• January 20, 2022

The Two Jalen Reagor Drops

Before I get into the details of the two Jalen Reagor drops, I think the Eagles need to find out if he has a sight problem. Can he see? Are both of his eyes functioning properly? Is it just a lack of confidence? Maybe they need to have him go take an eye exam. Maybe they need to have him take a hike. Maybe he’s just a coward, who is afraid of big situations. Regardless of what the reason is for his poor play, they need to stop throwing him the ball, then they need to get him a plane ticket out of here.

On the first drop, Reagor accelerated down the left sideline as he was being covered by Giants cornerback Aaron Robinson. Jalen Hurts seemed to intentionally put a little bit more air under the ball, so Reagor could come down with it. The Eagles wide receiver looked back for the ball, but his defender didn’t look back for it along with him and that put Reagor in total control of the situation.

With the ball falling down, the Eagles wide receiver reached back for the pass as Robinson was tackling him. I thought it could have easily been an interference penalty. As the ball fell, Reagor misjudged it and the ball hit him in the helmet, then it ricocheted back to the other Giants defensive back, Julius Love, who was unable to come down with it. I don’t know if the defensive back grabbing him or Hurts throwing the ball up higher caused Reagor to misjudge the ball, but I think he might have a sight problem. He has the worst pair of hands on the team. I don’t see why Hurts was throwing the ball to him in that situation.

On the second drop, Reagor lined up on the left side and took off downfield when the ball was snapped. He was being covered by Robinson again and this time the wide receiver found a way to get open late in the play down the middle of the field. Hurts moved around in the pocket to avoid the pass rush as well as buy time. He slid up to some open space, then he set his feet to throw the football after spotting Reagor open down the middle at the one yard line. Hurts let the pass go and it was on target.

Reagor screened off Robinson and went up to catch the football. The ball hit his hands, then quickly trickled through his fingers and onto the ground. The young wide receiver then sat down on the turf for five to ten seconds, while thinking about the two passes he had dropped to cost the Eagles the game.

By the way, on the second Reagor drop, Devonta Smith had beaten Giants cornerback James Bradberry and he was running wide open down the left sideline, but Hurts didn’t see him.


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