• August 19, 2022

The Difference Between The Eagles And Redskins

MychalKendricksOTA5On Saturday night, a pair of mediocre teams will take the field in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Eagles at 6-8 will try to defend their home field against the 7-7 Washington Redskins in hopes of keeping their season alive and taking control of the NFC East away from their rival.

While the gap between records only stands at one, their is in reality a huge difference between the two teams.


The mental approach that the two franchises take to their situations on a week-to-week basis couldn’t be more different.

The Redskins were not expected to do much of anything this year. Many questioned the idea of taking Robert Griffin out of the picture in favor of Kirk Cousins, and many believed that they would finish at the bottom of the division again.

However, Jay Gruden’s squad has been proving many people wrong. Washington has been playing much better football in the second half of the season as they’ve risen up the standings to the top of the NFC East. Cousins has been looking more and more like a quality quarterback, playing within himself and executing at a high level.

The Redskins are a young, energetic team that is on the verge of capturing a division title and making the playoffs. They’ve worked hard and have overcome a lot to get to where they are, and most important of all they don’t believe anything is guaranteed to them.

And then you have the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles, who have grossly underachieved throughout the season and played without any kind of desperation or urgency throughout the season. The message from many of the players is that they’re capable of correcting things, and that they don’t understand why things have gone wrong when they have.

This attitude was capped by linebacker Mychal Kendricks, who chose to immediately open his mouth following the team’s blowout loss to Arizona and declare that Washington was in for “something real”.

Considering Kendricks was on the field for most of the game that saw the Arizona Cardinals drop 40 points on a miserable looking Eagles’ defense, I couldn’t believe it when I heard what he had to say.

Kendricks displays a delusional sense of entitlement which I believe runs deep throughout a team. A flawed mindset where this team thinks its still 2013, and they’re the young upstart, 10-6 team that snuck up on a lot of teams throughout the season.

Seriously, how about this team just shuts up, and gets to work on improving their craft for once?

These are the same kind of quotes that we were subjected to when the infamous Dream Team was here in 2011 and 2012.

These guys just don’t get it. To be great in the NFL, its something that has to be earned through the right kind of attitude and dedication.

But instead, the players, and even the coaches themselves, refuse to even acknowledge that this team has problems. Instead, there’s no accountability. No sense of perspective. Only empty words and broken promises.

And the end result is a 6-8 team that is slipping further and further away from being even a good team, let alone a great one.

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  • Kiko Alonso sucks. He’s not that fast,His pursuit is weak. His body is puny, He is no superstar. He is a poor tackler and can’t put a good lick on anyone. Add Byron Maxwell in there. He is pathetric. That ride he took on the Cardinals tight end was imbarrising. The Eagles have no offensive player that scares the opposition or has burning speed.

  • Kirk Cousins is a “horrible” QB…….so sayeth the RGIII lovers.

  • Kirk Cousins has weapons, Kirk Cousins gets the ball to his skill players and reaps the benefits, Kirk Cousins is Nick Foles. LOL

  • Eagles got steamrolled in the run game, a rookie ran for 6.3 yards an attempt for 187 yards Sunday Night. Everyone with the exception of Fletcher Cox had to peeled off the Lincoln Financial turf with a pancake flipper.

    • How’s that Taylor Hart working out for you? He is not an NFL player and only here because of Chip’s nonsense when it comes to drafting talent. He has no business getting more snaps than Vinny Curry.

      • Its a joke that Taylor Hart gets any playing time at all. Guy brings nothing to the table…but he’s got that Oregon thing working for him. I agree, its a crime that Curry loses snaps to him.

      • Vinny Curry has 10 tackles in 15 games at 27 years old. He is a part time defensive tackle pass rush specialist who comes in on 3rd and long to rush the passer. He is not being suppressed by some Oregon collusion.
        Taylor Hart has 24 tackles in 2015 games at 24 year old. He is Fletcher Cox’s replacement when he needs a rest or Cedric Thorton’s replacement because of injury or rest.
        One was a 2nd round bust (Curry) the other was a 5th rounder who is 3 years younger. You are completely missing the fact that Cedric Thornton is getting his ass kicked every Sunday. Cedric Thorton has 27 tackles this year. 3 more than Taylor Hart.

        • How can you be a second round bust? He is a 43 d end put into a situational role by a flawed thinking d coordinator. Taylor Hart is a flat out joke and should be driving an 18 wheeler for Fed Ex not playing in the NFL. Loved how Hart pursued the rb last night..tackled air then got victimized by the turf monster. He offers nothing. Fletcher Cox’s replacement..and brings nothing to the table.

          • Sunday Night against the Cardinals
            Taylor Hart 4 Tackles 1 TFL > Vinny Curry 1 tackle, Cedric Thornton 2 Tackles

            • Stop with the junk stats…he can’t play. Vinny Curry has more impactful plays than Hart overall. Hart is a waste. He can’t play. If Chip did not draft him he would be idling on some teams practice squad…at best. Sunday night against the Cardinals..who cares the Eagles defense got their ass kicked!…meaningless stats E0S.

              • My original statement was the Eagles got steamrolled with the exception of Fletcher Cox.
                Vinny Curry is a bust. I am shocked the free pass this 2nd round draft pick gets from you people here. You people really expect more out of a 5th rounder Taylor Hart or 3rd rounder Josh Huff than that 2nd round bust draft pick. Vinny Curry is a bust huge mistake draft pick. JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Taylor Hart should not have been drafted at all. The fact Chip wanted him in the 3rd is an indictment of his understanding of how to draft and talent evaluation. Josh Huff should have been drafted no higher than the 5th-6th. Taylor Hart is a stiff, he is best suited taking his marching orders from Howie Roseman loading and unloading the Eagles equipment on and off the busses and airplanes during road games. He has no business wearing an Eagles uniform. This is the type of talent selection that has them at a putrid 6-8 record..from good to great eh Chip?

              • 2015 Season Production
                Cedric Thorton 27 tackles, age 27
                Taylor Hart 24 tackles, age 24
                Vinny Curry 10 tackles age 27
                Guess which one is paid the least amount of money & is the youngest?

              • Couldn’t be more on the money Eagle. Those are the words, and evaluations of a man who has realistic insight.

                Do you even recall Taylor Hart making any of those 24 insignificant tackles????
                I don’t. I think those stats are not only unimpressive, but crap.

                How conveniently that Vinny Curry’s stats that don’t show up, which really give voice to his abilities, compared to a scrub like Taylor Hart – The many hurries, pressure, and sacks – which are 1.5 sacks off from both Brandon, Graham, and Conner Barwin’s sack totals this year – in limited playing time throughout his career. – equaling 17.

                How many sacks does Taylor Hart have????….How much pressure does he create????…and does he REALLY bring anything special to the Defensive Line other than being another one of Chip’s overvalued Oregon Boy’s???

            • Why guess when you put their ages up there for the world to see. E0S..Taylor Hart blows. If Chip Kelly leaves Taylor Hart will be out of the league. I don’t care about Ced Thorton, Vinny Curry is a better player at his natural position than Taylor Hart is at his….working security detail at the Linc during Kenny Chesney concerts.

              • Do note that both Cedric Thornton & Vinny Curry are both Free-Agents and both are probably playing their final games as Eagles
                Eagles have gotten Cedric Thornton on the cheap the last 2 Seasons and Taylor Hart is basically Thornton’sCedricThorntons replacement for 2016

                Vinny Curry is best suited as a DE for a 4-3 Scheme where he would see more snaps and I see him signing a deal with the NY Giants where he would be a perfect fit for their schemes.. I see Curry rotating with JPP & Robert Ayres and probably get 8-10 Sacks a Season for Them
                Eagles will have the big tall guy from BostonCollege who I think is on the Practice Squad and possibly even invite that guy from the Army (Villanueva) for another shot next Summer Camp ..

              • also on the field last night from the 2014 NFL draft were:
                Marcus Smith 1st round pick,
                Jaylen Watkins 4th round pick,
                Ed Reynold 5th round pick,
                Beau Allen 7th round pick.
                and with the exception of Marcus Smith ( who I think had a good game, his best of his career ) Taylor Hart outplayed everyone of those draft picks and yet you are lambasting him. Taylor Hart had a better game than Cedric Thornton also which you keep failing to recognize.

              • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • You continue to talk about drafted players, Cedric Thornton was an undrafted free agent. I am not worried about Ced Thorton either. Name me one play where Taylor Hart made an impact play…as it goes for V Curry..go back and watch the patriots game. Taylor hart is horrible. Watch him play the game when it is in the balance..no plays made.

              • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Taylor Hart sucks, and shouldn’t even be the league..Straight laughable where his praise is coming from.

                a know nothing – that OBVIOUSLY doesn’t know anything about Professional talent…Please shut up…

              • I know there is no DNA genetic relationship between Jawan Carter, Jaylen Brown, Tyler Dorsey and an autistic child in Wilmington, except …

              • Vinny Curry has a very limited skill set for a very short amount of snaps. He is not at 28 years old next year going to be able to play 30, 40, 50 or 60 snaps of NFL football. It has been tried he doesn’t have the endurance and durability to handle that increase. Vinny Curry is not capable of playing interior run defense EVER.

              • Exactly!!!!! – a know nothing – I rest my case.

              • did I miss it or did Cliff apologize to these people yet for stealing their sympathy with his spurious imagination?

              • YAAAWWWNN!!!

  • I go back to Chip Kelly’s ‘Big People Beat up Small People”
    The Problem is that the Eagles have too many big white slow guys who can’t catch a cold let alone beat anyone up..
    Taylor Hart, Beau Allen, Brandon Bair ..the kid from Boston College and the 6-9″ Guy from Army..
    The problem with these tall guys is that they can’t get their “pad level” low enough to win the 1 on 1 Battles along the Line of Scrimmage .. None of these Players are athletic enough to shed tacklers, see the ball and make a play on the ball carrier..

    The biggest disappointment about this 2015 Eagles Club are the LB’s Corp where most of thought going in would be the strength of the Defense and Team with Ryans, Kendricks, Barwin, Alonso & Graham and for whatever reason, this group has just not gotten it done..the leading Tacklers are the Safeties Jenkins & the 190lb Walter Thurmond
    Ryans is on his last legs, Kendricks is a Prima-Donna , Alonso is no longer on the “Trash-Trunk Juice” , Barwin has regressed and Graham is a situational Player at Best .. Jordan Hicks was the only bright spot in this Unit with Najee Goode as a versatile Player, But Marcus Smith II , Brad Jones , Braman…
    What has this Group done…

    Eagles going against 2 high powered Offense’s and Passing Attacks versus the Redskins & Giants to close out the Season and are down to their 4th, 5th & 6th DB’s with a petered out Defensive Front 7 .. I see huge Games by Cousins & Manning and if OBJ has to sit out vs the Vikings, he will light up the Eagles for 200 Yards …
    Whose covering D-Jax, P Garçon, J Reed, J Crowder of the Skins…

    Good F’n Grief , I have grown to hate this Chip Kelly and his Coaching Staff & Schemes … Go back to College already!!!

    • the only white guy on defense making money is Conor Barwin. 1st and 2nd round draft picks and the defenders making over 2 million dollars a year are to blame not Bair, Hart or Allen.
      These are the players where heavy investment in high draft picks and/or millions were invested in:
      Cox, Barwin, Maxwell, Ryans, Kendricks, Thornton, Jenkins, Thurmond, Rowe, Smith, Curry. ( these are the players that should be getting kicked by the fans) I’ll take Cox out of the blame game because I think he played well last night and the year.

    • The 6’9″ white guy you speak of is a starting OLineman for the Steelers by the way………….

    • The kid from Boston College was cut and no longer on the ps squad. I actually liked what I saw from him in pre-season. He showed more than Taylor Hart.

  • Honestly I would rather have Biggers and Watkins in pass coverage over Maxwell everyday of the week. Maxwell shows no heart and cant cover me. Biggers atleast battles and shows some heart. He comes up and tackles. Watkins is athletically gifted enough to show some resistance down field. Just don’t ask him to tackle anyone.

    • Dag, Biggers can’t play and shouldn’t be on an NFL field unless he’s working on the chain crew, that effort on Johnson’s TD run and Brown’s TD. catch was 3 stooges action. Watkins can play and please tell me why he was cut. I’ll tell you why, it’s because this staff from the head coach on down is terrible at evaluating talent. It’s embarrassing as an Eagles fan to see the talent level the way it is, some people say this team are a bunch of underachievers, no they aren’t they’re just not good the worst talent in the NFC least.

      • Paulman I gotta steal your line GOOD GRIEF, and guys if they manage to win these last 2 games and win the division that just sets this franchise back even further because the LLCB will be in good standing as some miracle worker, I despise the whole tanking deal the Sixers are going through but honestly I was hoping the wheels fell off this thing so we’d be picking in the top 5 in the draft.

        • Gotta agree that talent evaluation is a big problem for this regime. Tomlin saw something that our guys didn’t with Villanueva, and turned him into a pretty good OLineman. Quite a few other ex-eagles around playing for other teams and were viewed as busts here.

  • The ridicule yesterday was enough to puss me off..I had it coming here in the desert.im done believing in miracles ; I’m done with Jeffrey lure and his “gold standard”.changes and firings need be made, there’s no sugar coating..we got humiliated on thanksgiving and Sunday night..the whole nation knows..only our delusional staff..thinks otherwise..Jeffrey made this mess..start with him..

    • When being completely honest with oneself and looking at this assembled Roster from the SUmmer, this 2015 Eagles Team was average across the Board.. Issues and ? along the OL, Newby WR’s who are still Unproven..
      SOlids RB’s but some Age and Heavy Usage creeping up on them collectively and then a QB who has played 6-7 Games in 2 Years due to Injuries who Leadership,Toughness, Arm Strength were are in Question going into a New System … And this is just the Offensive Side of the Ball

      Defensively, the Front 7 Was relatively intact, but a new Secondary with a New Secondary Coach all in a 3rd Year together under DC Billy Davis ..
      Where’s the improvements ? Where’s the Pass Rush ??

      This 2015 Team is pretty much what I thought they were, which was an Average Team in a Weak Division meaning they are no real threat for any legitimate Playoff Run, anytime soon… and go into the Off-Season with a whole lot of question marks and are in worse shape Salary Cap wise than in recent Season with some of the Bad Contract/Deals they made for Maxwell,Murray,Graham & Kendricks who are all being Paid like Pro-Bowlers when they simply are not at that level…

  • Biglion you made 2 good points, but you haven;t gone far enough:

    “no they aren’t they’re just not good the worst talent in the NFC least.”

    Not only has the talent been reduced, but perhaps even more problematic is how, at the same time, the age has been increased.

    I can take a drop in talent (for a short period) IF its a bunch of young guys who I think can grow and improve. But Kelly has done the opposite…in almost every case, Kelly has added a less talented older player.

    In 2013 Eagles were the 2nd youngest team in the league.
    In 2015 Eagles are the 5th oldest team in the league.

    So not only is there a lack of talent….but that lack of talent is already “old” (in NFL terms) and there is no hope of inprovement.

    At 28 Bradford is not getting better
    At Murray is not getting better
    At 28 Maxwell is not getting better
    At 31 Austin was never going to get better

    ALl the “adds” were “maxed out” guys who had reached their “potential” and could only stay the same or decline.

    Team of uninterested mercenaries with no skin in the game. And old.

    ” if they manage to win these last 2 games and win the division that just sets this franchise back even further ”

    Go back further…..this, as I was espousing, HAD to be the attitude after Thanksgiving. Those back to back games told everyone all they needed to know. The great “victories” against a NE squad with no players and a “we,ve quit” Bills squad did nothing but lose the Eagles valuable draft positions.

    Throw in the pathetic trade of a 2nd rounder for the shoulders always slumped how about another 1 yrd pass twig and Birds are going to have a long road to replenishing this old, uninspiring roster.

    • I just wrote something similar above using the age 28 of Vinny Curry. He isn’t all of a sudden going to be able to triple his work load in snaps for a more physically demanding strength position of interior 2 gap five technique interior defensive lineman.

  • Vinnie you picked up on the paid mercenaries scenario awhile back- i’m embarrassed i missed it… its dream team II…. in the nfl stay true to the draft… a couple of mid-level FA to fill holes like jenkins etc

  • Quarterback is providing leadership and sound play…no bad errant throws, protecting the ball-not turning it over…solid play.

    We are watching an improving, competent Quarterback, leading the team, inspiring them with confidence…

    Sam Bradford is the Quarterback of this team and is proving that he is worthy of keeping the job!

    The confidence has come back with the return of the Quarterback-Sam Bradford!

    The improved play of Sam Bradford in leading this team back from the abyss is destroying him. He’s anguished and hurt that now it is being proven that we have seriously upgraded the Quarterback position.

    Sam Bradford is our Quarterback….get used to it!

    Bradford is getting better, inspiring the team, demonstrating leadership, increasing the confidence of the team

    Chip Kelly has not lost the locker room…has not lost the team…the biggest difference between these wins and the three straight losses is the steady play at the Quarterback position which has obviously inspired the team!

    But what we are getting from Bradford now is consistent throws from the pocket, he’s not turning the ball over, he’s making plays…he has gotten better…just as I predicted…and he has taken the reigns of leadership on the team

    Sam Bradford is the leader that this team has not had since Vick…he rallies the offense, and the players respect him because he’s tough, he takes hits gets up and still delivers passes on the money
    Get used to it, accept it Rhino…Sam Bradford is our QB

    its the Quarterback who has given the team hope with his leadership. The team has seen him make clutch throws…they see a guy who is not turning the football over…it inspires hope in the team…

    Bradford is the leader…several players are talking about how he has taken the mantle of leadership on the team and fires up other players…

    Right now…its clear…Sam Bradford was clearly worth the second round draft pick

  • havent seen kool this week so i wanted to post for him above

    • You’ve hit on the big nail..mhenski..with retaining chip..do we need fulfill his “blurred” vision and endorse giving sam..top 5 money..we then have a bunch of ducks waddling around the nova care and a coach that has proven mediocrity and webbed feet guys are his keys to the promise land..to quote pman..good grief

    • mhenski, when I started reading that post of yours I was wondering what the hell was going on..sounded like Kool..then I saw you post right below. Kool always disappears after the Eagles lose.

      • Kool & CT (who I still think are the same person) Ha

      • got no clue anymore ehl. i was a chip cheerleader for a while because i was hopeful we had someone with a clue after andy but nah. chip so overmatched its ridiculous. this team so fucked on so many levels with an incompetent gm running the show now. my list of problems in no particular order

        1. absolutely by far the most clueless gm in all of sports and potentially sports history is our gm
        2. awful d coordinator- who shouldve been fired after year 1, but problem is chip has zero relationships in the nfl so he had and has no candidates to replace this buffoon
        3. qb – we have none – 3 talentless loosers. chip will likely act like a buffoon and franchise this looser which will cost around 25 million this year. puke
        4.o line – pretty much need 3 new players, 2 guards, 1 tackle
        5.wr – jordan matthews boring not special, huf prob shouldnt be in the league, nelson?
        6. rbs – we have 3 but none are special, still cant believe we moved shady WTF???????????????????????????????????????
        7. corners still a problem – although i think rowe can become something
        8. opponents have gone on in detail often this year how chip only has about 15 plays… and while simplicity can be good. football can be very situational and you need situational plays and we have none. FUCK WE DONT EVEN HAVE A GOALLINE PACKAGE WTF?????????????

        I just have zero idea what this team is doing, what theyre trying to accomplish, what identity theyre trying to establish. literally looking at this team objectively over the past few years and my take away is CHIP HATES PHILADELPHIA AND IS DOING EVERYTHING HE CAN ON AN ANNUAL BASIS TO STRIP US OF TALENT.

        i love the eagles but man i hate this team.

        something has to change, i cant stomach this another year. at least can billy davis and get sam and sanchez the fuck outta here. fuck i hate krappernick but id take him over this looser in a second. sam is a god damn unathletic back up qb

  • More Reports of RB Demarco Murray blowing up in the Locker Room after the Game… I can’t imagine how toxic that locker room has become with Players ditching for Cover and Playing for themselves now … QB Sam Bradford not the type of Natural Leader to keep this Offense together as that’s just not his Personality … No Leadership from the Receiver Group either, so its probably up to Kelce & Celek since Jason Peters is already pissed at Kelly for calling him out about his bad Back when Peters has been a Warrior ever since coming to Philly..

    On a Side Note, The Eagles can’t catch a break with the 3rd Round Draft Pick coming from the Lions who Won again last night to Improve to 5-9 after starting out as a Team that would have a very high Draft Pick..

  • More from Whatever it’s Worth Dept…
    The Eagles rank 12th out of 16 Teams with a 3-7 NFC Divisional Record..
    Don’t let this 6-8 Overall Record in the NFC Least Fool you.. This 2015 Team stinks and when you want to know how far they really are in competing with the Top Teams in the NFC, look at their Divisional Record for not only has the Redskins past them, but so have other mediocre Teams like the Giants, Falcons, TB Bucs,Rams & Lions in Terms of Playing Better versus NFC Competition so things do not look well moving forward …

    • and of course, the Eagles are way below the Good NFC Teams like the Panthers,Packers,Vikings,Cardinals & Seahawks who if the Eagles were to play these Good Teams 10 Times, maybe they Win Twice or 3 Times out of 10 ?
      Lots of Work for Chip Kelly and Company …
      If Chip Fires DC Billy Davis, then there will be anew System and Learning Curve to adjust too, now if the Eagles Offense was High-Flying, maybe they can help carry the Team until the Defense caught up in a Season or 2 but with the Offense in a mess and not really Scoring Points
      and whats worse is that the Eagles probably will have another new QB come in for 2016 who has to learn Chip’s System with New Teammates & Schemes, etc,etc
      These Eagles may end up like the Phillies/76ers and a complete Rebuilding Job Needed which is no 1-2 Year Fix …

  • Most of us Know that Chip Kelly is a Firm Believer in the 3-4 Scheme as a Base Defense, assuming that Billy Davis Gets Fired after this Season, which just has to happen, Who are some Candidates out there in the 3-4 Scheme that have NFL Experience that would want to Work for Chip Kelly ??

    Who is out there with NFL Experience in Running the 3-4 ?
    Rob Ryan is now working for the Bills..
    Mike Nolan ran a 4-3
    Mike Smith ran a 4-3
    Jim Schwartz run the 4-3 and Wide 9

    • paul..I bet you Chip does not fire or demote Billy Davis? He will be right back here talking about we have to fix this and we have to fix that..just like he said this past Sunday in week 15…lol..what a joke!

      • I believe Owner Jeff Lurie will demand that DC Billy Davis gets Fired.
        I believe Chip Kelly returns as both HC and GM for at least thru next Season (2016) .. But DC Billy Davis has to go, Lurie needs to demand some sort of change from the “Status Quo” that’s been going on for the 3 Years that Kelly has been with the Eagles while the Team has regressed each Season..

      • EHL i agree with that…and as i said in another post… what DC would do good with this bubble gum offense? its a flawed philosophy– chip is flawed in 1. saying the nfl is a ‘year to year’ league, while fundamentally teams go from worst to first all the time it is usually ones with stability in personnel that win 2. time of possession means nothing…. oh really? interesting yes it does!!!

  • Would a LB Coach from a Successful 3-4 be a Smart Route to Take and Hire as the next Eagles D/C ?

    ***From the Patriots – LB Coach Patrick Graham
    ***From the Ravens – LB Coach Don Martindale or LB Clarence Brooks
    ***From the Bengals – LB Coach Matt Burke
    ***From the Texans – LB Mike Vrabel or DL Paul Pasqualoni
    ***From the Broncos – DL Bill Kollar or LB Reggie Herring
    ***From the Chiefs – LB Gary Gibbs or DL Tommy Brasher
    From the Cardinals – LB Bob Sanders
    From the Seahawks – DL Coach Travis Jones

    • I know Davis is the popular whipping boy but lets ask a simple question…. what DC would be successful with an offense that goes 3 and out in 30 seconds 5-6 times per game? an offense that loses time of possession by like 40/20 every game? a defense thats subjected to more opponents possessions than any in the league? Could you imagine Buddy Ryan coaching a D under chip? If so remember when he went at Kevin Gilbride for his offensive philosophy?
      As many have said this is a college offense– it has been figured out. This ain’t oregon where you score 60 against ‘Who cares state’ and they score 45 and you feel great about yourself…

      • Good Point HAC in terms of a experienced DC wanting to Coach for Kelly and his Scheme, but I would have to think a Younger, Up and Coming Coach who wants to make a name for himself as a DC like a Mike Vrabel who played 10 + Years for the master Bill Belicheck and has Coached under Belicheck Protege Romeo Crennell for a couple of Years down with the Texans…

        LB Coach Gary Gibbs is the Son of Joe Gibbs and has worked with some very good DC’s (Wade Phillips, Bob Sutton, etc,etc) and could be a Worthy Candidate to talk to

        DL Coach Paul Pasqualoni of the Texans is another Coach with lots of Coaching Expeerince with Good Staffs over his Career and was a HC at Syracuse a decade ago…

        I have to believe that changes have to made and that Billy Davis just simply has to go, Its one to lose because of Talent Level, but to continue to see the same issues, simple coverage’s that get exposed time and time again, the poor tackling techniques and overall physicality or lack there of of this Defense under Billy Davis just has to be changed ..
        Going with a young, hungrier, take some risks type of Coach with good pedigree behind them like a Vrabel or Gibbs could very well be worth the risk..

      • This team has taken on Chip’s mantra…as soon as I heard him say the cowboys game was just another game..I said this guy just does not get it. Why does the owner feel it necessary to go in and give the players a fiery, passionate speech..which included yelling and cursing according to Malcolm Jenkins…but the coach says he does not need to do that with grown men. Chip continues to believe he can drive that square peg into the round hole. He is flawed in his philosophies, beliefs, and understanding of how the NFL works as it relates to scheme, the draft, T.O.P. . The real problem with the eagles is Chip’s difficulty with adjusting and change…because he thinks he knows everything and invented football. Bruce Arians showed him differently as he gave him a thorough lesson in coaching.

        • For Chip Kelly, Coaching in the NFL seems to be a “Job” for him, instead of being his “Passion” in Life … 2 Different Things..

          Look at Successful and yes, Passionate Coach’s like Belicheck, Mike McCarthy, Pete Carroll, Sean Payton,Mike Tomlin, Bruce Arians, the Harbaugh’s, even Andy Reid, Marv Lewis and even younger Coach’s like Ron Rivera, Mike Zimmer .. these guys all exude Passion, Toughness, Grit, Perseverance, Commitment and a real feeling of Trust and a Comraderie with their Players & Coaching Staffs, etc,etc …
          I don’t see a lot of this from Chip Kelly.. He treats things too much like a “Job” or “Something to Check off a List” …

          • “For Chip Kelly, Coaching in the NFL seems to be a “Job” for him, instead of being his “Passion” in Life … 2 Different Things.. ”


            • But here’s the difference Mhenski,
              Kelly has gone thru most of his Coaching Moves by himself..He has shared very little of his past successes with anyone else, See he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and that he’s all knowing and can do it all and Kelly fails to realize that its a group, Team thing from his Staff to his Players and everyone associated with the Organization that are working together on the same page to achieve common Goals… What are Chip Kelly’s Goals. Win a Super Bowl is easy to say, but how do you do that ?
              Improve Red-Zone Efficiency on Offense and Defense
              Cut-Down on Negative Plays, Turnovers and Penalties
              Control the Line of Scrimmage, The Tempo and Yes, the Time of Possession
              Create Depth, Promote Versatility and Ingenuity from your Coaching Staff
              Develop and Recruit Talent to your Organization
              Build Your Team to Defeat your Competition.. (Eagles can’t even Win the NFC Least, let alone compete with the Big Boys of the NFC & AFC)

              Has any of these happened with any consistency in Kelly’s 3 Season’s

              • Jesus what the hell are blabbering about now? Originally u said he treats it just as a job and not a passion. Now you’re talking about he doesn’t know how to get done/control freak…. I can’t keep up you keep changing the point and argument

  • Eagles RCB Byron Maxwell is dealing with a sprained SC joint in his shoulder, and is uncertain for Saturday’s game against the Redskins.


  • Jeffery Lurie needs to be smart, and kill the Chip Kelly project. All he is doing by keeping him around is delaying the inevitable, and stunting the long range overall best interest of this team.

    Chip Kelly is a College coach – only – and doesn’t know NFL Level talent. Anyone who sees it differently is a blind, and gullible optimistic – a sucker.

    • I agree 100% GMCliff, though I don’t believe Owner Lurie has the Balls to make a Complete Change and Admit Such a Mistake of giving Chip Kelly complete authority over the Football Operations of the Organization for this Mistake of Epic Proportion’s looks bad for Lurie as well and questions his Leadership and Decision Making ability as well… Lurie’s best hope is that Kelly and the Eagles turn it around next Season (2016), make the Playoffs and Improve and then have legitimate run in Kelly’s Final Season (2017)
      Then Lurie can cut the Chord and tell everyone that I gave Chip Kelly all 5 Years to Fulfill his Mission and Objective which was to compete and win a NFL Championship and he failed to do so, so the Eagles Organization are moving in another Direction…. If he cuts the Chord now after Year #3 of a 5 Year Contract, then Lurie sends a Panic Smoke Message around the NFL and to Future Employee’s or Front Office People and takes a major hit to the Eagles Brand of having stability with a Well-Run,Respected Organization.. Lurie is stuck between a Soft Pretzel and a Cheese Steak and he has only himself to blame for the debacle that has gone on…
      Lurie may want to look into Selling the Team to be honest..

      • Lurie doesnt have the balls to do it agreed. but if he did I dont think it would be viewed as a “panic smoke message” (whatever that meanS). it would be more of a I fucked up and was duped and im not scared to admit and fix it and eat the money

        • The “Panic Smoke Message” is for the next Person that Lurie would attempt to Hire.. What Young and Up and Coming HC or a Established Front Office GM or Coach wants to come in to a Job for an Organization where the Owner in just a 12 Month time Frame goes from having a Structured Front Office to restructuring and giving all authority to 1 Person, only to lose all faith in that 1 person a Year Later… Who would want to work for a Owner like this…

          • This ain’t the drama / tabloid world this is real life. Anyone who aspires to be a head coach who isn’t currently would want the job and the 5+ mill a year that comes with it. More people than not would admire luries accountability if he pulled the trigger. Everyone knows chips a fraud gm and hc at this point. He has done nothing but luck into a great season year 1 all with players he hated. Since then it’s been sabotage. People would want the job and it’s stupid to think otherwise.

    • Cliff, I hate Chip Kelly the Eagles need a NFL caliber evaluator of talent period, didn’t realize how bad this buffoon is until Vinnie posted the fact that in addition of building a bad team it’s old. Every move this guy made was a bad move, Walter Thurmond great slot corner now he’s playing safety and cannot tackle my 8 year old effectively. Hey everybody Marcus Smith got a sack Sunday night. Man I hate Chip Kelly.

  • On a Side Note that some may find amusing, but i think is just another example of how poorly things are being run at NOvaCare Center

    Last Week on 12/15, Eagles Release CB Mike Lee from Practice Squad and Sign Safety Craig Bills
    On Dec 12/16 , Eagles Release Safety Craig Bills due to Failing his Physical and Re-Sign CB Mike Lee…

    Doesn’t the Eagles Front Office confirm Results from “Physicals” before Signing and Releasing Players… Unbelievable …







  • lmfao this was a good laugh this afternoon

    Jon Hart
    March 12, 2015 – 10:28 am
    Profile photo of Jon Hart

    Did I miss something?

    Has APeterson been traded to the Cowboys???


    Did JH say it will happen once DeMarco signs here?


    Face it faggots

    I brought the Murray to Philly DAYS AGO

    Bowe to Philly next

    AP to Dallas

    Face it faggots

    Brought to you by…

    JH’$ EAGLE$ NEW$

  • I want Eagles to keep Kelly for one more year. Have him sign/trade for another team’s scrub like Krap or RGme.

    Then they can go 2-14 in 2016. Fire everyone. Hire someone from Pitt NE or GB, and get a QB with the #1 pick overall.

    Its all I have to look forward to with this mess. Maybe the Eagles competitive by 2020 and win one before my ticker gives out.

    A guy can dream right?

    • I can get down with that premise but I actually think it would be best to keep Sam to do that as I think Krappernick and rg3 would both be way better than Sam in this offense

      • Keeping Sam Bradford means a 3-4-5 Years Commitment and Big $$$$
        Screw That … Than the Next HC is stuck with the same garbage…

  • Let Sam Bradford Walk,
    Play Sanchez in 2016 since they Owe him $5 Million and Go 2-14
    and then end up with the Top Pick in the 2017 Draft and Select
    QB Deshaun Watson of CLemson or Dobbs of Tennessee or the Kid out of Notre Dame..

    Trade every Marketeable Player for Draft Picks whether its 5th or 6th Rounders in Return
    Say Bye to Darren Sproles, Brent Celek, Jason Kelce, M Jenkins,C Barwin, B Graham, K Alonso,

    • Release RB D Murray, R Cooper, B Maxwell after the 2016 Season when their Cap Hits are not as bad …
      Hire Sam Hinkie to assist Chip Kelly in Salary Cap Management …

  • The predictability thing is overblown, in my opinion. the birds gained 400+ yards of offense at 6.7 yards per play. The turnovers and defensive ineptitude were more problematic in that game. Obviously, talent, particularly on the offensive line, needs to be upgraded after the season. How big of a joke is it, that people continue to buy into this “Perception is reality generation”. This is the same media who started this whole
    “genius tag” and now after 1 short season this coach has lost the team and his offense that has been a top one in the NFL last few years is now PREDICTABLE LMFAO

  • I mean who gives a damn as long as they are moving the ball? For a defensive player to come out and state that the offense was predictable after allowing it to move up and down the field and completely blowing a coverage on a long touchdown… I just don’t buy it. There are more pertinent problems than predictability on offense.

  • Ct ..get a grip on reality..you can’t be dry humping this offense ..they too often can’t convert on 3rd downs,thus the defensive “issues ” although many layered ,are a direct link to the predictability of the offense..4th and inches…yeah ,I’d say we need give,The offense a pass…that will be one of the few passes this offense is attributed to..the. Defense has allowed 40 points in three of its past five games..on 3rd down conversions the genius has gone 74/198 ..time of possession 25:58 as opposed to the opponents 34:18…on a 16 game schedule the defense is playing 144 more minutes or approximately 18 plus game schedule..Add into that equation a shit DC and is it no wonder we are what our record states we are..Change for the sake of change ,wasn’t the correct move on offense ,chip the GM had apparently no relationship with howie ,as ,when the Sam deal came down ,he should and could have offered a conditional two ,(which still was rediculous) and he should have ,while holding the negotiation hammer told Sam to restructure his 2015 deal..Sam had no leverage and could’ve been released and or traded ..those were his two options..Chip in his naieveity ,did neither ..and now he must either franchise him or lose him and a two ..or even more absurd ..overpay …all positions he needn’t have put the organization into..winning against the skins and Giants will be the open door to putting lipstick on this pig..anything less and it is kotitean ..

  • Eagles land 3 Players to the Pro-Bowl

    LT Jason Peters (who I don’t think even had a good Season and got in based on past seasons play & reputation

    DT Fletcher Cox who has had a very good Season and deserves the Pro-Bowl

    Special Teams Returnman Darren Sproles who has has some Big Returns this Season

    Fletcher Cox Salary has just gone up to another level

    • Pman. Jones the punter was most deserved …just on the amount of times after three and outs…lmao..

      • The Punters from the Rams & Ravens both made the PB ..
        Donnie Jones has had a nice Season

        • Donnie jones had his leg in the air ..more than the rockettes in radio city ..with chips 3 and outs..id love be a fly on the wall when Jeffrey and chip the GM meet to discuss the future ..chips maneuvering is one and done..he’s lost all cred..being the ego driven sort that he is ,I don’t foresee him acquiescing to any dilution of responsibilities ..I’m hopeful that a trade with tenny is a real possibility and the Eagles hire josh mcdaniels ..and I’d love see Nick Sabin rejoined with him as GM

  • I’m fully acknowledging that the offense isn’t good enough. But moving the ball at a decent clip per play is what gets you into scoring opportunities. Turnovers negate these. The lack of talent on offense, most prominently the offensive line, is a bigger concern for me. Everybody keeps saying that Chip Kelly is not running Murray to his strengths?!? Your kidding right? Turn on the tape. That elite line in Dallas was notorious for perfecting the “stretch” run. Philadelphia’s offense has been requiring him to run both sweep and stretch plays. The offensive lines job on these particular runs are the exact same thing. The only difference between a stretch and a sweep is how, and when the running back cuts on the play. The offensive line in Philly has only had 1-2 decent quality players all season long. The priority this offseason will be adding to the offensive line, and making more defensive acquisitions.

    • CT/kool, the yardage you speak of is garbage time yardage…they aren’t scoring points…. They can barely score 20. Stop making excuses. Our QB’s have 20 TD and 17 int…. That’s terrible

      • In the last 9 games the Eagles have only scored two offensive touchdowns in each of them. That is bad, especially considering Chip is an offensive genius with a high powered offense. Who needs talent when you have scheme and culture…just ask DeMarco.

        • State of the offence is even worse when you consider the eagles have 63% of their cap $$ tied up on the offensive side of the ball, and only 47% on the D.

          67 million on offence
          52 million on D

          Both are pathetic.

          I mean…..seriously….is there anything for Eagle fans to hang their hat on here?

          QB sucks and will not “trend upwards”
          Oline sucks and old.
          WRs are ok (I think they’re better than most on here)
          D line has one very good player who we’re allworried is going to leave in FA
          LBs are pylons (except one guy on IR)
          Secondary can’t stop anyone.

          What do Eagles have????

          A great punter and a great punt returner. That’s it.

          • and both Darren Sproles and Donnie Jones will very well likely to be Salary Cap Casualties after the Season…

    • A Good Coach changes and tweaks his System to fit the Talent he has!!
      Murray is not effectiveonaSweeps/stretch Plays for he’s not quick or explosive enough to get to the edges , he’s best utilized running Downhill between the Tackles as some of us have since the Summer

  • Bradford is now Rated as the #28 QB in Passer Rating with a Score of 83 which out of a 154 Perfect Score
    The Best measuring Tool is the QBR Score which is based out 100 iand Sam Bradford has a Score of 40 which Rates him 30th in the NFL

  • They cannot re-sign Bradford. I would rather go through another 6-10 season with a rookie QB then sign that dude to what he is going to ask for. He is just not worth it.

  • Due to Salary Cap Hits, the Following Players cannot realistically be Released or Traded with their Current Deals that they have in Place

    Jason Peters, DeMarco Murray, Michael Kendricks, Brandon Graham & Byron Maxwell & Ryan Matthews

    Players who can be Cut/Released or possibly Traded thought the Eagles would have to eat some $$$$
    M Sanchez, D Sproles, B Celek, J Kelce, D Ryans, K Alonso, M Jenkins,
    D Jones, C Maragos

    As Ridiculous as this may sound, the Eagles will possibly have to consider trading their most valuable Defensive Player and that’s DL Fletcher Cox to free up some $$$$ and Return some High Draft Picks ..This is how bad
    Chip Kelly has F’d this Organization… HIs Moves he made last Off-Season will now come to roost as Vinnie and others have mentioned since last Year.. Its not being an Eagle hater either or Negative Nellie, It’s paying attention how decisions, Player Personnel moves, Contracts, Salary Cap, Draft Strategy & Overall Roster Management impact a Team 1, 2 & 3 Years down the road. Well guess what, this Road is getting rockier and rockier and there has to be someone in the Organization that takes these things into account or our Philadelphia Eagles are going to become the next Cleveland Browns…

  • If an offense is predictable, the opposing defense should be stopping it on more plays than not. Also, the score in that game didn’t have much to do with the offense considering the defense was gashed on the ground and through the air on nearly every play. he eagles had 424 yards of offense while the Cardinals “knew what was coming”. This is also a Cardinals defense who was ranked #3 by football outsiders coming into the game. They also didn’t have anything on offense in the final 8 minutes of the game.

    In my opinion those facts would indeed suggest the predictability is overblown. Is it a problem that needs to be addressed with this not being the first time, sure. But while you want to complain about everything, you can’t ignore the offense did in fact move the ball.

    Everything is contextual. Bradford struggled mightily early on, which hurt the offense. Murray has been struggling all season, which also brings down those cumulative numbers. Not to mention that the offensive line has been banged up and playing poorly. All of these things have contributed to poor offensive play.
    Arizona was giving up 5.36 yards per play before this past weekend, which is basically equal to the 5.27 yards per play gained that you calculated for the Eagles prior to “garbage time.” So that is average, not below. Additionally, if you want to factor in garbage time, you need to go back through every game on Arizona’s schedule that resulted in a blowout and subtract those yards from the total. After doing so, I’m sure the figure will be much lower, making the Eagles per play gain better than average against a solid defensive team that just claimed they were predictable. Doesn’t hold up.

    You also haven’t acknowledged the possibility of “garbage time” numbers in other games. They’ve had five wins with a margin of victory of 21+ points. Again, my point ISN’T that the Eagles are a great offense, it is that the predictability hypothesis is probably overstated.

  • Arizona completely blew a coverage on the Matthews TD. Certainly didn’t predict that play.Predictability should allow for simpler and more effective communication. These things are interrelated.

    I mean seriously, the Birds have their problems and the offense has not been good most of the season but you really cant say this is because of predictability.

    • CT people arent saying that, PLAYERS are saying that. an opposing team can have an idea of the play coming but that doesnt mean they gonna stop it. but ill tell you what when you dont have a goal line package, the only time u line up under center youre running and when the windows get tighter in the redzone and the defense has an idea of what youre gonna do it sure makes it easier on the defense… bottom line is the “offensive genious” isnt fooling anyone, keeping anyone of balance or suprising anyone in this league.

      and when you size up everything he has said he would bring to philly and compare it to what he has delivered and look at his awful gm decisions its clear as day WE ARE FUCKED WITH CHIP

  • Eagles probably have one of the healthiest OL in the NFL at this State of the Season, the Core 4 have all played most of the Season, Even Matt Tobin has started the last 10 Games for Andrew Gardner…

    The Bottom line is Points Scored and Points Allowed..
    Sam Bradford and Eagles and Chip Kelly struggle when it counts the most which is Scoring TD’s and Preventing TD’s for the Defense..
    All the other Stats are meaningless.. Score TD’s and Hold Teams to FG’s is how you Win in the NFL and the Eagles are not Talented enough, Not Well-Coached enough and scare no Defensive Coordinator and have no PLaymakers…..

  • In the Eagles 8 losses they’ve been outscored:

    246 to 137

    Think about this….in those games:

    TD to Matthews with 1:21 to go down 17
    FG vs TB with 3 mins to go down 24
    TD to Matthews with 2 mins to go down 38
    TD to Matthews with 14 to go down 27, right after the pick 6 and in front of an empty stadium – game was over.

    Thats a lot of “garbage time stats padding” shit. Bradford and Matthews about to take over from last year’s Cutler to Marshall for the most irrelevant TD hookups on the year.

  • Jordan Matthews quietly has 72 catches and 839 yards with 2 weeks left. Is he Odell? No. But not to bad for a 2nd year wideout. He was the focal point for defenses in college and that still did not stop him from setting SEC records. It’s been a different story in the pros with Jeremy Maclin leaving, leaving professionals to key onto him this season. Year 3 will be his defining moment, and if he is going to be a true receiver

    • Matthews is a Solid NFL #2 Receiver, the Problem is that the Eagles have no one else…. Chances are Riley COpper and Josh Huff would not even be on NFL Rosters for 25 of the 31 Other NFL Teams for they simpley are not NFL Caliber PLayers… And Rookie Nelson Agholor has unfortunately followed a similar path as Josh Huff which is be way too emotional out there on field, try to do too much and make mental mistakes time and time again..
      Agholor needs to relax, slow down a tad and let the game come to him..
      He has probably been the most disappointing 1st Round Pick of the Entire 2015 NFL Draft as most had high hopes for him and especially for how well he looked in the Summer/Pre-Season then once the Regular Season Started, it was as if he forgot how to play Football and looks lost and NFL Regular Season CB’s simply manhandling him up and down the field has thrown him for a major loop.. He has next Season to straightened it out or hes a bust Pick…. Josh Huffs just stinks and is not a NFL Caliber WR..
      34 Receptions for 400 Yards & 3 TD’s in 30 NFL Games is not what you call a very Productive 3rd Round Pick who was the 86th Overall Pick of the 2014 Draft… Check some other WR’s that were still on the Board in that 3rd Round when the Eagles/Kelly took his own Oregon Duck RB converted to WR Josh Huff..

      John Brown (91st Overall- Cardinals – 106 Receptions – 1,629 yds – 11 TD’s)
      Martav Bryant (118th Overall- Steelers – 74 Receptions – 1,300 yds – 14 TDs)
      Donte Moncrief (90th Overall – Colts – 93 Receptions – 1,164 Yds – 9 TD’s)

      You have to hit on your Draft Picks …
      Rounds #1 thru #4 Selections (which is about the Top 150 Players Selected) have to become Productive Members of your Team, Yuor COre that you Build your Roster with and the Eagles Year after Year just miss with their Picks..
      You want to pick a Great Special Teamer, a player that you like and are familiar with, then do it in Rounds 6 or 7 or Sign them as an Undrafted Free-Agents..
      But the First 4-5 Selections on Each Draft Class, you have to hit on and do your homework about… Chip Kelly has proven he has little idea on how to Build a NFL Roster thru the Draft..

      • Paul, Agulhor is a victim of not havin a QB…he hasn’t been great but when ur qb won’t throw it more than 10 yards it’s a bit tough to compete. This season hinged on Bradford being ‘a number one overall talent, strong armed and accurate’ I will give him he is pretty accurate on one yard outs…
        The Bradford apologists (they apologized for another shitty QB), he’ll forget apologists..excuse makers point to a variety of factors but in 6-7 years in he league never has put a team on his shoulders, never risen to a level of skill that puts fear in a defense… F. Him, he is a bottom third starting qb…

        • Agholor isn’t what everyone thought he was – I told you he wasn’t the savior to our receiving core – now every excuse is thrown out to defend his horrible season.

          He will be a potential #2 in 3-4 years – maybe if they can ever get a more dependable QB.

          @ Paul – Stop it with John Brown, and Donte Moncrief talk. ..They are average recievers with great QB’s – NEITHER – would bring anything, nor be anything with the Eagles….PERIOD…..You suggested two average WR’s – Congratulations – just stop

          I get it . Your guys, so you keep singing this same boring song….Please, just stop

  • Damn CT, you’re a real fan brah, I mean this team as it’s currently constructed is garbage and trust me I rep my Eagles down in Duval but enough is enough Chip gotta go. This roster without a true talent evaluator will need major reconstruction.

  • Here’s more sobering info for the Sam Bradford “trending upwards” knob gobblers like CT and Kooltwit out there:

    From Bill Barnwell:
    “Against the Saints, quarterbacks are a combined 321-for-473 (68.9 percent) for 4,053 yards (8.6 yards per attempt) with 39 touchdowns against just six picks. Their combined 116.5 passer rating would lead the league by more than five points”

    Bradford against the Saints:
    32 of 45 71% 333 yrds 7.4yds/att 2td 2int Rating: 88.5

    Yrds/stt full yard lower than the average
    Passer rating 40 points lower than average
    and he personally threw 33% of the Saints ints this year.

    He’s sooo bad.

    Sanchez next year to roll to 2-14. Kelly fired. Take top QB with #1 pick. Its the only way.

    • Mark my words. If philly decide’s to cut ties with Sam and he goes somewhere like Houston he will be a BALLER. That defense, plus the best WR in the game (top 3) and another season removed from that knee injury will be deadly. Houston is a qb away from running away with that division next season (even though Jacksonville is very talented and scary).

      For the future of the team, I wish they would let Kelly and Sam walk among other players such as Demarco etc. Bring in a blue collar coach and rebuild the defense and oline into a juggernaut.

      But that’s not going to happen. Chip is here to stay after beating new England and buffalo it doesn’t matter if we make the playoffs or not. He will resign Sam, and if not bring in Rg3.

      • You forgetting CT that it’s not only Chip Kelly/Eagles Decision to Sign Bradford
        It’s really up to Sam Bradford on whether he wants to remain with the Eagles and right now, all indications are that he and his Team of Agents/Lawyers want him to go West to either Denver or the SF 49ers or Houston Texans.
        There is very little indication by his Agents & Sam Bradford himself that he wants to remain in the toxic atmosphere that has become the Eagles..
        I have it 75% – 25% that Bradford moves on..
        Bradford has Choices believe it or not and he’s going to take full advantage

      • Michael Floyd of the Arizona Cardinals has really came into his own as of late. I remember how disappointed people were in him when he first started out and alot had him labeled as a bust. With time, and development the game has slower down for him and he has looked great.

        A lot of people see the ODB of the world and other young wrs just stepped right in and dominate. That is not the case for most players as some need time. Nelson and Matthew and huff along with other draft picKS can really be something nice for us in the future.
        Your skill players are only as God as your oline. If Philly can turn this oline around and add some great depth and additions I can really see things opening up more and more for the run game and young relievers

        • And Paul man if that’s the case and Sam really does move on, then you all have gotten what u want. I personally want a qb that knows nothing but philly. By that I mean I want him to be drafted and groomed and I want to see him grow as a player. I really like Sam Bradford because of the fact how big his heart his. Most players would retire after going thru what he has, and he continued to fight and overcome. He took a beating last week and keput getting right up. Wherever he goes, here or there I will always be a fan.

          • As long as Chip Kelly is going to keep the Read-Option as part of his Offense, which he says he’s committed to doing, then his Offense requires having a QB that is a legitimate threat of running the ball to keep Defenses honest
            With Bradford as like Foles last Season
            The opposing defenses don’t have to honor their edges and can just continue their pass rush to the Pocket to tackle/sack Bradord just like Foles the Season before..the Fake handoffs font goo.any defenses for the EaglesQB’s are going to keep the Ball so Play-Action really doesn’t work as well with a less mobile QB
            Kelly has used Foles, Sanchez, Drafted Barkley and thenTrades for Bradford..
            This group may be the slowest group of QB’s in recent times..
            It all goes back to Chip KellysTalent Evaluation and putting together a Roster that best fit hisS homes or doing what the goodVoach’s do which is tweak and adjust their system to the Talent they have and making it work
            Chip Kelly is unable to do this I his 3 Seasons as anNFL Coach or in the 1 full Year as GM.. He’s not very bright in terms of X’s & O’s as most hyped him up to be, in fact, he’s very basic and high-Schoolish with his Plays, Formations & overall Schemes..

  • Everybody is too harsh on Chip Kelly.
    Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Lesean Mccoy made the game interesting, but we were never going to end the 60 year championship drought in Philly with those players. All those players had their chance and delivered nothing in all of those playoff games.
    Keenan Lewis gets hurt in the Saints playoff game and Djax comes out and makes his only reception of the game worth anything. In 3 playoff games I believe Lesean Mccoy only had 117 rushing yards or something like that.
    Even the greatest coach in Eagles history arguably coach Reid went 66-61 in his final 8 seasons, after starting out too strong with a Jim Johnson led defense. Donovan McNabb I believe bailed Andy Reid out of so many situations then I believe most people think. ‘

    Damnn I miss Donovan. Did he ever deliver? Nope. But he gave us hope. In his prime he was the 3rd best QB in the league by far. It went Manning, Brady, Mcnabb back in those days and maybe even Palmer if he stayed healthy. Having Duce Duce and Brian Westbrook and not using the dudes really killed us. The continuous piss poor clock and game management by Reid cost Philly way too many games along with record breaking terrible drafting.
    Donovan Mcnabb you can say was frustrating at times, but we take for granted how great his release and IQ of the game really was. That man like rarely every had 10+ ints a season.
    You mean to tell me Chips “very basic and high=Schoolish” plays and system gave Desean, Maclin, and Lesean ( all Reid players) career years? I bet you anything if 2015 Chip Kelly coached that 2000 Eagles with Jim Johnon led defensive team, we would be a dynasty looking back.

    Point is everyboddy wants to talks to talk about all the bad decisions someone makes when things are not going right, which is very understandable. But what about all the right choices fat boy made? Preaching special teams and making us one of the most dominate units the past several years has been very intriging. Signing Malcolm Jenkins, Walter, Sproles, Matthews, and drafting Lane Johnson, Ertz, Logan, Hicks, Rowe, Nelson? Ed Reynolds? among some others. Obviously Chip knows a thing or two about evaluating talent. He knows the college game and has plenty of connections to help him with that as well. All that talk about his system making it harder for Qbs to stay healthy is a joke to by the way. If you dont believe me go look at how every Qb got hurt when they were playing.

    • CT must stand for ‘chip talking’ …. Too harsh on Kelly? Really? When a team digresses there is no such thing as too harsh

    • CT…understanding that this sport ,is a business ..the only metrics that need evaluation are wins vs.losses..and when looking under the hood,digesting ,how many winning teams did you beat ?When playing in front of your fan-base how did you perform ?The fans at home buy with revenues tickets and merchandise ,and nothing fuels that capitalism ,more than a winning culture ..all your hyperbole of woulda shoulda couldas..means nothing ..The GM was an abject failure in his allocation of monies draft picks in trades and his eye for talent that fit “his system.” This is undeniable ,and his fingerprints and culpability are squarely on him..Now you have toxicity in the “cultured ” locker room with a large dollar running back ..so you traded a “culture ” issues back for a linebacker who is yet another duck ,who looks like a stick man ..you took one toxic “productive” back and traded for another “toxic ” non- productive back..you haven’t solved the need for QB ,and by not either comprehending or having the fiscal savvy ,you now have lost a second pick and possibly lost the QB for greener pastures ..net result ..setting back the franchise …you threw money at bill Davis side of the ball ,and admittedly never attended defensive meetings ..what CEO..doesn’t take an interest in his investments ,to make certain they’re being best utilized ,if nothing else? Your abject failures to fire BD. Last year ,again now has set the franchise back on its development..you are at this writing behind the curve on wins vs last year ..abject failure ,with the possibility of only beating out a combustible Dallas team in your division .. Your devotion and insertion n of Ducks on this roster has yielded nothing ..having your guys ,is an abject failure if they’re not as talented as new players…you’re failing at every part of your narrative…if it quacks like a duck…it’s usually a duck..

  • Merry Christmas to Everyone
    I thought I saw Chip Kelly and his Ducks waddling along Cooper River Today
    I believe Koolbreeze, CT, John Hart and a few others were all waddling with them .. I should have Taken a Video and put in on YouTube

    • Merry Christmas!! Hope everyone has a great holiday with the family! Get up and watch Golden state humiliate Lebrons soft ass

  • Hoping there are two wrapped wins under the tree ..
    Merry Xmas ..be safe everyone

  • Bradford is not going anywhere. This is an article posted on Philly.com for those of you who do not read on that site.

    “The biggest thing that Sam now is doing is KYP – know your personnel,” said wide receiver Jordan Matthews, who had eight catches for 159 yards and a touchdown in Sunday night’s loss to the Cardinals.

    “He’s starting to understand the guys and what everybody is good at. He understands where to find people, what area of the field, what downs, where’s the red zone, those types of things. (He knows) this guy is good at this, or this guy is really confident running this route against this coverage. It’s not just about seeing the field, it’s seeing his guys.

    “The defense can do whatever they want to do, but you have to know your guys first. We all know Sam can put the ball where it has to be. So, now that Sam is getting to understand us a little bit more, I think we’re all going to continue to grow and continue to get better as time goes on.”

    Bradford agreed.

    “Just having a greater feel for how certain guys run certain routes, the angles they take, whether they like to come out flat or high (has helped),” he said. “We’ve been much more on the same page, as far as some of the routes compared to earlier in the year.”

    Why would Bradford start completely over? Go with the Head Coach who believes in you and gave up a lot to go acquire your talents. The more str and confidence that grows in that knee along with his familiarity of his teammates and offense will be the reason on why he chooses to stay here. He plays for a fan base that is passionate, knowledgeable, and keeps it real with you. A proud organization with a great history. Bradford knows the guys in that locker room and what this team can become with only 1 good off season. If by some MIRACULOUS reason he chooses to somewhere else, then most of you get what you want anyway.

    • Play well,and win Saturday night …nothing else matters..you’re pointing to a 40-17 blow out at home as a transformational game? Heseemedpretty comfortable throwing it to the wrong team too…Pman..good grief..ct ..put the Pom Poms down ..this guy is. Playing for his next contract..If he Miracuously (ha) doesntsomewhere (like to a team with an offensive line ), and a running game ,that will be because th brilliant GM is looking to cover his arse..

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