• January 25, 2022

Eagles Are Confident The Jacksons Are Part of The Answer

The Eagles offense was hamstrung in the 2018 season when their fastest wide receiver Mike Wallace, who had been signed after a number of years with Baltimore, went down with a broken ankle in the second game of the season   Doug Pederson and his offensive staff were forced to play the rest of the schedule without a serious deep threat.  Safeties were emboldened to come up closer and closer in order to contest intermediate throws to Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor, while also helping to slow down the Birds running game.  For the most part, the deep pass was missing from the Eagles offensive attack.

Eagles V.P. of Football Operations, Howie Roseman was committed to make sure that won’t happen again in 2019, so they’ve decided to acquire a receiver who has a previous history here in Philadelphia.   Earlier this week, the Eagles worked out an agreement with Tampa Bay to acquire veteran speedster and former Eagle, DeSean Jackson.

Nearly all the Eagles fans are thrilled to have the talented playmaker back on the roster.  Eagles fans still haven’t forgiven Chip Kelly for getting rid of Jackson and they haven’t forgotten that “breathtaking” punt return against the Giants in an amazing come from behind victory for the Birds at the Meadowlands.  The outstanding call of the game by Merrill Reese and Mike Quick still sends chills up my spine when I watch the replay.

Amazingly the 11-year veteran speedster, who has played three years as a Redskin and two with the Buccaneers since his time with the Birds, has been able to maintain his blazing speed through all those years.  Jackson, who is only about 5’10” and weighing in 175 pound area and he can still cover 40 yards in about 4.3 seconds or less.  He’s done it by working out like a track sprinter who is trying to qualify for the Olympics.

Last year Jackson led the league with an 18.9 yards per catch average.  He caught 41 passes with 4 touchdowns for 774 yards.  That’s proof that he can still take the top off a defense.  The diminutive receiver tracks the deep ball as well as any receiver in the league.  The Birds are confident that Jackson can team up with Carson Wentz to form a lethal deep ball duo.

The key to Jackson’s success or failure in his return to the Birds will likely come down to his ability or inability to stay healthy.  He played in 10 or 16 games last year for the Bucs.  The Birds need him to get closer to 16 out of 16 or may 14 out of 16.  You know that saying, “You can’t make the club in the tub”.

On the defensive side of the ball in the 2018 season, the off-season injury to defensive tackle Tim Jernigan left the Birds in need of somebody to play along side Fletcher Cox.  Cox is a one man wrecking crew, if an offense tries to block him with one guy.   Due to the absence of Jernigan, offenses were able to double-team Cox, but the Eagles didn’t have anybody on the roster to make those offensive lines pay for using that strategy.

This is the reason they have signed veteran defensive tackle Malik Jackson.  Despite having a down year in 2018, this seven-year defensive lineman is and has been a tremendous pass-rusher and a winner.  He plays with passion and tenacity. Jackson played the first four years of his NFL career in Denver.  While there he made a major contribution on a dominating defense that led the Broncos, with a washed up Peyton Manning at quarterback, to a Super Bowl title. The Broncos couldn’t score, but they didn’t have to because of the defense that Jackson played on.

The last few years he has lined up for one of the best defenses in the league in Jacksonville.  Two years ago, Jackson was a key player on a Jaguars squad, which came very close to knocking off the Patriots in the AFC Championship game and taking on the Eagles in the Super Bowl.  This big defensive tackle, who played defensive end during most of his career, knows how to get to the passer.

He also understanding  the kind of discipline, preparation, and commitment that is required to win championships in the National Football League.  Jackson, who will be making about $10 million dollars a year is eager to return to his Pro Bowl form .  The Birds believe that he is the type of quality inside pass rusher, who can get to the passer when he is singled blocked.

If Jackson can indeed beat the single block, the Eagles will be able to make offenses pay for double-teaming Cox.  They’re confident this veteran pass rusher will beat the one-on-one blocks and get to the quarterback. As Eagles fans, we sincerely hope, that Roseman and company are right in their assessment of Jackson.


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  • Here’s hoping that DJax still has that speed and has matured emotionally past being a punk. It’s all about winning and when he’s on the field, he can put a lot of stress on the D. Don’t see him as an every down guy, but maybe 60% mixed with Hollins and a WR from 2019 Draft. Malik Jackson makes sense. We still need another good DT prospect and a legit DE prospect. Free Agents are getting a ton of $ and Howie has been very smart so far. Go Birds

  • New Mock Draft (Involving a Trade Back to the Patriots)

    Eagles Trade #25 and CB Jalen MIlls or RB Wendall Smallwood to the NE Patriots for their #32 and #64 Picks, the Patriots will want to Move up to either get one of the Top TE’s or a QB, if Daniel Jones from Duke Drops, as Belicheck would love to grab him before someone else does to start grooming behind Brady.. This would give the Eagles 4 Selections between the 32nd and the 64th Selections which should produce 4 Starters within 2 Years Time and Offer some immediate help on a Rotational Basis

    #32 – DT Christian Wilkins – Clemson (6-3 – 315lbs) or Jeffrey Simmons – Miss State (6-4 – 302 lbs)
    #53 – Safety – Taylor Rapp – Washington (6-0 – 208lbs) or Safety Juan Thornhill -Virginia (6-0 – 205lbs)
    #57 – C/G – Elgton Jenkins – MIss State (6-4 – 310lbs) or C/G Erick McCoy – Texas A&M (6-4 – 303lbs)
    #64 – RB – Miles Sanders – Penn State (5-11 211 lbs) or RB David Montgomery – Iowa State (5-10 – 222lbs)

    Then Go WR,DE,LB and OL with their Remaining Picks

  • Running Back….CHECK….
    WR check
    DL check
    Secondary check
    LB check
    Seems simple

  • A Great Trade/Pick-up for RB Jordan Howard for a 2020 6th Round Pick which could increase to 5th Round Pick at most which is a Steal for the Quality of Back and Production that Howard has shown since being in the NFL.
    He’s in a Contract Year and and was a Steal as a 5th Round Draft Pick of the Bears back in the 2016 NFL Draft so Howard has been playing for chump change and has a great opportunity to Run his way into a Big Contact next Off-Season, whether it’s with the Eagles or as a Free-Agent.
    Meanwhile, from a Draft Perspective, this acquisition probably changes things for the Eagles a bit in terms of not really needing to Draft a RB in the Early Rounds, though I do believe they will Draft a Scat Back/Pass -Receiver Specialist to replace the Sproles Production/Formations that Coach Pederson likes to use who can maybe also add some Explosion on Special Teams ..

    Scat Back Type of RB’s that have good Receiving Skills out of the Backfield that I could see the Eagles Pursuing in the 4th/5th/6th Rounds are some of the Following

    RB Justin Hill – Oklahoma State (5-9 198lbs)
    RB Devin Singletary – Florida Atlantic (5-7 200lbs)
    RB Darrell Henderson – Memphis (5-8 208lbs)
    RB Travis Homer – Miami (5-10 201lbs)
    RB Karan Higdon – Michigan (5-9 206lbs)
    RB Bryce Love – Stanford (5-8 200lbs)
    RB James Williams – Washington State (5-9 200lbs)

    GM Roseman and Front Office are really nailing it so far this Off-Season… Keep it Up !!

    • Since they don’t draft for NEED your theory is hogwash…. they will take best players left on the board as is their best practice. If they like a back when their time to pick they will take him… but it is clear they don’t value bell cow backs… so to all the guys wanting a horse for 20 carries a game you should route for a different team with a different philosophy… they like cheap backs, rotational for a year or two… it’s clear. They will draft at least 3 fat uglies along the lines

  • Pman, I see you haven’t changed a bit. Thus is your time of year.

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  • One thing that people are not really discussing this off-season is that the Eagles need more PB level talent in the pipeline for this O line. Kelce and Brooks best days may be behind them. Guys like Isaac Semumalo are not the answer. The Eagles need to draft an O lineman with a PB ceiling. This is their biggest current need. Cody Ford is the guy I would prefer most to draft in the first round. We also need a capable starter to fill in until Brooks can even play this year. Don’t people realize Brooks is not starting opening day??

    • Kelce and Brooks best days may be behind him? well they just extended Kelce??? I believe both he and Brooks were ranked at the top of their positions… they will eventually be replaced, like everyone is. they will take a couple of linemen in the draft- they will maybe make a trade for one and scour the FA market- eagles value OL at the highest level– they like Seamolo more than you do (I trust their evaluation more)- word has it that Jordan will end up being the real deal as well.

      • Kelce is 32 and Brooks is 30 coming off an Achilles at 360. I know how good they have been dude! I am just concerned that’s only going to last another year or two. And Brooks is no top five guard THIS YEAR. So its’ time to get another stud lineman on the roster. And I agree with you on Mailata. I think he is the next franchise LT in the lineage of Tra and Peters for the next decade. I disagree on Seumalo and you should trust my evaluation more. Howie desperately wants to show he got something more out of the 16 draft than Wentz. He didn’t! Seumalo, Vaitai, Smallwood, Mills are just “guys.” And if Seumalo is so wonderful why did he get Wiz money? They don’t believe their own BS. That’s why. And next time try to process what I am saying before you mouth off and act like a know-it-all.

        • They extended Kelce out of loyalty and because he’s an Eagles legend. Kelce could crap out any time. He has been inconsistent in his career and has struggled mightily with big NTs. I am shocked as anyone that he suddenly became the best center in football at 30. It’s weird. And I always loved the guy because he’s a gamer and really cares about doing his job, winning and being an Eagle. But I don’t expect this to last and wouldn’t be shocked if he is average as soon as this year.

          • struggled w/big NT in his career???? ok do you understand even a little bit what the eagles running scheme is? do you watch as a fan or someone who is trying to understand the game plan and getting players to fit that game plan? You are one of the guys that wants a big fat, immobile center that can get you 3 yards and a cloud of dust– doesn’t work with what the eagles want to do–

        • yes– it will last another year or two– so what? thats the nature of the nfl–
          trust your evaluation more? can you state your credentials and why I’d do that? my mouth is kind of small plus i typed the whole thing with my mouth closed=
          they gave Seumalo a back up/fill in guy a contract on that level–
          How do you know who the top 5 guards are going to be this year? If so could you please give me the powerball numbers?

          • Do you think Brooks is playing opening day? And do you think he is coming back from an Achilles tear and balling out as soon as he hits the field? He will be solid I am sure but not at the level he has been since 2016. I was pissed when the Eagles gave him LT money back then (because PFF only had him rated in the teens). But he has been really great under Stoutland. He has been right there with guys like Martin and Yanda. Martin is over rated because he plays for Dallas anyway.

            • All I am saying is don’t respond in attack mode HAC. We all have opinions. None are invalid because they are not yours. It has been regularly discussed over the years, on outlets like this, that Kelce gets over powered and is ineffective sometimes against bigger guys. But I have not noticed as much the last two years. He seems to have really worked hard to refine his technique because he plays almost perfect now.

              • And no I do not like big centers that can’t move their feet. I banged the drum constantly to get rid of Jamal Jackson. I wanted us to draft Alex Mack but we don’t put a premium on the position. Luckily Kelce is a hard worker and has benefitted form some of the best coaches in the business in Stoutland and Mudd.

              • They have OL in the pipeline, you already stated that Maliata could be their next stud LT, Seaumola they seem to like and as with every OL there is a hodgepodge of guys making it up…. Kelce will be replaced, is the guy currently on the roster? I dunno and certainly no one on here does…. they will draft OL this year, bring in a FA etc…. they don’t over look OL.
                There is no need to panic….

  • Are we thinking it’s a good idea to put Carson out there behind Jason Peters, Isaac Semumalo and Matt Pryor for the first two months of the season??

  • There are lots of Good Interior OL in this Draft that can Had with one of their 2nd Round Picks
    and then add another OL later in the Draft ..

    I believe they will focus on a Versatile Players who have experience in Playing Both Center and Guard Position
    Some of the Players who fit this and who should be on the Draft Board anywhere from Mid 2nd Round thru the 5th Rounds are as Follows

    2nd Rd – Center/Guard – Eljton Jenkins – Miss St
    2nd Rd – Center/Guard – Michael Dieter – Wisconsin
    3rd Rd – Center/Guard – Michael Jordan – Ohio State
    3rd Rd – Center/Guard – Connor McGovern – Penn State
    3rd/4th – Center/Guard – Ross Pierschbacher – Alabama
    4th Rd – Guard – Phil Haynes – Wake Forest
    4th Rd – Guard/OT – Max Sharping – Northern Illinois
    4th Rd – Guard/OT – Nate Davis – UNC-Charlotte
    4th Rd – Guard/OT – Dennis Daley – South Carolina
    5th Rd – Guard/OT – Oli Udoh – Elon
    5th Rd – Guard/OT – Alex Bars – Notre Dame
    5th Rd – Guard – Hjalte Froholdt – Arkansas

  • Eagles 2019 Mock Draft (#5)

    Eagles Trade #25 & #163 and DB Jalen Mills to the KC Chiefs for their #29 and #63 Selections
    Eagles Trade #29 & Wendall Smallwood to the Houston Texans for their #54 and #55 Selections

    Eagles now have #53,#54,#55,#57 & #63 Selections (all in the 2nd Round)

    Eagles Picks as Follows (Thru the First 4 Rounds)
    #53 – DE LJ Collier – TCU (6-2 – 280lbs)
    #54 – C/G – Eljton Jenkins – Miss State (6-4 310lbs)
    #55 – Safety – Taylor Rapp – Washington (6-0 – 208lbs)
    #57 – WR/Returnman Andy Isabella – U Mass (5-8 -190lbs)
    #63 – RB David Montgomery – Iowa State (5-10 – 222lbs)
    #127 – QB Tyree Jackson – Buffalo (6-7 – 249lbs)
    #133 – DT Demarcus Christmas – Fla State (6-4 – 300lbs)

    • Paulman has been studying at the feet of gloomy… trade trade trade… after he made the trades he quickly went to the internet to find a group of guys projected in that area and made his picks… annoying when people make picks having never seen a player

  • Just because you don’t follow College Football closely doesn’t mean that many of the rest of us don’t !!! I’ve seen everyone of these Players Play over their Careers (except for WR Isabella from U-Mass) who made his big impressions on everyone at the Senior Bowl and then Combines,etc,etc .. Typical Snobbish HAC !!!

    • paul you spend your autumn weekends walking the trails of the Appalachian Mountains– and lets say you did catch a glimpse of A Miss St. game– there is no way in hell that you could evaluate a C/G– its impossible– there are 22 guys on the field— TV cameras certainly don’t focus on C/G play– there is not enough ISO or all-22 on a typical broadcast– its not snobbery– its reality and calling out BS

  • I Hike usually on Sundays in the Fall, Saturday Evenings I watch,read about and follow College Football which is also on every night of the Week on ESPN these days if you weren’t aware.. Did I say I was a Scout of NFL Talent Evaluator though I do have some 40 Years of Watching Football Experience and like anything else, you can learn some of the intangibles of Players by watching how they Perform, maybe not schematically, but surely be effort, desire, fundamentals, use of hands,feet, or any special skills, that the Player may or may not have. Again, Just because you don’t follow College Football or its Players much doesn’t mean that others can have an educated opinion about Players… That’s what this Fan does !!

    For the Record, Miss State plays in the Southeastern Conference which is Recognized as the most Talented Players in the Country at Schools like Alabama,Georgia, LSU, Texas A&M, Florida, etc,etc so if you are a highly Rated Player at your Position playing in this Conference, then you obviously are a Good Player .. I like this C/Guard Eljton Jenkins and have mocked him to the Eagles a few times for he has had nice Games going up against some Good Defenses over his Career and would be a nice Fit for the Eagles Interior OL

    • I guess you never heard of the SEC Channel which replays SEC Games every day during the week during Football Season, This Year the ACC is adding a 24/7 Cable Channel which covers all their Athletic Events for the Conference.. I also have the Big 10 Channel .. Just because you live up North where there are no Good Football Conferences anymore and really haven’t been for 20 Years, I could see how a Fan would be limited with their exposure and knowledge of the College Football Spot (outside of Penn State) , But down South and thru to Texas, College Football is King, it always has been and always will be and when you look aross the NFL Rosters, most Players are either from the South or Played College Ball in the South..

      • Yeah…. you focused on center guard… etc… even if you watched 2 games on tv there is no way to mock players unless your stealing from some mock list somewhere…

        • So on tv you are watching footwork and fundamentals? If you can do that you are truly gifted….also half of the eagles starters aren’t from the conferences you mention

  • I’ve been doing Mock Drafts for 30 Years HAC, well before the internet junkies became vouge.. .. Why do you get so jealous of my Mocks or anyone else’s ? Just because you don’t follow College Football or its Players doesn’t means that no one else has knowledge and insight about College Players or who could be good Fits .. Your Arrogance is still mind-boggling and very childish after all these Years !!

    • not jealous– opposite as a matter of fact- my point is only that there is absolutely no way to evaluate a player based on TV coverage and anyone who thinks they can is fooling themselves– ain’t fooling me. Without knowing play call, blocking schemes, assignments in general there is no way to evaluate a player-

      • You admittedly don’t follow College Football ,so u have no idea… That’s Ok HAC!! Stop making Excuses for Yourself!!

  • Following college football and knowing blocking assignment, fundamentals and being able to assess 22 players on the field at the same time is beyond even the most knowledgeable coach/scout… let alone a guy on a lazy boy on a Saturday afternoon
    This has nothing to do with fandom

  • In this thread alone you have “mocked” 24 college players…. more like throw 24 piles of shit against the wall…. there is no way that you can have an educated opinion on that many players…. TV games in real time, no idea of play call, no idea of assignments , 22 players running around the field, no iso … impossible…I call bull shit

  • So Paul… I was up early, it’s pourimg rain so I took the first name in your list…Jenkins C from Miss st. #74. I YouTubed 2 games and watched every offensive series. I focused 100% of my attention on 74, paid zero attention to any other player, game situations etc… in 2 games he played well, the O line played well although they didn’t score much… anyway in two games he was highlighted on a replay once, talked about once… he’s a fine player and worthy of drafting… however I want to emphasize that I watched with only him on my radar…. it would be impossible to watch as a fan and assess a player…impossible…trainee scouts and coaches can’t do it and neither can you…

  • Mocks Change due to many Factors HAC, Injuries & Medical History, Off the Field Icidents, The Players Personal Workout and Interviews that the Public is not privy to.. Then you have Team Needs which changes throughout the Free-Agency period based on who the Team Picks-Up or loses so Yes it’s going to change a lot from February to Draft Weekend!! By this time most Teams have their Draft Boards set up as they are mostly thru the Free-Agency period and have held most of their allotted private Workouts and Interviews on their potential draftees ..also what happens around the League and other Teams also makes an impact on the Draft Board for the First 2 Rounds or so as it settles out, there’s always some surpriseearly picks just as there are players that slide down the Board which impacts even the best laid out Plans which is one of the main reasons the Draft is so exciting to many Fans!!
    As for the Eagles, the need for a bigger RB is now diminshed with the Aquisition of J Howard Where now they probably focus on more of a Scat/Back to replace Sproles role in the Offense moving forward.. The injury status and rehab of Guard Brooks is probably only known to the Eagles Staff so a need of a Qualty Guard is probably higher than many Fans think, Safety,WR and DL will all be addressed to

    • All rosters turn over quickly… every position is a position of need. So the best player available
      While not the sexy pick is what the eagles do….brooks health, spooled retirement are not really big factors… you don’t reach for need…. trust me if the eagles are on the board and the have a (pick a position) as BPA and their best guard available is a few spots below… they will take BPA… obviously that precludes the trade back

  • Not necessarily True, we hear that all the Tine but isn’t always followed by Yeams includingbthe Eagles
    There’s a few Positions they Value more than others (OT,DE & CB) and others they Value less (RB & LB)

    Eagles basically have 3–4 Needs all for Depth Purposes to Develop for the Future
    .. C/G,Dl, Safety,Scat-Back/Returnman
    Back-Up QB, WR

    I would not be surprised to see the Eagles Trade Back a Few Spots and acquire a 3rd Round Pick for doing so
    There are many Good Players between
    #20-#100 that will be qualify Starters/Rotational Players so I’m thinking they will make a move or two to get additional Picks in the 2nd/3rd/4th Round if they can

    • Every position is a “position of need”… every year the super bowl champs end the year with 53 players and every year roughly 25% of the team turns over. The eagles are firm believers that RB and LB can be filled thru low level trades and value contracts…. outside of that it’s BPA… their first pick last year was a TE… traded back to get Goedert …. TE was the furthest thing from a need that they had…. they get him and then their attack slowly changes to incorporate his skills… if for example the same deal could have been made for a difference making WR who they deemed BPA they would have drafted him and adapted…. saying they are targeting this position over that position is ridiculous…. that’s how u end up with busts….

      • Not True about TE, every Team needs to have 2 Quality TE’s and only having Ertz was not enough as Coach Pederson loves the 2 TE’s Sets and Celek was Released so another TE was a Need last Year going into the Draft and a smart Selection
        I’m pretty sure that TE will not be Selected this year Draft even if he’s the “BPA” on their Board

        • So you are saying TE was their BIGGEST NEED? I THINK NOT– They could have gotten a serviceable TE later– dude all positions except RB and LB are considered position of need every year– eagles philosophy is simple- GET TO QB, PROTECT YOUR QB AND COVER RECEIVERS– if they end up w/7 pics at least 3 will be on the line and 1 in secondary– in order of BPA– my mock draft
          In no particular order:
          2 OL
          1 DL
          2 secondary players
          1 LB
          1 WR

  • I didn’t say it was their Biggest Need
    but going into last year’s Draft a TE was a Need where you said above that TE was not a need and you were surprised that they Selected a TE in the 2nd Round
    I’m sure some of his Selection has to do with the Cowboys selecting the very next pick and who had a big Need at TE since Jason Witten announced his Retirement shortly before the Draft so there were other reasons too for Selecting Dallas Goedart, but most importantly is that he’s a good Player with a great upside and was a nice fit into the Eagles Scheme and Culture

  • Every position is a need every year… that’s why you draft BPA

    • Not True and You Know it — Lets say at #25 When Eagles are Selection and QB Daniel Jones is on the Board and the “BPA” per Eagles Scouting Boards, You Think they are taking Him !! or one of the TE’s (Nicolas Fant or Irv Smith Jr) You Think the Eagles are Selecting him… BPA is Subjective to the Teams Needs, based on a whole bunch of Factors like Future Salary Cap/Free-Agency Status, Coaches/GM’s Job Secutiry, etc,etc. It’s always been this will

      • if the BPA at 25 is a qb they trade back! thats why teams trade back– thats why they traded back for Goedert- like i said their (and every teams) biggest area of need: get to the QB, protect the QB and cover WR- Their first pick will be the BPA in those areas- if the BPA is a QB they trade back —
        If you think they go into the draft to ‘fill immediate holes” you are crazy (generational talents at the top of the draft not withstanding)– once you get below the top 7 or so– its BPA—- every team has holes- you determine where you can live with or get FA to fill the holes you think are least important– we know the areas the eagles think are least important–

  • , Roseman said he has made mistakes in the past when targeting one specific player, and he now believes that it’s more about getting several players — perhaps at positions that aren’t needs now, but might be in a year or two.

    “I’ve been humbled in the past by some of the mistakes I’ve made,” Roseman said. “We don’t know what we’re going to need a year from now, two years from now, and we’re trying to get long-term players on our team.”

    in other words don’t target glaring needs– go after good players BPA– you can make him fit

  • I agree with his assessment 100%
    You develop Depth and a Quality Core by having more selections than putting all your eggs in on 1-2 Players..
    Always Draft from the Strength of the Draft for each Draft Class has their Strengths and Weaknesses
    This Year’s Class seems to favor the Needs of the Eagles moving forward with Strong Positional Players at DT,DE,Safety, LB and Interior OL where the Eagles can Draft 3-4 Players in these Positions in the first 4 Rounds that can be potential Starters in 2 Years Time while providing some quality Depth for the next 2 Seasons
    There also are some Good RB’s & WR’s in the mid-Rounds that would fit this Offense well

    • I thought you advocated drafting to fill immediate needs? Fraudman is back in full force contradicting himself

      • I’m not contradicting anything I said HAC?
        I’ve been consistent on what Eagles Draft Needs are !! Draft from the Strength of the Draft is what I’ve always stated!!
        No Different this Year .. 2 DL, 1 Safety,
        1 C/Guard, 1 RB & 1 LB
        I’m a proponent of Trading Back to Acquire more Draft Picks if your “Player” isn’t there
        But eventually you have to Select Players that fit your System and Culture !!

        • you haven’t been consistent– howie is saying (as am I) that every position is a position of need– you on the other hand have argued that “now they don’t NEED this” etc– every position on the roster is available–obviously Wentz is your building block but they just paid Graham and drafted Barnett but if DE is BPA they draft one, DT Cox and Jackson big $$ if one is BPA they draft, secondary they have pro bowl safeties and pretty good CB but if one is BPA they draft, WR Jeffrey, Jax and Ag big bucks but if BPA is a WR they draft and the same can be said with all positions outside of QB– every single one of them–
          Using the term “needs” in the draft is what you have been doing– they are all needs!

  • “Meanwhile, from a Draft Perspective, this acquisition probably changes things for the Eagles a bit in terms of not really needing to Draft a RB ”
    “As for the Eagles, the need for a bigger RB is now diminshed with the Aquisition of J Howard ”


  • There Specific Needs/BPA’s are all there for them to Draft ? I agree that Howie loves his Drafat PIcks and always has.. Get the BPA that fills a Need/Future Need/Depth, its not Rocket Science… Eagles have 2 Young TE’s in Ertz/Goeddart, So TE is not going to be on the Radar this Year regardless if a highly rated TE is on the Board when they come up to Draft ? But every other Position will be on the Table, including a Young QB in the Mid Rounds to groom behind Sudfeld who is just on a 1 Year Deal … Howie went on to emphasize that Scheme Fit/Culture Fit are more important then just plain measurables and with this I agree 100% and had stated so for years when Drafting

    • Paul, you said they need to draft for 3-4 NEEDS…. then in the same post u listed 7 positions “center, guard, DL, safety, WR, developing QB, scat back”
      So in one post you said they no longer NEED a big RB… howie would say if the BPA was a big RB they’d take him… cuz every position is a position of need… remember you listed 7 position of need…

      • Needs/Depth/Future Starters,BPA is all the same thing HAC… The Object should be to get more Picks in the Sweet Spot of the Draft which is usually in the Top #100 or so!!
        I wouldn’t be surprised if Eagles even attempt to move up from 25 into the Top
        15 or so ..
        Detroit at #8, Dolphins at #13 & Seattle at #21 would all love to Trade Back and accumulate more Picks
        Eagles have had recent Trades with all these Teams too as Roseman has a good rapport with their GM’s
        We’ll find Out in a Week or so, but there’s no reason not to cone out with 4 maybe 5 really Good Players from this Draft
        (DL,Safety,OL, RB & LB)

      • Sanders is not a big/power back
        He’s more of a combo back like Corey Clement
        I think he’’ll be an average NFL Back
        C/G is one Position if you Draft the right Player who can play Both!!!

        Eagles screwed this 2nd Round Up

  • Yet everyone in Philadelphia is confident. The Patriots have been playing like crap recently and caught a friendly schedule to get into the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is 40. Bill Belichick is ripe to get that blowout he avoided last year. The Eagles defensive line has been dominating teams and the Patriots offensive line is the best matchup yet. Doug Pederson is a secret genius. That cold that’s going around Philly right now isn’t too bad, the cough just lingers a bit. These are all arguments I’ve heard about the Eagles’ chances. Seriously, I’m just kicking that cold. It was no big deal.

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