressing for the future.

  • mediocre team in a bad division…. .and its only going to get tougher….Redskins are looking better and the Giants cant get any worse.

  • Foles starting Eagle QB flamed out faster than Hugh Douglas’ ESPN career

  • I thought Foles would play better, the Cowboys D is not good. The best QB on this team is Vick. I was hoping we wouldn’t be drafting another QB but if this is the real Foles we need someone to take over when Vick is done. Dcar my comment about your comments being irrelevant when Vick was healthy? Do you now see why I made that remark now? This was a winnable game and the QB came up disgustingly small.

  • Is Nick Foles Injury Prone???? Let’s see what how the biased Philly media explains Foles performance today away …. Is this something we’ve seen from Foles before??? Why didn’t he finish the season last year? Just curious.

    Negadelphians… today you lose.

    • Funny how you only show up after Foles has a terrible game.

      Where were your posts after the Denver game?

      Your happiness about this loss shows how hypocritical your “negadelphia” comments really are.

      • Hello my dear greenfan… where are your post that highlight Vick playing well in spite of lack of support from his team? However, if I had spoken up about the Denver game I would have sited the number of drops by Philly receivers including crucial ones in the redzone. The team played bad against a very good team so there really was no debate to be had. So with regards to the Denver game… what would you like to discuss?

        • I have commented positively on both QB’s all year long. You obviously have no clue. How could you not comment positively after his 133 QB rating after the SD game? You have no clue. I agreed that Vick won the competition in the preseason and that he was the best choice to enter the season. You have no clue because you are only concerned about a single player and not the team.

          • @greenfan… I get it I have no clue. But I’m not the only one who has noticed your pattern of criticizing Vick and defending Foles…. or coming down hard on those who support Vick because they think he’s best for the team. So I don’t care about the Eagles if I support Vick is what you’re saying??? So you’re saying that those of us who feel Vick is best for the team know less about the game than you or your buddy vinnie the welcher? I think you’re afraid to say what you really feel about Vick thus you hide behind backhanded comments… even if you give them grudgingly.

            • Because you are new to the site, I will restate my view on Vick.

              Mike Vick has a 12 year history in the NFL. I will go from memory, but he has roughly an 82 lifetime QB rating. He has a 60% lifetime completion percentage and about maybe a .600 winning percentage (I need to check on those stats). I believe that in the 12 years of playing as a starter, he has completed only 75% of the games due to injury. He has proven that he can play in the NFL, but outside of 6 games in 2010, he has a history of turnovers and a lack of success in the playoffs.

              I have also previously stated that Vick won the job in Kelly’s competition this preseason. He played at a high level and has shown strong leadership skills. Very strong leadership skills even when he is unable to play.

              I have been on this site long before Vick came to this team. You are right when you say I comment on many posters who blindly support Vick. I’m my opinion Vick’s past history of inconsistency and injuries make him a poor choice to build a future with the start of Kelly’s tenure. When Vick is playing, you will find no greater supporter, but even a fan can recognize good or bad play. Just like the terrible play of Foles today, you call it as you see it. My issue with the Vick supporters is that a fan cannot level even the smallest criticism without an onslaught of irrational comments.

              I believe that based on performances this year, Mike Vick is the best option for this team. I still do not believe that it is the best way to go forward. If Nick Foles continues to play, I would need to see a much much better performance …..a more longterm consistent performance. After today’s total disaster I am trying not to place too much value o a single game, but it shows that the future of this team is far from certain. My problem with the blindly loyal fans is that they are only concerned about a single player, and not the success of the team.

              • Except you keep getting it backwards…the irrational posters are the Vick haters who swear to their last breath that he’s horrible and can’t play.

                Most people who defend Vick are defending from unfair attacks from Vick haters. There never existed on this site irrational Vick fans. There was and still is and endless stream of hate-Vick posts from the same posters.

                The site with irrational Vick fans nev

              • Except you keep getting it backwards…the irrational posters are the Vick haters who swear to their last breath that he’s horrible and can’t play.

                Most people who defend Vick are defending from unfair attacks from Vick haters. There never existed on this site irrational Vick fans. There was and still is and endless stream of hate-Vick posts from the same posters.

                This site having irrational Vick fans? That site never existed. Just haters not liking any defense of Vick.

              • LOL!!! @greenfan… DID YOU SAY NEW TO THE SITE???!!! Do you know who schiller is, or navy eagles fan is???, Do you know about the Battles between Songs and and Navy??? Were you here when Schiller got called out by GCOBB… I first ignored the site because there’s not much insightful journalisim and many of the posters lack true football knowledge. I decided to “mix it up” a little when I saw how disrespectful people were towards Vick even though he was carrying this team inspite of all the coaching miscues. My eagles days go back to Jaworski and Vermil. I was here before you and many others… and now I’ve returned.

                Outside of stats… have you evaluated Vick’s career… do stats tell the whole story? Tom Brady doesn’t think so. Have you analyzed the players, the coaches, the ownership of the Falcons??? How good were the teams Vick was on? How many prowbowlers was he surrounded with? Do you give him any credit for making it to the playoffs with a crappy team 3 times in his career (yes I’m counting that Eagles 2010 team).

                www dot bleedinggreennation dot com/2013/8/21/4642830/what-makes-you-think-vick-will-play-better-in-chip-kellys-offense

                Tell me what you think about this quote from the author of this article:

                “in ATL they were all about the running game. players commented to the AJC after alex gibb left that they rarely worked on pass protection in practice.

                and the route combinations they had were simplistic and predictable. granted, they had horrible WRs (only good target vick had was TE alge crumpler, because he ran good routes and caught the ball, whereas the other guys ran bad routes and dropped the ball or caused tipped INTs (think bad steve smith vs. the giants)).

                fundamental issue, imho, is that knapp was a caretaker OC. he inherited the WCO, coming up through the ranks of SF, which, through walsh, seiffert, etc., was built and tailored to that system. he went to ATL as OC, and then was tasked with grafting a WCO passing game on top of hte denver zone/cut blocking scheme that alex gibb brought, and the results, to me, were dismal.”

                Tell me what you think and we can continue this debate… but until you do some real research… you’re only speaking from ignorance…

              • @lionsloser….yes, I remember Schiller, navy, do you remember Reggio? I knew that you had been on here before, sorry you are so sensitive, but the fact that you chose this day to start commenting again is what I took notice to.

                Yes, I have evaluated Vick’s career. I believe that since he was taken #1 in the draft, he had a very high level of expectation. He has stated himself that during his days in ATL, that he didn’t always like to do his studying and preparation. Since you don’t want me to look at stats, I will say that he had an average win / loss record, a poor playoff record, average QB rating, problems with turnovers and injuries. No doubt he is an exciting player with blinding speed and a gun for an arm. As I said before, since coming to the Eagles he has improved on some of the mistakes he made in ATL, and based on his own comments he says that it is due to a greater commitment to study. I have also stated that he is a very strong leader, and has shown this in any number of ways that he leads the team both on and off the field.

                In my opinion there are a few different types of fans that are looking at our situation. One type looks at winning every game we play right now. Another fan is looking at the future, and who will lead our offense going forward. I personally see that Vicks age and history of injury make him a poor choice for the future. I have said it any number of times, that Vick won the job during the preseason, so the guy who gets paid to make the decision, Kelly, believes that Vick is the best option right now. Since Foles had only played 7 or so games, and had by all accounts a decent preseason camp also, there was still a question about his ability to lead this team going forward. No doubt he badly hurt his chances, but I would be surprised if he will not be thrown into a game again given Vicks history of injuries. I believe that most likely we will need to draft a QB to lead this team going forward. I want to see this team win every week. I am amazed at how well our defense played today, but witnessed Foles make poor play after poor play that it overshadows everything else. Even though we are 3-4, we are still 2-1 in the division and will get another shot at the Cowboys in December. I want to be playing meaningful games in December, and don’t care if it is Jason Avant at QB, I want this team to win. We have not won a home game here in over a year, if Lane Johnson could play QB and win I would be just as supportive.

  • ok guys…..first let’s start off by you all reading my last posts on here.

    “Nick Foles is shit.”

    and I am pasting from my posts last year.
    Again, if he played against winless his whole career then he would be a HOF’er.

    Foles is a below average quarterback in this league. Period.

    He had a chance to grab the reigns last season and the same thing happened.

    Now, I’m waiting for Vinnie to put lipstick on this pig and tell us it’s Beyonce.

    Give us some stats for the game Vinnie!

    So, now that this pathetic conversation have been ended with Foles play, yes Foles have decided his own fate, lets now lock Vick up with a 2 year deal to mentor the rookie who will be drafted next off season to back up Vick and eventually take the reigns.

    Get Foles and Barkely’s garbage asses outta here.

    Bring Vick back for next week so we can finish the season strong.

    Go Eagles!

    • Profit Songs you’ve been spot on for many of your predictions… I believe you supported Burfict when we instead drafted Foles. So now we have a wasted draft pick who was serviceable in college and will never succeed in this league when we could have had Burfict, Ryans, Kendrics as part of our LB core… meaning we could have brought the blitz successfully from anywhere and been a force defensively. Tragedy!!!

    • Go fuck yourself you Redskins FRAUD.

      Why not copy your post where you declared that you quit on this team and became a Redskins fan????!!

      Of course you come on here now trying to act like a fan…..we get it…..you want to give Mike Vick a blow job, we get it. You are a fraud and a loser and every time you try and come on here I am going to call you out.


      • Greenfan… I back Songs as a solid Eagles Fans. So, because he backs the QB who won the competition he’s not an Eagles fan? Because he took a look at Foles’ college career and realized that he would transition well into the pros He’s not an Eagles fan???

        Greenfan… If anyone should be having sex with themselves it should be you. You’re getting up there with Vinnie the Welcher and that’s not good cause he spends way too much time with 14 year old girls up in Canada.

        • Congrats ….what is your name……lions den? You successfully made you 3rd post on here…you come out crowing after a loss to the Cowboys…it shows that you really a fan of the Eagles….you and Songs deserve each other. Maybe he can give you the RGIII jersey he bought for his wife, you seem to be sucking up to the loser pretty good.

          • Cute… (Gang)greenfan.. If we’re counting wins and losses then Songs has you beat by a mile. I’ve seen him get many of his predictions correct. Besides… didn’t this site have the same fight over Kolb?? How’d Songs come out on that one? He seems to be coming out pretty accurately on his Foles prediction as well.

            So you wanted me to come on here and debate when Foles came in a game in relief of Vick??? or when he played against Greg Schiano and the mighty Bucks??? When Foles has a win of note as an Eagles fan I will gladly come on hear and say “Good Job”. Until then he’s exactly what I saw at the University of Arizona… He’s exactly what the coaches saw at the University of Michigan.

            BTW sarcasm is not your strong point. Try again.

          • You’re only worried about who posts when they defend Vick. Plenty of Vick haters only show up after a loss, yet you never had a problem with when they chose to comment.

            I still have yet to see a post from greenfan chastising Vick haters after a loss, and I doubt I ever will

            • Bullshit Skyne. I am pissed off after every loss. If Vivk played bad I would criticize him just as I am criticizing Foles. Foles sucked terribly today. From what I see, we do not have a QB option for the future. Vick continues his history of getting injured and not being available, this will only get worse as he gets older.

        • He isn’t an Eagles fan, & neither are you. You bot are f^#@ing frauds, & are just gloating because the kid failed, & it keeps the door open for your idol Vick! Give it a f^#@ing rest. The team loses a big game against, a hated rival, & you f^#@ing jokes are gloating! Just admit you are Vick fans, & not fans of the Eagles. That’s the truth! If you were a true fan, you’d realize that we DO NOT HAVE A GOOD FUTURE QB! I’m sick of this constant Vick slurping- Vick hating $#!T! I want my team to win, with a real QB, not the slop we currently have! Just go away!

          • DCar when you can @$#%$#@$# make an intelligent comment with out all the #@$@#%$## then someone might actually take you seriously. You only come on here when the Eagles do poorly. In fact you do that regarding every Philly team on GCOBB I don’t seem to remember you ever saying “I’m proud of this team” or “Good Job Eagles”. Just a bunch of %#%@!#%#% Grow up… Learn to love yourself and learn a little more about the game.

            • I’m on here all of the time loser. Win, or lose. Get your head out of your @$$. If there was something to be proud of, I’d say it.

            • BTW, I forgot more about the game, than you can hope to attain. Go ahead, tell me how you’re a coach, & a referee. GTFO!

    • If they get Mariota, Vick will not be back….I think Chip will be willing to do what ever necessary to make that happen.

  • Foles played horrible. That being said he’s in his 8th game ever and I’m not gonna write the kid off yet. The entire offense including play calling was bad. If anyone thinks we are a contender today was your reality check. The rest of this year should be about the future. If you don’t think Foles or Barkley can play start Vick and cut him at the end of the year. Start Ertz and all the rookies you think have a shot. This needs to be about next year not anything else.

    • X I agree somewhat about seeing what you have, but you know Chip Kelly will try to win and will not play guys just to see if they are keepers for the future.

  • ***Eagles Roster Moves

    Eagles call the Agents of Vince Young, Jimmy Clausen and
    Matt Lineart and Adam DeMichelle for Player Workouts..
    Good Grief…

  • Michael Vick is by far the best QB on this team and it’s disrespectful even mentioning one of these plug backups in the same sentence as Vick,

    Lock Vick up with a 2 year contract asap.

    • Yeah, lock up a 33 year old, injury prone, failure of a QB, for 2 more years? Shows were your allegiance & football acumen lies! You are a fraud, & a biased loser! GTFOH!!!!

  • I’ll take this moment to reflect on the positives of a QB not Vick.

    Quick release, see the whole field, don not hold the ball making the offensive line better, have the smarts to ,make the right reads, poised in the pocket, make the right audibles at the line.

    We heard this with garbage ass Kevin Kolb and again with Fake ass Foles.

    This bum ass Foles had an opportunity to solidify his position as the future of the Eagles and flat out choked!

    A game in which the defense put out it’s best effort of the year.

    Where was this command, field general we were hearing about all week?

    If Vick is playing today we’re atop of the NFC East.

    Here’s a question.

    Who would prefer Foles play and lose over Vick playing and win?

    • Even if vick was the best QB on this tem he isn’t good enough to win consistanly in this league. 12 year track record proves that. We arent winning the superbowl this year and Foles in in his 8th start ever…You say your an Eagles fan and rip the front office…Well the front office needs to step up and start preparing for next year. Play Barkley Or Foles or Vick…either way we aren’t winning and we need to rebuild…We aren’t winning with Vick this year so whats your point? We have to be smart and look to the future. This team is full of guys with no heart and that’s as nice as Im gonna put it. BTW get some help with your Vick issue, He isnt good, good QBs dont have to have people stick up for them all the time. You should be happy anyway your Team Won Hail to Redskins right you Fraud?

      • A 12 year record as a winning qb, with multiple trips to the playoffs. With this defense improving, we can get to the playoffs with Vick as qb. You don’t pack in the season when you can win your division.

  • oh yeah..by the way.

    I was the only guy saying how much we needed Burfict to give this defense some attitude while you guys claimed he wouldn’t be in the league.

    Would you rather have Burfict or Kendricks right now?

    who is better/

    a matter of fact we could have drafted Burfict in the 7th round yet picked Poyner who was cut.

    our GM sucks balls

    • Nope, sorry you were not the only one….I wanted Burfict in the 3rd round. I was saying it before the 2012 college season ended!!!1

  • correction Poyner was picked this year but you get my point.

    Burfict should have been an Eagle.

  • By the way…..

    this was our worst offensive game all season.

    Nick Foles is ass.

    I looked at that pass to Avant wide open for a TD and this bum ass Foles throws a low duck that almost results to a Cowboy’s interception.

    reminds me of the throw he attempted to Maclin last year that resulted in a loss.

    This Foles guy is shit!

  • Vick injuries will always be a concern but what hurts the most about this piss poor performance today is that Players were wide open! Desean Jackson can be see asking Where The F*&k is he throwing the ball? he had step on defenders several times. I don’t want to hear Foles name the rest of this year!

    • i concur

  • Talk about Negadelphia……Songs decides to start posting again after the team loses….BECAUSE HE IS A LOSE AND FRAUD….he quit on this team…..does anyone realize that he never denies it when he gets called out? He is a self-professed Redskins fan….he told everyone how he bought himself, wife and kids RGIII jerseys…..he is not a fan of the Eagles. He is a fraud and a loser.

    • keep saying I’m a skins fan in an effort to ignore that truth in my posts. But if you need a response to last season posts, here’s one for the last time.

      I made it clear last season that me or my family will not spend a red cent with the organization until Reid is gone, and as a act of rebellion I purchased rival apparel for my family and rooted for the skins in the playoffs because our organization showed they didn’t give a damn about the fan base while taking our hard earned money.

      Reid is gone and now I know the problem was even bigger than Reid’s pathetic fat ass and I’m 2 minutes from revolting until Roseman is the hell outta here.

      If Vick was not on this team i really believe this would be a 3 win season, yet losers here would like to can one of the few bright spots on the team in Michael Vick. He makes the Eagles respectable.

      What fans roots for the lesser talent to play?

      • You are not an Eagles fan. You admitted it. Called Eagles fans losers for following the team. Then when you see that the Redskins are even worse than the Eagles, you TROLL this site and make ridiculous comments.

        You are a fraud. You can try and rewrite your history on this site, but there are many that remember. As long as you try and pretend to be a fan here, there are many that will call you out. You quit on this team.

        • Foles looked like pure ass during the Eagles worst output of the season.

          What is your take on that?

        • It’s funny that all you can argue is his supposed loyalty to the Eagles and not the merit of everything else he says. Say what you want, but he’s been more accurate than Vinnie of any of the other Foles Fanboys on this site.

          • Because he isn’t an Eagles fan…I don’t take anything that EagleSuck says either. Maybe you were not around last year Sherel, but he quit. Why argue with a fan of a rival team about the moves your team should make? He has shown that once things start to go bad, he will bail.

            Where has he been so “right”? He was all over the Burflict pick….made a thousand posts until it was intolerable….the guy can play, but truthfully every team in the NFL made the same mistake because he wasn’t even drafted. Otherwise, what words of wisdom has he given beside calling every player he hates ASS?

            • Is ther one player that I said was ass that turned out to be a good player?

              I said Kolb was shit when Reid named him starter. What was your take on Kolb?

              i said Nate Allen was shit from Day 1….what was your take?

              Should I continue? There’s more.

  • Don’t worry guys….

    vick will come in next week and give us our first win in the linc in over a year.

    we’ll go on a run starting next week.

  • Did the Eagłes Offensive Unit even practice this week
    What an embarrassing performance to watch..
    9 straight Home Losses at Home.. What’s with the Linc that this Team just cannot seem to play an all-around solid game for 60 Minutes..

  • Congrats Songs. You got just what you wanted in that Foles failed. It only cost the Eagles a win an 1st place, but I am glad that you are happy.

  • paulman, must disagree, the oline did a good job giving foles time to throw

    The eagles qb was the problem, missing key throws to Avant, celek, and a few others

    the other major problem is the receivers, they can’t get open on man coverage, so if you do not have a running qb, no one open, plus a bad day at qb to boot, that explains yesterday’s offensive performance

    Foles needs to start again to see what his mettle is all about

    • I agree- Foles was Terrible and that the Pass-Protection was more than adequate most of the Game, but did you see many Holes or Running lanes for RB McCoy/Brown to Run thru.. Were any OL able to get to the 2nd Level and block the Cowboys LB’s who were free to make plays all Game Long..

  • Don’t flatter yourself E0S…..You haven’t even been right alongside Howie.
    Jordan Poyer – Cut
    David King – Cut
    Joe Kruger – Bad Pick – SOON TO BE CUT
    Earl Wolfe – Average player,Starts because the Eagles have no one better.
    Matt Barkley – Even Chip Kelly has no faith in his ability, when considering selecting another QB, after, drafting him the year before. Shows no sign of seeing the field, unless there is an injury to Vick, or Foles.
    Bennie Logan – Honestly, have you seen anything that says successful pick?
    Zach Ertz – Has done nothing, but live off College hype, and has made no real impact, no matter what you say… He is an average player, and don’t get me started on Lame Johnson……Your in denial with your rationalizing these average to less than average players Howie Drafted……..

    So, where do you see success in this draft as a whole?


    • GM…I hear you on all the players except for Wolff…gotta keep in mind he’s a rookie…who was selected later than that of Nate Allen…who should be better than Wolff flat out…you can’t teach instincts and that kids has instincts! Better instincts than any safety on the team….He’s been ok in coverage pretty good in the run…just think he needs to add a little size. He’s been improving every week…

      • Not really on blast for Wolfe Real. My statement on him is that he is serviceable, but we still need a much better upgrade. Honestly some of the safeties draft in the same round or after Wolfe would start for the Eagles as well.

        Just emphasizing E0S claim that Howie did a good job in this draft as hogwash.

        But, I do somewhat agree with your statement about Wolfe though Brother.

        • GMCliff — for the 7th straight week Howie beat GMCliff’s crew. You might not like Howie’s draft and you are entitled to your opinion but your crew is putrid. Ziggy Ansah zero impact in week 7 no tackles no assists. Jamie Collins benched in his attempt to replace Jerrod Mayo playing only 15 of 92 snaps. The rest of your beat Howie Roseman draft selections no tackles no assists no snaps.( crickets make more noise than your crew on the field) Howie 7 wins GMCliff zero- Howie is clobbering you

          • How is that when almost half of his draft has been cut already….more rationalizing huh?

            I will say this again so you can understand. They play for the EAGLES.

            Anybody I suggested would be playing for the EAGLES, and possibly starting for the Eagles considering the options on Defense. Half of the prospects I suggested are playing behind All-Pros, or more experienced veterans , BUT will be starting next year,and are at least on the team — some playoff teams.

            Howie sucks and you know it, and I don’t see anybody else agreeing with you.

            • Here is your crew:
              Ziggy Ansah – maybe he is 24 maybe he is 28 years old?
              Jamie Collins – project
              Blidi Wreh Wilson – getting snaps, special team player
              Montori Hughes – bust
              Cornelius Washington – deep bench warmer
              Ty Powell – bust
              Aaron Mellette – bust
              Damion Stafford – special team player

            • GMCliff – there are no magical suppressed starters on your crew being suppressed by superior NFL all pros. Wake up and live in the now not fantasy land

              • 1. All of them are on an NFL Roster – unlike about half of Howie’s draft

                2. Ansah, and Collins Start, and would start for the Eagles.

                3. Wilson plays behind – Alteern Vermeer, a Pro Bowler in his contract year.

                Hughes is third string on a Playoff team. He doesn’t have to produce to now, to be more impactful than your guy. Again he wasn’t cut.

                Washington, isn’t a deep bench warmer, he is 2nd team, OLB playing behind Shea McClellan, on a Playoff Team.

                Powell is on the Seahawks Practice squad. A player coming from Harding College, has little chance to be in a position to overcome any Linebacker on the Seahawks Defense, another Playoff Team, but he is on the practice squad, a lot harder to do than make the Eagles.

                Mellette is currently on Injured Reserve, but was 2nd to Torrey Smith at WR, before his injury. Mellette was drafted out of Elon, and made the squad, and at 6-5 222, he will make his presence felt soon.

                Stafford, plays behind Benard Pollard, who has a one year contract, so Stafford will be starting next year.

                Stop posting like that Howie’s draft picks are excelling. Your so obsessed with proving me wrong, that you don’t see how deeply in denial that you are son.

                BTW, again the number is 1-800-ASS-HOLE…Get some help

              • GMCliff, you lost- Howie beat you. After the draft you said wait until season starts and they get on field and we’ll see who was better followed by some sophomoric t-shirt offer. Now that your crew can’t get on the field you want to extend the challenge to next year followed by a telephone number. You lost and Jamie Collins playing 15 out of 92 snaps is not starting. The Patriots and Tom Brady would trade you for Zach Ertz giving Jamie Collins and have to give the Eagles additional draft picks just to get the conversation started.

              • LOL!!!

                Don’t nobody want Zach Ertz….Stop overvaluing average talent AT BEST POTENTIALLY……

                Your right, the Eagles would have to give up picks to get Jamie Collins. He’s better than any linebacker they have. They could get an impact linebacker this year if Howie ever gets a clue…LOL!!!

              • LOL!!!

                Can’t get on the field??!!! Howie’s boys can’t make the squad!!
                Why do you keep ignoring that fact? ….oh yeah, more rational thinking…Your a joke..LOL!!! 1-800-ASS-HOLE….

                They have a special wing for the Grand Poohbah of the Kiss My Ass Club……PBWHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!

              • your narrative sure has changed — once the bravado impact players you could draft that Howie was incapable of finding has been reduced to the Victor Abiamiri’s–>(Jamie Collins) Curtis Marsh’s–> (Wreh Wilson) Jeff Owens’–> ( Montari Hughes), Ricky Sapp’s –> (Cornelius Washington), Kennan Clayton’s–> (Ty Powell ) Marvin McNutt’s ( Aaron Mellette ) of the world or, useless garbage. Ziggy Ansah, Lane Johnson,and Wolff are the starters. Zach Ertz is getting quality snaps and massive field time — Jamie Collins, Bennie Logan are projects( 12-15snaps). And the rest are non contributors. Howie had a good draft (2 starters in Johnson and Wolff, a contributor Ertz and a project Logan), you had a bad draft you found a starter in Ansah, and a project in Collins and 6 bench warmers.

              • Your still are in denial, and partial in your evaluations – like that of Zach Ertz – What massive playing time? None. You want to see him like that. I still see Celek starting, who should because he is better, like it or not.

                There is a difference between playing time with the Eagles, and playing time on a playoff team with established players.

                There is no similarity between Logan, and Collins when Collins starts for a perennial Playoff team. Again all of those guys would be starting, or getting major field time playing for the EAGLES.


              • coulda woulda shoulda — you said you could draft impact players – you found one starter Ziggy Ansah that is it — Earl Wolfe played 73 out of 77snaps, Zach Ertz played 23 out of 80 snaps, Bennie Logan played 21 out of 77, Jamie Collins played 15 out of 92 snaps. New England choose to switch to a 5-2 instead of playing Jamie Collins at weakside Linebacker — translation they don’t trust him Dingbat ( LOL)
                Wreh Wilson zero snaps and they played 4 cornerbacks. Montari Hughes has yet to dress for a game. Cornelius Washington has yet to take a defensive snap. LOL.
                YOU LOST — if I was you I would be praying for Damion Stafford to get on the field ( he is the closest backing up Griffen and Pollard) but he is no Earl Wolfe.
                Bennie Logan has one less sack than Ziggy who is playing Jim
                washburn’s wide nine. Ziggy played 40 out of 57 snaps and did record a single statistic. no tackles, no assists NOTHING – your boy is fading

        • Honestly some of the safeties draft in the same round or after Wolfe would start for the Eagles as well.

          Ha, don’t disagree with that above statement GM!

  • This home game losing streak is unbelievable. Eagles fans haven’t seen a win at their house in like over a year? Thats just so wrong and depressing to think about. I was at the game and the crowd was ready to go. Hate when this team loses esp when they lose to the Cowboys.

    Foles was beyond terrible. This guy has proved he has the talent to make those throws but today was one of the most disgusting displays of Qbing I have ever seen. That was all mental for Foles. I know he is young and inexperienced and they all have bad games but this game really irked me when it came to Foles. He has confidence issues and once I see that in a QB I don’t want him as the future. You either have the mental toughness or you don’t…I don’t think thats something you can develop. Im looking forward to the draft now, cause we need that franchise QB to go anywhere.

  • On another note AP gained 28 yards against the giants and reports on profootball talk.com it was because vick wasn’t his QB.

    • No, but it may have had a bit to do with Josh Freeman.

      BTW – wasn’t there some clown on here a couple days back ripping Roseman for not bringing that scrub in here.

      SO far since Foles struggled I’ve read ‘enlightened posters’ on here demanding |Freeman and Dixon.

      And yet they continue to insist I don’t know anything about football.

      Too funny.

      • I most certainly wasn’t one of those wanting Freeman….Freeman new to the team, hasn’t even been on that team for 2 full weeks yet…there’s things like timing with receivers, knowing the play book (routes, protection….) You obviously didn’t consider those facts when evaluating Freeman yesterday…so you most certainly don’t know shit about football

    • Yea and Shady gaining over 100 yards against the Giants had everything to do with Foles!

      • i was just pointing out how silly some people on here who say all pro shady won;t ever gain any yards unless vick is the QB– shit happens in nfl

        • Agreed.

          The whole, “there can’t be an effictive running game without Vick under centre” is perhaps the most proponderous of all the pro-Vick arguements.

  • Its the perfect time to trade Foles right now.. 6 TDs no interceptions we could probably get a first round pick.

    • people don’t trade first round picks for an unproven qb…

  • We got a second and DRC for Kolb.. riders traded a high pick for flynn.. YES THEY DO

    • flynn was a 5th round and a conditional. and a 2nd along with a dog that has fleas is not a first…. you said a first round pick– it doesn’t happen.

    • Those Deals for Kolb and AJ Feely (Dolphins) were Steals by the Eagles and very unlikely to occue again.. Because 1 or 2 Teams make Bad Trades does not Determine the “True Market” for a Player or Postion
      Remember the bone head Deal that Jerry Jones make for WR Roy Williams a few Years ago.. This has no bearing on WR Josh Gordon of the Browns Today
      Teams Value 1st Round PIcks alot more than they used to and part of it is that the Salary Ranges are very affordable for Teams where as a few Years back a Top #5 Pick may cost a Team $20 Million in Guaranteed $$$ and if you make a couple of misses, not only are you in Trouble Talent Wise, but also for $$$ that you alreay Spent with Bonus,etc which impacts your Salary Cap with little Return to show for it..

  • BTW if the eagles can land a first rounder for all but maybe 5 guys they should go for it!

    • There is not 1 Player on the Eagles Roster that would return a 1st Round Pick
      and that even means D-Jax,L McCoy & Jason Peters at this stage of his Career with recent Injury and his current level of Play

  • I think the Eagles will make some major move to try to get into position to pick a high first round QB in this coming draft. I think it will likely be a package of their 2014 and 2015 first round draft picks to Oakland or Jacksonville. Maybe they throw Foles or Vick in that deal as well.

  • vick is not under contract with the eagles therefore is not their property.
    i am starting to agree with other posters on the QB position…. lets face it a first round qb is far from a guarantee… secondly because so many recent first rounders are a bust the market is again flooded– its a quandry because you truly need ‘that guy’ to do well in the post season– maybe not manning or brady but the flaccos of the world who can put a team on their shoulders, make a play…and not give up the huge turnover.

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