• December 5, 2023
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Will Eagles Weakside Linebacker Ernie Sims Continue To Eat The Cheese?

When NFL offensive coordinators draw up plays, many times they design them to entice defensive players with a fake one way, then they'll run the play to the other side.  The success of these plays

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What Will The Eagles Defense Do To Stop Jermichael Finley?

For the last few years, defenses who were facing the Packers spent their time worrying about mobile, strong armed quarterback Aaron Rodgers and wide receivers Donald Driver and Greg Jennings.  That's still the case but

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Eagles “D” Line Must Pressure Rodgers And Keep Him In The Pocket

Trent Cole told me yesterday that he plans on doing some hunting on Sunday.  Brandon Graham said he's dreaming of getting two maybe three sacks when the Eagles take on the Packers on Sunday.  That

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Kevin Kolb Sought Advice From Aaron Rodgers Concerning Replacing A Star QB

There was a buzz up at the Eagles Nova Care complex today.  The season starts in four days and the players are starting to get that itch.  Nobody is getting the itch more than new

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What Are Acceptable Numbers For Kolb And The Eagles In 2010?

The Eagles 2010 season begins and ends with new starting quarterback Kevin Kolb.  If he plays well then it doesn't matter what Donovan McNabb does in Washington.  If he doesn't play well and McNabb takes

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Kolb Has Weapons To Succeed, But It Will Take Time

When Kevin Kolb takes the field on opening day, he will be well prepared by the coaching staff and will have a strong supporting cast. (more…)

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