• June 10, 2023

Throw The Ball Away Carson!!! Don’t Try To Be Superman!!!

I’m really concerned about Carson Wentz today because this is going to be a dangerous game for him from a pass rush perspective.  I’ll just put it bluntly, I think the Eagles are going to have trouble blocking the defensive front of the Washington Football Team.  Just look at the talent across the defensive front of Washington.  They’re not talented in in the secondary but if you look at that front with Chase Young,  DaRon Payne, Jonathan Allen and Montez Sweat.  They’re all talented number one picks and they’re gonna be hungry today.   They’re all young guys who were used to winning in college, but they haven’t won in the NFL and they want to change that.

Doug Pederson must call a balanced game today.  He’s got to keep that defensive front honest by mixing in the running game and not getting pass happy.  We need to see draws and screens mixed in.  They need to run right at Young and give Jason Peters at chance to get physical with him.  I would let Dallas Goedert and Peters pound on him with some double team blocks. They must keep this young defensive front guessing from play to play.

These are talented young players who the Eagles have to block every play.  Are they going to block them every play with a 38-year old left tackle and who-knows-who starting at right tackle if Lane Johnson can’t go?    These big talented pass rushers are going to be running free at times and Carson must expect it and get rid of the football.  I hope they’re not running free all the time, but some of the time they are going to get free.  It’s going to be very important that Carson Wentz gets rid of the football.   He needs to play a conservative game today.   He needs to be smart and safe today.

Carson shouldn’t try to make something out of every bad play.   He’s got to learn to throw the ball away.   It’s very important that he gets rid of the ball because if he doesn’t, these big defensive linemen are going to get shots at him and they’re going to be falling on him.  The one thing we know about Carson, is that his body cannot take all the shots without getting hurt.  He’s proven that and I’m not taking anything away from him.  I think he’s an outstanding young quarterback but he’s got to play smart.

One of his jobs as the franchise quarterback is to stay healthy.   He doesn’t need to prove that he’s brave.  Just throw the ball away.   If the first option is covered and the second option is covered and you feel the pressure, then throw the ball away.    I want to see him dump the ball off to Boston Scott or Corey Clement.  Throw the check down to the running backs and avoid getting hit. Carson shouldn’t try to be hero on every bad play.

The Eagles will win this game if they score 20 points.   Twenty points will give them a victory today as long as the defense plays decently.  Washington has an inexperienced quarterback and they’re starting a rookie running back behind a suspect offensive line.  I guarantee they’re going to make mistakes.  The defense will probably get at least two or three turnovers that the Eagles can turn into points.  But what Carson can’t do is try to make something out of nothing and get hit and injured.  We don’t need that to start off the season.

We need him to play safe and play smart and throw the ball away, if there’s nothing there.   If option one is covered and option two is covered, and option three is covered, then throw the ball away.  I don’t want Carson to try to takeoff and out run these big guys and have one of them land on him.   Staying healthy is one of the quarterback’s jobs.  You don’t need to show how courageous you are.  We’re not going to need 35 points to beat this young Washington football team, but we are going to need Wentz to stay healthy if we’re going to have a good season.


Check me out at 10am on FOX29.  I’ll be analyzing the Eagles on the Pre Game Show.


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Paulman Returns
Paulman Returns
September 13, 2020 9:27 am

With RB Sanders out, could we see both Jalen Hurts and Jalen Reagor get some Carries today whether it’s on jet sweeps, pitch-out options, end arounds, etc, etc
Boston Scott will likely start but it’s very unlikely he can handle 16-20 Carries
Corey Clement had a slight hamstring pull early this week so he’s not a 100% either
I believe the Eagles used both of their Practice Squad Call ups on DT McGill since Hargrove is out and OG (Opeta) so a little surprising they didn’t use one of these call ups on a Practice Squad RB (Holyfield or Warren or Killians)
By calling up another OL tells me that Eagles are concerned about Lane Johnson being able to play this entire game

September 13, 2020 12:43 pm

Hurts inactive.
This headline is stupid… here is a fan…”5row it away, throw it away”…QB eagles lose and fan says “QBs sucks”… same fan Carson doesn’t throw it away, makes 2 or 3 Superman plays, fan cheers, “Carson is a stud”…