• May 17, 2022

Eagles “D” Prepares, As Boykin Practices

ConnorBarwin1I just left the Eagles locker room after getting the chance to talk to a few of the Eagles defensive linemen.   They know what they’re up against and how important it is that they win their battle with the Chicago offensive line.  The Birds defensive line has to flourish.  If the Bears defensive line wins their battle with the Eagles defensive line, Look Out!!!

Middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans, who is the leader of the Birds defense, knows how good the Bears can be, so he’s been stressing a better performance to his football team.  Ryans has been emphasizing the defense focusing on their assignments and their adjustments.  There can be no mistakes.  He knows the Bears will make some plays, but he doesn’t want this defense to give them any easy plays because of blown assignments of miscommunications.

This is so true.  When you play a talented team, you must make sure they work and earn everything they get.  It’s easy to be routed if you aid their production by giving them something easy.

I expect the defense to play much better this week than they did against the Vikings.  Most of the time, players give you their best when they’re challenged.  I think this team needs it.

Outside linebacker Brandon Graham was sitting at his locker and immediately when I started talking to him about the challenge they’re facing his said, “It’s on us.”  Meaning the pass rush had better get to their target to give the secondary as much help as possible.  Trent Cole says he’s and they’re ready.

The Birds pass rush must force Jay Cutler into making some mistakes.  Cutler will try to fit the football into any space.  He’s got a great arm, but many times that’s his undoing.

I see this being a high scoring game with turnovers deciding it.

Brandon Boykin practiced today and will play on Sunday.  This is great news for the Birds because there was concern that he might miss the game.  Boykin had to get through the NFL concussion protocol before returning to the field.  They’re a much better team with him in the lineup.  As I have said previously, I think Boykin is the best cover corner they have on the football team.  He will be matched with Earl Bennett in the slot.  Boykin will also be covering punts and he does a great job in that area.

Safety Earl Wolff has practiced all week and says only one time did he feel something with his knee.  Wolff has been eager to get back on the field for three or four weeks now.  You can’t even walk by him in the locker room without his saying something about getting back on the field.

I think having young players on the team, who have that passion for the game is good for a football team.  Wolff is quick to tell you that these have been some great moments in his life and  he’s loving every bit of it.


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  • G,
    Thanks for the update,

    Feeling better about our chances on Sunday Defensively after hearing Boykins and Wolff will likely play.

  • 48-45 with the Team who has the ball last, winning the Game
    Both Teams have explosive Passing Attackings, Great RB’s and shaky Secondary’s .. Whoever limits the Running Game, Limits Turnovers and Convers Red-Zone Opportunities into TD’s and not FG’s Wins the Game
    Special Teams will be huge also and you have to like the Bears Unit’s more with their Return game (Devin Hester) and their Kicker (Robbie Gould) over the Eagles Special Teams which are lacking in Confidence from Coach Kelly right now in their Coverage & Return Teams as well as Kicker Alex Henenrey

  • Paulman with the weather no way, low scoring game, this will be another test for Foles, I am psyched this guy foles is cool, go birds

    • 50 degrees 10 mph winds and showers is a concern ?

      • Let’s see the Waether forecast as it gets closer
        A wet field favors the Offense… I see a big to line shootout
        Neither Team defends the Pass real well or gets much pressure on the QB’s without Blitzing..

  • G I hope Chung doesn’t play cause he has blown more coverages and hurt his own players than opposing teamsWish fat man took earl thomas in draft instead of this bgramham well too late now but I think we better give big dose of shady to slow this offense down and open our passing game and get lotta pressure on the cutman oh and just let the special teams play stop the squibs and let the chips fall where they may if we cant beat bears and cowgirls then we dont belong in playoffs simple as that!!!!

  • Bench Patrick Chump.
    Don’t let him play at all.
    Activate a drunk fan out of the stands, give him Chump’s roster spot and the Eagles will win.

  • Chip Kelly should know every weakness in the Long kid’s game — I look for that RG spot to be a sieve.
    If Dallas beats Washington I don’t want to see DJax returning punts at the very least. Take some sensible precautions.

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