• January 20, 2022

Eagles Come Up Short in Loss to The Giants

Who do you blame? You’ve got quarterback Jalen Hurts and wide receiverJalen Reagor? They both struggled in this game. Hurts threw three interceptions and really struggled through out the game.

Reagor dropped two passes out of the last four plays and both of them could’ve put the Eagles in position to score a touchdown and win the game. I can’t understand why they continue to put Reagor on the field, when he clearly has no confidence that he can catch the football.

Yes, Hurts played poorly for the entire game, but he made the throws at the end the game, which were good enough to win. Still we all know that he’s got to play better. He completed 14 of 31 passes for 129 yards with three interceptions and zero touchdowns. Those are not good NFL numbers. I’m not sure that he is the answer at quarterback, as long as he makes awful mistakes and struggles to make throws that top NFL quarterbacks make in their sleep. Still he competes and never quits. He battled back and had the team in position to win the football game.

The defense kept them in the game against a mediocre quarterback in Daniel Jones. They pressured Jones, but they weren’t able to force him to turn the ball over. Even though they didn’t play their best football either, it’s very disappointing that the Eagles let this one get away.

Head coach Nick Sirianni and quarterback Hurts targeted Reagor seven times, but I don’t see why. Yes I know the Giants were going to focus on stopping Devonta Smith first then Quez Watkins, but I don’t see how Reager is considered a first round talent.   He cannot catch the football consistently and there’s no way you can be a big-time NFL wide receiver if you can’t catch the football. How do you draft this guy in the first round? Why are the Eagles spending so much time putting him out there as one of the key weapons for the football team? 

Hurts shows us again that throwing the football is not his strength. I don’t know why the Eagles threw the ball so much. They threw the ball 31 times and ran it only 27, despite the fact that running the football is their strength.

The Eagles ran for 208 yards on the ground. Hurts carried the ball 8 times for 77 yards. Scott ran it 15 times for 64 yards. Sanders gained 64 yards on 9 carries and Quez Watkins carried the ball one time for 3 yards.

Why do you get away from the running game when the Giants did not show us that they could consistently stop the Eagles from running the football? The New York defense never stacked the box against the run, yet the Eagles got away from their strength, which is running the football.

Still it was Reagor dropping two passes that cost them the victory.


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